Megan Fox Leaving The Gym

Megan Fox was recently spotted leaving the gym in some tight workout pants.  Megan has been in the spotlight recently for losing weight and there is no doubt that she has.

Megan Fox Leaving The Gym

I wanted to point out that Megan’s thighs are very muscular and large compared to the rest of her body.  I think she looks amazing up top, especially her tiny waist, however I think she would look much better if she slimmed down her thighs.  It almost seems like her thighs might touch – kinda gross in my opinion.

Megan is what I would call curvy-skinny.  What do you think?

P.S.  She is yelling at her stepson, so that’s why she looks mad.

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Source: “Outbacker” @ Celebutopia

22 thoughts on “Megan Fox Leaving The Gym

  1. Abbey

    ooh I like her calf muscles but I agree with heidi in regards to her arms and thighs. she should try running so she can be skinny and lean w/o the bulging man muscles.

  2. Angie

    Yea her legs look too muscular (or something). Usually I think she looks near perfect. love her small waist-hip definition

  3. kiss

    ew… her thighs are kind of freaking me out. skinny gurl, you need to check out lea michele’s emmy pictures – she’s looking tiny lately!

    1. Kelly

      MASSIVE? i think you need to get your eyes checked!
      she’s looking amazing and i can’t believe how people are ripping her apart like this, how about you haters post your own pictures and see what others have to say?

  4. noel

    solid gray is a bad choice for tight workout pants on her muscular legs, especially in capri length =[. i know she has a nice flat tummy though and she works hard to get fit.

  5. Sarah

    She is skinny…and fit. I just don’t think those pants are flattering…Maybe it’s the pose and angle? In bikinis she’s always so perfect looking so I guess that’s what really matters!

  6. cici13

    she looks amazing! love her toned look… I think it looks better to have a little lean muscle anyway. She is far far away from being bulky…

  7. Fili

    Her arms and legs have always been her problem areas, maybe there´s just nothing she can do about it. But I think she should try losing another 10 pounds, anyway.

    1. Charlie

      I agree, and it seems she’s naturally very muscular and muscular thighs can be hard to shift. I’m naturally covered in this muscle stuff and I’ve found that the only way of shifting it is by denying basic nutrition which I don’t recommend a million times, and the situation isn’t helped by the fact that as soon as you exercise to try and shift weight, you start leaving arnie-bum shapes in all the sofas.

      So I feel kinda sorry for her, and I agree with Abbey that she needs to do more running and stay away from any leg weight exercises to get at least leaner muscles.

  8. Dani

    I always think that she is all around amazing. But for some reason in this picture especially her thighs look like she has big thigh muscles. A lot of people have that trouble when trying to run to slim their thigh`s down. Walking is the best way to keep the fat off the thighs and only have your small muscles going.

  9. Elena

    Damn, killer legs!
    I understand that most girls on this aspire to be much slimmer than this and that’s ok. However in my case it’s safe to say that I might never have Karlie Kloss’ or Olga Sherer’s body so this is definitely what I’m shooting for 🙂


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