1. Shalom Harlow, Chloé Spring 1996

    Shalom Harlow, Chloé Spring 1996

    Words can not descibe how much I adore her; the face (particularly eyes and jaw), the body shes so perfect in my eyes.
  2. Gisele for Chloé 1999

    Gisele for Chloé 1999

    Photo: Guy Marineau Chloé spring 1999 Model Gisele Bundchen on the runway at the Spring/Summer 1999 Chloe ready-to-wear collection designed by Stella McCartney, wearing a white strapless bustier with green appliqued flowers and gray satin skirt with fluted hem
  3. Shalom Harlow

    Shalom Harlow

    Chloé Spring 1996
  4. lechatnoir

    Chloe S/S 18 Paris

    Sophie Koella (O) Jing Wen Felice Noordhoff Line Kjaergaard Silke Van Daal Lexi Boling Grace Hartzel Kiki Willems Nina Gulien Laiqah Omar Hayett McCarthy Jean Campbell Kristen Coffey Theresa Hayes Emm Arruda Gabrielle Rul Lea Holzfuss Yoon Young Bae Lex Herl Roos Van Elk Nina Marker Lily Stewart...
  5. lechatnoir

    Chloé F/W 17 Paris

    Birgit Kos (O) Milena Litvinovskaya Charlee Fraser Amber Witcomb Julie Hoomans Kiki Willems Jessie Bloemendaal Marjan Jonkman Luna Bijl Léa Julian Marte Mei van Haaster Wangy Xin Yu Sarah Brannon Yasmin Wijnaldum Jess PW Julia Nobis Angelica Erthal Ulrikke Hoyer Dilone Alicia Holtz Cong He...
  6. lechatnoir

    Chloé S/S 17 Paris

    Dasha Khlystun (O) Luna Bijl Ulrikke Hoeyer Faretta Julie Hoomans Edie Campbell Jessie Bloemendaal Vittoria Ceretti Lineisy Montero Kiki Willems Martyna Budna Iris Landstra Cong He Jess Picton Warlow Harleth Kuusik Vanessa Moody Yoon Young Bae Binx Walton Charlee Fraser Marte Mei van Haaster...