Fat Pride Burns My Hide

[UPDATE: Please read this important statement about my views on self-harm.]

A magazine for “plus size” women (aka. fat girls) Plus Model Magazine, featured an editorial in this month’s issue that made me both angry and sick to my stomach.  While you fat lovers out there (we know you come here too!) are going to have lots to say defending this, most of you skinny gurls need to be prepared for what you’re about to see.

I’m not sure what is more disgusting – the pictures or the statistics they are using to make their point – some of which are incorrect.

The editorial throws around lots of statistics trying to make the point that models are too skinny and no longer portray the “average” woman.  Well – sorry to burst your bubble – but:

  1. Fashion models aren’t supposed to portray the average woman – they’re supposed to be aspirational.
  2. The “average woman” nowadays is a fatass!

Instead of putting these images in a gallery, I am going to show them one by one, because I have lots to say about each!  Hope you enjoy my added captions – which if you haven’t guessed, are in black and pink. The original captions from the magazine are the white ones, obviously. 🙂


This is the first time I’ve ever seen a skinny girl and a fat girl posing together naked – and I’m hoping it’s the last, because it’s really gross and a little scary. This reminds me a little of those pictures where a big killer whale is about to devour a beautiful little seal. When I see this picture, I just want to yell “RUN, RUNN!! IT’S NOT YOUR FRIEND, IT’S GOING TO EAT YOU!”

But anyway, their caption says most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia. Well, there is no such thing as a “physical criteria for anorexia.” Anorexia is a mental disorder, and can be diagnosed at any weight. Nice stat for shock value, but unfortunately a complete lie. You cannot diagnose anorexia by a person’s size, and no professional would ever do so.

I’m really glad I can’t read the number on that measuring tape.. eww…can we say fat rolls!? Do you have any idea how much someone has to eat to look like this? Look, I am not saying she is a whale or obese, but she’s definitely fat and if I looked like that I sure wouldn’t be a> naked and b> in front of a camera. But to the caption: I wonder if these writers ever considered the, um, larger part of the equation: that the average woman in the western world has gotten much, much fatter over the past twenty years. Today the average fashion model weighs so much less than the average woman because the average woman is significantly overweight. In the US, for example, the average woman is 40 lbs overweight; 2/3 of women are overweight and 1/3 of women are obese. This is for one reason and one reason only: because they eat too much.

What’s wrong with your body? Really?! I don’t even know where to begin, but there’s a lot. And it makes me mad that you’re probably going to break those nice heels – LoL!

Other statistics used in the editorial:

“50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but most standard clothing outlets cater to sizes 14 or smaller.”

“Ten years ago plus-size models averaged between size 12 and 18.  Today the need for size diversity within the plus-size modeling industry continues to be questioned.  The majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14, while the customers continue to express their dissatisfaction.”

Well, ten years ago there wasn’t a significant market for plus-size models because society as a whole wasn’t as fat as we are today.  Do you really think an overweight person aspires to look overweight?  In most cases, I bet the answer is no. We know the majority of overweight people wish they were smaller, whether it be smaller by 5 lbs or 50lbs, if they could push a button and make it happen, they would.  Pushing that button is way easier than the hard work that it really takes to lose those pounds…much easier than exercise or eating right.  My point is that most want to picture themselves as a smaller person and what does a fat person have to aspire to or imagine themselves looking like if they are looking at these overweight models in ads?  Nothing!  Because the overweight person wants to fantasize about being slimmer and sexier and that’s why there’s a billion dollar industry around advertising and why it is dominated by models a size 6 or slimmer.

Editor-in-chief Madeline Figueroa-Jones discusses the editorial in further detail on their website, there you will also find the rest of the images…do you dare?

The whole “fat pride” movement is irritating because plus-sizers want to tell us “big is beautiful” and it should be represented more in the modeling industry. I say it’s the opposite: if big really was beautiful, and most people wanted to be big, and wanted to see big people, don’t you think we’d see a lot more fat people modeling? I do. But we don’t – because it isn’t.

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[UPDATE: Please read this important statement about my views on self-harm.]

[Image and quote source: Victoria Janashvili, Plus Model Magazine]

252 thoughts on “Fat Pride Burns My Hide

  1. Keisha B.

    Wow… I can’t believe it. If a person wants to be overweight and eveything like that, good for them, but don’t try to make it seem like a good thing! Seriously, it’s like they’re trying to make women everywhere fatter! Really upseting >:( And no offense to the women in the photos but they are massive reverse thinspo O.O

  2. Jess

    Skinny gurl – thank you, thank you, thank you for being a voice of reason! This is so frustrating – just because most women are a size 14 or over (I’m talking Australian sizes here) that doesn’t mean that we all need to be that size (aren’t these the people that preach – love yourself WHATEVER your size!?) and SG as you point out who would aspire to being so big that you look like you are about to burst out of your jeans?

    And while these plus size lovers are preaching about models having such a low BMI – maybe they should check if these plus sized models fit into the ‘healthy’ section of the BMI chart (I highly doubt they do!)

    1. Lauren

      Good point about their BMIs – I just think this article is plain irresponsible; it’s judgemental, flawed and a bit cruel. Imagine them doing one the other way round – with the skinny girl towering over the fatty – there’d be hell to pay!

      1. Karlena

        This is what gets me, they go on and on about the skinny models and yet the media seems to keep glorifying being a supersizer. Whole clothes chains have made money out of supersizes in plus size clothing, yet us thinner and probably healthier girls have trouble getting clothes in smaller sizes because they say its not healthy. I’m a UK size 6 and have long legs, you ever tried getting that size in long length trousers? Its near impossible if you can’t afford designer clothes and yet they go on about outlets that do saying its not healthy to see clothes that size, well its not healthy to be a UK size 24 but the media don’t seem to have any problem with retail outlets selling those!!! And one sided articles like this really don’t help!!! Rant over!!

  3. Elena

    Great new post sg!
    I have to say that although I’m not that skinny, even I agree with you! If big was beautiful then we’d see bigger girls on billboards because we control society. As it is, only skinny girls are shown, and if we don’t like it, we have ourselves to blame.
    I want to add that your blog has really helped kickstart my diet. I’m 5’7, in April I used to weigh 151 pounds at my worst (I know, eww, I pretty much looked like the girls in this magazine) and then I managed to shed 25 pounds in three months. Your blog has inspired me to lose the last 15 pounds to reach my goal, thanks sg!

    1. Ally

      Wow! 25 pounds in three months that amazing? I’m 5’7 too and I want to loose approximately the same amount of weight. Would you mind telling me how you did? Any particular tips or the usual eat less and healthy with exercise?

      1. Elena

        Thanks ally 🙂
        I’ll be honest, I was never one to really exercise. I guess what I really did was begin with totally cutting out crap from my diet, then I shrunk my meals gradually and replaced them with healthier, low calorie options (mostly salad) and even cut some meals out altogether.
        I think the fact that I wasn’t taking care of myself before has something to do with it, and I think that you might have already done the steps that I had done 😛
        If not, that’s really how to get you to a healthy weight but if you want to be model thin, I think you’ll have to find a way to go further because I’m trying to do the same thing

        1. Ally

          Ohh that’s what I plan to do! Thanks Elena 🙂
          I was always 125 pounds but somehow in the past year and a half I managed to put on weight until I reached 139 pounds. I freaked out, I was never that ‘heavy’. So far I only lost 5 pounds, but my goal is to attain 110 pounds until this summer, which was always my ideal weight. You must feel so good and proud of yourself to be going down on the scale, can’t wait to feel the same!!!
          Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey xoxox WE CAN DO IT 🙂

    1. MM

      I agree. Why is it “empowering” and “showing confidence” to have Fat Pride, but if you have Skinny Pride, oh hell— you’re a dangerous influence and a poor role model and you’re trying to make all the little 4-year-old girls in the world starve themselves!!! Such bullshit. I can’t believe that 50% of women wear above 14!!!

  4. Shygirl

    Whilst I don’t have a problem with fat or large people, I think this campaign went the wrong way about bringing this whole size thing to our attention. I get that they are portraying the “average women” but if this is the average women then there is something wrong! Looks aside, she couldn’t be healthy! Hello cardiovascular disease! I know “skinny girls” may have their own health problems but if not taken to the extreme most skinny fit people are healthier than fat people.
    I’m in no way anti fat people, but aesthetically these pictures are not pleasing and quite frankly they hurt my eyes. I seriously doubt she’s happy with her appearance… I certainly wouldn’t be!!!

  5. ckarla

    i sooo agree with you.
    i’m sorry but since when is fat considered healthy
    that is so wrong
    there are numerous researches that prove that having only 5 kg more than you should have increases your chance of all kinds of diseases
    so i really do not understand the fat pride
    also if they are all so proud of their fat bodies then why are they all trying, apparently unsuccessfully, to lose their weight
    i just don’t get it

  6. Lola

    I rather not eat for months than to look like her…

    How much should someone eat to get like this? I am not ironic, really!

    The contrast fat girl – skinny girl is obvious in that pic:( it makes her look too fat/skinny…

    Forums , yeeeey:)

    I like your acid style, SG

    Keep the posts going….

    Btw, Katarina Ivanovska also gained lots of weight…. she used to be skinny but now she is bigger than barbara palvin…

  7. sammy

    I understand that maybe not everybody likes the skinny models (however I adore them). But if they want to show an ideal average size at least show a fit sporty person instead of an overweight person. This whole ad campaign makes no sence

  8. SB

    The whole ”plus size” trend is such bullshit. People are too lazy to eat healthy and to work out and society is accepting that.

    There are a list of reasons why fashion models are so skinny. And since when is being an overweight ‘healthy, real woman’ good and being a skinny, lightweight woman ‘terrible and sick’?

    If people want to promote being a fat ass, I wouldn’t even mind so much if they wouldn’t have to be so negative about being skinny.

    Putting skinny in a bad spotlight doesn’t make fat prettier. That being said, these are great reverse-thinspos, like Keisha said.

    1. Sabrina Bella

      I TOTALLY agree!!! My sister is slightly overweight but she’s really curvy and honestly pulls it off great – but I would never want to gain any weight at all since I’m trying to lose it! But seriously, just because you support the heavier crowd doesn’t mean you need to bash on the skinny girls who have worked hard to get the figures they want and deserve.

      Plus, what about those rare lucky girls who are naturally super slender???? This is totally insulting and rude to them! I mean, I have a friend who is TRYING to gain weight because she is 5’7″ and 98lbs and want to be a little more curvy and feminine at about 105lbs except she can’t gain any weight because of her metabolism and this is SO rude and horrid to her – saying all this shit about skinny girls to make the fat ones look better – when really, some skinny girls aren’t even purposely skinny!!!!

      1. Maybell

        Everyone knows it’s rude and horrible to call a fat girl “fat” or suggest she eat less to look better. But skinny girls, they don’t think twice about criticizing her body and telling her to eat more. Such a double-standard – what a shameful attitude for the fattie-preachers to promote! Love your curves? *cough*FAT*cough*, fine, but don’t try to tell me I should look like that too. We are not to blame for fat girls feeling bad about their own weight – that’s their own business, they control it, no one else.

  9. aelie

    I hate fat pride. It’s pretty much just saying “let everyone go eat whatever they want, and go be lazy and get health problems.” Maybe for the average person, being super skinny isn’t a good choice (even though it’s way better then fat), but why not just promote healthy? I don’t even know how to describe my hate for people who take pride in being lazy eating machines…

    1. SB

      Exactly! I know what we’re doing might not be the healtiest option either, but being overweight is bad too. Why not promote healthy, toned bodies if you must?

    2. Sabrina Bella

      I totally agree! I mean not everyone needs to be a size 0 but they shouldn’t be promoting size 14 either! Sizes 6, 8, and maybe 10 are probably good for the more curvaceous, “average” women. Admittedly some women, no matter how little they eat, will always have wider hips or thighs just because of their build, but that doesn’t mean fat is healthy or a good inspirational goal! Especially when bashing skinny girls and guys to make it look better!

  10. Bella

    these pictures are so gross, who would be in their right mind and pose for pictures like that?! Well maybe she wasn’t in the right mind, all that food went to her head!

    1. Maybell

      Maybe she believed that people would actually buy into the ‘sexy fatties’ idea, so she wouldn’t have to make any effort to get into a fitter (and healthier) shape. Oh but how very wrong she was….

  11. model54

    gross!! this women are overweight and that is not healthy!! no wonder why we have an overweight and obesity epidemic!

  12. Nessie

    “But anyway, their caption says most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia. Well, there is no such thing as a “physical criteria for anorexia.” Anorexia is a mental disorder, and can be diagnosed at any weight. …” -SkinnyGurl

    Totally agree with this statement.The size of your stomach does not determine a MENTAL problem. Thanks for the great post, great way to start to the week 😀
    Also agree with everyone who posted that these girls look gross, will never ever in my life have back boobs or horrible looking butt like pic#2.

