Kelly Ripa Wearing a Cream Colored Dress

I’ve been meaning to do a post on Kelly Ripa for quite some time now, I’m glad I finally got around to doing it.  Kelly recently attended the 13th Annual Super Saturday Event at Nova’s Ark Project in New Jersey.  Kelly looked great in the cream colored summer dress that she was wearing.

Kelly Ripa Attends the 13th Annual Super Saturday Event

I’ve always been a fan of Kelly.  Most importantly she is skinny and very fit, but she also seems to have her life in order.  With a great career and a great family, Kelly will be turning 40 this October and she looks amazing!  Not to mention that she has had three children and still has that body.  I truly admire older women that keep their bodies in shape and maintain a skinny weight.  Way to go Kelly!

On another note, I love how tiny Kelly looks standing next to Kim Kardashian and Ashley Greene.  I bet they feel like fatties standing next to Kelly.  I wonder if deep down inside Kelly loves being the skinny girl?  I know I love it when I’m the skinniest!

P.S.  I think I see her xylophone peeking : )

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Source: “Nobullshit” @ The Celebrity City

12 thoughts on “Kelly Ripa Wearing a Cream Colored Dress

  1. kiss

    I’m not a huge fan of kelly ripa – don’t really know her shoes, and think she’s nipped and tucked any character out of her face over the years – but have to agree she’s definitely stayed super skinny! She’s been getting a little muscular for my taste, but still has a great body.

  2. MiW

    I wasn’t a big fan of Kelly either but pic #5 her legs look fantastic. Esp compared to the other two! She looks so delicate.

  3. almost.skinny

    I really love her muscle definition, not too much but just enough. She looks healthy and skinny, don’t like the outfit but love the body.

  4. noel

    i love how tiny she is! the downside of her being so muscular though is how bulky her arm looks squished against her in the second pic. but hey i say the muscles are better than flab. she looks great in the dress and also has beautiful skin for a 40 year old!

  5. Anya

    I love Kelly too! She looks adorable in that dress and about 25 years younger when standing next to those two fatties! She looks like their younger adopted sister or something, lol. Good job Kelly, it takes a lot of discipline and exercise to look like that.

  6. farhana

    I love her body! she is my thinspiration because I’m the same height as her. Although I really hate what she has done with her skin. Looks like leather from the sun damage


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