Paris Hilton Wearing a Bikini

Just a couple days before Christmas Paris Hilton was spotted on a beach in Hawaii wearing a bikini.  I’ve always considered Paris to be skinny, however when I saw her in these pictures she didn’t look that skinny to me.

Paris Hilton wearing a bikini at the beach in Hawaii

Paris looks very healthy, and I’d have to say, I think she has now moved into the normal category of weight.  Her stomach is sticking out a good bit and she is pretty solid in her mid-section.  Her arms and thighs are looking a little big too.  I’m not impressed.

Do you think Paris is still skinny?

Paris Hilton wearing a bikini at the beach in Hawaii

Paris Hilton wearing a bikini at the beach in Hawaii Paris Hilton wearing a bikini at the beach in HawaiiParis Hilton wearing a bikini at the beach in Hawaii

Images: Celebutopia

52 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Wearing a Bikini

  1. grace

    Agree about the normal range. I’m on the fence about this. Don’t think she’s fat, but she’s not looking athletic either. Its odd because I read that she’s “given up” fast food.

    Lets not forget though that she’s probably off the coke(since shes been warned that “one more incident” and she’s straight off to jail)

  2. grace

    Although, that last picture is pretty bad. Her backside isn’t flattering at all and the too small bikini doesn’t help. Haha is that Nicky? She looks grossed out!

  3. Mentos

    OH OOOO i think shes no longer a thinspo 🙂
    and i think people shouldnt be fooled of what they see underclothes because i have tons of tricks to make me look skinnier in clothes !

  4. Dana

    What happend? She used to be sooooo skinny! Personally, I bet she was struggling keeping herself that thin and just decided to stop counting calories. She looks well…I don’t want to be mean…HECK!! This is snobby Paris Hilton were talking about! She looks disgusting!

  5. Luna

    Oh, ew. Yeah, I guess she is in the normal category weight, but still, that doesn’t mean she’s toned. You can be 5’3, 120 lbs and still look good and healthy- but that doesn’t mean you look skinny. With Paris’s case, she’s kind of…thick. And it’s not attractive at all- blegh. She might even turn into reverse thinspo for me.

  6. T

    I actually think she looks better at this weight, and I RARELY say that about people.

    She just looks…less awkward and unnatural.

  7. LLJ

    I find Paris’ body now really weird, cause she’s always been so skinny I assumed it was natural.. I feel like she’s let me down, haha. 🙁

  8. analinne

    It ‘s not bad because she gained weight,It’s bad because that aren’t muscels 🙁 She is now in a mid-selection,even not slim :(( There are a lot of people looking like this on the streets. Look at her stomach,yuck

  9. cass

    Paris is one of the few people I believe doesn’t actually care about her weight. She eats what she wants – she’ll have a hamburger, but doesn’t feel obligated to finish it.
    I think following her past patterns, she’ll get back to skinny status soon enough.

  10. Mara

    She’s definitly not skinny anymore, it seems like it happened overnight.. I have to say I liked her befor body much more
    Well, at least she has more boobs now haha

    1. Ashley

      I totally agree. She always looked a little weird. Her body type is funky. Even when she was skinny I felt her hands and feet looked huge. Now she just looks like a woman who doesn’t care for her body. She’s loose in all the wrong places. If she tightened up she’d look better, but be normal, not skinny.

  11. bunnyxo92

    NO! and funnily enough i saw these photos in a magazine and had to double take because i was so shocked at how big Paris has gotten. just goes to show when that size 0 debate was hot topic a few years ago, paris’s “I’m naturally skinny! get of my back i can’t help it i’m thin” was all one big act…

    1. Anya

      I don’t think it was an act.. she’s older, c’mon duh.. your metabolism slows as you get older. When I was 16 I was naturally 95 lbs at 5’7″ and I ate tons.. now I’m 22 and 120 lbs at the same height, even though I eat less.

      1. Ashley

        thats totally true.. she is getting older so now its harder for her. I think she’s going to just get larger and larger if she doesn’t watch herself.

  12. aelie

    She is slim. I couldnt say skinny but I would love to have a body like hers. Considering how fat the rest of america is though, shes skinny. I think she looks good in a bikini. Not everyone has to be perfect.

  13. Rainbow

    Wow that is a change!
    That is what my midsection looks like, but a bit more definition.
    Perfect reverse thinspo for me, I am not going to look like that anymore.

  14. Violette

    She looks like she’s eating what she wants to and expects she should stay skinny anyway. I’m in about that condition. Sure, compared to others I’m thin. So what? I want to be skinny.

