1. Vlada Roslyakova

    Vlada Roslyakova

    Queen Vlada for Vogue Brazil
  2. Gemma Ward

    Gemma Ward

    Gemma Ward for Vogue Paris 2004
  3. Vlada Roslyakova

    Vlada Roslyakova

    Vogue Paris November 2005
  4. Sasha Luss

    Sasha Luss

    Sasha for Vogue Russia
  5. stargirl

    Vogue's "9 Models on the pressure to lose weight and body image"

    :nopity::nopity: Gemma Ward and Ali Michael, amongst others, complaining that they got themselves fat and people had shit to say about it. Boohoo. Being told you don't fit clothes? That you have a month to prepare yourself for a job? Cry me a fucking river. You work for industry, the industry...