Natasha Poly Helps Us Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

Since summer is almost here and that means bathing suits and bikinis, I thought this editorial of Natasha Poly wearing various swimsuits in Vogue Paris would get us motivated for swimsuit season.

Natasha Poly - Vogue Paris May 2010

Natasha looks great in this editorial and I love how much of her body we get to see.  Very sexy too!  Her stomach is a little bigger than I expected and her thighs are looking a little big.  I’ve seen her do better, but I’m giving her a break because I think she rocks these swimsuits!

The editorial was photographed by Mario Sorrenti and the stylist was Emmanuelle AltAaron de Mey was the makeup artist and Recine was the hair stylist.

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24 thoughts on “Natasha Poly Helps Us Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

  1. Av

    Great photos! Natasha looks a bit more muscular then what Ive seen her but she still looks great. Definatly a body to be desired.

  2. qwerty

    Even though she’s bigger than the normal skinny models, she’s still pretty sexy, especially in #4. Her thighs and stomach are a bit big, but I think you say that about everyone, Skinnygurl 🙂 You’re a perfectionist 🙂

    1. imogene

      oh yes, but is that just because she’s flashing maybe a little more than a stomach ..? 😉

      haha 🙂 but yes pretty damn sexy, loving her hip bones. little more work and she’d be one of my favorites!


  3. Victoria N

    i love her, but her weight gain is probably the reason she got no big contracts for the upcoming season 🙁

  4. r10

    Skinny Gurl I really hope you don’t mind, but I love the pictures that you post so much that I post some of them on my own thinspiration blog.
    I just wanted to let you know! Please tell me if you’re not okay with me reblogging your stuff. Keep up what you’re doing. <3 I love you!

  5. Justine

    I love her body, but I was a little surprised when I saw these pictures a couple of weeks ago.I expected her to be skinnier.But like skinnygurl said she ROCKS these swimsuits!!

  6. Zoe

    I think this is the perfect body. Skinny (but not sickly so), toned and super sexy. Don’t think that she’s gained any weight… there’s not an ounce of fat on her body and she’s still one of the highest ranked models… after all these years. Also, her waist to hip ratio seems insane… so sexy. Love it!

  7. MM

    you know, if she looks a little bigger (softer) than usual, I’d be willing to bet big bucks they photshopped it onto her. They do the same thing with Marissa Miller because she’s very thin and fit; they smooth over her stomach so it looks more “soft and womanly” as they say. They do that wih several VS models and I heard they did it to Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox too.

  8. Anon

    I think they might have filled her out, maybe? I know it’s Vogue and their models are usually skinnier, but if they can make fat people thin, they can make thin people normal.

  9. gigi

    I would so love to see a post on Frida Gustavsson, adored her on the vagabond commercial (as well as the shoes) <3

  10. Abbey

    ah i love the picture with her on the horse. it’s so sweet and natural.. and it doesn’t hurt that both Natasha and the horse have almost no fat on them (:

  11. D.K. Lindon

    @ Lena – Haha, I think she means that Natasha’s a bit bigger compared to some of the superskinnies like Olga. Which is true.

    That being said, it looks like any added mass she has is all muscle. And she looks amazing.

  12. Elle

    I have to strongly disagree that her thighs look a little big.
    Calling a top model a little big seems to be stretching this obsession too far. She is amazing. If I didn’t know Skinny Gurl better (not saying I know you that well but anyway), I’d say it was a little bit of jealousy.
    I think she works this shoot VERY well. I love the thigh high socks! want a pair now 😀

  13. kate

    Great body, but her tan bothers me. It’s just SO overdone and it looks really unhealthy. Then again, I’m a sun safety freak!

  14. Alexandra

    i really like her body!!it`s perfect!i want to have that body!
    i was very skinny last year 174 m. and 42 kilos..and i was too skinny,i look sick:(it`s noo so good to be extremely skinny!i think for me my perfect weight is 49 or 50 kilos:D


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