Kristen Stewart in white pants – gross!

Kristen Stewart was in Mexico just a few days ago promoting the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon with co-star Taylor Lautner.  Kristen has definitely gained a little weight.  It is noticeable in her mid-section and thighs.  The white pants are not helping to hide this weight.  She should be wearing heels to help her look taller and thinner instead of those ugly black sneakers.  Her short hair also drives me crazy.  Does she want to be a woman or a boy?  Come on Kristen…..

Kristen Stewart

Also, if you are a celebrity why in the world would you go to an event looking like that?  Second, you should only wear white pants if you are super skinny – which Kristen is not.  Lastly, I’m just completely sick of Kristen Stewart but I know she has a lot of fans out there.  I wonder if I’ll ever grow to like her?

Kristen Stewart2

35 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart in white pants – gross!

  1. euphoria

    she cant act for shit, its like she’s having an orgasm every time she speaks. not enjoyable.
    agree on the white jeans note too 🙂 xx

    1. Penelope

      Ok. To be honest people, this woman is NOT fat! She is skinny as can be in all of her freaking movies… And you all are complaining that she’s FAT. Please! So, what if she gained a little? Probably too much stress. You’d gain too because of stress. She looks nice here. Sure, she’s NOT the hottest woman you’d ever see but she’s not perfect either. I am some what of a fan, and you may think I’m defending her but I’m not. I’m just stating how wrong you all are about judging this lady. I’m sure fans know her style: “I’d rather be comfortable than sexy”. Here, she looks nice. But, yes,I do agree if she did wear some heels for once in a while, they’d look good on her…

  2. Anonymous Bullcock

    @euphoria – well then those don’t sound like very good orgasms. 😉

    yes the pants make her thighs look big. heels would have at least made her legs look longer.

    she was much hotter a couple years ago.

  3. Andrea

    she always acts the same in her movies. she just bugs me. she used to be skinny but she prolly just got used to thinking she was skinny and started eating a ton. Not good, not good.

  4. Eksde

    She’s probably gaining because she’s stressed–I mean, it can’t just be ‘easy street’ doing movies and such. I hope she doesn’t gain any more, though… she’s looking really heavy in those thighs…

    And I would absolutely love to see her getting more… dressed up. I mean, she’s always in sneakers, even if she’s wearing a dress–I would absolutely love to see her in a gown and heels.

    But in these photos, she just looks frumpy, especially standing next to Taylor, with him looking all put-together and cute. XD

    Skinny Gurl, why don’t you do some posts about Miley Cyrus? I heard she gained some weight–not sure if that’s recent or not, though.

  5. Mandylinda

    Kristen is just awful no matter what she does, I hope she will disappear soon. Twilight too, sorry fans.
    And the style of this girl is disgusting. She’s trying to look so different but she can’t pull it off!
    And yes, she gained!

  6. sidney

    nothing wrong bout looking androgynous but kristen always always tries too hard to look i dunno, real?? pretty dresses with sneakers or messy undone hair. i wish she could just you know. not try so much. it’s unnatural. its like she’s pretentious. she wanna be real blah blah blah.. fess up, u’re no johnny depp or kate moss.

    i never like white jeans. they enhance everything. but she doesn’t look too bad here.

    go away twilight craps! most of them can’t even act properly. and kids go crazy over this kind of shit..*sighs*

  7. Calixta

    i don’t think she looks particularly big here to be honest, i’ve always thought she was skinny, not lindsay-style super skinny but hardly even “normal weight”. plus she can’t help the hair, it was cut for a movie and she’s probably just waiting for it to grow out again, and she has to do something to it otherwise she would just be walking round with a mullet the entire time…

  8. agnes

    i really feel that kristen really tries the best she can do for her job she act very good all i have to say is try to relate your self as kristen putiing your self in her shoes and have compassion she is a human just like us. give he a break please !!! let her live her life in peace when she can thank you

  9. barbara

    yeah maybe she’s a little fatter, but before you put her down why don’t you look at your own legs, because i still think she is skinny, so do you have better legs than her, and have you got to look at her all the time i mean who cares if she wants to wear sneakers then let her be the one she wants to be.

  10. Haylen

    It’s probably all that weed smoking she does. It gives her the munchies. I give her cred for coming as far as she has being an average pothead actor with no style. Go Kristen!

