living doll

  1. Vlada


  2. Vlada


    I felt bad for the shitty pics I shared last night (empty brain moment), and wanted to share a REAL model. Flawless Vlada!
  3. Nastya Kusakina

    Nastya Kusakina

    If they asked me the definiton of "light", "flowy" or "ethereal", I'd probably refer them to this photo of Nastya.
  4. Stella Maxwell walking for Brandon Maxwell

    Stella Maxwell walking for Brandon Maxwell

    I found this photo just a few minutes ago when casually scrolling through Google Images of Stella on the runway. Those legs immediately reminded me of you guys. Enjoy!
  5. Gemma Ward

    Gemma Ward

    Gemma Ward for Vogue Paris 2004
  6. Gemma Ward

    Gemma Ward

  7. Natalia Vodianova

    Natalia Vodianova