Olga Sherer – Milan Fashion Week

Here are some great new pictures of Olga Sherer at Milan fashion week.  I think she looks super skinny and lovely.  Look at her tiny legs and xylophone!

Olga Sherer - Milan Fashion Week

Olga didn’t used to be one of my favorites, but now I’m really starting to love her.  Her xylophone has really won me over – plus how can you not like those skinny legs of hers.  Her face and look are growing on me and I love some of the styles she has been sporting on the runway.

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24 thoughts on “Olga Sherer – Milan Fashion Week

  1. Hannah

    She is so beautiful. Her cheek bones are super cut! I love that sunken in look. Right now I’m 5’6” and 125 pounds – fat, I know. I recently gained a bunch of weight :/ I really want to get that cut look all the models have. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Fili

    Olga is my favourite since over a month or so. She´s pure perfection. I love when she wears short dresses which show her long, skinny legs, such as the first pic above. I can´t stop looking at it!

  3. Chloe

    damn it! i used to have an awesome xylophone but i let that go 🙁 keep it going, hannah. anyone can do it 🙂

  4. Hannah

    Thanks for the support everyone! I used to be 105, then something happened in my life, and I started emotionally binging. But, I’m getting back on track! I’ve already lost four of those pounds – 100 pounds here I come!!

  5. Emily

    Hey hannah,

    Congrats on your progress! I’ve been the same. Something happened and I started binging out of control. I’m still having lots of bad days but it’s slowly been getting better. Like you, my goal would be the 100s. (Hopefully 99 double digits ;P )

    Stay strong and i wish you the best!

  6. qwerty

    She’s the best girl at the moment for the angular look. Her clavicle and shoulders are so perfect, especially combined with her xylophone. It’s great how she keeps her thighs so tiny. Good luck Hannah and Emily, double digits are so fantastic.

  7. Fili

    Snejana is really cute and skinny. According to rumors she´s giving the staff behind the runway shows a really hard time with her diva attitude:) I haven´t met her in person, so I can´t judge that. Anyway, she looks fantastic and her legs are divine!

  8. Anya

    Olga looks adorable! Hannah and Emily, I’m in the same boat, lol! My lowest weight (I’m 5’7″) was 90 lbs and I was super-ripped, like negative body fat lol, which only lasted 1 day.. but it used to be not incredibly hard to maintain at 98-102 lbs back in high school. Now though, I’m always stressed/depressed because of college and am also an emotional eater, so I’m having trouble even staying around 110-112. My heighest weight has been 120 lbs! which made me freak out of course and I started exercising harder and eating salads instead of chemical-laden frozen yogurt. Even tho fro-yo is fat free, it is still bad for you and will make you fat — speaking from experience. Anyways, good luck girls on achieving your dreams! I hope everyone gets to be super skinny, healthy, and happy!

  9. Fili

    Speaking of models, what do you think of those “…´s Next Topmodel – Shows”?
    2 weeks ago, the fourth Germany´s Next Topmodel show started, and it makes me sick to see that bunch of lame, dumpy chicks pretending to be models. None of them looks like a model, and also Heidi Klum´s model career is dead as can be.
    Is it the same with ANTM? Does anybody watch it? Has there ever been a finalist who really made it in the model world? Is it only me who thinks that these shows are total bs?

  10. r10

    Reading about everyone’s weight loss and weight gain stories is such an inspiration!
    I have a big event coming up in April that I really have to slim down for! But in order to do that I need to lose about 20 pounds I think… 90-95 pounds is my goal! It’s so hard to stay focused especially when I only have about a month left! But this site is great inspiration and I love reading about real life skinny girls. : )
    Anyone got any more tips or stories they’d like to share? It would be much appreciated!

  11. Emily

    Anya, I’m so glad we are in the same boat. Yes, college definitely messed me up with all the food and like you I am in that horrible range too. It’s like everyday is a constant battle. I hate it but I know we can go back down again. Thanks for the tip about fro-yo. I’m a freaking ice cream addict so I will definitely have to watch out.
    And good luck r10. 🙂 don’t be discouraged! every pound lost is progress

  12. qwerty

    Those “top models” shows are pretty much BS the world over, other than creating micro-celebrities. Love reading about everyones experiences. Good luck r10, 90-95 lbs is an amazing goal.

  13. NatK

    during last 10 months i’ve been visiting skinnygossip frequently and with the help of the inspirational tips and photos (and not only:)) i’ve lost around 15 kgs. i’m 178cm and 46 kgs, 85-56-85.. i’m even starting to think of the modeling career 🙂 all this time snejana was my icon 🙂 and i’m happy, i’ve reached my goal 🙂
    wish everyone success with your weight loss!
    you can do it! 🙂

  14. Fili

    Wow, NatK, that´s great! Congratulations!
    Were the same height, so I can tell it´s hard to reach this point. I´ve gotten a bit heavier lately, but no doubt, I will get my 46 again, as I did not long ago.
    Same for me with the modeling career, but I still think it´s so hard to make it in the fashion world… I wish you the best!

  15. bc

    The excellent point about fro-yo reminds me of how the aspartame in diet soda can induce hunger. So in a way, diet soda is bad for you, too.

    Aspartame is also in a lot of low calorie yogurts, too. Be careful and read the labels.

  16. elizabeth

    everybody’s posts are so inspirational! i thought i was the only ‘fat’ girl religiously reading the site. thanks SO much skinny gurl- it really helps me on bad days to think about what people really think! (its amazing how delusional one can get when you really want that cookie- especially with EVERYONE in the media seeming to think women need to be fat now!) Anyway, thanks for sharing everyone!

  17. Arielle

    I’m 5’9 and 125 pounds! Its gross and I really want to lose weight espcially my bum, but I always give in to food and reqret it like you wouldn’t believe! I need some good tips 🙂 thanks!

  18. cass

    Apart from that ridiculous hat, that’s my favourite pic of Olga so far, Fili. You get skinny arms, beautiful collarbone and divine legs all in one =)


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