  11. Natalie

    I love that she’s totally relatable…weight fluctuations and all. She’s not some skinny plastic chick w/ fake boobs and a fake smile. She’s the freshest thing to come along in a long while…way cool for her age.

  12. nice

    I like her pants, 🙂 Of course, she has much better fashion choice but you have decide to put this picutre. I love her movies, very uniqe girl. I cant wait to see her in The Runnaways, at Sundance festival.

  13. DIFRP

    I read somewhere that she said in an interview that she was 5’6 an 133 pounds, but I don’t know if that’s true or in what interview she said it. Does anyone know?

  14. Livvy.

    Those pathetic people saying she is overweight are:
    1. (most importantly) probably attention seekers looking to feel good about themselves
    2. Most likely overweight themselves.
    3. Need some serious help if they are spending their free time insulting those who have more than them.
    4. positively dripping with envy.

  15. Aggi

    LMAO! R u serious?! Wow you pepople are the reason ppl barf up their dinners and youre sick in the head. FAT? She’s probably about 115 pounds and I’ll bet you’re fatter than she is since shes smaller than 70% of the population.

  16. DIFRP

    I just read somewhere that she said it, I didn’t make it up or anything. But I will say this, most of the girls saying that people are sick on this site,I do agree a little but why are you on this site if you believe so. Besides, most of the people saying that those who do not like Kristen Stewart are probably just girls who have read and seen Twilight too many times.

  17. Filifjonka

    Her thighs are so disgusting… Waaay too big.
    OK, I have to agree she´s unique and not a fake plastic chick, but that doesn´t make her thighs thinner, does it?

  18. beth

    I’ve seen her in person, I use to think she was as tall as me, but she’s taller. I’m 5ft 4 and 107 lbs, and not saying she’s big but, she weighs more than I do. She’s like 2 inches taller than I am, so she is 5ft 6 or I don’t know. I don’t like the pants, but I think she’s pretty cool. She doesn’t have thunder thighs, but if she gained another 10 lbs, it would be cause for alarm. Nothing to us, but in hollywood, you just have too be thin. She looks good. Super Skinny isn’t the “shit” anyways.

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  20. Karen

    i dont’ know what “Beth” talking about, she is rubbish and nonsense
    Kristen is 5’4
    she is NOT 5’6″ / 5’5″ AT ALL
    i can also say:

    I’ve seen her in person, I used to think she was as tall as me, but she’s SHORTER. I’m 5ft 6 and 107 lbs, and I’m not saying she’s BIG but, she weighs MORE than I do. She’s like 2 inches SHORTER than I am, so she is 5ft 4 or so.

    Also, I don’t like the pants, and I think she’s quite UGLY. She doesn’t have thunder thighs, but if she gained another 10 lbs, it would be cause for alarm. Nothing to us, but in Hollywood, you just HAVE to be thin. She looks HORRIBLE.

    Celebheights ALREADY PROVED that Kristen is 5’4!!!!
    STOP making NONSENSE Statement Beth!!!!!!!!

  21. Elie

    I honestly can’t stand Stewart, and I can’t believe that I’m actually going to defend her.
    She’s not fat. If you’re calling her fat, then you really need your eyes checked. She’s curvy, yes. Fat? No. Maybe you should stop sticking your fingers down your throat and realize that anyone bigger than a size 2 isn’t obese.
    The pants in question aren’t the most flattering things in the world. For the love of god. They’re skinny jeans. What do you expect skinny jeans to do to a person’s body? Actually make it look good? Skinny jeans look terrible on everyone, including stick people. They just don’t work as an item of clothing.
    And, what does it matter if Stewart wants to look like a girl or a boy? There’s nothing wrong with transgendered people–Stewart is not, but the subtle hint of disgust at androgyny is almost offensive–and she can look like a guy or a girl, if she wants. She’ll still be hideous, but that’s another story all together.

  22. Jane

    Ok, so I just discovered this site today, and I apologize in advance for commenting so late on an old post. However, one thing you said stood out to me.

    “Her short hair also drives me crazy. Does she want to be a woman or a boy?”

    Wait a minute…you think short hair automatically makes someone less feminine, but starving yourself until all sign of feminine shape (i.e. boobs, hips, thighs) disappear doesn’t?

    Oh the irony.


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