Thursday Thinspo – Models Drinking

For this weeks Thursday Thinspo I wanted to highlight some of our favorite fashion models and what they drink.  Enjoy : )

Frida Gustavsson drinking coke backstage… did she really have some?

Vlada Roslyakova having a beer with some friends.

Ginta Lapina drinking what appears to be coffee.

Olga Sherer and Magdalena Frackowiak having coffee together.  I wonder what Olga is hiding behind her back? I think it is a cigarette… what do you think it is?

95 thoughts on “Thursday Thinspo – Models Drinking

  1. grace

    Agree. Its a never fail diet. Caffeine and cigarettes.

    A friend from high school was a Norwegian FES and a model. Everyday was the same thing. Starbucks, cigarettes and diet coke. 5’10” and 100 lbs, I believe it!

    Thanks for the post Skinnygurl, I needed some thinspo!!

    1. Ashley

      me too!! please! She is my thinspiration.. I’m an asian mix like her and I’d love to see more of her! Seriously gorgeous, classy, and thin to perfection!

  2. want2bnvied

    dang they probably got wasted off that one beer! i remember what it was like to be that was awesome cause i was drunk after like 2 drinks 😀 lolz

    1. ChloeS

      haha its not awesome its terrible! I get drunk sooo fast and have to be careful not to end up completely drunk when I have a couple of glasses of wine!

      1. Leigh

        I absolutely love that! Being skinny, one glass of wine really affects me! So much better than needing 2 or more drinks…I hate using calories up for drinking purposes.

  3. ChloeS

    Look at Olga’s cheeky little grin haha
    aww I love her, even if she does smoke! 😛
    I can’t believe Frida’s coke isn’t diet! I’m sure she didn’t drink it… I couldn’t imagine EVER being able to drink normal coke haha is that weird?

    1. katryn

      Darling shots of these girls. Very inspiring. Blue Sky has a new diet sugar free soda without fake sugar in it. I tried the Jamaican Ginger Ale and it’s real good.

      1. Abbey

        i drink normal coke but only because I am very picky. I don’t drink coffee or tea, and I NEED my caffeine. I only have like 3-5 a week though. and its so good (: when I drink it i usually skip the food

    2. cass

      Haha, no I completely understand! I’m a Coke Zero addict, with Pepsi Max and Diet Coke the only other options. A guy at work bought me a regular Coke the other day, and I literally could not finish it. All I could think of was the excess sugar in it.
      Plus, that’s a HUGE normal-coke for Frida to drink!

      As for Olga, she’s adorable. I like Frida and Magdalena’s faces in these shots as well. And it’s DEFINITELY a ciggie behind Olga’s back, though she must just be hiding it as a joke, since we all know she smokes =)

        1. cass

          I could never slow down =P
          That’s a lie, I once quit it. But it’s perfect when you’re unsure about if you’re hungry or just bored. And it keeps people off your back because they forget it’s next-to zero calories – all they see is you drinking softdrink =D

      1. c-c

        Ahh i agree also! I can only drink Coke Zero or Sugar-free V – I can’t stand the taste of normal Coke or V anymore because it’s far too sickly! Which is great =)

  4. Sakura

    Epically inspiring post, Skinny Gurl! Can you do a post on Nina Dobrev? She’s lost a TON of weight recently, and she was skinny to begin with…absolutely AMAZING thinspo.

  5. niro

    hey all! I was wondering if anyone had skinny tips for vegans? I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this comment.

    1. Iz

      Hi Niro.
      I’m vegan and desperately trying to lose the last 6 lbs so I know how you feel.
      A vegan diet is a good start anyway. Try upping the fibre and raw foods. Brown rice or tofu/tempeh for protein to fill you up. Try not to rely on processed grains or replacement cheese. In fact, try to cut out processed foods altogether if you can. You’ll feel so much better for it. So just lots of raw veggies and leaves with some wholegrains/protein. Watch your meal portions. Veggies are low-cal but only have one piece of fruit each day at the most. I find that Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet book is great for vegan meal ideas and weight loss help.
      A vegan diet can also come in handy when you’re in a social situation and don’t want to eat too much. Plus you’re doing a great moral deed.
      You need to make sure you’re getting your vitamins and minerals from the right foods or else your body won’t function properly and you won’t be able to lose weight like you should.
      I don’t think it’s the wrong place to post at all. Vegans can be skinny too. I’m glad you did. But I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone else.
      Ps. Sorry for the long post!