    1. Coffee_girl

      Unfortunately, you are both mistaken. There is such thing as “physical criteria for anorexia.” Which is totally unfair, because not only that means that you can be called anorexic when you’re naturally very skinny but also that you won’t be treated for anorexia unless you’re extremely skinny (i believe that everyone has their own extremely skinny BMI).

  13. Soft kitty

    1) As long as a woman is healthy I don’t care what she weighs or how she looks. My ideal is for myself. I don’t apply my standards to others. I don’t think the woman in the picture is unhealthy. She is just larger than I personally like.

    2) SG, you make some very good points I wish more “big is beautiful” supporters would consider. A) a huge portion of American woman are not just fat they are UNHEALTHY!! unhealthy isn’t beautiful, nor is it something to which one should aspire! B) Larger woman aren’t represented as often in the media as thinner woman simply because as much our society says it rejects ultra thin and embraces “real” women it doesn’t! Fashion and entertainment are businesses, and like all businesses are interested in making money. If thin women didn’t sell products, designers wouldn’t hire them. Clearly, all of this talk about loving our bodies regardless of weight and shape is simply an effort to make to fat people feel good about themselves.

    Thank you for showcasing an increasing problem in our country! For so long those of us who work hard to maintain thin bodies have been ridiculed ( and lately even demonized) for setting an “unrealistic” standard. While I accept not everyone wants to be thin and not everyone wants to put in the work required to be so that doesn’t mean I am willing to say it is Omar to be fat, lazy, and unhealthy. Women deserve better.

    Also, thank you for making the distinction between being thin and having an eating disorder! Fashion magazines and Hollywood are too often blamed for “causing” a psychiatric illness because peoe refuse to believe that some are willing to work hard to have the body we desire!

  14. Elle

    As much as I tend to like a rather skinny physic It would be lying to say that models didn’t get skinnier with years. You say that it is average people who are fatter than they were but I don’t think it’s true ( where I come from I think most people are a size 4 or 6 which is far from huge ).
    But if you look at 80’s models they were far less skinny than today’s models. So in that regard I think you are wrong.
    However let’s be honest I would’t like to look like these girls, I mean it’s obvious they haven’t worked out like, ever. They have no definition whatsoever just fat. I doubt it’s “average” and I doubt it’s healthy.

  15. Blanca

    When I first saw this my stomach literally jumped out of disgust! She is not the ‘average woman’. She is so overweight. Imagine her in jeans and a top – hey, BIG girl.

    Do they even know that fat, especially in women, is stored around the organs? Do they!? And you can’t pinch it or really see it besides how flat or round you look in your side view or of course in an MRI. That fat is killing your organs and your body must work in overload to keep you alive. If that fat gets to your heart (and it can!) you are almost a goner.

    The average woman, who doesn’t have problems with health over weight is probably a size 6 (US), 8 (UK), 36 (EU) or a size bigger, just much shorter, like 5″5. That is the average woman I see – bmi 20, not fucking over 25.

    I feel so lucky I don’t live in America. Just because they all are obese, it doesn’t make fat person skinny. Ew.

    To get to this size, I’d have to eat like on a birth day dinner for breakfast, lunch, dinner for no less than a year. Seriously though, how does she do that?

    Besides, it’s a hate advert – people come in all shapes and sizes, not just fat or starved. >:(

    Thanks Skinny Gurl, I really had to get out all that frustration!

    1. Bianca

      All Americans aren’t obese, but you tend to find the thin ones in the more affluent areas. I’m 5″7″ and weigh about 118. I’m a size 0-2. There are a lot of size 0 and 2 women where I’m from. I weighed 160 at full term ,9 months, pregnant. Carrying around that all that extra weight was hard. I lost my compassion for fat people during my pregnancy.
      I have to put effort into staying thin. If I gain weight it all goes to my butt and thighs and nowhere else. A lot of women have this problem and the only way to solve it is to keep the weight off so that the disproportion is less obvious.

  16. Heather

    Wow. Im 212 lbs here, and yes, a fat chick.

    big ISNT beautiful, people. Nor is it healthy.I know from current experiance. Its hard to tie shoes, clothes look like crap, and you feel like total crap. There isn’t enough energy to do anything, and you feel hopeless. A failure. Im kinda grossed out, even as a fat chick, that they are trying to market this as “normal”. Americans need to stop eating shit food so much, and start moving around. There is nothing normal or natural about being american size 14-26 (which is now average, apparently). If anything we should be a range of 2-10. Heathly, strong, fit.

    Keep doing what you are doing, skinny girls. Im working on being a skinny girl again myself. Dont let those fat bastards tell you that unhealthy fat rolls are IN. Starve on. XOXOX

    1. Bianca

      Live in truth. Unfortunately, the only way to lose weight is to “make hunger your friend”. I like to use the analogy of money. If you go blow your paycheck on a $500 dollar pair of shoes what do you do for the rest of the month? You stay home and eat cereal for the rest of the month or longer. You just hope you don’t get the lights turned out before you catch up. People seem to understand this concept easily, but think that there is some magic, painless way to lose weight. There isn’t. And just like you always have to watch your spending so you don’t end up broke, you always have to pay attention to your eating even if you are thin; otherwise, you will GAIN weight. Good luck to you. Remember it’s the small choices you make everyday that have the most impact.

  17. Lauren

    I come from that weird mid-way point that is not represented by plus size or normal size models (aka 130s), that’s fine by me – I want to see somebody who makes me aspire to be healthier and better than I am. This plus size woman is attractive and beautiful (in her own way) and if I saw her on the street I’d be like “Good on her for making the best of her weight” but in a magazine? No. Plus, most women her size don’t even look that good! She is just another idealised version of a particular body type, undoing the whole argument this article is trying to make. I don’t want to criticise this woman but I do criticise this article for not taking into account the reality that most people are getting FATTER, models aren’t getting skinnier. Don’t celebrate obesity – US 12 (UK 16) is not an ideal or attractive size! If you can’t get your size in most stores, there is a reason for that! Now, I’m going to get on with my mission to get in the 120s… and this post has just convinced me even more to do so!

  18. Isabella

    hello there 🙂 Well this models…OMG!
    My opinion is that there are actually girls in fashion industry that are really superrrrrr skinny! but stop being super skinny for go super fat ?!?!? Seriously? Well its going from one extreme to another. I adore superskinny girls as long they are not hurting themselfs. I have nothing against skinny girls. But going from super skinny to super fat I am sorry there is nothing of healphy on that! Keep a healphy diet, work out,have positive feelings and a good life. thats being healphy 🙂

  19. annika

    i do not understand people who proud of their fat, i due to this great site loose some kilo and think this weight quite perfect, have height 1.78 and weight 46 kilo

    1. Vivienne

      Hi Annika,
      we’re the same height and you have my dream weight. How did you manage to lose weight and particularly how do you mantain it? How many calories do you eat per day?

  20. Abbey

    I have SO MUCH hate for this editorial–too much hate for words, in fact. So all I will say is this, the people who wrote that piece of shit editorial are idiots, plain and simple. ugh.

  21. muffin

    The fat one is beaming ear to ear and the skinny one hides her face. So much for accepting ALL body shapes and sizes, which I’m assuming this magazine is supposed to be promoting.

    Bitch, please, go on a diet.

  22. Londonchick

    I was waiting for you to comment on this article the second I saw it on the Daily Mail. 100% AGREE with Skinny Gurl’s rebuttals to the “statistics” given by this fatty magazine. Being big isn’t healthy, and having fat rolls is a sign of potential health problems.

  23. Rebekah

    Amen! I couldn’t have said that better myself. It sickens me to think that people consider the average woman a size 14. Sadly, that is probably the average size because nowadays people do not have any willpower or motivation and now think that since society thinks it’s ok to be a size 14 (because that’s “average”) they feel they can eat junk and not exercise. It’s sick…

    1. Fili

      The worst part is not that the average woman nowadays is too fat.
      There had always been some sort of beauty ideal, displayed by models or celebrities, which was always a little harder – not impossible – to achieve, like some sort of guideline for us “normal people”. I see nothing wrong with that for me it´s an inspiration to look better, to go try a little harder.
      But now that the average human being got fat, they´re crying for the beauty ideal to follow their path.
      With so-called “plus sized models”, the industry just feeds fat women with self-esteem´, instead of giving them something to think about, some inspiration what they could look like. That´s more helpful, and that´s what our fatass society needs.

  24. Ellen

    Dear God… ugh, no further comments!

    But I have a question to all you skinnies out there, when you have a calorie limit/day, let’s say 1000 kcal, do you only count the food intake so that that has to be under 1000 kcal or do you also count the exercise, so that food – exercise is under 1000 kcal? And Skinny Gurl, I absolutely love this website!

    1. Sabrina Bella

      I only count the food intake. Like the fruits, veggies, meats, breads, whatever it is, until its 1000 calories which is my limit, and then I do exercise separately. I find it too confusing and less effective otherwise, personally. Because sometimes I don’t have time to do as much exercise and sometimes I do more and stuff like that, also then you need to calculate pretty much EVERYTHING that you do thats even remotely athletic – like walking to a bus stop lol
      But if I did like 2 hours of intense exercise a day I would raise my calorie intake to about 1,200. Like if I do an hour more exercise then my minimum of 45 minutes a day and I’m feeling hungry I’ll add 50 calories for every extra hour. So if I do 2 hours and 45 minutes my calorie intake would raise to 1,100

    2. Mary Lou

      Yes, only count the intake, but not the exercise. And only count aditional (I would like to stress this) exercise as workout. Those 1000 calories already cover your baisic daily needs, like going to school/work. If you’ll begin to count all little things, then you will make your life hard, and the chance is you’ll give up soon. Also, workout is probobly ment as an extra calorie burner, so dotn’t erase it by having more food than normally.
      Good luck and stay positive! 🙂

  25. LolaD

    My first, and probably only post –

    The reason a size 14 (UK) is the AVERAGE size of a woman is because clothes companies will ALWAYS make a size 14 the average! So as women get fatter, that same size 14 will get larger too. Hell, I have a size 10/12 vintage trousers and they are more like a uk6!

    I hate hate hate when they use this whole “the average size of women is a uk14″… well no shit Sherlock, that’s the whole point!

    Thanks for allowing me to rant, love the site SG 😉

  26. Ann

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t agree with you.

    Why are you so angry at those fatties ?
    Let them be as fat as they want to, it will only make us more admired.

    I – and you – chose to be skinny because that’s the way we want to look like. If those want to be proud being fat and unhealthy, well, that’s their choice. Just let them try to make us upset. They’re jealous.

    I know many girls that are fat and just don’t care about losing weight, because they’re self-confident and all. Such girls don’t need creepy magazines to feel accepted (and sexy) !

    The only way I personally feel sexy is by being skinny. Whatever tells this magazine, whether it is true or not, WE THINSPO GURLS DON’T GIVE A SHIT, right ? I prefer ignoring more than getting angry about this. Keep your energy for things that really worth it.

    1. amb

      I guess the whole point was that the magazine is putting down skinny girls and twisting the facts and abusing statistics such that it seems skinny girls are wrong, that being larger, even overweight, is okay. You’re right to say that there is no point in getting angry since the sexy-and-confident feeling is personal and subjective, but at least this great post allows us all to vent about the prejudice the society seems to have against slimmer, not necessarily skinny, girls these days.

  27. Charlie

    Hahahahaha thank you skinny gurl for making my day so much better xxx

    This lashing out against ‘anorexic’ models is SO childish, telling them they’re wrong and sick purely to justify fatties’ daily binge eating.

    Fat people are exactly like drug addicts, always making up reasons why they’re right and why they need to get their fix of donuts.

  28. Fili

    This seriously sickens me.
    But there´s nothing more I could possibly say about this because it has all been said before (thx eveyone on this site, there´s still hope I guess!)

  29. KC

    It’s that kind of fat pride that really drags me down. As a chunky girl working very hard to get skinny, all of the media and people in my life telling me “you’re beautiful the way you are” and “you’re leaner than most girls” brings me down. It frustrates me and that sort of shit chips away at my motivation to continue my diet and exercise regime. What I need (and all the other fat-asses in the US) is a stiff reality check like SG gave in this post!

  30. carrie

    wooo….. those pics are nothing asthetic and the articles are bullshit. Yeah fatty, point the finger at the skinny one. bahh. i don´t blame people for a seize but, but, but, i am so disgusted by bullshit excuse for being an average (FAT) woman.

