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Many of you know that the Skinny Gossip Forums have officially launched. Things are just starting to get interesting in there, so I hope all of you get in there, sign up, and start chit-chatting away with us ASAP. We’ve had about 100 members sign up just in the first week, which I think is pretty exciting. But โ€“ as you know โ€“ I have really high standards (like a lot of you!) and am pretty hard to please, and I want more, more, more!

So, I’m going to give you a few reasons to get in there and start participating:

  • Being a forum, it feels even more like a community. You can set up profiles, etc. etc.
  • It’s a much safer & saner way to personally connect with one another – I can’t tell you how many THOUSAND comments I have deleted because some well-meaning gurl posts her contact info or whatever bc she wants a “skinny buddy” – but I don’t feel right letting that happen when I have no control over who will see that info. With the forums there are a couple layers of verification that will keep us all safer and give us more private areas for discussions.
  • It keeps conversations tied together – one of the things that has frustrated me about the blog – as much as I love it – is that the comments go off in a million different directions and the comments don’t end up really having anything to do with the article they are posted on. And I’m OCD so it drives me nuts. So please, if it’s got nothing to do with the post – PUT IT IN THE FORUMS. They’re you’re friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • It’s private โ€“ย especially the super-elite “Gurls Club” โ€“ which I’ll talk about later.
  • You can easily submit items/articles/etc. for consideration to be featured on Skinny Gossip! You might be famous!
  • I’m a stickler for privacy: your personal info (email, etc.) is never shared with anyone.

I’m working on some fun stuff to keep it interesting in there, for example:

  • A points/prize system. You will be rewarded for participating positively (as determined by other members.) It’s similar to the karma system over on The Fashion Spot (we love you, TFS!) except I’m going to give away real prizes.
  • Awards/badge system for meeting your goals or other community rewards
  • Personal photo albums with privacy control so you can share pics only with members you know and trust.
  • Weight trackers, group diets, competitions, etc.

Now, a little info on the โ€œGurls Clubโ€ which is for my favorite gurls only. You know who you are – you’ve been supporting me forever on this blog. Commenting, keeping it real, reminding me when I’m slacking, etc. So I have created this Club for my besties, and you’ll have special karmic powers, access to secret areas, public recognition of your superiorย status, and – you’ll hopefully get lots of inside gossip. Why inside gossip? Because it’s going to include a lot of girls who work in the business (models, actresses, others in fashion & entertainment) and who I know frequent the site. (In fact, I’ve reached out to some of you personally already.) So anyway, send me a private message on the forum for further info – because some of you are shoo-ins!

Also – be warned: I am considering tying the blog and forum more tightly together, like requiring a forum login to be able to comment on the blog, and tying articles directly to their forum thread, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. When/if I do that, you’ll need a forum login to comment at all. One more reason to sign up.

So get in there now!

24 thoughts on “The New Skinny Gossip Forums

  1. Bracken

    Wow! I’ve been following your site for about a year and a half now but have never commented before… Now I wish I had! Great job on all of your hard work, we all love it!

  2. Samira

    Just saying these forums really are amazing! I’m there @ Samira and it’s so great to see the skinny community binding together ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Blanca

    A forum is something I really wanted for a very long time. I was about to ask you for a chat room at least, since we all are aware you are a busy girl and don’t always have time to update everything, so we could do something here on our own instead of literally spamming all your posts with our chit chats. ๐Ÿ˜€
    But you’ve done the first rate job with the forum, I appreciate that, thank you! And – bravo!

  4. Karlena

    Wow, just signed up to your forum and it is fantastic!! Only discovered this site recently and you’ve done and are doing a great job.

  5. Rose

    Ditto on the following for years and hardly commenting. Major regrets now I’m seeing this V.I.P thing haha going to go ahead and join in now anyway! So glad this has come about at last, especially now that the vanilla forums we’d been using are totally dead

  6. Sophitia

    Well this finally did the trick for motivating me to start commenting! I’ve been a reader for over a year and was so very happy when I saw SG posting again. Btw, I gained over 15 lbs this summer/fall and it just so happened to coincide with SG’s hiatus. Not saying it’s her fault or anything, but I’m saying (Do I really need to insert a sarcasm hashtag?).

