Victoria Beckham Attends the Diane von Furstenber and Claridge’s Launch Party

Victoria Beckahm, a face we haven’t seen in a while, recently attended the Diane von Furstenberg and Claridge’s launch party in London.

Victoria Beckham attends the Diane von Furstenberg and Claridge's launch party in London.

I think Victoria looked stunning in her black dress by Giles (Fall 2009) and her over-the-knee suede black boots by Brian Atwood.  She always looks so flawless and dressed to impress.  Victoria was skinny as usual.  It might be just me, but I think it looks like she may be carrying an extra pound or two than usual.  If you look at the pictures of her from behind it looks like there is some extra weight up top – just my two cents.

In any case, I think she looks great!  Victoria doesn’t change to much : )

[imagebrowser id=107]

Photos: Bartekooo – The Celebrity City

18 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Attends the Diane von Furstenber and Claridge’s Launch Party

    1. imogen

      She annoys the f-ck out of me – smile god damn it! Haha
      Not bad looking though, but her head looks kind of big for her body..
      Another whine; she leans back SO awkwardly when she walks, you can notice it the most in pictures 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 10.
      Pretty much all of them, really.

      keep it up girls.
      🙂 x

  1. christina

    I agree that there may be a pound or two extra, which I believe are an improvement because they have actually shaved a few years off her looks and boosted her prettiness, especially in pic #9. Her legs are still wonderfully skinny.

  2. Tna

    I have heard she is trying to include small amounts of brown rice and whole grain pasta into her diet in order to be healthy enough to carry a child (upon her doctor’s recommendation). So the extra few pounds would make sense. 🙂

    1. imogen

      Oh my god, I know right!
      It’s horrible, maybe she tries to pose like the runway models do behind the scenes and backstage, you know?
      Haha, such a poser she is.

  3. gelabela

    I want those boots!! haha I really can’t tell if she’s skinny or not. That dress is super structured and could be hiding something. Her arms and legs are still very slim but I’d have to agree with skinnygurl.. I think she may have gained a little but all in all still skinny!

  4. qwerty

    i think she looks great side-on in #6 and #9 especially. it shows off her clavicle. she’s cute and sexy.

  5. Elle

    She would look so Beautiful if she just smiled. I saw a pic of her laughing a few months ago and she was GORGEOUS.
    she needs to stop trying to be so high fashion, even the models smile usually.
    geeze 😛

  6. chevrefeuille

    I love Victoria…she’s actually such a hilarious bubbly personality if you watch her interviews on TV. I think she has an aversion to being photographed smiling because she probably thinks it will make a bad shot (I only smile very slightly in most photos because if I smile too wide it makes my face look fat in pictures).

  7. cass

    I LOVE v.beckham!!
    Yep, she’s definitely put on a few pounds, but she still looks fantastic! She’d have to gain quite a few to look anything but fabulous.
    I swear she’s worn a very similar outfit before, but the dress had orange as well as black.. anyone know what I’m talking about?
    She’s such a fantastic personality in real life, I love that she becomes such a hardass in pictures – it makes me giggle =)
    She has a great collarbone, brilliant (fake) boobs, and gorgeous legs.
    I love her =)


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