  31. Michael

    Skinny Gurl. Thank you SO much for posting this thread! I find this editorial to be absolutely repulsive, and the fat pride movement has had a very negative impact on me personally. My wife of 6 years, who I adore, could definitely use to lose a few pounds. She is 5’6 160 lbs, and when we met she was 115 lbs. She was dieting and exercising and trying to get back to a size 2. However, she has started to pay more and more attention to articles like the one you have criticized, and now has given up on her weight loss goals. She now says that 160lbs is a perfect weight for her. It makes me SO sad!

    1. Charlie

      Michael that’s so sad 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you could suggest she takes up some fun calorie-burning activity with you? Just say it’s for fun. That way she’ll think that you want to spend more time with her (which you may want to anyway) and you might see her lose a few pounds. Then you can suggest a healthier eating regime with her (inspired by the exercise) and hopefully some weight might come off! Then, inspired by some results, she might pick up her original weight loss goals again.

      Just a suggestion 🙂

    2. KC

      Does she know you support her and want to help her lose weight? I always feel my motivation waver when I am around my BF because he makes me feel so beautiful the way I am, but that makes me upset later when I get on the scale or look in the mirror and don’t see the person I want to be.
      I don’t know your relationship, but perhaps if you say something she’ll start getting in shape, or at least think about it. You don’t have to be harsh, but if you point out how she seems less confidant than she was at a lower weight, that might start a good conversation.

      1. Nessie

        Sorry to hear your situation Michael, I can only hope you the best as if my boyfriend ever told me to lose weight. I would go on a rampage. As i’m 5’6 and 118lbs, i’m aiming to lose another 10 pounds at the most. But I make that choice not my boyfriend. But there is a difference where the fat can cause health issues. On the other hand my mom is considered over weight which in my eyes she isnt, she is still smaller then the girl in these pictures above but she has had cancer twice. So I think she deserves a break and she is very active (walking, yoga, swimming) and eats fairly well. I guess my best suggestion maybe go on a cleanse or something together start off easy doing a 3 day cleanse, see how that goes and if it goes well. Start doing every once in awhile cleanses. Its a start. Hope this helps

    3. Tessy

      If my boyfriend ever suggested I should loose weight I’d dump him instantly. I’m the only one allowed to tell myself that! Obviously, as I’m here, I aim for the skinny dream but that’s my decision to make.

      That’s what’s wrong with this article too- it’s written from the ‘male gaze’ point of view- sexualising ‘curvyness’ and making skinnyness seem unattractive.

      Guess what, we don’t care if ‘men like curves’ OR if ‘men like skinny girls’. They’re our bodies and we’ll make them what we want. If your wife is happy with her body then it’s your problem to deal with, not hers.

      1. Tara V

        My husband is a chubby chaser. I gained a lot of weight right before I met him because I had a birth control shot for cramps. BAD move.
        When the shot wore off and I lost weight again I nearly dumped him bc of that “Men want women with curves”.
        I told him I didnt give a damn what he wanted unless it was me, not my body.
        Luckily it worked out. Hate that…
        Good luck Micheal!
        I think you should suggest healthy stuff to do and eat without making ANYTHING about her or her weight. Like if you go on a health binge of exercising and eating healthy she’ll join to experiment and have fun. Not because she thinks youre unhappy with her.

  32. Luna

    In this post, I love how well-spoken you sound (not that you aren’t normally!)

    This article is a bunch of bullshit, and the anorexia “statistic” is one of the most vile things I’ve seen in a magazine. You can be fifty pounds overweight and be diagnosed with anorexia- being skinny does not make you anorexic (which is what that statistic is implying)!

    The fat pride movement is horrible. Why would we encourage people to be overweight, why would we encourage people to put themselves at a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc?

  33. Christina Ketchum

    Yep. These pics made me angry too. America is killing ourselves with food (and going into the poor house with all the medical costs associated with our food intake). Our denial of the problem is pathetic but we love our food too much to admit the truth. We need to put health warnings on food packages just like we do on cigarette packages… TWINKIES WILL KILL YOU IF YOU CONSUME 3 OF THEM A DAY, EVERY DAY. IT WILL BE A LONG AND PAINFUL DEATH. YOUR ORGANS WILL SHUT DOWN AND YOUR LIMBS WILL NEED TO BE CHOPPED OFF. YOU WILL SPEND THE LAST 5 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE WITH NO LEGS AND MULTIPLE MACHINES AND MEDICATIONS KEEPING YOU BARELY ALIVE.

    But Twinkies sure do taste yummy, right? 😉

  34. Isabelle

    I am with you on this so much I think this is really a terrible campaign, there is actually this girl i know that wants to gain a lot of weight she eats unhealthy and she says she does it because she wants to be fat and that no one should have a problem with it and that is just wrong.
    A reason most people try to get slimmer is because having excess fat is not healthy for you, people dont do it just to get accepted by society??? ofc people that are naturally big-boned can be super healthy and there is no problem with that and that is what i think people should promote instead of fat.

  35. Giovanna

    It’s amazing how everyone on this site thinks “fat” girls stuff their faces all day long. Some people just don’t have as fast a metabolism as others and most of us (like myself) are happy the way we are. I’m 5’4″, 175lbs, size 14 and I love my body. I’m lucky because my weight evenly distributes itself so I love the fact that I have a big butt and bust. I gotta be honest about something though. I come on your site sometimes to eat shit at work and just read i guess the “skinny” girls point of view and when I saw how you guys so easily criticized these women that are trying to just be themselves, it made me wanna vomit. Seriously. I don’t go around knocking down skinny girls or ragging on them for being all skin and bones. If you wanna look anorexic, then fine. go for it. I’ve chosen to be the way I am and I’m ok with it. All this negative criticism just makes me think that the majority of you guys are beyond insecure about yourselves and just need to rag on others to make yourselves feel better about the way you look. I bet you are all beautiful, but the way you criticize even celebrities for looking “huge” is ridiculous.
    Example, Hayden P. I personally think she’s gorgeous healthy and NOT fat whatsoever. Her body is sorta boxy and she’s short so it’s not like it’s her choice to be so narrow. That’s just how her body is and she’s happy with it.
    If you go back just 20 years, people were eating a lot healthier than we are nowadays. Also, the average model wasn’t a size 0 or 2. A large amount were 4+ and they looked great. They were healthy, happy and looked beautiful. Somewhere along the way, the way the public sees beauty has changed immensely. Yes, there are healthy looking models out there now and they’re gorgeous, but you guys seem to love the extremely skinny ones that are just skin and bones. I’m sorry but that is NOT healthy one bit! You don’t need to go insane and workout every single day to be “healthy”. Or starve yourself to fit in. Just make smarter food choices and get up and go workout every once in a while.
    Yes, our world’s gone to shit due to the food that’s marketed to us by fast food chains and by “laziness”, but there’s nothing wrong with someone that’s a few pant sizes larger than you are. No need to criticize every “Fat” girl you see, because trust me, the more pictures you put up and the more you pick on them, the more beautiful people like me feel when we come onto your site. 🙂

    1. Charlie

      Jesus Gio, the world doesn’t revolve around YOU. Just because you don’t criticise skinny people doesn’t mean that loads and loads of other people out there don’t, so why the hell shouldn’t we have somewhere where we can do the same back to them? We have to listen to people constantly calling skinny girls ugly, unsexy blah blah blah and you’ve also completely missed the point of this post. This post was showing how many lies these people put out about skinny people and attacking them, so I think we have a right to defend ourselves.

      Also what on earth are you doing on this site? Do you go visit sites about violent computer games and tell them how wrong and sick they all are? Go back to your fat sites and talk about how womanly and squishy you are and how skinny girls are twisted and insane.

      1. Giovanna

        If you want to criticize fat girls all day, go for it. I never said all skinny girls are insane or anorexic. My honest opinion of this site is that it takes being skinny to the extreme. I’ve seen healthy, thin people being criticized for looking a little bigger. A lot of the time this site praises extremely thin models that seriously look like they haven’t eaten in days. Yes, being fat isn’t healthy, but neither is being extremely thin. There is a thin line between looking anorexic and being thin. Skinny girls are beautiful, as so are thinker girls. Everyone has their own point of view.
        If you want to criticize fat girls all day, go for it. Doesn’t affect me in any way. This is a public website though so I can come and go to this site when I want. This is actually the first comment I’ve ever left so it’s not like I come on here and complain about something everyday. I just see it as a lot of the people this site praises for being skinny, look really unhealthy. That’s it.

        1. Charlie

          It’s the internet, get over it.
          Yes it’s unhealthy, so is being overweight – so you go onto fattie-fancying sites and tell them they’re wrong? Do you to go extreme base jumping sites and tell them they have a very high probability they’re going to die and they shouldn’t do it? Stop thinking that you have some higher-insight into all of this and go mind your own business.

          1. Nessie

            Agree w/ you Charlie I get that everyone has an opinion I just don’t get why if they are against views of being skinny why they would be looking up skinnygossip or w.e.

        2. Ally

          Euhmm at 5’4 and 175lbs you fall under the category of “obesity”, not only “overweight” with a bmi of 30! You shouldn’t be pround or feel happy what so ever to be at risk of a heart stroke or any other health problems that fat people have to face. I feel sorry for you that you are so blinded and claim to be happy that way.

          1. IC

            5 years ago, I had a BMI of 29 (almost obese, not quite). Only 2.5 years later, my BMI was 17.2 (I’m only 5’1″, this was not an insignificant amount of weight loss).
            So I’ve been on both sides, you can trust me. When I was fat, I wasn’t unhappy with myself. Genuinely, I wasn’t. In fact, if anything, I was “happier” than I am now as I didn’t have anything to worry about – I focused on my life, work, friends, boyfriend etc. I wasn’t “happy” with my body, I just didn’t find my weight “relevant” to my existence, which was carefree and filled with love, fun and socialising. No fat pride. No skinny hate. Just no thinking about it at all.

            I had other “big” friends who always looked at models and thinner actresses saying “she’s so thin – I hate her/I’m so jealous!” I NEVER did this, never even thought it. On the other hand, I also never thought there was anything wrong with being very skinny, and that there WAS something wrong with obesity, with everything in between skinniness and slightly overweight being fine – if you asked me, I’d say that was my opinion, but I never _thought about it_.

            I won’t go into the details of what happened but something did, I lost the weight – and I don’t think all that differently.

            1) I completely and wholeheartedly agree that this article is promoting overweight as healthy, which is increeedibly irresponsible! This girl is clearly above the upper range of a “healthY” BMI of 24-25 and has no muscle tone either, as others have mentioned. Promoting this as an ideal or even as quite good/healthy is socially irresponsible.

            2) However, I do think that, in their private lives, everyone is truly entitled to be however they want to be (you know your own body the best and whether you’re keeling over or puffing for breath after one flight of stairs or not)! For myself at my height and build, that’s a BMI of between 17 and 18. For others on this site, it might be a model’s BMI or closer to 15, deemed “unhealthy”, and for yet others, well they might genuinely be okay with something between 25 and 30. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as the MEDIA, which really provides a service to the public/its readers, doesn’t do stupid things like promote a weight and body type deemed actually medically unhealthy as the ideal, just in an effort to counter what they think is the too skinny “problem”

            3) Someone says that super-skinny models still have work because they do sell and have appeal. I think the truth is that slim but slightly curvy models still have more commericial/public appeal (maybe not to the users of this site, but to most people), but super skinny models get work because *designers* still prefer them. It doesn’t matter to me – I think both looks have their advantages. But I’d be doubtful that even any Victoria’s Secret models have a BMI of over 19-20ish. 25+ does NOT physically appeal to anyone. Not even other fat people, no matter what they say – I was one, so I know! Those that say they’re attracted to fat/chubby (not just slim/curvy) either a) have a weird fetish or b) are saying it to be “contrary”, in an effort against “the skinny enemy”

            4) When I was fat, I would never have come to a site like this – no, I wouldn’t have boycotted it, as I wouldn’t have minded its existence if I knew about it, but I didn’t, and I couldn’t possibly have because weight was never on my mind so I couldn’t have stumbled upon it.
            So my conclusion – the fatties who come here now and comment are in fact definitely as concerned with weight issues as any of us are, otherwise, why would they be here? Giovanna, who commented above, actually sounds like she’s practically been stalking the site, in turns feeling “disgusted” and “beautiful” and who knows what else she’s thinking – but one thing’s clear – she’s not as happy with her body as she says, because she’s thinking about _something_ to do with weight, if she’s here! How many of them are there, reading these threads everyday??
            It’s pretty sad, really. I feel like I can get a bit obsessive about weight and skinniness since I lost the weight, but at least most of the time I do look good. I couldn’t imagine being both fat AND obsessed/insecure – good thing I’ve never been both!

