Bugaboo scandal: shaming skinny mothers who recently gave birth


Worker Bee
Feb 27, 2013
Have you noticed that children menus in restaurants usually include a lot of fried stuff and then some dessert? It's like children are expected to eat crap. It breaks my heart seeing parents cook/buy unhealthy food for their children just because they "need the energy" and "are allowed to eat anything".
Also I think having specific genres of children's food encourages emotional attachment to it later in life. For example, people my age will buy kraft mac and cheese, chocolate milk, or chicken nuggets to be reminded of their childhood. Those foods would taste disgusting to someone who had never had them as a kid.

This is a pet peeve of mine. I hate how much crap the food industry markets to children as suitable food.

The 'lunchables' product geared as packed lunches for kids is outrageous. Everytime I walk by it I think...who in their right mind woould want to pack these for their kids? It is NOT food.

Even the gerber's foods for toddlers is rife with products like cheese curls and mac and cheese.

About the kids learning new tastes; I remember hosting a family for a few weeks ...and everytime we went out to dinner....they would hate the local wholesome eateries we took them to and instead always went out for mcdonalds as their night cap. Anytime the kids threw a tantrum....it would be mcdonalds crap in an attempt to shut them up. Apparently they claimed...that was all their kids wanted...and anytime the kids werent eating they were given bottled juice to 'hydrate' them. I have never seen such parenting. If I let myself think about it....my brain jams at the level of :headbang:
As someone who was never allowed it growing up, I am shocked at how much fast food and juice the children I look after are allowed to have. These kids will not drink plain water and it makes me really sad.

I also hate how lunchables are marketed as a cool lunch item to kids as if getting a lunchable means their parents care about them...if their parents really cared they would make them a healthier lunch.
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