1. Artemis

    Avant Models Agency & AvantCamp

    Just getting the ball rolling on this thread--I am not Russian/E.European and don't really have any particularly "inside" information. Everything posted has been crudely translated. I have never asked my Russian friends about their mother agencies. From what I've seen, it seems a lot like the...
  2. Maleska

    Polaroids in underwear (need models' help)

    I'm still not sure in which category should this thread be and feel pretty selfish about making this thread but i've searched through threads and it helped only partially :notworthy: i will be meeting with my agency in approximately 2 weeks and i feel really anxious about it and totally...
  3. S

    Ginta Lapina

    I'm not a fan of her body, but she has a very unique face imo :luv:. Here's a fashiontv video (backstage+on the runway+ interview):