Lindsay Lohan Working Out In a Sports Bra

Last week, Lindsay Lohan attended the 1st annual “Muscle Milk Light” women’s fitness retreat in Beverly Hills.  Lindsay looked happy and seemed like she was having a lot of fun at the event; however she definitely wasn’t the skinniest I’ve ever seen her.

Lindsay Lohan - "Muscle Milk Light" Women's Fitness Retreat

I don’t think Lindsay looks very skinny at all.  She is pretty much a “normal weight” in my opinion.  Her belly is sticking out a good bit and she has small love handles hanging out over her pants.  Lindsay is pretty solid in her mid-section with no curves… she’s basically the same width from her bust to her hips with no curving inward at the waist.

What do you think about Lindsay’s body?  Do you still consider her skinny?

In any case, Lindsay looks happy and I wish her all the best because in my opinion her career is pretty much over – she needs to embrace the end of it while she can.

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24 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Working Out In a Sports Bra

    1. chloe

      ahem… “normal”. she’s a normal, HEALTHY weight.

      being fat is not ideally healthy. lindsay lohan generally is a healthy weight.

  1. Av

    I dont like lindsay, Im glad you think her career is over too because I definatly think she should just go work in a fast food resturant. Not liking her body one bit.

  2. qwerty

    Whilst she’s obviously looked better, I like the fact that she’s the same width from her bust to her hips with no curving inward at the waist. If she can keep that but tone it up, and lose the curves up top, she’ll look great

  3. Christina

    ehh since shes just had to come off drugs and alcohol completely, i’m not surprised shes suddenly put on weight. hopefully with a healthier, drug-free diet she can get back to her skinny figure

  4. naomie

    All I have to say about Linds is that she must be missing whateva the heck Samantha was feeding her, cos as soon as that relationship ended, the girl just went loco faster than you can say “fat”! Big, big shame, esp considering how beautiful she looked when they were together.
    Maybe I should consider dating Samantha, I sure can do with whatever skinny tricks she has.

    About alexa chung, yup, chronically over hyped. Infact, the more hyped she is, the less of a personality you see. I used to like and follow her up, but av lost all interest, except for how the heck she got so thin, so quick. Or maybe it wasn’t quick, maybe no one noticed her until she suddenly became thin.

  5. Fili

    With a body like that Lindsay should know better than wearing only a bra – the tummy-free look is for those who have a flat, toned and sexy midsection, not for everyone. But I have to admit that she looks better than she did only a few weeks ago, where she was really overstepping the border between “chubby” and “fat”

  6. April

    I think Lindsey still seems skinnyish. It’s confusing sometimes because her boobs are always so big, oftentimes when she’s wearing clothes she looks bigger than she actually is. To me, her arms look pretty good and you can see her ribs in a few of the pictures. She could definitely be smaller, though.


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