            5) Giovanna – fat girls DO stuff their faces (most of them)! I know some, and they do. I was one, and I’ll admit *definitely* did! I loved food! And I still do – but you can be smart about it! And yes, not everyone has the same metabolism, but if you do happen to have a slow one, eating less won’t kill you because the whole point of the slow metabolism is that you burn fuel slowly, therefore you don’t have to eat as much/as often as other people 😛 Sucks, but that’s life!

    2. Abbey

      HA! You “chose” your weight?! BS. I bet you “chose” your weight when you got so big that being healthy again seemed like an impossible goal. So, good for you. I applaud you! You don’t have the will power to lose weight so you stick a smile on your face and claim you feel beautiful. Then you go and bash on skinny girls because you are jealous that they can do it and you can’t.
      Also, just FYI, we are complaining about the fact that the editorial made overweight seem healthy, and it’s just not. And, yes, you preach about how unhealthy being skinny is, but being overweight is just as, if not more, hurtful to the body. So make sure you know what you’re talking about before you post, please.

  36. Sohara

    I completely agree. I HATE this fat pride stuff, especially because it goes hand in hand with public derision of thinner people. It also seems to suggest to people that they’re better off being overweight than even trying to look skinny, because skinny = anorexia! Bullshit.

    What also burns my hide is the idea that you can publicly talk about skinny people being unhealthy and underweight, childish, skeletal, too thin, ugly, etc., but the second you say “ugh, she looks fat and hideous”, people turn on you as though you’ve just begun wearing a Klan robe and waving a Confederate flag. It’s maddening. Because of the fat pride movement, I sit in graduate-level classes every day with people who freely talk about how skinny is unwomanly and how curves are gorgeous, and I have to exercise some serious self-restraint.

    It’s nice to see a place where people feel the same way I do about being fat.

    And, as a response to zillions of comments talking about how men prefer women with curves, or a little oomph in their walkaway, or God knows what other awful phrases – WE’RE NOT THAT SHALLOW. I wouldn’t dream of being thin ONLY because that was what my boyfriend liked. He does happen to really like skinny girls, but I’d never force myself into a lifestyle I hated for a result I didn’t like JUST to please my significant other. And I’d never, ever change my mind about the aesthetic I want for myself just because “guys like girls with curves”. So? Not my problem. I want to be able to like me when I look in the mirror. If the person I’m with can’t get over that, I’m dating the wrong person.

    You don’t change into something you hate just because someone you’re attracted to likes it, not if you have an ounce of self-respect or self-appreciation.

  37. bluskygirl

    I frankly, am ashamed that all of you can talk about women of a different shape and size that way, as if that is what determines their worth. For those of you who feel that size is the only thing that matters, wake up! You are under the control of society who tells you to look a certain way. Think for yourself… Judge yourself, fine, but don’t waste your time slamming others.

    To be skinny or normal… who cares? Don’t you care about being educated? Being moral? Being compassionate? I’m sorry that look at a person with fat on their body “makes you sick”, but that’s your problem! Maybe accept that in life we all come in different packages, and we all have something equally valuable to bring to life?

    1. Charlie

      Your point is exactly what this post is trying to argue against. At least give us the decency of reading what this is about before you go on your angry prejudiced internet bash on us just because you think you know what we’re talking about. Then go visit another site and bash what they’re in support of with your oh-so higher view of what’s important in life.

    2. Abbey

      Just because we frequent this website where we can talk about a belief that we all have in common doesn’t mean we only care about this… It might shock you to learn that everyone here has a life and has people and things that they love and are passionate about. Wake up! Don’t assume you know all of us just because you read something we wrote and it happened to rub you the wrong way…

    3. Sohara


      I care about being healthy, about living for a very long time, just like my grandmother, who is about to celebrate her century. I care about being able to do anything I want, from fitting into gorgeous clothes that look stunning on me to running for miles and miles, or dancing for as long as I want to. I want to be able to wear shoes as high as they go without worrying about breaking my heels. I want to feel that I am more powerful than the fleeting desire to shove a glazed doughnut into my mouth. I want to be able to give myself fully to a fascinating book without a constant habit of eating intruding. I want to face my yearly checkups without fearing that this year will be the one I’ll get the dreaded diabetes or heart disease conversation. I want to be able to wear jeans without being afraid that my inner thighs will be rubbed raw. I want to be able to take stairs two at a time and feel my boyfriend grab me up into his arms and hold me without letting my toes touch the floor. I want to do cartwheels with no provocation and to think nothing of walking five miles on a blisteringly hot day. I don’t want to infuriate my seat partner by spilling over the edges of my seat on an airline. I want a career as an actress that is not limited by a lack of being able to control the food I put into my mouth.

      None of this seems unreasonable. What seems unreasonable is this desire to glorify people for their life choices if these choices would make it hard for them to do many if not all of these things, and many more into the bargain.

  38. Olivia

    That article was probably written by a fat person and they are trying to justify why they are so big. This woman is not a healthy size! She isn’t toned at all and I bet they did a heap of work on photoshop… I completely agree with most of you, this article is campaigning fat pride and not accepting that some girls are naturally thin due to genetics and lifestyle. There is no way that if this article was reversed (focusing on skinny girls) that it would be accepted. 50 years ago there weren’t as many fat people as there are today. People have become greedy! and this greed should never be accepted, let alone promoted! Bluskygirl, I am thinking for myself and I think I want to be thin and healthy. I am well educated and want to take pride in body, after all it’s the only one I will get.

  39. Alice

    SkinnyGurl – sadly, there *is* physical criteria for anorexia: BMI 17.5 or less. BUT you’re right: anorexia is definitely a MENTAL disease, not a diet or a glamorous model look! The comment in the original post was vile, and trivialised the suffering of people with eating disorders. Anorexia isn’t about “looking like a runway model”. It’s self hatred!

    And ugh, “Fat Acceptance” makes me so angry. You think curves are “healthy”? Then show a woman with a “healthy” BMI! BMI 21! Because being overweight isn’t “healthy”. And “curves” is not a synonym for “rolls”.

  40. Sofia

    Seriously people?!
    I am disgusted by this! The pictures are an eyesore. Katya has a beautiful face, but she doesn’t look healthy! What is healthy for that magazine? Ten McDonald’s meals a day?
    Since when is cholesterol, heart diseases and not being able to move out of bed attractive?
    I don’t give a hoot about what the average is, come on! Since when does average means healthy?
    I hate, hate, HATE it when they are all “oh, accept your beautiful curves” to plus size women and “shame on you, eat a cheeseburger” to skinny women. Are you kidding me? This is an insult to all women smaller than a size 6!
    And being plus size doesn’t mean “curves”! How ignorant are people nowadays? Having curves means having a small waistline and hips and shoulders the same size! Scarlett Johansson is curvy, Marilyn Monroe was curvy. Katya Zharakova isn’t curvy.
    Slender people have problems with society too, especially with all those Fat Lovers around.
    Just because fat people want to feel better about themselves doesn’t mean that they should blame it all and talk badly about the skinny people.
    It’s so frustrating! Nobody understands!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Skinny Gurl.
    This is one of my favorite posts.

  41. Bunny

    I totally agree with you SG! Fat people totally gross me out. I love this post because you make a valid response to these photos and captions. Sadly, the whole fat pride thing won’t go away because there are too many obese people in this country. And as more people get fat, the more it will become acceptable. It’s disgusting.

    1. Fili

      I do. I actually have some friends who are struggling with their overweight.
      They don´t “sicken” me, if you mean their appearance.
      I just HATE and I am disgusted by fat people, when they
      a) trying to “explain” their appearance using phrases like “It runs in the family”, “I have (random number) children”, “I have an office job and no time to workout”… bla
      b) express their pride that they´re fat, and going on about this like “real men love real women”, and stuff like this.
      Otherwise, I think they´re just normal people.

    2. Sohara

      I know many obese people; many of them are my classmates. Sitting in a Ph.D. program for years and years seems to do bad things to people’s weight. What grosses me out is listening to them eat; it’s enough to make me never want to eat again. Otherwise, I don’t mind being around them and like many of them personally – what makes me not hang around them is their frequently voiced comments claiming they’d rather have curves than look skeletally anorexic, even when I’m standing right next to them. (I’m not super super-thin, either. My BMI is below 20, I have a small xylophone and small waist, but I carry weight in my bust and hips. I tend to wear super-high heels to cheat.)

      I don’t mind them as people until they start talking about weight, honestly. They say things like “you just have a fast metabolism and I don’t”, and it makes me furious because i work at being my size, and I’m working to lose more. I’m not just coasting through life, eating at Chinese buffets every night of the year, the way they do. And I hate, hate, hate the looks I get when they look at the food I eat and I have to face statements like “God, just eat something, eat like something real, like a cheeseburger, you’re too thin.”

      It’s like everything in comparison to them is too small, and insecurity makes them bitch about either themselves or other people. I think that that’s a direct repercussion of the fat pride movement, and it makes them uncomfortable to be around.

      1. Sohara

        Yeah, okay that’s probably more honest than my really long, more PC answer. None of my close friends, the people I have dated, or the person I am dating are obese. And none of the people I really want to be friends with are, either.

        I feel like it has a lot more to do with life interests, too, though. To be around someone with that kind of a relationship to food, a relationship that I would witness frequently, is not something I would prefer. I also don’t like dating super-muscular men, because, whether true or not, they give the impression of spending far too much time worrying about their physical appearance than anything else. It’s not just a fat thing. I also don’t like hanging around people who think they’re “real people” because they disdain education and can’t spell.

        Maybe it’s also partly a case of similar people gravitating to similar ones. It makes us feel more comfortable anthropologically.

    3. KC

      yes, I have a good friend who is obese. Usually I can look past it, but it sometimes makes me feel sick when she tries to be “sexy” or talks about how she loves her body (or when she bitches about being fat). The hardest part of being around her is when we go out to eat and she orders crap and teases me for what I eat/how little.
      Years and years ago I weighed 220lbs, now I’m 140ish ( and losing more everyday) so I understand her side of all this. Getting/staying skinny IS HARD WORK-Fat people can’t tell me “oh you’re lucky you’ve got a fast metabolism” because I DON’T.

  42. devilette5678

    I’m a size 11/12 and i work out 2 and a half hours a day, five days a week. I hate when people say all overweight people aren’t healthy! I’m not obese, but I am overweight and I can probably outrun any of you guys who are posting! I also take care of my body by eating healthy, not because I want to look a certain way but because I want to feel good. While I don’t believe these pictures portray the “average woman” I don’t think what all of you guys are saying is average either! The average girl is usually on the thinner side but have a roll or two, not everyone is meant to be a size -1!

    1. Abbey

      That’s our point; the average woman nowadays is overweight, and that’s not a good thing… Also, we want to look a certain way because it makes US feel good to be thin, attractive, and care-free even when wearing the tiniest amount of clothing. I don’t think most overweight people get to enjoy that feeling…

  43. NatalieK

    This article is just disgusting! I’m sick of the photos only! I don’t get it, does someone really like this size of butt and cellulite? And I simply don’t understand, how can a girl carry that much fat on her bones and still feel comfortable?
    It took me 5 years to lose weight and now, when I”m absolutely happy with my weight, (177cm, 47kgs) I am called psycho, freak, anorexic etc…
    A lot of girls claim, that they’re happy with their curves, but guess what, it’s just envy speaking!
    Thin is the new Sexy!

  44. Kelsy

    Thank you! I am a naturally very small woman, at 5’2″ and 97 lbs. I am a mostly vegan save for a little cheese or chocolate I might have as the occasional treat, and I eat health food. I also work out. I get accused of being “anorexic” because of this. Are you freakin kidding me?! Just because I happen to be small by genetics and I bother to take care of my body I have an eating disorder?! I feel amazing because of the food and health choices I make. Maybe if some of these girls who accuse me of being anorexic bothered to do the same, they’d be in better moods and wouldn’t have to spew their hate onto me and other girls like me!

  45. Dani

    This is my first post but after reading that article and looking at the pictures I wanted to make a few comments. I assume the article wanted to promote a healthy self image for larger women but to me it looked like a bash on thinner people. It expressed that clothing stores cater to smaller people. Well I completely disagree with that. I have the most impossible time finding clothes that fit unless I shop in Juniors sections. Most places I have been in start selling pants and dresses at a 4. And the 4 seems like it should be an 8. It’s hard to look like a professional adult when you have to wear Juniors clothing. I think someone commented earlier that they don’t sell the smaller clothes because they don’t want to encourage a negative body weight. Well excuse me if that’s true but I am not unhealthy at all. And I think it is insane that a 24 is acceptable but I can’t even buy clothes for adults!

