Vlada backstage at Dsquared2 – Fashion Week Milan

I needed my fix of Vlada for the evening and thought I would share her with  you as well.  Here she is backstage at the Dsquared2 show.  God, I love her legs!  I also love how playful and fun she looks in this picture.


Her little boobie is peeking!  Yummy!



7 thoughts on “Vlada backstage at Dsquared2 – Fashion Week Milan

  1. Elle

    She’s a cute girl 🙂
    can’t say I’m loving the clothes…kinda sad that it can be considered as fashion 😛

  2. qwerty

    If ever there was someone born to wear skinny jeans it’s her. Her legs are perfect and sexy, and the clothes hang just right.

  3. Filifjonka

    Her legs look so sexy in the first picture where she´s wearing hot pants!
    I totally enjoy seeing a fashion model in really sexy and short clothes, a refreshing change from the usually wide, long and loose high fashion dresses. I´d like to see what kind of clothes Vlada likes to wear in her private life!

  4. qwerty

    Yeah she is looking particularly sexy there. She looks that good too in her post-show outside pictures too, especially in skinnies.


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