      1. kiss

        Niro, there’s a book series called ‘Skinny Bitch’ written by two former models about getting thin through veganism. I haven’t read it myself, but have heard a lot of good things about it.

        1. C

          Yeah I’ve read that book and it’s great! It turned me vegetarian and I haven’t looked back! Veganism is a little harder, it advocates going entirely vegan, but the occasional cheese, fish or egg is hard to avoid.

          It is a great read though, and very informative.

      2. niro

        thank you so much for all the helpful information!
        I have no trouble being vegan, but giving up crackers and fruit is hard!
        How many calories would you say you consume a day?
        PS. Your post was just the right size!

  6. Anya

    omg Vlada’s face looks so big and puffy in that pic, what is happening?! Maybe it’s a really bad angle, but I think Kasia has already replaced her..

    1. cass

      Noo! Vlada can’t be replaced!
      I think it’s just a bad angle (fingers crossed!). It’s a good time to remember though that as our favourite skinnies get older, it will also be harder for them to maintain their shapes. It’ll be interesting to see how they go!

      1. ripedbanana

        Yeah..i think it’s the angle too. Vlada’s face has always been kinda puffy. but i like it that way. and no she’s not be replaced!! Vlada looked gorgeous in Chanel’s pre-fall show in Paris. anyway, I can’t stand being a vegen! I’ve tried..and failed. I love fish and chicken a lil too much :p

        1. Rosalie

          Oh yes. That’s right. Vlada’s face has always been puffy. One of my classmates used to be super-super-skinny (size 0-1,77m/43kg) last year and she always had this puffy face like Vlada. Now she went for half a year as an exchange student to Texas and 2 she took on like 20 kilo. But her face is now as puffy as the rest of her body!)
          And I think Vlada will never (or at least not in the next 2 years) be replaced by Kasia. But Kasia is on her best way of getting No.2 in (my) model rancing list (:

          And being vegas istn’t that hard. For me it doesn’t work if I imagine cute little cows, pigs, chicken whatever. But I once have seen a dokumentary about how meat gets prepared which was just horrible. Now everytime I come into this situation I imagine this cows and chicken who got killed.
          And btw Abbey Lee Kershaw and Sasha Pivovarova are vegetarians as well (:

          1. Zoe

            Actually, Abbey Lee is a pescatarian and salmon is her favourite food. 🙂 But many other models are vegetarian.

  7. Betty

    what do you all think of sugarfree red bull? i drink it (not too much) but i’m worry it’s a bit bad for health, especially on an empty stomach.

    1. cass

      I loveee it. I used to hate it. It’s more bad for the heart, regardless of food I think. But I do like it. I drink it during the day, sometimes for lunch. I’ve cut back because as stated it can be bad for your heart, and I have an – uh- addictive personality. But I think there’s nothing wrong with it in small doses =) And it’s only 34kj! =)

  8. Sarah

    Skinny gurl~ i weigh a wopping 110 lbs. at 5’4. i want to lose 10 lbs. before christmas. I am ready to buckle down and eat less. Have any tips? also, do u exercise?

    1. cass

      Hi Sarah.
      I know you addressed this to Skinny Gurl, but I wanted to respond.
      10lbs before Christmas is highly unlikely – like, it wouldn’t be permanent weight loss.
      For tips, see the starving tips of the day, along with the stories many of the girls have shared throughout the posts.
      Chloe recommends eating 1500-2000 cals a day. Others recommend no more than 500. Find what works for you.
      Along with eating less, make sure you’re eating healthier. Fresh fruit and vegies are obviously better than junk. You know, all that jazz you learn in health class.
      This website is definitely motivative for weight loss =D

      Good luck reaching your goals! X

      1. ChloeS

        you can lose 10lbs before christmas if you eat absolutely no carbs, just fish, chicken, and like a bit of lettuce, spinach and green vegetables.
        Egg-whites for breakfast. No fruit, no carbs or sugar of any kind.
        Lots of water.
        If you can stick to this the weight will drop off you at a rate of about 1-2 pounds per day. I guarantee it.