    1. Kelsy

      Same for me! I get so tired of people complaining that the largest size at H&M or whatever store, is too small for them. Just because they can’t fit into the size, doesn’t mean the size is wrong…In fact, sizes these days are far skewed from say, 30 years ago. A size 0 today, is probably closer to a 3 or 4 back then. It makes sense! I am an extra small person, and I wear size extra small!
      I’m 27, and I’ve yet to purchase clothes made for an adult, because every time I’ve tried them on, I look like I’m wearing a vacuum cleaner bag. (Except Petite Sophisticate, thank God for them!)

  46. jodi

    the obesity epidemic is out of control, and anyone who promotes it in any shape or form is just negligent and sick. its not pretty its not healthy, its sick and lazy and gluttonous. Now us skinny girls get scrutinized everywhere we go, we must be sick anorexic on drugs etc etc we get bullied now its totally backwards and so wrong 😮 thanks for the anti-thinspo. how could you not care about your health and life and body? its just disgusting and so lazy :p

    1. Jocelyn

      Beauty comes in every shape, size, & color. Being overweight doesn’t mean your unhealthy. And being plus size doesn’t mean your overweight. The size that is being considered as plus size is a size 6, now that sad. I’m a plus sized girl myself & yet I have no health problems nor do I live in a unhealthy life. I see nothing wrong with thin people other than most of them view as being a “plus sized” girl is disgusting when they don’t even know the majority of people who are. I see as long as your healthy, then there is no problem with it.

    2. Gingeroses

      To say you are a victim of discrimination by being called anorexic or on drugs because you are thin does not make it right to do the same to those who are on the “bigger” side. You can be a thin girl and be at the best health of your life. Alternatively, you can be “larger” and be just as healthy. We all need to strive to improve our health. We need to stop this belligerent name-calling and hate and work together to support every beautiful body. We need to make each other aware that health is what’s important and can come in all shapes and sizes, big or small.

  47. CiCee

    Skinny Gurl, I love your website, you, and this post, which made me both ROFL and nod my head agreement. However, one correction- there IS a physical requirement for anorexia-you need to have a BMI of under 17.5, unfortunately, and if you don’t meet that BMI but have the other components you are usually diagnosed as EDNOS (though they may be changing this in future DSM editions because anorexia is definitely a more mental than physical disease). However, I completely agree with you on your statement that “anorexia is a psychological condition…not a size, shape, or weight.” It’s ridiculous to compare models who are naturally slim because they are young and have good genes to those who keep themselves that size because of a mental disorder-like comparing Olympic athletes who have a low fat mass to eating disordered individuals. The size you are is such a small component of anorexia (and argued irrelevant by opponents of the current DSM criterion) that using that as a forefront example of “why skinny models are bad” is just a logical fallacy by the magazine used to garner support by Americans who would rather eat than think critically.

  48. Marianna

    ”Fat pride” – are you kidding me?!?!?! God, this is so so bad.

    People shouldn’t be proud that they’re fat, not because they’re NOT SEXY, but because it’s UNHEALTHY to be overweight. Who cares about sexy – that’s really subjective. But being proud of being FAT?

    We know people can be very very slim WITHOUT disordered eating, but can you be OVERWEIGHT with healthy eating behaviour? umm, no.

    1. Mikki

      Actually you can be, but I suppose it’s rare. There are many conditions that can cause obesity however I think the majority of obese peoples simply overeat and don’t exercise enough. I don’t understand how they let themselves et that way… What’s puzzling though is that there are so pro athletes who win nation and world wide competitions that are wayy fat. How can they be so fit and still be fat? They must eat A LOT to counteract any activity they are doing.

    2. lana

      If we said ok, let’s start putting fat models in magazines, lets not allow thin normal models to model clothes, you know what would happen? people would get fatter, get heart disease, strokes, and contenuie to gain more weight because if they see these fat fucks in magazines, they’ll think “OH IT’s OK THAT I’M FAT-SO ARE THE GIRLS IN THE MAGAZINES!” If you look at ANY other country besides the USA, NOONE is that fat! It’s only in this country where its considered “normal” to be fat!! Doesnt anyone see that hmm when youre fat, you get all tyoes of desieases that are associated with being fat and being fat only?!!! Or do they wanna brush that under the rug becasue they don’t wanna get their lazy fat asses off the couch and go to the gym and stop eating pasta by the pound? What is this country coming to?!!!!

      1. Beth

        “fat pride” comes from the insane desire to avoid hurting people’s feelings. I am so sick of the recent American desire to keep everyone happy and not have to face the facts. Many doctors…health care professionals…will not bring up an obese person’s weight unless the patient does, because they don’t want to insult them. Insane, right?! I remember the days when we had ‘tough love” and “brutally honest”. We need to go back to that. I’m not saying be cruel, but America needs a big dose of reality. (btw, I agree with many of you. I don’t want to see some unhealthy big girls flaunting their half-naked bodies around. It’s like saying ‘hey folks, it’s cool to have heart disease and diabetes!’)

    3. Emlee

      Well… one of my friends eats very healthy and is a dancer but would be considered ‘fat’ because she had surgery and the pills given to her made her body soak up water. So she looks it. But this is one in a million… I agree there really are not that many excuses 🙂

    4. Grey

      That’s ridiculous. You’re saying everyone loves pizza. You’re saying everyone loves thin women, and by “thin” you mean underweight.

      Being 5’5″ and 92 pounds sounds more healthy than a different person at 5’5″ and 160 pounds, but has nothing to do with the thin woman smoking and drinking and purging and having genetic pre-dispositions to heart disease and cancer.
      Some men like men. Some men don’t like thin women. Some people don’t like pizza. Some women love disgusting canned olives. It’s true. Arguing health against morbid obesity is one thing, but categorizing anyone who isn’t thin as being unhealthy is inaccurate.
      But saying that all people are attracted to thin women is absolutely ridiculous. If everyone liked the same thing, we wouldn’t eat anything but pizza.
      And canned olives.

    5. Aoife

      The sad part is that they aren’t proud of themselves and they just want to surround themselves in blubber to feel better about the fact that they are too lazy to get off the couch.

  49. ?

    If 2/3 of women are overweight and 1/3 are obese that equals 100% of all women.
    It’s really hard to take you seriously when you can’t do simple arithmetic.

    1. Skinny Gurl

      Um, aren’t 100% of obese women overweight?

      Don’t worry, hun – with any luck, once you finish 5th grade you’ll be able to think of stuff like this all by yourself.


      1. ?

        Try again, Darling.
        Your comment was, “In the US, for example, the average woman is 40 lbs overweight; 2/3 of women are overweight and 1/3 of women are obese.”
        2/3 + 1/3 – 3/3 or 100%
        By your math, there are only overweight and obese women in the USA.

        Make all the snotty comebacks you want, the error is on your part, not mine.

        1. Sohara

          You absolute dope. That statistic clearly states that 2/3 of all women are overweight and that 1/3 of all women are obese. Ergo: half of all overweight women are obese. That comment does NOT say that 2/3 of all women are overweight and that the additional 1/3 of women, who are not overweight, are obese.

          God. Seriously?

          2/3 = overweight
          1/3 = obese

          ERGO, you fucking idiot: 1/3 of women are not overweight, 1/3 of women are simply overweight, and 1/3 of women are obese. Which equal 100%.

          1. Sabrina Bella

            I get it and I got it from the start BUT admittedly that is a confusing way to state the whole thing. You could just say 2/3 of the population of women in the USA are overweight and 1/2 of the overweight people are obese.

          2. Tara V

            To say 2/3 are overweight and 1/2 of them are obese is way more confusing and wordy.
            Esp. when compared to the self explanatory 2/3 are overweight and 1/3 are obese…

        2. Michael

          Rather than debating endlessly about statistics, can we all just agree that there are way too many fat women in America. That seems like a good starting point!

        3. Sofia

          Um, you do know that the 1/3 of obese women are part of the 2/3 of overweight women, right?
          Or are you fat, dumb AND stubborn?

        4. lana

          ok listen fatty, gripe about something else besides the math…how about instead of going on this website you get your self loathing fat ass off the couch and go for a run…and don’t even try to tell me you aren’t fat, we all can tell you are based on the rant you just went on about incorect math…. we all know deep down you hate you fat stomach and wish you were skinny, but are too lazy to do shit about it. So if you don’t like the website, don’t visit it just to gripe- I don’t go to your neighborhood Mcdonald’s and bitch about you holding up the line while you order 3 cheeseburgers supersized. 🙂

    2. MM

      The statistic actually says:
      Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 33.9% (2007-2008)
      Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are overweight (and not obese): 34.4% (2007-2008)

      Which means that 40% of Americans have a BMI of 24.9 or under.

      1. MM

        Because you have to be overweight before you can be obese, many news outlets report that 2/3 of America is overweight, when it’s reall 1/3 overweight and 1/3 obese.

    3. markportd

      Thinking your the one that does not understand math. so allow me to break it down for you… Simply put: 2/3 of American women are over weight.. (statement complete) Simply put: 1/3 of American are Obese… (statement complete) Get it? The statement was NOT ” 2/3 of American women are over weight and the remaining 1/3 are obese “.. Now do you get it??? It’s really hard to take YOU seriously when YOU can’t understand simple arithmetic AND the English language.. Duhhhhhh

    4. Joann

      Actually what she meant was 2/3 of people are overweight and then half of these people are technically obese (making that 1/3 of the total population) but I agree it was worded weirdly.

    5. rolypolydude

      Alright, came here after reading about the Kate Upton flap. As a guy who is overweight, I am 180 degrees away from the desired demographic. However, I can do math, and “?” you’re kind of a moron.

      2/3 of women are overweight.

      obesity is severe overweight-ness.

      therefore, quite logically, 1/3 of women are simply overweight, and another 1/3 are actually obese. 1/3 + 1/3 = 2/3.

      As for the whole skinny gurl thing…I grew up around way too many latinas, and I love a big round ass and some supple boobs. if that makes those girls fat, then line up the fat girls.

      That said, as long as you’re healthy, keep doin’ what you do.

    6. Aoife

      LOL I thought the same thing..but it’s actually

      2/3 are over and 1/3 of the 2/3 are obese

      so 1/3 of all women are not overweight or obese and 2/3 are

      1. Skinny Gurl

        NO! 2/3 of all US women are overweight. Half (1/2) of them (representing 1/3 of all women) are obese. Jesus, people – I agree I could have been clearer in the original article but is it really that hard to get your little heads around?

  50. Al

    I hate this kind of thing.. It’s not “real beauty” or whatever, it’s just lazy and unnatural. These people don’t know what it means to be at your full potential.

    1. Gingeroses

      You’re right. “Real beauty” comes from confidence and everyone striving to lead healthy lifestyles. This can mean you can workout and eat right and still be a “bigger” or curvy girl or you can workout and eat right and be on the thin side. It doesn’t matter what size you are, what matters is that you’re doing what’s best for YOU, not what anyone else expects of you. Being at your full potential equates more to being a good person and striving to make the world a better place by supporting your fellow (wo)man. We need to work together to show that we can all be healthy and still come in every shape and size.

  51. Naome

    I wish we all paid taxes and medical insurance per lb of body weight. I swear there would be no fat people in the world.

    1. Sabrina Bella

      ahahaha!!!! I TOTALLY agree! lol But I think that might just promote eating disorders… lol But still! Its not like insanely obese people are any healthier to be honest so really, what does it matter?

    2. Sohara

      Well, we do, sort of. Thin girls usually don’t pay for joint replacement surgery, diabetes medication, heart surgery, etc. They do pay more. It doesn’t help.

  52. Jess

    I’m totally agree with your opinion, anyway oversize girls aren’t beautiful but also aren’t HEALTIER than the super skinny girls, if someone want to lose weight, with a natural and very complete low calories diet you can starve and be healty at the same time, but these girls in the magazing, are just being more and more fat with the pass of the years.

