Kate Beckinsale sneaking a smoke

Kate Beckinsale was seen sneaking a quick cigarette behind her car door two days ago.  I’m assuming smoking is one of Kate’s skinny secrets; however, she needs to keep working on finding and utilizing some more.  She still seems to be about the same weight as the last time we saw her.  I wish she would adopt a few other skinny secrets, because she still needs to drop those 10lbs I suggested last time. 

kate beckinsale smoking

She has a workout outfit on, so hopefully she was headed to the gym or to run or walk by the beach.  It would be funny if she was – smoking and then working out – something there just doesn’t seem right to me. 

kate beckinsale smoking

I wonder if that is her breakfast, lunch or dinner?

kate beckinsale smoking

She looks like she really needed that smoke. 


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