Thanksgiving Thinspo

I missed all of my skinny gurls!  I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for so long.  There’s been a lot going on in my life lately and some great new professional developments in my career.  I have a few exciting things up my sleeve so hopefully it will make up for all the time I’ve been gone.

Anyway, I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be Thanksgiving – where did the year go?!?  I know that the holidays can be one of the hardest times of the year to be on good behavior, so I thought it would be a perfect time for some Thanksgiving Thinspo.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m glad to be back!

XO ~ Skinny Gurl

Kasia Struss has definitely been on her best behavior.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this skinny before, but I love it!

Ginta Lapina has been on good behavior as well… I can’t believe she finally lost some weight.  I think she looks so much better and we can see her xylophone too!  What you do think?

Olga Sherer’s lovely xylophone peeking through like always : )

Anabela Belikova with her amazingly skinny legs…

46 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thinspo

  1. kiss

    LOVE ginta and anabela! Soft, skinny and sweet. Just gorgeous.

    Good to have you back, Skinny gurl! Looking forward to what you have in store!

  2. Jessa

    I absolutely adore this site!!! It’s definitely helping me reach my skinny goals! Skinny gurl, keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  3. gam

    kasia’s definitely been a good girl, her legs are looking better than ever. great to have you back, hope you’ve been well.

  4. mew

    What an amazing first post back! They are all looking sooo skinny and lovely. I heart anabela her legs are to die for. Wb SG 🙂

  5. Jenn

    A much needed thinspo. Today was a really bad day for good behavior. Still have a lot of weight to go for my gw. good luck to all you skinny gurls! 😀

  6. Maja

    hi girls! first time commenter here. this was much needed thinspo. i wasn’t on my best behavior either, yesterday. but i’m motivated and today is a new day,right?
    so glad there are new posts up. have been looking through the old ones for ages.
    skinny thanksgiving!

  7. Abbey

    ahh!! this post is sooo amazing, thank you SG!! I absolutely love kasia, her whole body is to die for, and i love her new hair. all of these girls look gorgeous! this was just what I needed (:

  8. sammy

    I wish I could achieve anabela’s legs with getting the xylophone that always freaks out people out and honestly I look sickly when people first see me, but still do not have those skinny legs!!!!:(

  9. Emily

    Thank you for coming back! I checked this site like every day, was starting to get depressed by those pictures of olga! lol, Kasia Struss’s legs are completely amazing! I want them

    1. Imogen

      Haha, same here! I got sick of the sight of her eventually..
      Kasia Struss is one of my favourites too, but I still love Snejana Onopka over all, I don’t know why.
      Keep it up Skinnygurl!

  10. kindaskinny

    the smile on my face when i saw a new post!

    welcome back skinnygurl and congrats on the developments.

    wow, kasia looks amazing! definitely the perfect thinspo

  11. bunnyxo92

    mine is the same message as emily – i’ve missed you!
    ginta lapina looks stunning – in the second picture her legs look amazing

  12. carrie

    Hi!I just want to tell you that your site is great!Now that I’ve discovered it I will take it as my personal skinny bible.
    Keep it up!
    ps.May I ask you some advices if necessary?
    bye, carrie

  13. Magg

    hey skinny gurl! it’s great that you’re posting again! 🙂 I really need a lot of motivation right now to lose some weight! I’m kind of new here, but love you blog! you share great tips! congrats and good luck on all your personal projects!

    LOVE these girls legs! gotta work on mine!

  14. kukie struss

    hi guys!!!! totally true i never see kasia so good as now by the way i love her walk and 4 me this is my skinny divas on the runway
    1.kasia struss(legs and walk)
    2.vlada roslyakova(walk and her new blon hair)
    3.anabela belikova(amazing legs)
    4.sasha pivovarova(devil eyes)by the way i dont see her on many fashion shows.
    i hope u like it hehehe
    kisses from mexico

  15. naeomie

    So glad ur back.

    Been a really bad week for me, this is the worst “time of the month” I have ever had, terrible cravings like never before and I just managed to lose 6lbs these past 2 weeks, am so scared it’ll all come back.
    @ Imogen, I love snejana onopka as well, she is the very first model I fell in love with. She carries herself so well, its amazing.
    @kukie struss, I think sasha gained an whopping amount of weight that she hasn’t been able to shift. She did for a while, but I think she did it with exercise rather than restriction, cos her thighs looked so muscular (which always distracts from the clothes).
    Maybe now she’s taken time out to lose by restriction, cos its the only way to get that smooth, soft thinness that most models have.

    Try as I might, I can’t picture Vlada or Freya or even Abbey Lee thundering down a treadmill. I very much doubt it. Most models are scared to exercise cos it incites hunger at some point, several days after.
    I find that I lose faster when I restrict only, with zero – little exercise. The only time I head to the gym is when I foresee serious cravings, or if I have a planned pig-out, then I go the day before and the day after for about an 60 – 90mins then 30mins sauna. After that its back to restricting.
    Exercise is great, but it makes me terrible hungry when I stick to a 4x a week routine like I used to do. Now I just restrict and I like the natural thinness thats starting to show. Takes longer though, but hey, I’d rather take it slow than rush and end up bingeing.

  16. Wiz

    Hi Skinny Gurl, glad to hear your absence has been down to good things happening with your career. Fab post – I adore all the pics, especially Ginta. 🙂

  17. lucie

    Hi girls! I’m fairly new to this site, but I absolutely adore it 🙂 everyone is so helpful and supportive! Very glad I discovered it! Just wanted to say I’m so happy you’re back skinny gurl, great post, the pics are beautiful!

  18. katryn

    I exercise an hour each day to keep the metabolism going. Also it helps me not to eat. But gentle exercise not too fast. Helps me!