  53. LittleMissLovelyBones

    I’ve been saying it all along: If you don’t want models to be skinny, making them fat isn’t going to help.
    “Women have curves” not rolls! >:|

  54. Wendy

    Ummmm, I’ve been lurking for a while and I just wanted to say something. Although I do love and agree with the perspective you’ve given these pictures with your hot pink captions, I also believe that it’s possible to go too far in the other direction. Although I don’t think that obese is healthy at all and I don’t feel that being PROUD of it should be an agenda that is pushed by anyone, I also don’t feel that there is any pride to be felt for having your chest ribs showing or for having a muscular body either, for that matter. I think that the reality is that we each get the body we get and should strive to treat our bodies as well as we possibly can. We should each be allowed to feel happy and satisfied with what our bodies can do and appreciate our bodies for that. That girl in that last picture seems to be more flexible than most skinny girls I know. I certainly would not call these women’s bodies aspirational but I wouldn’t call the emaciated supermodels you so want to look like aspirational, either. Just because they are skinny does not make them healthy (there is such a thing as “skinny/fat”) and just because the ladies on this post are overweight does not automatically mean they are UNhealthy. I am most certainly above my ideal weight but I can assure you that I have absolutely no trouble getting out of bed in the morning and can, in fact, outrun a good half of my skinny friends. My blood pressure is perfect, my cholesterol levels are low and I always have a good amount of energy. I prepare my own (organic and healthy) meals, I don’t overeat and I’m not a sweets/sodas person, I enjoy outdoor excercise and get out every opportunity I get and yet here I am, lingering in the overweight but not obese category on the BMI scale. Am I consistently bettering myself and slowly getting lighter? Sure, but I certainly am in no rush to look like a sack of bones covered in skin. Skinny girls, I absolutely feel for you and how people treat you for being skinny. It’s not fair at all, in fact, it’s downright cruel. No one has the right to tell you how you should eat, or feel about your body. No one has the right to tell you to go eat a cheeseburger because you’re thin but isn’t that what you do to “fat” girls? Say they need to take the cheeseburger out of their mouth as you look at them in disgust? Post pictures of women who were under what is considered a healthy body fat percentage for a woman and call them “fat” when they gain 10 pounds… 10 pounds which ironically bring them into what the medical community would consider a HEALTHY body weight. Every single body is different. Some women truly are incredidly skinny naturally no matter what they do, some are just muscular, some are apple shaped and some are pear shaped. No one wants anyone telling them how they should look, including you. Maybe take that into consideration next time you’re so hard on your less than skin and bones sisters. The truth is, MOST women are not NATURALLY boney, including many of you. Which is why you visit sites like this and need “Starvation tips of the day”. If you have to force your body into starvation mode to FORCE it to use your muscle mass for sustenance so that you, too, can have a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between your thighs or “Xylophone” chest then I hate to break it to you, but you are more than likely not at ALL as healthy as you think. I don’t knock it, it’s your body and it’s your choice. I just don’t think it’s fair to criticize others or feel superior to anyone else for not conforming to type of self cruelty for a look that YOU think is ideal. Just some food for thought from a “fatty”.

    1. deirdre


      First of all – it is true that being overweight (not obese!) – does not automatically mean being unhealthy. There are numerous legitimate medical studies to this effect, and our bodies being the amazing, wondrous miracles as they are – are being able to function at a level very close to normal even under significant stress that the extra fat and weight means.

      In addition – YES. There IS something called skinny/fat, which happens when, at a low BMI, a person’s body fat levels are higher than normal. It is quite deleterious to one’s health, and is definitely not something to aspire for. In fact, it is usually seen from studies that being overweight is often less terrible than being skinny/fat with a low BMI.

      However. This is a free country. This site is made for women (or girls, in however spelling one would wish to use) who aspire to be NOT something that is normal or common, but something that is rare and extraordinary in our everyday society, and are willing to work very hard for it.

      If you, personally, have a different ideal – then – best of luck – but you most definitely are on the wrong site.

      This is not a pro-anorexia site. It is one dedicated to being *thin* – not skin-and-bones-sick-and-out-of-whack – but THIN. While anorexia is a horrible, complicated disease, and should be treated – no one “catches” it from a site – and most girls that develop it do not do so out of the desire to “lose a few”. I can argue that the sites like this can be a triggering factor – but so can be someone’s unthoughtful remark, an image, a heart broken by someone, and so on.

      The responsibility to stay sane and healthy lies upon the individual, and to some degree – upon their loved ones, parents and etc in case of the underaged. It would be a serious affront upon the freedom of everyone else, if any site deemed dangerous, or even mildly triggering would be in danger of critique from people that neglected to watch themselves, their children and their friends.

      Anyway. This reply is turning into a wall of text of its own, so i shall wrap it up by saying – live and let live. If this site rattles your soul – GO ELSEWHERE.

      The world wide web IS wide. Leave us to starve in fucking peace, thank you.

      1. Wendy


        That was a great reply. I’m going to reply to your reply because of how defensive your tone got right in the middle.

        1. I at no point mentioned the word anorexia in my post. I accused no one of being anorexic and I did not even hint at such a belief. I used the word “starvation” because it’s the word you all use. I also never implied that it was a disease that can be “caught”. I know what anorexia is, please don’t make me sound ignorant. I’m fat, not stupid.

        2. I understand what your ideals are, I’ve been coming here long enough. I wasn’t criticizing them, I was just saying that your ideals don’t actually make you better than anyone else, they just make you unique and desirable to those who SHARE your ideals.

        3. Since you just said it’s a free country, it kind of hurts my feelings that you’re kicking me out (Us fatties are weak and sensitive like that).

        4. Nothing I said was meant to be an attack… Would smilies have helped in making my post sound less critical? 🙂

        5. I think I’ll stay. Just because I don’t have the same ideals doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how sassy and determined all you ladies are. Besides, fresh perspectives spark interesting dialogues. I have a different yet non-judgemental perspective from you, that could be fun.

        6. If any of this bothers you, I’m sorry, I can’t help it that I’m a bad-ass motherfucker. 🙂

        See you on the forums! 🙂

      2. Abbey

        That was genius, not wendy’s run-of-the-mill “we are who we are” shit. I mean, come on, why come to this site to tell us we’re wrong? Do you think we’re just gonna suddenly have an epiphany because of your oh-so-wise words? Ha!

        1. Wendy

          Ooooh, so angry. You know, a lot of people get really testy when they’re hungry. Maybe you should eat something, might make you feel better :). Might make you more likable, you know? I hear women look prettier when they’re happy, true story. 😉

          I’m not trying to change you. No big epiphany. Just an opinion that differs from yours and some facts to settle some erronious beliefs. I can see how that would be hard for you to swallow, kind of like food… Oooooooohh!!! Just kidding!! Sort of. I have my moments of wisdom but I take responsibility only for what I write, not what you understand… Or don’t for that matter. 🙂

  55. Calvin

    Keep in mind this material was written for a magazine FOR fat girls. They are writing what their userbase wants to hear, not cold, hard truth that they don’t want to hear. I doubt this magazine would be selling well to plus sized girls if the magazine was called “Fat Cow Magazine” and the article went on to make fun of overweight people.

  56. Bekuki

    no no, you’re being the dumb one, “?”. it’s 2/3 out of 3/3 is overweight. and then 1/3 out of 3/3 is obese. you don’t frackin add the fractions…. so it’s saying the LEFTOVER 1/3 of the population is normal/underwight or what have you. and don’t call ppl “darling”, it’s obnoxious, sweety

  57. Crystal

    These images are so photoshopped. It’s quite hypocritical for them to say all this stuff and then photoshop the plus size model to look smaller. People just don’t get that ALL models (plus size, straight size, athletic models etc) are smaller then the people who they’re selling products to. What I really wish for is more diversity of skin colors not body types.

    1. Sohara

      Agree. I’m terribly white but still find many of the advertisements boring. The most striking ad I ever saw was a very dark, dark model with a shaved head, wearing a host of gorgeous diamonds and nothing else. I still remember that years later. And I’ll always believe that many Indian women are more beautiful than many white women could hope to aspire to…so yeah. Skin diversity = gorgeous; body diversity….there should be limits.

  58. Debbie

    Fat Pride makes me sick!!!! I am proud to be super skinny. In fact, I feel SUPERIOR to fat people! I AM better because I am thin!

    1. Wendy

      No, you’re not superior. You may be thin but you’re also an idiot for saying something so ignorant, they cancel each other out.

      1. Sohara

        As intolerant as it sounds, she has a point – she is not self-destructing. Personally, I feel that, yes, if you are thin you are less likely to die early and have a host of awful, expensive, and debilitating diseases. People who work to be thin have made a damn smart life choice that will help them live better and longer, with better self-esteem. Plus they’re less likely to cause their family fear and misery in case they have heart attacks or develop diabetes. And a mother’s diet directly affects the children she has; a great example is my classmate, who lives on fast food and feeds her increasingly fat baby soy formula, and the baby is in and out of the hospital with ear infections and fevers. Being fat and making terrible food choices is fucking stupid and destructive.

        1. Wendy

          Lots of skinny people make terrible nutritional choices. Some are naturally skinny and eat just as much junk as some fat people and some skinny people are skinny because they deprive themselves of their nutritional needs while still getting little or no exercise. Some skinny people eat lots of junk but play sports. Thin people can have health problems too. Being skinny makes you better than no one. It just makes you skinny.

          1. Sohara


            The amount of food you eat – i.e. the amount of time your body spends breaking down food and digesting it as opposed to reconstructing/healing itself – is directly proportional to long life, more so than the type of food you eat (although I still make the choice to live mostly on vegetables).

            I would also argue that being thin makes you a better example for children, cousins, siblings, or relations. How many obese parents do you know whose children are slim and healthy?

            Weight affects more than just the amount of space you take up.

          2. thisgirl

            “Lots of skinny people make terrible nutritional choices. Some are naturally skinny and eat just as much junk as some fat people[…]”

            No! No, no, no! A naturally skinny person might eat junk food but unless they are a competitive eater or athlete (neither of which counts because they are working off that “junk” food), they are not eating as much junk as fat people. They just aren’t. If you actual compare portions throughout the day and calories consumed, you WILL see a difference. As much as people wish it was, the fact is that there is a very, very tiny subset of people who would have issues loosing weight. Go look at any group of people who doesn’t have food and see if you find any fat people. And none of that “slow metabolism” nonsense. Any one that actually looks up metabolism issues knows that slow metabolisms are very rare. Metabolism is how much mass you have, meaning that bigger people actually have higher metabolism. Now, I don’t agree with the idea that a skinny woman is better than a fat woman simply because of their weight, trying to act like people don’t have control over what their bodies looks like is such bull.

        2. Debbie

          Sohara, you are so wise and right on the money. It is true that obesity is an extremely expensive epidemic for society, so people can be as proud as they want about their obesity, but the FACTS are: if you are fat, you are guaranteed to be sicker. That is indisputable fact. Because I am thin, I will have a better chance at a longer, healthier, and therefore a better life. Being proud of being fat will not protect people from the devastating health consequences of overweight.

      2. Debbie

        Wendy, I respect what you are saying, but the fat model still looks completely hideous. BTW, I am a highly educated healthcare professional. I am certainly not an idiot and I would certainly not call anyone an idiot on this site merely for expressing her opinion. I am confident enough in my own beliefs that I would not be threatened by someone else’s.

        1. Wendy

          It was my opinion that your opinion that your are BETTER than all fat people was stupid and that you thinking that it’s OK to say something like that out loud made you an idiot. I wasn’t threatened by your opinion at all. You see how that one little thing formed my entire opinion of you as a human being? Because I now think you to be an idiot I can say that makes me better than you (it doesn’t). The fact that you are a “highly educated healthcare professional” makes it even worse, since that statement is extremely ignorant. The fact that you would never call someone an idiot if you thought them to be one doesn’t make you better than me either, BTW. The truth is, I’m not better than you and you’re not better than me. You’re not better than any fat person merely for being thin, since that is only 1 of the many things that make a person who they are. I don’t think that model is hideous and I don’t think she’s hot either. I don’t believe in “fat pride” but I don’t believe a thin person to be better than a fat one merely for being thin. Overweight people are more at risk for certain illnesses but thin people get sick, too. Especially those who are thin as a result of poor nourishment. I don’t criticize anyone who prefers to be thin. But never in a million years will being thin make you better than any fat person.

          1. Debbie

            You are angry. That is so obvious. Is it because you are FAT? You hate me because I am thin and you are fat. I deal with this every day. Fatties hate skinny chicks. That has become a sad reality. I am sad for you (NOT!!!!). No, kidding aside, lol, I am better than you because I am thin. That is a fact. You should lose a few pounds. It would likely do wonders for your mood.

          2. Wendy

            I’m not angry at all. Not even a little bit. It’s impossible to be angry at someone you pity. I’ve never hated a skinny person in my life since I don’t define myself by my weight. The belief that being thin makes you better is ignorant, that doesn’t make me angry, it just makes me wonder where the disconnect from reality happened in your mind. When you actually started to believe that thinness is the only quality that matters in a person. I have no problem with my size, I can lose the weight any time. Your issues, on the other hand, are a lot harder to fix. It’s impossible to cure stupid.