        HOWEVER. and it’s a big one. Cass is right, it won’t be permanent and when you go back to eating normally or however you ate before, you will more than likely put it all back on in a few days.

        But I have used this diet before when I want to lose weight really fast and I only have a week or so. However most people don’t have my discipline.

        If you think you can do it, go for it. It’s the most effective crash diet I’ve ever done.


        1. Rosalie

          Uhh year. That’s right. One of the girls in my russian class wants to lose about 10kg before Christmas which means she has to lose nearly 1kg per day. She started friday and I met her on sunday where she was eating christmas cookies again. She has absolutely no discipline.

          I know it sounds weired but everytime I come into a situation with cookies or whatever I imagine little fat figures dancing on this food and then I think that that’s are the calories which make me so fat again.

          I’m sorry if my english isn’t perfect!

          1. Geo

            I love your description of little fat people dancing on food!! I will totally use that. It is perfect dear.

  9. mara

    I love the last picture. How is it possible to have so skinny legs? Does anyone have any specific advice? I went shopping yesterday and i hated everything, my legs are just huge
    Ps. I’m sorry if my english is not perfect, still learning. And thank you for being here, I read you all the time! Every advice, every story helps

    1. ChloeS

      your english is very good!
      I would recommend swimming for slimming down legs. Running is good too but for some people it builds muscle. Swimming doesn’t seem to build muscle for me, just slims them down and burns lots of calories 🙂
      Also these models have extremely low body weights, which is why their legs are so tiny. To have legs like these you might have to lose a lot of weight and get your weight down to a very low number.
      Of course this is possible but it’s very difficult.
      Good luck!

    2. Leigh

      For me (and everyone is different) I’ve found running BUILDS muscle. So, I’ve changed to just walking at a fast pace…I do 3 miles around 4 times a week. I also rarely eat carbs/sugar. My legs are quite thin.

  10. Tris

    Your site has inspired me so much! I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started reading your site. I was stuck in a rut lately, but your posts are totally putting me back on track.
    Thanks skinnygurl <3

  11. Cat

    Mmm I’ve got to disagree. Smoking does an enormous range of damage to our bodies, and yes, we get wrinkly faster and it can look trashy.

    But it does suppress the appetite. If I’m feeling peckish in the afternoon and find myself being tempted by the timtams in my office I just duck outside for a cigarette. I usually don’t feel remotely like touching food for at least another few hours.

    I gave up earlier in the year for a few months and lost 2 kgs, but that was because not smoking meant I could run harder. I don’t usually eat junk anyway (I’m a pescatarian who loves fresh fruit and veg)and stopping smoking didn’t impact on the amount I ate at all.

    But I found it hard to keep up the running routine during semester so took up smoking again and have pretty much maintained my weight.

    I’m not advocating it though, I know it’s bad for me. I’m just saying that it definitely makes eating less appealing.

    1. Betty

      when i changed apt and i couldn’t smoke inside i’ve had so many problems of binging cause a sigarette after a meal make you feel fine and ‘complete’. I know it’s bad but smoking less made me gain about 2 kilos

      1. C

        I know exactly what you mean. And after I posted that comment I remembered that I almost doubled my coffee intake when I quit smoking. So that would have suppressed my appetite anyway, along with the running. But a soy latte has over 100cal, a cigarette has none. It definitely makes a different to weight loss.

      2. C

        I know exactly what you mean. And after I posted that comment I remembered that I almost doubled my coffee intake when I quit smoking. So that would have suppressed my appetite anyway, along with the running. But a soy latte has over 100cal, a cigarette has none. It definitely makes a different to weight loss.

