Miranda Kerr Has Lunch With Boyfriend Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr was spotted leaving an LA restaurant after having lunch with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom.  I think she is one of the skinnier Victoria’s Secret models.  Her legs look great in this picture!


Orlando likes his girls skinny.  He previously had a long term relationship with Kate Bosworth, who is one of my skinny favorites.  I wonder if he has Miranda on the jizz diet?


6 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Has Lunch With Boyfriend Orlando Bloom

  1. LorieZ

    I have heard and thought the same thing! Every girl Orlando dates, loses weight. I read somewhere that he is into that, I will send in the articel if i find it!

    Jizz diet LOL! He’s a babe, I’m already skinny but would gladly go on Orlando’s jizz diet!

  2. Mick

    All guys wish their girlfriends would lose weight and get a tighter body. It is the sexiest thing a girlfriend can do for her guy and for herself.

  3. Fili

    I´m glad to hear about guys who are into skinny girls!
    Lately, it´s been all about curves and “healthy bodies” (sic) in the media, it really got annoying. Good to hear that this is not what men really want 😀 I knew it! Thanks guys!

  4. qwerty

    i agree, there’s lots of us that love the dedication that getting thin takes. it’s certainly sexy too, and better than the curves. speaking of which, miranda looks great below the waist.


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