Lindsay Lohan Makes it Back on Skinny Gossip

Lindsay Lohan is a face that we haven’t seen on here in a long time because she wasn’t skinny enough to be posted on my “Skinny Gossip”.  But, she has been good and is now back!  She isn’t at her skinniest weight, but from the looks of it, she’ll be there soon.  Wonder if her girlfriend Samantha Ronson is teaching Lindsay some tricks?


Here she is leaving Magnolia restaurant in Hollywood.  I wonder if she actually ate anything.  She looks a little bit smacked out, especially in the second picture.  What is her fascination with leggings?  It drives me crazy!


8 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Makes it Back on Skinny Gossip

  1. nacoma

    She is looking really good. Is there anyway that this website could have more than one post a day. I really like the site and would love to see more posts. 🙂

  2. Skinny Gurl

    I’m trying my best to post more often, but with the Holiday season it has been a little difficult. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more frequently. Thanks for visiting the site and please keep coming back!

  3. svetlana

    agree w nacoma i love yours site too, i really like the critiques. but you should do more thinspo, you know, mix in some perfection

  4. svetlana

    i work in fashion boutique in Poland, i like fashion models, we have much perfect ones from here, more than frm America anyway.


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