Is Jennifer Love Hewitt In The Big Butt Club?

I recently came across these pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt and I had a flashback from a few weeks ago when I did a post on Kim Kardashian’s very large butt.  Jennifer seems to have the same body shape as Kim – a very large butt, but still small up top.

ennifer Love Hewitt leaving Good Earth restaurant in Studio City

Jennifer has a smaller butt when compared to Kim’s, however Jennifer’s butt is still rather large compared to the rest of her body.  I think Jennifer and Kim should start a big butt club – LOL!

ennifer Love Hewitt leaving Good Earth restaurant in Studio City Kim Kardashian Has One Big Butt

Jennifer used to look so much better.  She looked amazing back in her Party of Five days and in 1999 she was name the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim.  Things have definitely changed for Jennifer since then and she has had a lot of criticism over her weight the past few years.  In my opinion, she looked much better thinner.  But like most women do when they age, she let herself go and this is what happens.  It’s a sad story.

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Source: “StringFellowHawke” @ The Celebrity City

30 thoughts on “Is Jennifer Love Hewitt In The Big Butt Club?

  1. gelabela

    WOW… I never realized she had such a huge butt. Definitely not a good thing in my eyes. I use to think she was pretty slender too.

  2. kiss

    ugh, jennifer love is just like ashley greene. has a super tiny face and neck that gives the appearance of skinny while carrying hugely disproportionate amount of weight in the lower half of their body. and it’s not just her butt anymore – check out that midsection!

  3. marie

    i should have realised this in the other post but WOW kim has a huge ass.
    big ass is a close second (after stomach) in my List Of Terror.

  4. Anya

    This is sad.. I remember how hot she looked in Heartbreakers. I was even a bit jealous back then. She knows that she’s lost her looks, and she said in an interview somewhere that she works out on an elliptical or runs and looks at pictures of models to motivate her.. so, she is trying, but I guess if she really wants to get her body back how it was, it will take more serious measures (like lipo or extreme dieting + olympic-athlete type workouts)

      1. Mouse

        I guess it was heavily photoshopped.

        Of course the difference wasn’t that visible when she was younger, but still – when you look at candids from the past you can see that her butt was quite wide for her tiny frame

  5. Mouse

    I noticed that when she loses too much weight, her body looks great but her face starts looking gaunted and sick. I have the same problem.

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion here, but for me she looks great whenever I see her. She looks happy, natural and glowing and that I envy her

  6. Chrala

    This is my body type. It’s tough because you only gain weight in your hips and butt. The rest of your body stays pretty thin but it can look strange. It’s harder to lose this type of weight as well. I’m trying now. I have a problem with the tempting southern food around me all of the time. I’ve been doing well by keeping carrots with me at all times. It’s helping.

  7. cassandra

    WOW, i actually did not know she looked like this. I cant really say that Im a fan of her, so I never paid her enough attention and still assumed that she was as thin as always. APPARENTLY NOT.

    i also think those pants are not helping her large rear situation.

  8. Belle

    As far as I am aware, jennifer has had eating-issues in the past, and so it doesn’t surprise me that her ‘shape’ is all over the place in candids and such.
    in my opinion however, when it comes to anyone with an eating disorder, it’s far more important that they are happy / healthy, rather than miserable & thin.
    just my two cents!

  9. Angie

    I used to think she had the perfect figure a long time ago. I never thought I’d have a way better body haha. She has really let herself go

  10. karen

    Who knows whether she’s happy or healthy but we all have our own ideas of how our body should look. I don’t want that butt!

  11. RK

    That picture of Kim Kardashian’s butt makes me want to puke and go on a 20 mile run. Or maybe that’s what she should do. I’m no model, but even I wouldn’t even feel comfortable in bikini bottoms that don’t cover my whole butt. Wedgie much?!

  12. naomie

    I think Jens always struggled with her weight. In heartbreakers, she was the perfect weight, but she was very young then. I think she can still lose the weight if she thinks of it as doing it for myself, not doing it for Hollywood. I think thats when she tends to fall off the wagon, cos you can see the mental agony in her face, its not about willpower for her, but the fact that she doesn’t actually get to enjoy her weightloss and the annoyance that people only say good things about her when she is thin. It can be pretty depressing on its own.

    I personally know a few people who only remember to say hi to me when am at a low weight, so I know how hurtful that can feel. Imagine if those “few” people was magnitized to a million!

  13. cass

    I know she’s let herself go a bit, but I also feel quite sorry for her.
    We were out for tea the other night, me and a couple of girlfriends. One of the girls was bitching about her weight, and she is quite skinny. Eventually I offered that she was thinner than me, and I thought she looked gorgeous. Another girl then said ‘Lucy, you’re skinny, but Cass, you’re skinnier than her! You’ve got the tiniest waist, not even a bit which sticks over your jeans or anything like everyone else’ blah blah. Now, Lucy’s taller than me, but she’s pretty much a stick. So of course I kinda argued the point, and butts got brought into it. Lucy doesn’t have a butt. I have a big one. I’ve known this my whole life. I say we could stand up and compare. The friend then says ‘alright Cass, I’m not going to lie, you have a nicely shaped round ass that will not change no matter what size you are…’ she kept talking but I pretty much missed everything after that.
    She’s right, my butt has never changed regardless of what my weight is.
    The point of this ramble is, I’m afraid I’m going to get offered a membership to the Big Butt Club and have no way to stop it – I can shrink down and lose my breasts and be a skeleton but my butt will not budge!
    And so I can understand to an extent what it’s like for JLH.

  14. Anne.Droyd

    I don’t see where there’s a problem, and I don’t know many guys who would look at her and say “Wow she’s so fat and ugly, I’d never date her!”. Get a clue people.

  15. Holly

    i dont think those jeans do her justice at all! and whats with the shrunken top? ive noticed in Ghost Whispherer she wears dresses that fooff out at her hips… making her bum look bigger…
    @cass… i think i will get into the BBC waaaaay before you!!! 🙂

  16. seriously people are idiots. She has a normal body for a female. Getting older does mean people gain weight. It has nothing to do with “letting yourself go” which is being said by people who are obviously clueless about how the body changes as you get older. Guess you all will figure that out after you hit puberty and, perhaps, make it to your 30’s. If you want a teenage body, then maybe you need to revamp your line of thinking. Actually, maybe you should seek out mental help. She’s a normal looking female, is thin, and she’s a fantastic actress to boot.

  17. JJ

    She used to be really skinny but with age your metabolism declines and it is that much harder to lose / maintain weight and very easy to gain weight. I think it starts from 25 and up for most people. I think the jeans she is wearing do not flatter her body. She is more like a pear shape body but still quite average and not overweight by any means.


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