    2. Stacey

      Yes, I used to replace snacking with cigarettes, and I agree that it does also help finish off a big meal. I quit almost six months ago, but I’ll still have one every now and then after a big meal, or when I’m drinking. I don’t ever get cravings, but I still believe nothing goes better with coffee or alcohol than a cigarette. Usually, though, when I do indulge in one, I find I don’t enjoy it the way I used to. Quitting makes them taste kind of gross.
      I didn’t gain any weight when I quit, but that’s because I replaced cigarettes with coffee. For me, black coffee has the same effect as a cigarette. It’s bitter tasting, gives me a buzz, supresses my appetite, and still acts as a relaxing moment in my day (the only difference is that I can take a coffee break anywhere while I had to go out in the cold for a cigarette break). Not to mention that coffee is much better for you (no calories and lots of antioxidants!) and much cheaper than cigarettes!

  12. ripedbanana

    running will help you get skinny legs. they wont make them look muscular..all that’s rubbish. Running, squats and lunges have made my thighs and calves smaller AND more toned. But for those who haven’t been doing all these exercises, i suggest you just run first. Because if you start doing all of them together suddenly, your legs and thighs will increase in size because of the muscle. So start off slowly 🙂 oh and spinning as well.

    1. Leigh

      It’s not neccessairly ‘rubbish’. It could be for you, but everyone’s body is different. I was up to 20-25 miles a week running, and I was about 10 pounds heavier due to increase in muscle and it really spiked my appetite. I’ve found walking at a fast pace to be enough, it keeps me appetite down, and I’m super skinny 🙂

  13. mara

    thank you girls! I’ll definitly keep your ideas in mind. I guess I just have to find something that works for me, I’ll keep trying..
    Good luck with your goals!

  14. C

    I might try walking… I’ve always gained muscle easily and can’t seem to get my thighs right down, but assumed that because running burns more calories it must be better. Interesting!

  15. Coco

    aww I love this website it’s so inspiring, just wish there was new posts more often!

    I’m quiet overweight, normal for most people (parents, school friends bla bla bla) but for people like me and all you guys who can appreciate the beauty of these tiny tiny models, I’m pretty huge.. I’m about 160cms and weigh 60kgs (I know, it’s embarrassing to say!)

    To make things worse, I did lose 10kgs a few years ago doing the lemon detox, and because I had such a huge result in less than 3 weeks, I got addicted to “detoxing” (really starving) or lemon detox, or water fasts, etc etc and have now totally screwed up my metabolism..

    I would love to have someone who has a lot of self dicipline be like my diet buddy, someone I can account what I ate to.. Finding a diet buddy is not a problem amongst family and friends for me, but then they always end up breaking it and it’s the most discouraging thing.

    I want to lose 12kgs.. 48 sounds like my perfect weight for someone my height

    Anyone want to help?

    1. Zoe

      I’d also love to have a skinny buddy! You can contact me via [email protected] if you feel like talking, Coco. xx

      1. cass

        Hey Coco – I’d rather not tell my facebook, if that’s cool – privacy and all that jazz.
        Email me if you like, at [email protected].
        We have pretty similar stats and goals and what-not, so it’ll work well =)

        Hope to hear from you soon!
        If anyone else wants a buddy, feel free to email!


  16. ripedbanana

    Yeah..well so it all depends on the body type i guess. But walking is still great! I walk to and from school everyday, do some homework and study, exercise, and then do work and relax at night. One of the things that motivate me to work out everyday is the compliments I get from people about being great at balancing my lifestyle. It makes me feel accomplished. I’ll get really mad at myself if I feel that my day’s sluggish. 😀

  17. M

    hey girls!! help!! just got back form a party and I feel terrible!! I ate A LOT and a lot of CRAP!! (you know, chips, tacos, cake, candy, etc… a lot of fat and sugar)… I feel awful, I was doing so good and now i feel terrible! what do you recommend me to do? please help!!

    1. naty

      after i eat too much, i always like to go for a walk. Then the next morning i go work out for about an hour on the elpitical.

