Lindsay Lohan shows us a skinny secret

Here is Lindsay Lohan out and about in Los Angeles a few days ago.  She is looking nice and skinny – I love it!  She actually looks happy and hopefully she is getting her life back on track.  I wish she would dress up a little more, she is always casual and wearing leggings.


Lindsay is showing us one of her skinny secrets – cigarettes!  I bet she smokes about a pack a day to keep herself from eating.


You can see that she has a little bit of a stomach bulge in the picture below.  I’d say she probably lost about 10-20 pounds from her previous weight, so I can imagine that the extra skin would remain.


One thought on “Lindsay Lohan shows us a skinny secret

  1. Anonymous Bullcock

    Wow, what an improvement in LiLo! Yay! I think her belly will improve – maybe it’s just bloating or a recent meal? It looks like there’s still room for improvement on her thighs, but the leggings are probably to blame.

    And yep, the ciggies are definitely part of the appetite-suppression plan.


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