    1. Abbey

      I feel the same! People tell me “oh you’re so thin..” it’s like okay, but I’m not skinny. i want to be skinny. thin is in relation to everything. skinny is absolute

  15. K Britt

    Ah, very glad to see you doing celebrity posts again. I much prefer these to the model posts as your commentaries are quite harsh (and thus very motivating). I feel like most of us can find photos of models on our own, but your commentary is not something we can create. Love it!

    As for PH, looking heavier for sure. The 2nd picture is very unflattering of her thighs and midsection. Even her arms in the 1st picture aren’t looking great.

  16. misswhippy

    i dont get this shes been putting it on for a while, is it drugs? has she just got to that age where she needs to try harder? is she preggo?

  17. thinspired

    I’m sorry but did you read that sentence?!?!

    “Paris looks very healthy”.

    And then you imply that she should lose some weight! I get it if you say “She gained weight”. But you imply that healthy = bad.

  18. thinspired

    Also, I agree it’s disappointing about the weight gain 🙁

    But she’ll probably lose it very soon–Paris fluctuates a lot.

  19. M.

    Oh god my stomache looks similar due to bloating 🙁

    Any ideas? I can’t drink diet coke or anything with artificial sweeteners without bloating up like a cow D:
    still I can’t get through the day without cheewing gum,
    sucking on sugar free drops or drink diet drinks.
    but all that causes bloating V__V

    To Paris: I bet she does it for publicity, doesn’t she do that like ALL THE TIME? gain weight lose even more gain lose gain, because the public is sooo interested in her weight flucations …

  20. Carol

    Her weight is ok, not skinny, of course, but her body would look so much better if it were toned. Slow down the partying and drinking and start exercising, I say, because nature’s magic vanishes as you get older…

  21. Random Lurker

    It’s quite obvious this is just her natural and healthy weight. Look how wide her bone structure is. She looks good, and like a woman again. Super skinny looks good on people who have the bone structure to be super skinny, not an already manly body. I think she looks better this way, and I’m glad she’s off the coke.
    She’ll be 30 soon, so it was about time.

  22. bohokitty

    Hmmm. She looks very normal. Her weight is average especially in her lower half. It must be super hard for her to maintain a svelte figure when her natural weigh seems to be so much heavier then her skinny one. @ everyone who’s assuming she’s sober ’cause of the weight gain: It’s true that getting clean does horrible things to your figure if you aren’t going to the gym and eating healthy(it really messes with you metabolic rate) Paris usually gains when she has a boyfriend(which she does) and loses when she doesn’t. I’d say she’s probably just using less and eating more.

  23. Winifred

    New here! And these were great thinspo.

    Almost digged into the rest of my daily sandwich (take a veggie subway six inch and take bites throughout the day, it is amazing!) and ended up running outside of my apartment to throw it out in the garbage bins instead. Paris Hilton in a bikini is keeping calories at bay for me. Oh! Also pics of Adriana Lima–excellent. These are realistic possibilities for current skinnies who fall by the wayside.

    Thanks so much, glad to find this in my late night anti-binge thinspiration needs!


  24. Anna

    I think that Paris Hilton has always had a little fat on her thighs and belly. She usually looks good, but now she has become a little too choppy.

  25. Gabby

    I can’t believe this is Paris! I used to think she was naturally skinny but obviously not. She totally had me fooled. Totally agree, off the thinspo list for sure.

  26. IvoryRose

    I keep staring at how fat and stubby her legs are. I mean yeah, her stomach is sticking out, but the legs are the worst.

  27. Aleksandra

    yeah she was !
    but she gained some weight , they say this is because of her boyfriend… he gives her a lot of junk !! xD

  28. Blanca

    I read about her in a magazine. She has this new boyfriend, who is an athlete, and he encouraged her to be more healthy.
    Anyway, she doesn’t party, smoke or do drugs anymore. She does a lot of sport, takes care that she eats enough to build muscle (around 2500 – 3000 calories, I don’t remember exactly). And she loves to cook.
    There was written that she didn’t feel rigt at first with her new body, but her boyfriend said that she looked fantatic and blah, blah.

    She is definitely not a thinspo for me no more…stil looks better then Lohan though.

  29. sabrina

    Ha yes at least she’s rich! She has a great body type, nice and long, and should change her diet/exercise routine to get back to skinny…. before she gets any older!

  30. RBianca

    its not a horrible body, but its obviously not fit either, shes slim, but not skinny anymore. bitches, THIS IS A BRILLIANT EXAMPLE OF SKINNY FAT.

  31. Dani

    🙁 What happened! I miss her in her skinny days, back around 2004-2008 when she was really popular. Despite her “trashiness” she was sooo pretty, and like… interesting? The whole tan, super blonde, super skinny image of her, I miss it. Paris come on!


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