Thursday Thinspo – Frida Gustavsson Eating

For this weeks Thursday Thinspo I figured I would keep with the models eating theme since so many of you gave me feedback (thank you) and said you would like to see more of it.

So, here is Frida Gustavsson eating behind the scenes.

Enjoying some yogurt.

Eating melon.

Eating melon, again.

Frida really seems to like melon : )

P.S.  Sorry for not posting a lot today, my Internet has been spotty all day.  Tomorrow they are replacing the Fios wire so I should be back to normal after that : )

XO ~ S.G.

30 thoughts on “Thursday Thinspo – Frida Gustavsson Eating

  1. CC

    Thank you for posting these pictures skinnygurl! These photos are a lot more candid and I totally believe that they’re eating. I also believe these so much more because it’s healthy eating. Though I must say, I’m still surprised they’re eating at all.

      1. CC

        I guess I have the modeling industry pegged incorrectly. I assumed that they’re mostly anorexic so whenever I see them eating, my first reaction is, “Oh wow”.

  2. naeomie

    It always surprises me when I see models eat, hoestly it does. So shocking regardless of how low calorie it is. Infact, am not convinced they drink more than a 500ml bottle of water a day, just to avoid the bloat and water weight.

    Most model-thin people suffer water retention alot cos of their low body weight, so I never expect to see them with more than one small bottle of water a day. Guess the coffee makes up for the rest of the fluid intake.

    1. Anya

      It’s actually salty foods and dehydration that causes the water retention, as weird as that sounds. I had water retention in my legs once when I was in the 90-lb range because I was dehydrated from exercising a lot. (It was really scary because my legs had turned huge overnight). Drinking more water actually prevents water retention because your body won’t try to hold on to the water like it would if it wasn’t getting enough.

      1. Charlie

        Drinking lots of tea is supposed to be great cos it all counts as water since it’s very low in caffeine, and it’s really good for ya 🙂

  3. Chandra

    I just found this site a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it. It has helped me soo much with my weight loss efforts. Love the pics too.

  4. gigi

    frida is my favourite model and i love seeing model eat, so this post is like a christmas gift for me lol thanky you skinny gurl <3

  5. Katryn

    It’s not even funny that people think the models don’t eat. There are big business concerns (food industry, drug companies) that spend money advertising so that we will believe this. It would cost these businesses if people began to eat less and healthy… The media is hugely influenced by these businesses. so, all we hear is that models, and other thin people are not healthy. Sure, the obesity epidemic is acknowledged but it is alleged anorexia that is attacked.

    At the same time we have evidence that calorie restriction lengthens healthy life.

    Another interesting thing is the size inflation or whatever you call it. I have a skirt I bought 25 years ago. The label says sz 8 US, 36 european. I wore it yesterday. I am a size 0 or 00 in today’s US sizes. This is my normal weight but everyone says I’m too thin. That’s because the population has gained weight and people compare me to that.

    1. Charlie

      It’s so true! I recently went to a Portuguese festival (Boom festival) which was mostly European/Portuguese ravers and there were soooooo many people (men and women) who would be considered to be ‘unhealthily’ lean, but these bunch of people are just very active and have much better diets than most of the people considered looking healthy in the UK and US. In other words, young people are supposed to look very lean which is blatantly why we find it attractive.

      1. cass

        I HATE the way the obesity crisis is used as merely a way to say how unhealthy skinny people are. Skinnies are made to feel guilty for making the overweight feel bad about themselves. It’s ridiculous.
        Sizes changing is also dodgy.
        @Katryn, that’s mad about the skirt. If you phoned up some TV show they could do an expose about how sizes are changing to accommodate bigger people (lol).

  6. cass

    I love the second picture. I don’t know why. She looks so professional and gorgeous, like it’s her lunch break from the office or something lol.
    It’s… realistic.
    Thanks Skinny Gurl!

  7. Nikki

    Melon it’s such an awsom fruit. Made up mainly of water it fills u for a really long time and it’s low in calories. I live on it in the summer… In the winter it’s a bit harder cuz in South Africa thats an out of season fruit.

  8. Anonymouse

    That’s just rude saying models are anorexic, anorexia is an eating disorder. The word shouldn’t be thrown around like a describing word – it’s serious… They are just a healthy skinny. It’s just that we spend our time around much larger people so seeing a skinny people would be really different…

  9. anne

    haha yeah right check out how little they did eat like a bite and the last picture looks like pretend eating lol. it’s so sad they have to starve


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