    Anyhow, I’ve never commented for lack of time, but also because I’m nowhere near model thin. Historically I was always skinny. Then graduate school, overwork, poor eating, and depression contributed to weight gain and here I am at 38-years old and standing 5’7″ with 154 lbs. Disgusting, I know, and there’s NO EXCUSE for this to continue. I’m an educated mother of a 4-year old and I have a (mostly) supportive partner. I know he secretly prefers the skinny me he once knew and I do too. There’s is no denying the skinnier form is far more beautiful and (generally) more ethical.

    So I’m very much looking forward to a forum in which I can comment more openly. The fact is, my support circle is very – shall we say, politically correct? I even have several friends among the fat acceptance crowd. I love them for who they are, but I do not support FA and my real feelings on the matter would hurt them in a way I don’t want to do.

    So that’s who I am. One more woman, battling the same trap most of us seem to fall into these days at some time or another. I truly love the skinny form and am thrilled to have a place where I can openly admit it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Sofia

    Skinny Gurl, you’re the best.
    Not only do you motivate me to keep going on with diet and exercise, but your posts are really witty and they make my day!
    Thank you!
    I’m definitley registering for the forum.
    Keep on the good work!

  8. skylar

    Aww…I am also one of those who followed for a year (years?) and never commented. Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk. Off to the forum!

  9. deirdre

    Skinny Gurl, the forums are amazing.
    Thank you for doing this – and you weren’t joking about being a privacy stickler! I love the ability to limit your exposure on the forums.


  10. Kristin

    Is this for the same forum thats been up for a long time? Or is there a new one? If so, I wanna sign up for the new one. If not, Imma sign into the forum today and check it out to see whats been going on. Haven’t logged in for a little while and its a great place. <3 Stay skinny.

  11. Jay

    I’ve been reading for about two months now, and this website has helped me greatly.

    Ever since i was born, i’ve been overweight. Doctors told my mum that by the age of 18 at the rate i was at i would weigh 300 pounds.

    The thing is is that even though im overweight, im still pretty and am popular but i’ve always been sick of being the fat friend in the group. Ever since i reached the teen years all thats mattered to me was being skinny and beautiful and having other girls envy me.

    Im 5’8 and a month and a half ago i was pushing 180. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half who is into body building and really takes care of himself, and even though he won’t say it i know he doesn’t like how my body is which pushed me even more to lose weight, it really bothered me that i didn’t feel good enough.

    From 180 im now 155 and still losing, with a goal to be 125 in the next two months, and everyday i feel happier looking in the mirror.

    Now if i can do it anyone can because this was a girl who has always been overweight and was told i will never be skinny.

  12. Diamondsjoyandcharm

    Hey everyone! If you haven’t registered for Skinny Gossip Forums yet you’re either a fatty who hates on skinnies or you’re simply very lame. I swear, the forums are more addictive than Facebook! Find me there as diamondsjoyandcharm and add me if you want!
    BUT SIGN UP!!! Like, NOW!

  13. BiracialGal

    Please help me.. I’m 16 years old (17 in a couple of months), im 5’9 and I weigh 148 pounds.. I feel so fat! I have big thighs, my legs have gotten fatter, my stomach, my arms, everything..

    I don’t know what to eat or what workouts to do.. I have a crosstrainer at home that I use sometimes, and I hate running.. Can someone please tell me what do eat and what workouts do to? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Auria

    This world pushes food, everywhere we look some company is blasting the message of “fat is good for you, eat, eat more”. Thank you for a place where we can read about the opposite side of the coin. Continued good luck in getting your message out!

  15. anonymous

    We are all beautiful. It shouldn’t take tearing ourselves and each other down to stick to exercise and healthy eating habits.


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