I’m voting for Anne Hathaway to lose more weight

Here is a recent picture of Anne Hathaway wearing a shirt that says “vote.”  I vote for Anne to keep losing weight.  Her face is nice and thin, however her arms, thighs and mid section could use some more work!

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3 thoughts on “I’m voting for Anne Hathaway to lose more weight

  1. Filifjonka

    Is this a poll? Can I vote too? =)
    I totally agree, her upper body, face and arms are pretty thin, but her thighs don´t make me envoius at all. She needs to lose like 8 – 10 pounds.

  2. qwerty

    Her upper face and body on Vladas early legs would be pretty close to super sexy skinny perfection (with a low cut top for the xylophone of course).


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