Jessica Simpson Heads To A Local Gym

On Wednesday, Jessica Simpson made her way to a local gym.  And I have to say is that she surely needs it.

Jessica Simpson going to her local gym

Her body disgusts me, especially her huge thighs and big mid-section.  Seeing pictures like this really motivates me to stay skinny because I don’t ever want to end up looking like her.

I’ve watched her life and her body fall apart over the years and it’s a sad story.  She was so pretty and had an amazing body when she starred in The Dukes of Hazard – now she’s just a fat mess.

I have to give her credit though – at least she’s trying.

Jessica Simpson going to her local gym

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Jessica Simpson going to her local gym. 6/30/2010

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28 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Heads To A Local Gym

  1. Anya

    @qwerty, of course they touch, lol! they practically dominate the world, lmao.

    yeah she looks like she’s in the same situation as Mischa Barton.. so sad. I hate that she’s trying to tell fat people to love themselves and not try to lose weight — she says she loves her curves but we all know she is obviously in denial. I heard she’s trying a vegan diet now all of a sudden.

    People are so scared of getting an eating disorder like anorexia that they end up obese instead.. there’s nothing wrong with dieting and exercising on purpose to burn calories even when you don’t want to. Many people think it’s bad or unhealthy if you’re skinny and you exercise to burn more calories.. they think skinny people should only exercise because they want to. I remember in high school people telling me, “you know, by running, you’re burning a lot more calories than you usually would?..” — gee, no moron, I didn’t know, haha — “..and you have to replace all those calories by eating more, even if you don’t feel hungry..” that’s BS. sorry for the long rant, haha.

    1. thinspired

      Sorry, Anya, I have to disagree with you…

      I don’t think that people are so scared of developing an eating disorder that they turn obese. I think that’s the case with very few people. And of course it’s healthy to replace the extra calories you burn–unless you want to lose weight.

      Just saying. On another subject, Jessica looks atrocious. She also needs a better stylist–have you seen some of the outfits she’s been wearing??? NOT flattering at ALL.


  2. Chloe

    lol. jessica simpson is showing off her legs and covering her upper body because her legs are her ‘best feature’. imagine what the rest of her body looks like…

  3. noel

    i wonder if she has some sort of problem that’s keeping her from getting thin (like hormones, thyroid etc) because she used to be amazingly fit and thin and i don’t understand how she could just not do what she used to do to get that way. she has tons of money for trainers and nutritionists so why wouldn’t she do it? i know shes not 18 anymore so it’s harder to get the same exact body back but she’s like overweight now … i don’t get it. its not like shes a busy mom or someone who doesn’t have time or money.

  4. naomie

    @ chloe, ur comment was so funny I cudnt stop laughing.
    @ noel, I dont think she has a problem with losing weight, she’s just having a “fck it” moment that quite frankly is lasting way too long. She’s been outed as being fat since the “jeans” episode, so she’s problably thinking she’s got nothing to hide, everyone knows she’s fat so she can now eat freely. I mean, how many times can you call a fat person fat?
    Thing is, she knows how good it feels to be skinny and is now trying to get back there. Suddenly going from pizza to vegan is so drastic and spells “desperate to get thin again”. She shd know better and just cut out gradually that no one notices she’s losing w8 till bam! she’s thin. Thats what Tori Spelling did, no one saw her jogging or picking salads, she just did her thing and suddenly she’s thin. Shame she cudnt fix her face though (sorry 4 being mean) I love Tori now cos she just thinned out silently and is not succumbing to criticism like Jessica.

      1. MM

        I hope she does– her legs are to muscular to look good when she carries so much weight on top. They look great when she’s thinner, they’re very athletic. But she looks like a barrel now, and her face is puffy.
        I think eventually she’ll realize even she doesn’t love herself looking like this (this is OVERWEIGHT, not “curvy”; she’s unhealthy). You’d think being around her younger sister will make her realize that she’s got a weight issue. If it was something like a thyroid disorder, you can bet your life’s fortune she’d make it public to get everyone off her ass.

        1. cass

          I agree.
          I remember when Ashlee gave birth and all these critics said she would keep the pregnancy weight, but she bounced back and now you can’t tell she’s had a child.
          Whereas Jess takes so long, and she gains lots, loses a little, gains more. She needs a reality check – her sister goes public saying she loves the way Jess looks, etc. She needs a friend to help her realise how unhealthy it is. And she needs to realise herself that she CAN do something about it (she’s said she’s unhappy this big, but I think she sees it as a lost cause).
          And I agree about the thyroid thing – she’d definitely tell everyone so they would leave her alone. And all the magazines that beat her up for being large would then hail her as ‘brave’ for putting up with it.

