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  1. proseccoprincess

    Judy Kinuthia

    Ok, girl has finally started getting serious work/the recognition she deserves, so it's thread time! Enrole Models Fusion NYC Premium FR Uno Barcelona Monster Milan 5'11 Bust- 29" Waist- 24" Hips- 35" And of course, a classic:
  2. espressoenthusiast

    Anok Yai

    New face signed with NEXT and the first black model to open Prada since Naomi Campbell in '97. One of the most killer body/look combos I've seen in a while: http://www.vogue.co.uk/article/anok-yai-prada-model-2018 http://www.nextmanagement.com/new-york/profile/anok-yai Height: 5'10 Bust...
  3. lechatnoir

    Prada S/S 17 Milan Showlist

    Milena Litvinovskaya (O) Amanda Murphy Nimue Smit Alexandra Micu Jess Picton Warlow Laurijn Bijnen Camille Hurel Alisha Nesvat Michelle Gutknecht (exclusive) Noemie Abigail Kai Newman Mica Arganaraz Lexi Boling Lineisy Montero Ania Chiz Vittoria Ceretti Rianne van Rompaey Cara Taylor Jessie...