  18. M.

    hi girls 🙂

    so I have a problem! I usually go crazy as soon as I start eating 🙁 but when I don’t eat i feel like theres cotton wool in my head or something, I can’t focus on my studies!

    but WHEN I eat I can’t concentrate because I feel so bad for having eaten 🙁
    because eating means binge for me, as soon as I start touching food I lose control D:

    and the problem is my grandma is very sick and has to stay at home so i visit her like every two days she always invites me for lunch and well she’s such a feeder!
    I can’t go there and not eat or she will be sad/angry 🙁
    and she always stuffs me, and then I’m like SCREW IT and well the binge problem takes place :(((

    what should I do now? its lunchtime I want to visit her but then she will stuff me. and yeah I’m lonely so well caus like I once said I’m kinda socially isolated and I want to see her .__.

    oh god I suck!

    (AND as a model and I HAVE to lose weight ):
    a photographer compared me to freja and then
    I felt so bad caus freja is so damn hot and skinny!
    and I’m not ): )

    1. ripedbanana


      okay anyway, i think you should really talk to your grandma about it. tell her about your modeling work and tell her that you have to stop eating a lot. If she gets upset, ensure her that you’re not gonna be starving yourself.

      As for the binge part..i think you have to learn how to control yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. I suggest you start drinking A LOT of water. It fills you up more than anything.

      As for me, I drink A LOT OF WATER. Like just after dinner I’ll drink about 2 litres of water. (Not kidding.) and eat blueberries in between meals. They are said to help you flatten the stomach more. Worth a try? hahaha

    2. Violette

      I would only visit the grandmother at non meal times. Then, call before you go. Tell her you’ve just eaten this huge lunch or dinner or breakie… Tell her you are miserably full. Could she make you some tea… Do not eat there. Make it a new rule. Keep telling her you want to see her but that maybe you shouldn’t come feeling as full as you do. Tell her maybe she doesn’t want you to come. That sort of thing. You’re going to have to respect yourself and she will follow.

    3. lex

      I totally swear by chia seeds, you can put them in Crystal Light and they absorb like 10 times their weight in water. They’re soluble fiber and make EVERYTHING come through your system. They have about 80 calories a scoop – so be careful – but if you use them as meal replacements (which I do) you can have breakfast and lunch of only 160 cals!

  19. M.

    I love her too !!! so tomboyish hot and skinny and photogenic! And we have the same height (:
    but shes supposed to be about 110 lbs?
    I thought she was less but skinny gurl once
    postet her stats! so i have about 5 or 6 lbs to lose!
    doesn’t sound all that hard so i ask myself why I can’t do it ):

    uh I love blueberrys *__*

    oh yeah control, discipline is what I lack the most! ):

    I tried it so many times to stop but I always failed and I feel so fat and out of control!
    I mean I can’t study for school even though I need to ):

    I always prove all the other ones there right who think I’m stupid and vain, totally preoccupied about models.

    thats what bugs me the most ): I’m selfconcious and I fail at school because my eating habits bother me that much … I’m being a dumb crybaby I know .__.
    its my fault D:

    thanks for taking your time to try and help me 🙁

    1. MaryA

      Hey M.,

      I have the same problem, I control myself a couple of days, but then if one day I eat something “extra” I feel like I’ve screw it all and start eating and eating and eating… I loose control… and then I feel awful of course!

      Being skinny is lifestyle change, at first is difficult, but I know we can achieve it, we got to believe it! I’m 5’4 and 120lbs, I want to go down to 105lbs at least… any tips?

      Why don’t we take a challenge by steps, and focus on being faithful to our lifestyle (lets not call it a diet) just for one day… then the day will be over, we go to sleep, and the next day we try it again, focus just on the day and on the moment we are living.

      Anyone else in on this daily challenge?

      About your gandma, talk to her, like ripedbanana said… hope she’ll understand!

      Hope this helps!