  5. carlyy

    all u girls took the words out of my typing fingers:)
    oh god, i remember when i used to look like that…ew. then i got common sense :) . her thighs are just…ahh! ive always had legs on the bigger size, but mine are like half of hers haha. and i thought I was big

  6. D.K. Lindon

    I’m with you, Skinny Gurl – she’s a mess right now, but she is trying. Hopefully she can get back to her old figure.

    Honestly, she’s never been all that skinny, but she was very toned, fit, and curvy back during Dukes – and she looked great. In all seriousness, at this point I’m just wishing her luck in getting her life AND her body back on track.

  7. Fili

    I remember that I wrote this on another site, but everytime I see her I find it so funny how she claims to “love” and “embrace” her “curves”, but in every photo her body language just shows issues and self-disgust.
    @ Chloe: Great comment, so true 😀

    1. D.K. Lindon

      @ Fili – You’re so right.

      To be fair, she’s really curvy at her lower weight. THOSE curves look great.

  8. Chloe

    hmmm…who do you think is thicker – her or hilary duff? how about britney spears?

    hayden panettiere (who would look tons better when she loses some weight) looks better than her.

    anyone disappointed with jessica stroup? she looked so awesome a while ago. although she’s still gorgeous, she’s the same size as annalynne mccord now. honestly, annalynne has lost some weight and looks better than her now (minus the face and hair), especially since she’s very toned.

  9. cass

    @Chloe HAHA!! Ewww I don’t want to imagine what the rest of her body looks like!!! Hahaha.
    @Noel, I don’t honestly think we’ll ever see Jessica at a Dukes of Hazzard weight again. Which is sad.
    @Chloe again, Jessica’s thicker than Hilary or Britney. I think than Hayden too, but Hayden is shorter.
    I remember when Jessica Stroup was really thin, she looked fantastic.. there’s still hope!

    1. MM

      yeah, in Hayden’s defense, her “fluff” looks like baby fat. Jessica Simpson is just… I dunno… it’s just not good at all.

      1. cass

        Yeah, for sure. Hayden needs to hit a gym, give up cupcakes etc, and she could likely be a successful skinny – she’s always like 10 pounds from being ‘there’. Like you said, it’s like baby fat and once it’s gone she’ll look great.
        Whereas with Jessica it’s more than that. It’s actually that she’s fat (or overweight), and she needs to address that. She probably has trouble losing weight… but she’s decided to not even try to maintain a healthy body, and just indulge and say it’s a lost battle. Which is a shame, because she looks really great when she’s thin and fit.

  10. April

    At least she’s smaller than she was… I think it was a year ago? I remember every single magazine had a picture of her on it because she had gained so much weight! She was huge!!

    1. cass

      How could you forget?! It was shocking, because she still felt it necessary to squeeze herself into Daisy Duke shorts that did NOT fit anymore. I think Skinny Gurl did some posts about it at the time. =) You’re right, she was enormous!

  11. Fili

    Wasn´t it her who made these Daisy Dukes a fashion trend some years ago? (Or were these pants even named Daisy Dukes before the film? Please enlighten me :) What a shame what has happened to her…

    1. cass

      @ Fili, The Dukes of Hazzard was already a TV show, on which the movie was based. The character Daisy Duke was famous for her jean short-shorts, which then became known as ‘Daisy Dukes’. When Jessica played Daisy in the film, she had to work out and diet hardcore to fit into the ‘famous’ shorts. Then of course when the movie came out, denim short-shorts came back into fashion.
      So, she didn’t start the whole thing but she helped them come back into fashion. Many gossip mags compare Jess now to when she could fit into those shorts, because that’s when she was at her fittest (although she had been thinner before).

  12. Sam

    Skinny Gurl,
    you should post the pictures of Jessica at the Casino Club inauguration, they’re about a week old by now, but omg, those are the best reverse thinspo EVER!! She’s gotten so huge and sloopy, it’s unbelievable!
    Your Jessica Simpson archive definitely needs those for the best reverse thinspo imaginable. :)

  13. Mimi

    Skinny Gurl, I’m new here and didn’t really know where to write this… but I need help in targeting a specific area! I tend to gain more in my thighs. My arms and upper body look really good right now, because I’ve been doing really well with a new diet… but I can’t seem to shake my thighs! Any tips? Thanks so much!


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