Jessica Simpson is a fat cow

Jessica Simpson is a fat cow!  Here she is pictured performing at the 99.9 KISS 24th annual chili cook off at the CB Smith Park in Florida.  If I looked like her I would be embarrassed to leave the house.

Look at how big her arms and chest are – you can see the fat spilling out over her shirt. 


She looks like Miss.Piggy from the Muppets. 


That poor girl is trying to be sexy, but it just isn’t working. 


She needs to get off of her ass and go to the gym.  I remember when she was nice and toned for the Dukes of Hazzard movie – now she is just a big fat cow. 


17 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson is a fat cow

  1. Perf3ction

    she looks fucking gross! EW! That shit is nasty! she needs to seriously put down the fork and drop the damn cup cakes. ! EW what a cow!

  2. Abbey

    Jessica Simpson has no talent and is, honestly, not very pretty. She needs to go into hiding somewhere before she completely ruins my apitite. Oh wait, haha I’ll just look at these pictures whenever I want a snack. The fist one is enough to make me gag. Blehhh

  3. gelabela

    I think her face is pretty she is one of the few people I’ve seen not wearing a stitch of makeup and still look pretty on camera… but omg she really needs to go on a diet I think she can do with losing about 40 pounds. My goodness.


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