Is Agyness Deyn Trying to Become a Boy?

These pictures of Agyness Deyn, from about a week ago, were shocking when I first saw them.  I couldn’t believe her new haircut!  A buzz cut – Agyness what were you thinking?  It appears as if she wants to look like a boy… maybe even become one.  I’m sure her new buzz cut and her punk look would make just about anyone do a double-take to see if she is male or female.

Agyness Deyn sporting a new buzz cut while out in New York City

I’m all for looking independent and having your own style, but I think Agyness has taken this way to far.  I don’t see anything sexy about her new buzz cut, do you?

Looking on the positive side – at least she is still skinny.

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27 thoughts on “Is Agyness Deyn Trying to Become a Boy?

    1. W K Garnett

      I think she looks fantastic. More women should wear thier hair like her. Lots of men wear long hair. I think you are a sexist

  1. qwerty

    She looks sexy whatever haircut she has. Nothing wrong with looking boy(ish), saying that as a straight guy. Plus she’s got a good body for it. Good for her!!!

  2. Diana

    I think she looks beautiful. She still have a very feminine and pretty face. And she is skinny. LOVE!

  3. cass

    I love her sexy skinny body. I love her cute pixie face. I think she looked better with slightly longer hair but I think she can also pull off the buzz cut.
    I saw a girl on the train the other day, I had to look twice – at first I thought it was a guy. When I realised it wasn’t, I kept sneaking glances, which I do when I’m curious about a stranger (yes I’m a freak lol). In the end I decided she was gorgeous. She had this tiny, skinny body, and a cute face, and lashings upon lashings of mascara. The buzz cut, once you realised it was a girl wearing it, actually enhanced all her features – cheek bones, eyes, collarbone, etc. She looked great. I was completely floored and completely jealous. Not jealous enough to risk cutting off my own long hair. But still, my point is even if they look like a guy first off, they can turn out to be beautiful women. Which I think Aggy is.
    Plus, Aggy’s legs are so skinny and gorgeous. She has a fantastic body of which I will forever be envious. Boy-ish or not, she looks great, good job!

  4. rachel

    ooh, my legs look like hers!

    or maybe better 🙂 I don’t think she’s rocking that buzz cut though.

    1. vain2beskinny

      wow!you have legs like that?you must be really skinny and tall…are you very tall and skinny?i am really short =(

  5. Fili

    Well, that´´s just her style, you gotta love it or hate it 🙂
    I´m not too jealous of her legs, though, and I wouldn´t put Agyness in the “skinny model” cathegory, in my eyes, she´s more slim than skinny.
    @ cass – I know what you mean, the buzz cut actually enhances beautiful features, hair sometimes even distracts fom someoe´s true beauty. I think she can pull it off, it also looked good on Sinead O´Connor and Demi Moore, but I wouldn´t risk my own hair though.

  6. Anya

    ugh, I think the buzz cut would look bad on any girl (and probably any guy, it’s just an awful haircut).. it just looks so awkward and gross to see a boy’s head on top of boobs! not to mention it makes the hips and thighs look bigger.. and who would want that?

  7. cass

    @Fili, yeah I wouldn’t risk my hair either. I think people have to be incredibly brave – or stupid – to try to pull off a haircut like that. I think Agyness’s guts in giving it a go is part of why I admire her. Since I first commented on this post, I’ve looked at other pictures of her. She always wears loose tops – is she hiding some weight around her middle?? Maybe.
    @Anya – “who would want that?” Not me, so I’ll never risk it lol.

  8. cass

    @Mandylinda, her legs/thighs are okay but I’m really disappointed with her stomach there! I think I said above somewhere I suspected she carried weight around her middle, and that picture proves it. Good on her for wearing a ruffled bikini bottom (makes people appear slimmer), but disappointing effort Aggy! Her collarbones are okay though. I don’t mind her collarbones and legs, just her middle. And the bikini top is not flattering either.

  9. cass

    @misswhippy they’re the same pics Mandylinda posted too. She does not look model-like in them at all!

  10. Mark

    She is a so sexy. I’m staight & I love when hot girls try to be boyish, it seems to make their sexy feminine features stand out even more.

  11. lucie

    I think if anyone is going to pull off a buzz cut, it would be agyness deyn! I agree with you girls, fili and cass, you definitely need to have the right bone structure, high cheekbones, strong nose etc to look good with a shaved head haha which I mostly certainly do not! I dont think she looks too bad, although I prefer her with her hair a bit longer. That sort of thing has always been aggys style though and I think it suits her. I can’t imagine her with long blonde hair in really pretty, girly clothes!
    By the way, does anyone else think that her face looks A LOT like liv tylers in the first photo? Or is it just me? Haha

  12. Debbie

    When you are skinny, you can wear any manner of hairstyle, clothing, etc. You will ALWAYS look good. Being skinny is all that matters.


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