Katie Holmes has thunder thighs and calves with a xylophone

I came across these photos of Katie Holmes walking with her daughter Suir on the beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  They are a little old, from about two weeks ago, but I couldn’t resist doing a post on them.

It amazes me how large Katie’s thighs and calves are.  Her calves are almost as wide as her upper thigh – gross!  This is strange; however I have seen it before in taller women with a larger than average bone structure.  What makes this situation even more puzzling is that she has a xylophone, which is especially visible in the second picture.  The overall result is that Katie has a thin upper body but carries most of her weight in her mid-section and legs.

What a pretty girl she was, very thin, until Tom Cruise came along and knocked her up. Wonder if crazy Tom is going to go back to starving her and making Victoria Beckham supervise Katie’s eating habits?





12 thoughts on “Katie Holmes has thunder thighs and calves with a xylophone

  1. Leah

    “What a pretty girl she was, very thin…”
    Yeah, because she’s such an obese, ugly heifer now…. Katie Holmes is still beautiful, and not fat at all. She is curvy in a healthy, sexy way, has glossy dark hair, beautiful porcelain skin, a lovely bone structure and gorgeous face.

    “I wish Tom Cruise would go back to starving Katie and making Victoria Beckham supervise Katie’s eating habits.”
    Do you even see what a cruel statement that is? Did you know that a healthy weight for a 5’4″ woman (assuming that they eat healthy and exercise) is between 110-120 lbs.?
    (GASP! That is SO FAT!)
    Oh, and guess what? Being rail-thin with your bones protruding (like in with Lindsay Lohans “yummy” collar bone) is JUST AS UNHEALTHY as being OVERWEIGHT. There has to be a middle ground. Ask any healthcare professional.

    You are hailing Lohan for her unhealthy obsession, and calling Katie Holmes, who looks healthy and beautiful, fat. I truly think it is very sad. Girls like Lohan and other scary-skinny models are simply caving in to their insecurities and the criticism placed on them by people like yourself.

  2. Jamie

    she looks awesome to me! she looks long and lean. her legs look healthy and athletic. if you consider any meat at all to be obesity than yeah. but if you’re living in reality…the right amount of meat…especially healthy and toned is way hotter than skin and bones. Go Katie! Rock that post-Suri body!!!

  3. Anya

    yep.. cankles.. and the haircut isn’t helping either, shifts the weight even more down.. she needs a big afro to balance her out, lol

  4. confused

    she has slim, healthy-looking legs (and i don’t mean ‘healthy’ as a euphemism – they look toned and lean and without any fat on them). she does have cankles, but it doesn’t seem to be any swelling or fat. i think she just has very short ankles. she looks fine in this, but it can make her long legs look stumpy when she wears the wrong thing. i can’t stand this woman, but i don’t think her body deserves criticism for being ‘heavy’. she looks better here than when she is scarily gaunt.

  5. selena

    No way, I think Katie Holmes looks really healthy and lean but I’m not really a fan of athletic legs…

  6. lebezel

    Katie Holmes doesn’t have fat legs. Her calves and ankles are too large, that’s just the way she’s built. The only way to rid herself of that is one and only one way: to make herself absurdly skinny.
    Same thing a Caroline Kennedy except Caroline’s legs are just extremely thick, the only means of keeping them “normal” is to starve. And that’s what Katie will have to do if she wants thin calves and ankles.

  7. valerie

    Just average looking thighs to me. I have noticed that those shoes make your legs look shorter and fatter than what they are. One reason I hate them lol.

  8. Sunspot

    I could look at Katie all day. She’s very beautiful, especially her amazing legs. They’re exquisite, even without pantyhose. It would be a shame if she hid them away because a few nasty envious people criticize her. Thank you for posting these lovely pictures of a woman who makes the world a prettier place.


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