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Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Esurient, May 29, 2012.

  1. Esurient

    Esurient Guest

    When I was younger I was probably her biggest fan. I had all of her CD's and fawned over her beauty. I don't understand what happened to our lovely "Princess of Pop"? I feel like she has completely fallen apart. And while I know a lot of it is her fault, I cannot help but mourn over seeing her potential go to waste.
    In recent pictures however, Britney has shown a stunning weightloss (and look, her hair grew back! xD). Perhaps she's still able to make her debut. In order, the 3 pictures you are about to see of her are from 1998, 2007, and 2012.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I must say I'm impressed about how she has been able to recover so well from her mid-21st century "problems". She's not quite as slim as she once was, but she's improving. Normally on here I don't say quite nice things about celebrities, and I know I've been getting a little hate for that, but I feel like this often-shunned celebrity deserves some credit.
    We all deserve 2nd chances right? What do you think about present day Britney Spears? :grin:
  2. ElleBelle

    ElleBelle Guest

    She looks well in the last picture but did you see the absolute STATE of her at the American xfactor launch ??

    She looked so cheap. Her dress was bet onto her and sooo tacky. Her nails were all bitten and bleeding at the sides. I mean it honestly looked like she hadn't washed her hair for the occasion. Girl was a hot mess!
  3. SatelliteEyes

    SatelliteEyes Worker Bee

    Feb 21, 2012
    Ack that sucks, I was about to say that she looked so much more... hmm, stable in the last picture.
  4. Esurient

    Esurient Guest

    There's no arguing that mentally Britney will probably never be the same. :( There are still reports of her doing drugs and such, and there's no telling how the constant media is affecting her. I agree she definitely wasn't looking well that day, but hopefully that was just an "off-day" for her. :/
  5. NewLeaf

    NewLeaf Worker Bee

    Jan 23, 2012
    Oh Britney :facepalm: you're setting yourself up for some awful puns there.

    I was 110% her super fan when I was younger, I would cut the tiniest pictures of her from magazines and stick to them my wall shrine. Maybe I wanted to BE her a little too :sneaky: so it was really sad to see what happened to her. I hope she is on the mend though, for the sanity of her kids too. I don't think she'll ever be super skinny to be honest. Even though she wasn't ever fat in the beginning, she wasn't that slender either. More muscley and 'healthy' looking, but that's better than some of the fishnet covered, belly-out states we've seen her in...

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  6. shannon5

    shannon5 Guest

    I can never hate her...I just love her music too much. All of her albums have great songs on them. And even though she doesn't look perfect now, she looks a lot better than she did before and a lot better than a lot of 30ish yo women do.

    I think it's important to note that it appears her figure is *all* muscle. It doesn't look that ripped which at first made me think she still had some fat to lose, but when I examined the picture more closely I realized that she didn't have any fat bulges- and she's in a bandage dress! I have seen models in the catalogs get weird fat bulges around their hips from those stupid dresses, but all of Britney's lines look 100% smooth. Even her arms, which look kinda big, don't bulge out at all and I can even see a little bone definition in her shoulders. Her body today is definitely nothing that I would aspire too (she looks to be almost exactly my proportions, although I am not nearly as muscley), but if I looked like that in my 30s after having 2 kids I'd probably be pretty happy! Plus her skin is just glowing, it's like the complete opposite of Lindsay Lohan, who's at least 5 years younger.
  7. Hypatia

    Hypatia Guest

    She was the celebrity I used to love to hate but when she had her meltdown I couldn't anymore.

    She has always had a thick muscular softball player's body that looks like it is just a donut away from blowing up. Her thick neck is a real turnoff for me.

    Her songs are super catchy though.
  8. LovelyBones

    LovelyBones Guest

    Big Fat bASS :lol:
  9. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    How far the mighty have fallen.

    Incidentally I don't get why people say she's incapable of regaining her former size. I don't think her metabolism has changed so fundamentally that she can't, especially since she has access to the best dietitians, trainers, chefs, etc. money can buy. Technically I think she can, the main thing barring her is a) willpower and b) her mental state (she may or may not be very mentally ill still, which is fair and she should probably focus on improving there before even thinking about her body).
  10. Tami

    Tami Rookie

    Jun 8, 2012
    Honestly I'd rather see her tubby and mentally fit. Compared to the average American mother of two she looks fine, but nowhere near thin obviously. There's just something endearing about her, I'm just happy she looks stable again.
  11. classichic

    classichic Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    I will never hate on Britney, she gets so much negativity from the press. Whilst I'm not a fan of her body, I do want her to get slightly slimmer or at least back to her figure during her earlier days (but I might have to accept that may never happen). I'm still hoping or at least continue to make catchy pop tunes :).
  12. carolina15

    carolina15 Guest

    Maybe her bipolar med make her stay the same or slows her metabolsim, and its hard to lose more weight. It happend to me when I took some antidepresive meds. Those things mess up your metabolism, and you gain weight and no matter how much excersise you do its much harder to lose fast all the weight. (Of course everybody body and meds differ from person to person).

    But its true that she has all the money in the world, maybe for her its not as important to look so skinny anymore... And she always liked her cheetos and fried chicken y'all ;)
  13. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    I used to not like her at all because I felt like she brought a lot of the negative press on herself by being a media and attention hound, and I felt like she lied excessively to the public.... but since her mental breakdowns she has seemed a lot more grownup and not such an attention whore...with the except of her behaving like she's she's got some kind of mental disorder or heavily medicated for one...not sure but she just acts and looks like she's not in a good mental state. Her looks have aged way beyond her years. She's only like 31, right? But she looks 40+ in many of her pics. Circus was the last video she did I thought was decent. All the others since then have been lacking in quality and she looks so tired and uninterested in being there.
  14. That pic really grossed me out. I am eating my breakfast salad and baby carrots and almost gagged on a carrot when I clicked on it!
  15. amb

    amb Guest

    I sympathize with her circumstance more than her weight. She was rumored to have done liposuction before, wasn't it? Well, I could understand her desperate attempt to regain her pre-baby, pre-K Fed hotness.

    But she would always have a special place in my heart as a childhood idol. This picture used to be my big-time thinspiration.


    It may have been photoshopped to death but her tummy looks so so so flat here. And her outfit is just plain hoooooooooot. AND posh.

    Ahh, those good old days...
  16. I loved britney since the mickey mouse club days ( watched reruns obv) and will always always wish her well

    What you have to remember is she was never skinny, never really thought 'slim' eithe. She was however in extremely good muscular shape and because she played softball she'll always have that 'physique'

    At the X factor auditions she's been slammed for looking trashy but her body looked better than I'd seen it in a while y'know.

    For a person who went down such a slippery slope and a woman with babies that need her I don't care if she wears a paper bag as long as she stays healthy for her kids.
  17. theannase

    theannase Guest

    I used to love her too, and she looks great in the 2012 pic. However, I have never been a fan of her legs, just dont look all...
  18. skinny4ever

    skinny4ever Banned

    Mar 8, 2012
    Well not much to add, never hated her, have always been a fan. Not thrilled with the aftermath of her meltdown, the financial arrangement and such. She does look ok lately though I think clearly over 30 & that more trainwreck stuff could be in the future.
  19. Er1990

    Er1990 Guest

    I love her and have always been routing for her, but i think she's hopeless. Her body will never be thin again.
  20. I loved her when I was little but now I can't stand her. You're 30 years old, you have 2 kids. Please put some fucking clothes on and cover up your fat ass and take care of your children.

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