Sasha Luss

Sasha Luss has been one of my favorite models for quite some time now, so I figured a great way to return to the article writing was to showcase her in a model profile. One reason she has become one of my favorites is because she reminds me a little of Vlada, with a similar pale-skinned, little princess doll look. I also like her because she is another great example proving that you can be model thin and healthy.

Skinny Statbox: Sasha Luss – Aleksandra ‘Sasha’ Luss
178cm (5’10”)
~48kg (106lb)
81-58-86 (32-23-34)

This isn’t very surprising given that her mother agency is Avant. Avant has been leading the way in showing their new faces that it’s possible – fun, even – to get their bodies runway-ready in a healthy way. We only need to look at their AvantCamp to see that.

Sasha started modeling at fourteen, but didn’t get any serious work at that point. We all know she had a much different look back then – fuller figured with long brown hair. She didn’t get any major interest from clients at that point, so she returned to Russia to finish school.

In 2011, she signed with Avant. Not coincidentally, she lost a substantial amount of weight. It was a drastic transformation – and the beginning of the Sasha we all know and love. Not long after that, Karl Lagerfeld spotted her in an ad and invited her to walk in his Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2012 shows. After that, her career really took off, with her booking more than 50 shows for Fall/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014.

It’s fun to flip through her digitals from the last few years:

After a few big seasons, her career seemed to slow down a little. She even seemed to gain some weight in late 2014, because she looked a little heavier in the S/S 2015 shows, as we can see in this picture from Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2015:

Sasha Luss at Jean Paul Gaultier, S/S 2015

I think it probably got to be too much, too fast for her and she had a hard time managing it; going from zero to sixty and then having to maintain that intensity for long periods of time can be rough. (I agree with what Abbey Lee Kershaw once said – it’s like training to be an elite athlete – it takes much more focus, work, and stamina than most people would ever imagine.) I also don’t think it helped that they cut her hair – apparently because it was way over-processed and unhealthy – and the cropped look wasn’t a good look on Sasha. Many designers agreed, because in several shows they made her wear a wig.

Lately though, Sasha seems to be back “in the zone” and booking more work again. I’m hoping to see her back to where she was a couple of years ago. She has great discipline (and a real sense of humor about it too.)

I hope Sasha keeps rocking it — I think she’s great and I want to see her keep working for many more years. I wish her the best; she’s still one of my favorites!

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