    1. Abbey

      you’re so ugly when you eat… haha sorry for that but doesn’t that make you want to eat less? if you eat in front of the mirror that REALLY helps. you feel gross and fat :/

  19. Charlie

    What’s happening in your career skinny gurl?

    Plus I love that black strap around the bottom of her leg in the first picture, makes her legs look eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven longer

  20. shayla

    Yaaaaay! Thankgoodness your back skinnygurl!! Love the new post kasias legs are to die for! Looking at old posts kept me strong this past thanksgiving only ate a salad and half a soup! Keep up the thinsporation!

  21. tawnya

    wow i didn’t realize ginta had lost so much weight, good for her! she looks so much better cause she really had chunky thighs before.

  22. cass

    These girls are so gorgeous I can hardly stand it.
    Perfect thinspo, Skinny Gurl! Thanks heaps! We don’t even have Thanksgiving in Aus obviously, but it’s perfect with Christmas around the corner and the constant break-up dinners and lunches and parties.
    Here’s to a thin Christmas! =)

  23. dalia

    just stumbled upon this website, and after looking at myself, i look absolutely disgusting. with all of the holidays coming up, do you have any advice on how to not make it look like you’re not eating anything?

    1. cass

      Hi Dalia, welcome to the site! =)
      There are tips in the starving tips of the day that address this kinda thing – cutting up food into small pieces, pushing it around your plate, etc.
      But don’t let your quest to be skinny weigh down on your enjoyment of the holidays! Everyone’s allowed to enjoy themselves, don’t forget! =)
      Hope you find this site useful =)


  24. analinne

    Skinny gurl I adore you!I have been reading this site for a long time,but i haven’t post.Now i want you to know that you have readers in Bosnien too 😀
    I hope you know were it is!I’m 5’7” and i weigh now 107 lbs,I used to weigh 97 and it’s my goal weight again.I know i will do it!

  25. Chelsea

    Analine i have the same problem..i used to be so skinny that people were worried about me and i absolutely loved it, but somehow i let myself go and i feel huge fat and disgusting now. I need help losing weight extremely fast! i need help not eating!

  26. Lise

    If I am being totally honest I don’t want to be quite as skinny as these models… I still want to have some curves!!!

    1. Ballerina

      That’s your good right 🙂 and I know that I will never be as skinny as they are because of my body-type (I’m quite muscular) and I din’t care 🙂

  27. Jess

    Honestly, these girls look disgustingly thin to me! Like they never eat, and they are soo flat chested! Like really thin girls instead of women..they need a bit more curves..women aren’t supposed to have that low of body fat! As much as this site says it’s not supposed to be for anorexics, it sure seems like a site that encourages eating disorders. Being gorgeous and disciplined is def. good, but I feel like these standards are gonna lead to more health problems than anything else. 🙁

    1. Indie

      If I tell someone that the McDonald’s combo they’re eating is exceeding their daily recommended food intake, they would do one of these things:
      1) Shrug it off/ignore me
      2) Act quite shocked, say they didn’t know, but continue
      3) Say they know, claim they don’t care, then continue

      The thing is, today’s culture means that day-to-day most people just eat more than they’re supposed to maintain their weight, even if they’re already overweight, and FAR more than humans biologically need to survive and thrive.

      There’s so much information out there about all this stuff and yet what do people do? They IGNORE it – they know but continue what they’re doing, or they deliberately remain “blissfully” ignorant because it’s easier to eat a pizza if you don’t know how fat it will make you.

      Does the above sound “healthy” to you? Isn’t the above even more likely to cause “health problems” – when you’re actively DECEIVING yourself and not in control?

      Then Don’t Judge.

      In the end it’s also about knowing your own body. A lot of health and fitness is genetic or about other lifestyle choices. You do what you want to do unless you start feeling really bad – THEN you know something is wrong. But that “line” is quite different for everybody and you know yourself best.

      I’ve been overweight in the past, now I’m “underweight”, and neither have affected my “health” in the least bit – in fact I’m one of the healthiest and most energetic people I know of any age regardless of what I eat or don’t eat. I know people who eat fast food a lot, are fat, but never get sick. I know people who are runway-model-type skinny and never get sick. I know people who are “perfectly normal” weight, eat extremely healthily and moderately, and get sick twice a month.

  28. Indie

    What’s all this about what women are “supposed” to be like?! Like people have said before, if you prefer “women with curves” and big boobs, go to some other website!
    I’ve been following this site, commenting only rarely, for the last two and a half years, and never have I seen SkinnyGurl once encourage eating disorders. Of course it’s possible to be very skinny yet healthy and lead a full and rewarding life at the same time – just like you would probably tell us that it’s possible to be slightly overweight and healthy (and I would believe that – it just that it looks gross!)
    No one is forcing you to look at the girls on this site.

    “These standards are gonna lead to more health problems than anything else” – if someone else is forcing these standards on you against your will, then, possibly. It’s not as black and white as that, though. The girls who follow this site genuinely prefer the skinny aesthetic and set their _own_ goals to get/stay there – that’s a good thing, and rarely unhealthy. You are of course entitled to your own preferences – but if they are so misaligned with the ones shared by the people on here, then there’s really no reason for you to be here?

  29. qwerty

    As a male I’m also sick of the ‘real women have curves’ nonsense. Real women are all women of any size or shape, and just because some choose (or not) to change their body size in either direction doesn’t make them any less of a woman. Personally I prefer super-skinny models and their self-discipline, but so what!! I’ve never read anything here encouraging people to become ill, either. Let’s celebrate beauty as we see it, and take the light-hearted comments with the pinch of salt they deserve. Love yourself whatever others say or you may be thinking, because life’s too short.


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