      PS. sorry if my english is not so good, I’m from mexico

      1. M.

        your english IS good no need to worry (:

        I talked to her and she got all angry. Basically she already gets angry when I say I don’t want bread alongside fish dishes and stuff.
        Basically she disapproves of everything I do (Model, Musicstudent, Artist, Vegetarian …)
        everything is beyond her imagination, maybe because shes over 80 years old and everything used to be so different when she was young.
        it still hurts having her insult me & stuff.
        She wants me to be happy but HER way. V__v

        the day-to-day thought is really good (:
        thats how I made it through work outs some
        time ago, need to pick that up again 🙂
        like: its okay another 3 minutes, another 3, another just like that (:

        for the tips well I started walking everywhere I could. THe stairs, or home, or to the supermarket, just everywhere. Keyword sth like: ‘think fit not fast’ ya know ;D

        also I go to the gym, where they have classes. If your in a class you just have to stick to it till the end. Maybe put yourself in the front (a little masochistic but def. worth it) so everybody in your back and the trainer see you, so you just HAVE to give it your all. that way one or two hours can pass by very fast, you’ll feel happy and your body will become more toned (:

        I can’t give you food advise as I’m struggeling too.

        maybe calculate your bmr and so a few hundret calories under it with you food intake (lets say 1000 cals) and also exercise. If calories in are less than your calories out meaning what you burn living plus moving your always on the save side. If you want to get a motivation kick maybe go really low cal for some days for fast results.


  20. Jolly

    Love Ginta’s picture. She looks tiny and so beautiful. As a fellow Latvian I am the same height, however, much bigger weight (around 63kg, yeah I know that is a lot) I just wondered how much Ginta weights now. She is skinnier than few years ago…

    1. M.

      I do exercise, mostly body toning because I’m still not fit enough for running on the treadmill, instead I just walk as much as possible.

      I’m 5’10 and 110 lbs right now. Still a few more pounds to go, 106 would be what I’d want for now.

    2. MaryA

      Hi Sarah!

      I do exercise! I actually love to exercise, I feel so good after a good workout, and it helps me not to eat… I like to walk at a fast pace, run, and sometimes I get into a spinning class! 🙂

      I’m 5’4 and 117lbs… want to get to 105 for now!

  21. lucie

    Thanks for the great tip MaryA! I am exactly the same, if I feel like I’ve done one thing wrong and ruined my diet for the day I start thinking I’ve ruined everything permanently and will be back to square one and I get into a really bad ‘just screw it all’ mentality, which is not good!! I think you are so right when you say we should just take it one day at a time (I am so in for this daily challenge haha) and even if we do eat something extra, don’t focus on it too much, just accept it and move on and be determined to do even better the next day. If that makes sense?? If we keep going in the right direction, we’ll get there eventually!

    M, I just wanted to say good luck with your grandma 🙂 I know it’s really hard when your family don’t really understand your skinny lifestyle choices! I’m not sure if it would be useful but I was going to suggest maybe when you visit her you could make the focus of the visit an activity you both like doing together rather than a meal, like going over to watch an old movie together rather than going over there to have lunch together. Hope that makes sense!

    Haha sorry this is rather long! xx

  22. Fruit_lover

    Hey! I’m far away from being a model (177cm/59kg) but I’m trying to lose weight and right now I’m drinking this tea mix for weight loss and it’s working. All of you, try the mixture of frangula bark, senna leaves, corn silk and rose hip. If I were drinking coke, I’ll be a pig, but this doesn’t affect our Frida!

  23. imogen

    Just don’t eat, babes, just drink!
    Water, coffee, iced tea, diet coke.
    And when you get hungry, you can do like Coke (yes COKE as in la cocaina), Pingers, heroin, anything to get your hunger down and your mood a bit wild! 🙂

    Don’t eat. Stay strong girls!

  24. Abbey

    Hey girlies!! Hope everyone had a nice skinny holiday (: Anyway, I really really need the link for the skinny gurls vanilla forum. I deleted the history on my laptop so no snooping eyes could see what sites I’ve visited, but now I can’t get back to the forum 🙁 someone pleaseplease help!!


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