new faces

  1. espressoenthusiast

    Anok Yai

    New face signed with NEXT and the first black model to open Prada since Naomi Campbell in '97. One of the most killer body/look combos I've seen in a while: Height: 5'10 Bust...
  2. espressoenthusiast

    Alya Spir

    New face with Avant 175 50.8kg 83-58-87
  3. sore

    The ones to watch [New Faces]

    With fashion month around the corner (I'm looking at you @Anonymous Bullcock :naughty:), I thought this might be a good thread for the ones to watch this upcoming season. Post models you're curious about but who don't justify a thread of their own yet! Who needs to be all over the runways? I...