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louis vuitton

  1. lechatnoir

    Louis Vuitton S/S 18 Paris

    Janaye Furman (O) Mariam De Vinzelle Atty Mitchell Kiki Willems Sarah Dahl Emma Poilblanc Marte Mei van Haaster Fran Summers Sarah Brannon Daphne Simons Selena Forrest Lea Holzfuss Eliza Kallmann Shelby Hayes Emm Arruda Hoyeon Jung Oumie Jammeh Melody Vroom Liya Kebede Teddy Quinlivan Matea...
  2. lechatnoir

    Louis Vuitton S/S 17 Paris

    Alexandra Micu (O) Natalie Westling Masha Skokova Sarah Brannon Sarah Dahl Selena Forrest Theresa Hayes Lea Issarni Daphne Simons Chloe Nardin Jing Wen Luna Bijl Estelle Chen Alexandra Binaris Angel Rutledge Tandi Reason Dahl Heather Kemesky Julie Hoomans Mary Dussarrat Line Brems Mariam De...
  3. chicbones

    Fernanda Ly

    She's an Australian model with Priscillas Sydney, Viva London/Paris/Barcelona, DNA New York and Two LA. She's 5"8 (and 18 so she probably won't get any taller) and her stats are 30-23-33.5. I wouldn't consider her great thinspo but I do like her look and I've been seeing her pictures everywhere...