          3. SlenderDefender

            Dear Debbie…
            I agree with slim rolemodels for our society, for the reasons entailed above. However… take a look at the world around you. Look at the sunsets, and the cities, and the dreamers and the tradgedies, look at the people, the lovers, the visionaries, the deep complexity of life and people and personalites. Learn about them. Meet them. Love them. Learn not to measure by waist size. Your doing yourself an injustice.. people will see you as short sighted, ignorant, narrow minded by that comment. physical appearance is a minor part of life, and hate is a strong emotion. You could be slim and mentaly impaired. you are no better or worse than others because of this…

      3. lana

        listen fatty, ;et her feel how she wants to feel. im happy, skinny, and if debbie is, let her be happy! you should probably join a pro fatty website so you can vent your fruatration elsewhere. Thanks for your input! 😉

  59. Debbie

    What about this new phenomenon that I call “FAT SISTERHOOD?” It goes beyond fat pride and is almost cult-like. It it so pervasive in my work place. All of the women I work with are fat and I am the only thin one. Talk about exclusion and discrimination! If you are fat, and the fatter the better, you are automatically part of “the club.” If you are thin, you are OUT! All special privileges and promotions are given to my fat co-workers. It is so frustrating and hurtful. I would like to buy a fat suit to wear to work so that I can fit in. The discrimination and verbal abuse is becoming more than I can bear.

    1. Sohara

      Hah, I deal with this sort of garbage all the time – except I’m in an MFA acting program, and I’m certainly the thinnest one in the group. Ergo: I’ve had leads far more often than any of the other girls because, hello, I fit the type. Hatorade’s fun stuff! (Yeah, it’s really uncomfortable.)

    2. Lizzelle

      That is disgusting behaviour! They are only putting you down honey to make themselves feel better. Just be careful not be within height distance of them as one may fall on you and break your wrist. It happened to me. No joke.

    3. lana

      Why would you want to be part of that club? I understand you have to work with these women, but you have to realize it’s a defense mechanism. They bond over being fat, over not being noticed, over having a difficult childhood and being ignored. They don’t want you in their pathetic “club” because you are a direct threat to them. If you were in the club, snd say went out with them after work-who do you think would be payed attention to-you or them? Screw them!

  60. NatalieK

    hmm, the one who wrote in the article that 50 years ago average model used to weigh… and so, has simply forgotten that 50 years ago normal women were eating about half what they do today! the fact that the measurement of the waist has increased over the last 25 years dramatically and dangerously, is quite an evidence!

    this article is simply inappropriate and socially incorrect! in the world, where one of the biggest health issues is obesity, in the world where the future generation is suffering under this epidemy, promotion of such sorry, for the rudeness, “fat ass” is simply a crime!

    by the way, it is considered that by next 25 years, the number of the deaths, related with the overweight related health issues, will be on the first place in the world?

    and did you know, that during last 15 years, the amount of overweight people has not only equaled with the amount of starving people, but even gotten slightly bigger!

    so next time, when we’ll be going to help ourselves for an extra bite, let’s think! do we want to be overweight? do we want all the related health issues?

    i think, being skinny is not a diet! it’s a lifestyle! a healthy lifestyle!

  61. Wendy

    From your article:

    Despite the positive results of this study, caution is advised before jumping into the CR diet. “You need to make sure you do things properly,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, who says issues of malnutrition are a concern. “Even then, it’s not a guarantee of living longer. Some people eat lousy diets and have great genetics; others take good care of themselves but have poor genetics. One plus one doesn’t always equal two.”

    Being thin doesn’t make you a better role model, leading a healthy lifestyle with a nutrient packed diet and plenty of exercise does. Lots of skinny people I’ve known eat LOTS of junk, they eat like horses but are still skinny. Some skinnies are malnourished which, by definition means they are guaranteed an early and unhealthy death. My father has calorie restricted his whole life and my brother has always been skinny despite eating only crap and lot of it. They’re great people, they’re just not better than anyone else. Neither is Debbie. Neither are you. Being skinny doesn’t make you better, it just makes you thin.

  62. Palina

    I loveee your website skinnygurl!!! I agree 100 percent about this article. There are too many fat people in the US. and it’s their own fault!!! They are hating on skinny people because they made themselves fat hahaha. And that’s TRUE.

  63. LAURA

    I understand people not being ashamed of their big bodies. Like. Not everyone has to hate their body. What I dont understand is living under the pretense that you’re body is perfect. I mean. If you’re like 5’4″ and you weigh 140-150 which is average, how can you live life thinking you need no improvement!? Everyone can always use improvement. Whether they personally think they need it or not! And it’s not even dangerous! It’s actually fun to excersize and eat well even if it’s not for weight loss and just for health it’s ALWAYS A POSITIVE.

    1. Gingeroses

      Great comment! 😀 I agree, we should work out for the sake of our health, not our jean size. As long as you’re comfortable in your skin and you take care of yourself so you can be at your best health, size shouldn’t matter.

    1. Gingeroses

      To say that you can also argue that you can be bigger and healthy. Which you can, everyone is different, not everyone can be a size two and be healthy nor can everyone be a size 12 and be healthy. What’s important is that we do what’s best for US, not try to fit into a standard that someone else demands.

  64. Lizzelle

    I hate this article too. There was a similar one in the Evening Standard a couple of days ago. Saying “Bigger girls are fashionable too”. Apparently they need more of a range in clothes shopping. I had a major problem with this article. First off English and American women are not that tall. I do not know anyone who is naturally above a size UK 12. The girl I do know who is naturally a 12 is 6 foot. Very tall indeed. I have friends with rather large breasts and they do not wear bigger than a UK 10. I think it promotes bad health which tax payers in the UK end up having to pay for their operations and gastric band. It is outrageous. We have such an obeseity problem. So why the hell do we continue make clothes for those who are a drain on society? Who do not respect their bodies and health? Seriously there is no point. I mean they clearly do not care about their appearance, so they do not need nice clothes right? Eurgh, rant over. (Just to inform others on UK sizing. A UK 6 is a US 2.)

  65. Lizzelle


    Have you tried eating catabolic foods regularly and snacking on them? That would speed up your metabolism like crazy. And sports.

  66. SlenderDefender

    This magazine is a formulaic method of harnessing those two thirds of the population who are overweight, and satisfying a consumer demand; there has long been an absence in the market for obese women. But there is a reason for this; in order for the body to be fully functioning and fertile, we must be exercising and maintaining an influx of various vitamins and minerals excluding high quantities of saturated fat. Thus, aside from societies influence as to how we should look, our natural instinct is to be attracted to people who, in our natural states, must primarily be fit, capable and the epitome of health. This is the reason muscular males are so commonly considered sexually appealing, why we find scarring, infection, stretch marks and acne unappealing (i.e. they signify that the individual has less than perfect health ) and why women who are careful with the quantity and nutritious benefits of their intake and who exercise regularly (i.e. slim and fit) are considered attractive. Thus, if the majority of U.S women are overweight and the images of slender models in the media are the only thing which prevents these statistics from increasing, why would the media portray these corpulent, distended female figures? Wake up, those who allow themselves to be comforted by these images. They so not support fat pride. They fill a niche in the market. They make money from susceptible, overweight, insecure women….
    P.S I love your site, SkinnyGurl. It’s probably the most organised, all encompassing, and thorough resource for pro thinspo…

  67. sara

    i love ur post finally ther is a web that totally inspire and work and i agree with almost all post since i joind i lost 4 pounds i got ten more to go 🙂

  68. Arusa

    So now they want to promote fat women? How about a healthy and fit women?

    That fat women in the pic really grosses me out with her rolls. If I were her, well actually I’d never let myself get fat ever.

  69. Lena

    I was so confused while reading the magazine’s caption for the second picture. It completely sounds like they’re calling women nowadays much fatter than before (which is true). It didnt even occur to me that they were trying to criticize models…
    skinny girl you are right, these pictues are gross. I feel bad for the skinny girl in the first picture.

  70. Anna

    Fat people are disgusting. I’m so tired of all the fatty acceptance. They are sick, diseased, and unclean, and they do it to themselves. There is no good reason we should make them feel like it’s all right. I’m not a cruel person, I don’t go around being mean to people, but this whole idea of taking pride in unhealthy fatness and even going beyond that to say it’s somehow better than having self control and taking care of yourself is just too much.

    1. Voltaire

      I am like you Anna, in that I do not go around being mean to people. Also, like you, I do not think people should take any pride in being overly obese. There are a whole host of serious health issues that accompany obesity, with morbid obesity being a particularly unhealthy state. People within the personal circle of an overly obese or morbidly obese person who said nothing over the years are simply enablers of a condition that, let’s face it, did take years of inactivity, bad food choices, and over-eating to arrive at. Yes, I know there are health conditions that can make a person prone to obesity. Yes, I know that people come in all different shapes and sizes and our genetic compositions are factors behind a tendency to retain fat as well. However these factors are no excuse for what takes a person from having “extra padding” to weighing 150 kg or more. Unless you are 200 cm tall or higher, or you are one of those huge, muscular, “refrigerator-body-like” lads whose purpose is defensive blocking in American football, all that extra weight is neither good for your body or your self-esteem.

    2. Gingeroses

      I’m sorry that you feel so strongly against those who are on the bigger side. As a “big” girl who has become “thin”, I know both sides are heartbreaking–it hurts to be attacked no matter what size you are. To be called disgusting for something you may not be able to control or are trying desperately to do so is inhumane. We need to band together and support one another, not name call on either side. We need to work together and form a loving, supporting net for us all to be at our healthiest, no matter what size or shape that means.

  71. Voltaire

    I also find the “Fat Pride” concept difficult to swallow (pun intended). If we are going to endorse obesity with all its accompanying negative health consequences (eg. high blood pressure and diabetes, to name only two of many), why not embrace other conditions? Why not an “Alcoholics’ Pride” movement or a “Meth Addict” movement? Oh, and as for these lawsuits that are arising in the U.S. against fast food chains like McDonald’s, launched by obese people who blame them for contributing to their obesity, all I can say is how can anyone with any real pride blame a fast food chain for their food addiction.

    1. Gingeroses

      I agree that we should not be pushing a “fat pride” movement, but when the people most Americans aspire to look like are thin, unfortunately people can get the wrong idea and take it to an extreme. We shouldn’t accept unhealthiness at either end of the spectrum, we should all aspire to be healthy. We can all be at the best we can be in our own ways, big or small. To attack either before knowing every person’s struggle and story is an injustice to humanity.

  72. antoniaaa

    The picture with the fat girl SPOONING the poor skinny girl is going to haunt my in my sleep!! Make it stop!

  73. Angel

    Have you ever noticed how on commercials most of the people acting are fat? It makes me sick to think how far the acting place has fallen. It makes me want to scream; “Haven’t you people heard of a diet!!!???” I mean, the television used to show us good models, skinny ones. Now they’re fat and disgusting. In it’s own little way it makes me inspired, to never, ever look like that. And it pushes me to achieve my goal weight harder than before I saw the commercial.

  74. Hopeful

    Ok, so I’m REALLY new to this site (by new I mean I started reading it this week), and I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone on here is so inspiring. I don’t really love this post though. The way I see it, everyone is beautiful but most people will never realize their full potential. I know it sounds all kinds of corny, but look at these girls in these pictures. They are the beginning of a weight loss success story and they don’t even know it! Sadly, most big girls really hate themselves. Nothing good comes from hate, no one wants to improve upon something they hate. They want to leave what they hate and move on. Similarly, if you love something, you want it to always be perfect. Think about it like a car, if you drive an old, junky car it doesn’t matter if its dirty or full of garbage just as long as it keeps running. If you drive a really nice car though, you want it to be sparkling clean on the outside and trash free on the inside. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s the way I see it! Of course I am a big girl with a lot of body issues, but I’ve come a long way and I love myself for that. I’m thin somewhere in here, I just need to take off my coat!

  75. Jill

    *sigh* How uneducated the masses (pun intended) are. “HURR let’s push an image of overweight, unhealthy, and obesity onto everyone! Aren’t we such cultural pioneers?” No. They are not. People who get mad at fashion models are so fucking stupid. The fat acceptance movement is a joke, and anyone with a medical background, experience in the health industry, or just an everyday joe with some common sense can see it. I feel like the people who push “fat” as beautiful are doing harm to people, instead of pushing “education”. You can be nutritioned and thin. It’s just a bunch of close minded, overweight individuals who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and jump on the “durr society is evilll” bandwagon. They demean the seriousness of eating disorders as well, and discriminate thin women, let alone help push discrimination onto women asa whole. I literally see forums of men where they post images and captions of this whole overweight/fat/obese acceptance trend, laughing and saying “are women this fucking stupid?”. It’s all such a fucking hypocritical and ironic message these idiots are sending. They should try sending sense and education, not “it’s okay if you are obese, have heart disease, and diabetes”. Lazy, disgusting pieces of shit.

  76. Jani

    Aw, what’s the matter with the fat girl and the skinny girl hugging? As women, no matter what lifestyles we pursue for ourselves, we should try and be good to each other. We all get grief about our bodies, but we shouldn’t turn on each other as well. I think it’s a nice picture and it makes a strong statement. We should all just get along, no matter what bodies we have. Ultimately, the only bodies we should be concerning ourselves with are our own. Everyone else’s is their own business.

