Blake Lively + Ryan Reynolds



I love Blake Lively she is has a stunning face,I really like her as an actress and I think she has a great fashion sense. Thats why I love her and Ryan together they are just so cute and like a perfect couple.I was pleaed to see another thread that she had lost weight too! What do you gurls think?



She looks hot here

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I like Blake
I love Ryan
They're both definitely stunning
Though I don't know how I feel about them together :hmm:

Though it could just be because I want Ryan for myself.
I like Blake a lot. I find her features interesting and I like her frame. I really love that picture of her in the little shorts and blue blazer/shirt/thing.

Ryan Reynolds is equally awesome, so I hope they continue being awesome together.
Btw her ex Leo was also super hot...but he changes his women too the moment it's Erin i think....

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Damn, that girl must really be charming to catch those hotties :p