Paris Hilton Showing Us Her Body and Ribs!

Here is Paris Hilton arriving at a $250 a head dance party at the Ivy to celebrate New Years Day.  She has on a very unique outfit, however at least she is showing us her body.  She is looking pretty good, but she still isn’t the skinniest I’ve ever seen her.

paris hilton

I think she looks pretty with her hair this way.  You can see good definition in her ribs – she’s obviously being good!

paris hilton 2

10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Showing Us Her Body and Ribs!

  1. Boo

    Holy crap! Just took a look at your website. Unless this website is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek (which I think it isn’t), I hope you get some help one day. Working with a lot of former anorexics, I can guarantee you that you’ve got this illness. While you think what you are doing is great as long as you can fit into your size zero jeans, you’ll regret it when you get older. I know so many anorexics with a lot of health problems such as infertility and digestive problems. I’m sure you probably wouldn’t care about that, especially as you’ll probably say that having a baby will make you get “mom arms.” But if I want to appeal to your vanity, I also know a lot of former anorexics who suffer from hair loss. And as you get older, not having enough fat in your face will contribute to sagging skin.

    I don’t mean to be snarky. You seriously have an eating disorder. Some people are naturally skinny, and that’s fine. But you seem to have an obsession with being skinny which isn’t very healthy.

    1. Jojo

      I’ve been looking at some of the articles, and waiting for someone to finally say something like this. “Skinny Gurl” needs help.

  2. gemma gee

    if you really worked with eating disordered patients, you would know the correct term to describe an anorexia sufferer is an anorectic, or an anoroexic person, not an anorexic pfff

  3. gemma is right

    go gemma!! boo- how many ppl do you know who are fat, compared to who are “anorexic”? thought so lol.

    BACK ON TOPIC: paris looks great! go paris!

  4. jjj

    Paris looks great … But hmm, you showed the exact same pictures of Paris last week and said “I’m disappointed that I don’t see a xylophone. Her face looks a little bloated/big…”

  5. Boo

    Gee, you guys have nothing constructive to say so you need to pick on my word usage. Excuse me. I was trying to be helpful

    All of you need a shrink. If you want to be snarky, I’ll be snarky back as well instead of being the “bigger” person. I’m sure your dentists and wigmakers will thank you in the future for getting their kids through college when your teeth and hair all fall out.

  6. phoebo

    I agree with Boo. Ok, yeah skinny looks better than fat but that doesn`t mean that it should go over the top! That is just sick if u really think that a sceleton looks good!? U CAN be thin AND healthy!


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