Flashback Friday – Vlada Roslyakova

Since I’m stepping up the site a notch and I promised I was going to add some new content, I wanted to introduce you to a new weekly post that I’ll be doing.  It’s called “Flashback Friday” and it will feature  pictures of our favorite models and celebrities when they were younger – often this means skinner too : )

So for the first Flashback Friday post, I wanted to do one of my favorites – Vlada Roslyakova.  She is also featured in the new “Skinny of the Week” gallery that can be found at the bottom of the website.

Flashback Friday - Vlada Roslyakova

Most of these pictures are from back in 2005 when she just started her modeling career.  She looks so young and innocent and I love it.  I got a little carried away with all the pictures, there are a lot.  I’ve never seen some of these pictures before and some of them are now my favorites!

Enjoy : )

P.S.  I had to list the images because some of them were too small for the gallery and looked stretched.

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Photos: TFS

20 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Vlada Roslyakova

  1. vladafan

    She is with no doubt the sweetest superskinny model ever. Wait to haute couture, i have heard she is at her lowest weight again, looking even more fragile than in her early days.

  2. Fili

    Wow, stunning!
    That´s why I love russian or east-european models – not only they’re skinnier than the others, they also have the self-discipline to maintain their skinny, fragile figure like forever. I´v never heard of a russian model failing as bad as Gemma Ward or Crystal Renn (which is mean I know bc. Crystal was suffering from an ED when she was skinny… but that´s no reason to pig out after)

  3. thinspired

    Fili, seriously? Yeah, Crystal Renn was suffering from an eating disorder. She didn’t “pig out” as you so crudely put it. She got help, and she got healthier.

    If she was to go back to being super skinny that could be dangerous and might trigger her anorexia again.

    Please, think twice before you criticize so crudely.

  4. naomie

    Aaah Vlada, I love her so much. Last week I had her as my screensaver, this week its eugenia mandzhieva, another eurassian model. I love Vlada so much, her thinness is heavenly and almost ghostly, she’s a whisper of a thing, so beautiful, there’s something quite….I dunno how to put it, but to me she looks like someone of royalty, like a princess, a beautifully thin princess.

    @ thinspired, I understand that ur not happy with Fili’s comment, but please dont react the way you did, not one can claim to know the real reason why gemma and crystal went through what they did, we all as always have our views on what happended, this doesn’t mean that others cannot have opinions, just like you do. Just read the comments and post yours without making it seem aggressive.
    The one beautiful thing about this site is that we all respect each others views on everything, u’ll never find 2 people arguing about stuff, thats how its come to be like a community, we respect each other even tho we dont know each other.
    I’ not having a go at you, I just want you to know that its okay for Fili to have an opinion without being attacked for it, there are other ways of making her see things differently, rather than striking out at her.

    Fili has been on here for as long as I can remember and she has contributed alot to this site and is never intentionally mean to anyone. We make mistakes and stimes say things that come out wrong, but we can all be corrected nicely and made to see a diff side to our opinion. Just saying.
    Sorry for the long post.

  5. naomie

    Oh no, someone’s hating on Vlada, has anyone any idea whats going on, saw thi on her twitter page (yes, I’ a follower :-D)
    She wrote “Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned”
    WHo’s hurting my Vlada!

  6. thinspired

    I know that fili’s comment probably didn’t mean to offend me, but I have suffered from anorexia so it’s a very touchy subject for me. I’m healthy now, but fili spoke out of ignorance when she said that crystal was pigging out. It’s still hard for me to eat a whole meal, so just speaking out of experience, crystal probably didn’t. I would just appreciate it if fili didn’t assume that when you recover from a serious eating disorder you “pig out”.

    1. Elle

      I agree. Fili was a bit out of line as we all are sometimes. Eating disorders aren’t really something to be insulted like that.
      But anyway, I still think Vlada looks gorgeous to this day One of my favourite skinnies 😀

  7. chevrefeuille

    I thought Gemma Ward gained because she couldn’t cope with Heath Ledger’s death. That’s actually very sad.

  8. Fili

    Hi everyone,
    I´m really sorry for that
    I did not mean to hurt anyones feelings or to be offensive.
    I´m always very demanding and harsh to myself, so sometimes I can´t switch back to normal when it comes to others. I guess I should be more understanding and pay more attention to the circumstances the two ladies I named lived in when they gained.
    Next time I think twice or keep my thoughts to myself when I think they could offend someone.
    @ thinspired: Calling me ignorant is slightly offensive, too, but I don´t mind since you said you were dealing with anorexia so you´re touchy when it comes to that subject. I´m not an outsider, I know a lot about this disease, partly from friends who suffer(ed) from it, partly because it´s a thin line between being obsessed with staying skinny and an ED so I´m often accused to be Ana, too (No idea if I am or not, don´t really care)

    Sorry for the long post… I sincerely apologize for being so offensive, next time I think twice.

  9. cass

    Yay Yay Yay gorgeous Vlada!
    I love this “Flashback Friday” concept! I agree, people seem skinnier when they’re younger… which just makes me determined to stay thin as I get older!
    Vlada looks amazing here, I like the pic where she’s holding the apple and wearing yellow – she looks so long and elongated and lovely.

    As for the above comments – I liked the part about how we’re a community, I think Naomie said it. I think we all are allowed our own opinions and the occasional disagreement on here still – eating disorders in particular will always be a touchy subject. But I like to think we’re all mature enough to handle it, deal with it and move on, which makes us more of a community =)

    PS: Having not been on for about a week, it makes me so happy to have heaps to post on =) I used to check it every few hours, and would never have any comments to post on. While I feel like I miss out on heaps when I’m not checking it every day, I love getting on here and being ‘bombarded’ with fresh skinny goodness! =D I LOVE this site. I wish I had someone in real life to discuss it with, but you girls are the best! =)

  10. kitkat

    omg she is gorgeous, seriously, her eyes are amaze and her legs.. sooo long. gorgeous.

    Skinny gurl: have you heard of Alice Burdeu? If so it would be great to see her on the website. She won cycle 3 of Australia’s Next Top Model and she is absolutely gorgeous, tall thin and she’s been the most successful model on the show.

    1. cass

      @ Dana, hi there. What are you doing now to try and lose the weight, what are your stats, etc? Without knowing this, the first thing I’ll recommend is the obvious – eat fruit and vege over take-away, exercise regularly, etc. And follow the starving tips =)
      Good luck!


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