  77. Delia

    I first became aware of your website after the NY Daily News reported your post about Kate Upton, who, let’s be real, does look pornographic and vulgar in that outfit. I am a plus-size woman, who is somewhat conflicted about this post. On the one hand, yes, I agree that I’d rather be thinner, which is what is motivating me to work out daily and make better choices about my eating habits, particularly as I am expecting f a girl and want to set a good example for her. On the other hand, I think that skinny is often relative to the body type that you have. Skinny for me is probably a size 10, given my height and the scale of my frame. I think that, at least for me, we should all be working towards our personal best weight, whatever that is. If you can be a two, then be a two. If the best you can do is an 8, then you should try to be an 8. I don’t begrudge anyone who has the capability to be a healthy zero to be just that. Why should I hate you for something you are working hard to achieve? But, by the same token, you shouldn’t assume that because I am fat that I am lazy…I am working to get to my personal best weight.
    Which may be different than yours. I guess what I am trying to say is that unless you are at your personal best weight, no one should be content or not working to improve themselves, fat, thin, or average.

  78. Elie

    LOVED IT! but not a 1/3 of women are obese but everything else is so true, i cant imagine allowing myself to get about a size five unless i was pregers or something

    1. Zigana

      Having been on both ends of the skinny/fat continuum, 119 on one side and 210 on the other…. I can say for sure that I like being skinny better. It was my natural body type without any effort whatsoever until I packed on pound after pound after being abused. The emotional baggage that goes along with gaining that kind of weight is insane. It’s like wearing bricks both inside your head and all over your body in order to wall out the bad things. It takes real guts to find your own equilbrium because there are detractors on both sides of the spectrum. You can’t shut them up, either, so it’s best to just find your comfort zone and go there. The only person you need to make happy is you. I won’t denigrate the heavy girls…. but I really like it when my lover hoists me into the air because I’m small enough to lift. There really is no feeling like pressing your hip bones against a wall just because you can. Just because it’s your shape. Just because you can bend over backwards and use your body instead of hide from it. Just because it feels good. I’m all about the feeling good. Being fat was nowhere near as much fun. I’m just glad I found a safe place to get back to “me space” without worrying that I’m going to be called anorexic.

  79. Me

    I personally am glad to see the uproar caused over this site. Otherwise, I’d never have found it.

    I get so irritated at the double standard as well. I have always had food issues due to PTSD from a childhood trauma. I have been significantly underweight as well. I was ridiculed for being so thin. Just recently, both of my “best friends” said I was way too thin (they’re huge) and I was told by a classmate with venom that I was “so skinny.” Well, I’m sick of being ridiculed for it. I work very hard to have a nice body, which gets me noticed by many many guys and I get hit on. Well, it’s nice to have that. It makes me feel good. Fat asses should stop attacking me just because they’re too lazy to work hard. It’s like they’re saying, “I don’t like my body, but I don’t want to bother or work on mine, so I want you to get fat so I won’t feel as bad.” Go for a run you lazy bastard!!! My supposed best friend whom I’ve ALWAYS supported with anything in her life stopped being my friend because she said, “I don’t want to go to a bar with you and be your fat friend.” So now I’ve been kicked out of the group because I’m skinny. Also, the student that was jealous actually had me kicked out of school. I was kicked out because she was jealous. Another time, the same best friend decided she wasn’t interested in hanging out with me becausei always had a guy and she hasn’t had one in years.

    I’m sick of it. I have only guy friends and one girl friend who understands what I’m going through because she has too. It’s not because I’m slutty, which I’m not, it’s because no girls want to be compared to me. It’s heartbreaking. If you can tell me to “eat a sandwich,” I can tell a fatass to “put down the fork.”

  80. Sean

    Here’s a guy’s perspective:

    I totally agree with everything said in this article.

    Men like women without excessive fat. We are born this way and cannot change that.

    Society doesn’t tell men what is attractive in a woman. Do you think it’s society that tells women to like tall, muscular (not too muscular) guys? Hell no, they are born with that too.

    Though with women, you girls do respond to society more when it comes to status, which requires society’s input. Guys do not care about status in terms of finding someone sexually attractive, women do. (example: men don’t care if a girl is on the basketball team, but a guy on the basketball team will get a lot of girls)

    Finally, I hate it when I hear a woman who is kinda fat attack skinny girls as all anorexic. Or they must not be eating healthy, or they must be unhealthy in some way. That is their excuse. They are not living in reality.

    The reality is the skinny girl will live longer than them, and have a lot more fun along the way.

  81. Lucy

    All my life I have been bullied for being slim. Even yesterday a friend of mine (and a gay one!) “you lost weight haven’t you? I mean, do you say to a fat person that she put on weight? No, because that’s a taboo. But skinny girls? That’s all right, they deserve it?

    It’s such a contradiction, on the one hand doctors are warning about the dangers of obesity, and on the other are attacking skinny people!

    I have had the same weight since I was 15 and never once had anaemia or any problems with nutrition so don’t give me that b***s**t that eating a burger is good. They should start by watching Food Inc. and perhaps visit some indigenous tribes in the Amazon to check whether there are any fat people.

    BEING FAT IS NOT NORMAL, it’s just a reflection of this culture of excess and laziness that became the rule.

  82. Ashley

    While there is a small part of me that respects the confidence the women in these photos possess, I have to say that I think the photos of the big girl are horribly disgusting. There is nothing beautiful about them. Nothing sexy. Nothing healthy. I mean, what normal guy would ever want to wake up to that? These photos make me want to be more conscious of what I eat, just so I know I’ll never look like that.

  83. John

    I’m a skinny guy so I feel I can comment bc I get the “you need to eat something” comment all the time and to be honest as far as the BMI is concerned I can stand to gain about 10 lbs. With that being said the BMI must be taken with a grain of salt. I am perfectly healthy, but according to the BMI I am not. According to the BMI most female and male athletes are overweight. The BMI cannot differentiate between muscle and fat. So these women who are overweight, actually may not be, scientifically and factually speaking.

    Historically, “skinny” women were not found to be attractive. In fact skinny was never attractive until Twiggy came about. Skinny became a counter-culture then it exploded onto the scene. Before that the more attractive women were usually, if taller, shaped like Tyra in her hay days or, if shorter, like Hayden Pantierre (sp?).

    Science and history aside. Both sides of the argument are wrong, cruel, and inhumane. It’s sad that people nowadays have to denigrate another just to feel better about themselves.So what if people poke fun at you for being fat or skinny, if you are happy and healthy (fyi skinny can be unhealthy) then EFF!!! what people say cause people are gonna hate regardless.

    Nuff said.

  84. Jen

    that pic is pretty icky , i agree models are suppose to be thin when your skinny and tall the clothes looks better.

  85. Violette

    I haven’t been here for a long time but came by about a week ago and couldn’t remember my name! ha. I’ve read all the posts here. When I was skinny, I got tired of all the discrimination, dirty looks, comments… I’m still thin but not skinny and I can’t wait for the discrimination, hateful looks, and nasty comments to return. !!!

    I went over to the forum but have trouble reading there. My eyes are good but somehow not with the colours there. I have to strain. So, I hope this keeps going cuz I do like you all!! I’ll look over there sometimes even if it is a strain.

    This is a great article and subject Skinny Gurl. Thanks.

  86. ZDH

    Never been to this site before, but I was directed here by a post a friend put up on Facebook. While I certainly understand some of the ire you direct at “fat women”, I think it is somewhat misplaced. I’m in the healthcare field, so naturally obesity is an issue I see every day. Some of your points are well taken, but you reduce this issue to a simple “don’t eat as much” argument. Moreover, the way in which you present yourself is incredibly childish. I’m a guy, I work out regularly, and am in good shape – so this isn’t just me complaining. I think you can do better than this, and strongly suggest you elevate your discourse to a level that doesn’t pander to such simple-minded ideals. Good luck.

  87. chicagoGAy

    thank you. thank you. thank you. i am so tired of looking around in public and feeling like an outsider. i am 6’2″ and 168lbs all male. some days i feel fatter than others but never will i be one of these whales that walks around in Kmart attire and ignores the reality. what saddens me most is that American women and men do not realize this ‘fattening’ has been orchestrated from our government. they want to keep us fat, stupid, slow and hungry. life is a game… does anybody realize that? so sad. and i saw this article a while back just never took the time to respond. so thank you. and continue this to keep some hope alive. kisses hugs and puppies

  88. Shasha

    I’ve gained at least 15 lbs since I came to US from China. And please believe me, I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible (I work out also). I am not eating more, it’s just the food itself. Cheese, butter, steak….yummy but easy to fatten me.
    I think the food industy deserves some blame when talking about the reason why American girls weigh so much more than they did 20 years ago.

  89. Bianca C

    I am a 37 year old mother of 5 children.I am 5 9′ & 125 pounds,I’m still working on shedding a couple of pounds to be my optimal weight.
    The term “fat pride” HORRIFIES me,it’s like seeing something like “Alcoholic Pride” or “Junkie Pride”.Yes,I DO think habitual over eating and FATNESS is the same and won’t apologize for this.IT’S A VICE…PERIOD !!!
    I am sick to my stomach how our society enables,encourages and defends this destructive behavior and how bimbos like Upton PUSH junk food on our kids.I can’t watch 10 minutes of TV without some Fast Food commercial dropped on me and my family.
    I have been called many colorful things through the years when I confront the Fat Issue with people,but I don’t give a damn,but I’m Eastern European and we don’t do political correct tripe to well.
    Thank you for bringing these topics up,we need more voices to warn people of this destructive vice.It’s ugly,unhealthy and shows the depths of the weakness and lack of discipling our society has sunken to.
    B.T.W. I stopped reading American Vogue after seeing Jennifer Hudson on the cover a while back,It’s a disgrace and disservice not not just the fashion world ( in which I worked for many years) but also to women all over who aspire to stay lean and in shape.If I want to see cows,I’ll go to the petting zoo.
    Nuff said !
    Keep doing what you’re doing SG girl,we need more like you to blow the lid of this “Fat Pride”.
    Thanx 🙂

    1. Jocelyn

      Beauty comes in every shape, size, & color. Being overweight doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. And being plus size doesn’t mean you’re overweight. The size that is being considered as plus size is a size 6, now that sad. I’m a plus sized girl myself & yet I have no health problems nor do I live in a unhealthy life. I see nothing wrong with thin people other than most of them view as being a “plus sized” girl is disgusting when they don’t even know the majority of people who are. I see as long as your healthy, then there is no problem with it.

      1. MMC

        Actually, overweight IS unhealthy. Even if you aren’t seeing outward symptoms or discomfort because of it, even a few extra lbs can significantly increase the work your heart must do, increases strain on joints, increases the work of insulin trying to control blood glucose levels, and there are more fatty acids floating around in your bloodstream. So, even though you don’t see or feel the results yet, it doesn’t mean you aren’t damaging your body. Your heart is more likely to give out, your vessels to clog up, your cells do become insulin resistant, and you are much more likely to need a knee or hip replaced.

  90. Bex

    It seems like some of the ‘facts’ espoused here are a bit wrong.
    I think skinny girls are fantastic to draw, more interesting to photograph than the rounded girls but the science doesn’t back up what everybody ‘knows.’ I think women shoud stop being nasty to each other & just accept that some women have different directions of focus. Your body is your business & no one has the right to discuss it as if it wasn’t attached to a human being. Fat or skinny either way it’s still just people with feelings. Don’t be unpleasant to people who don’t look like you, the name for folks who do that: bigots.

  91. NewGirl

    I stumbled over here from a facebook link and think this article made a really good point.

    I think the “magic button” totally nailed the flaw in the big is beautiful movement! Yes, if someone is already big, a pretty girl, and has convinced herself that her size is beyond her control…it makes perfectly logical sense to celebrate it! But if that same person would gladly push that magic button that gave her “smaller bones” a “higher metabolism” or whatever other skinny people genes she believes to be lacking, then it’s a wash. They’re not celebrating a life choice but making “lemonade out of lemons”. Tell them that with hard work and dedication they aren’t ‘stuck’ big, they decide big is beautiful! (a.k.a. EASY)

    I really think your point of view is necessary for turning around the obesity epidemic that has spread worldwide, but I don’t agree with some of the name calling and jabs. Just because they’re ignorant enough to call all skinny people anorexic doesn’t mean we have to stoop to their level and call them fat and disgusting. Opinions are fantastic, but mine is that opinions don’t justify insults. I would never tell people with a certain hairstyle they were hideous and grotesque, even if it was my opinion. Just because someone CAN control part of their appearance doesn’t mean you should shout from the rooftops how disgusting they are. Just my two cents, but I think the bigger message that skinny should stop being attacked is fantastic. Best of luck 🙂

  92. Monkeysuit

    I love woman of all shapes and sizes! I think this woman is beautiful. Also we love Kate Upton on our site and think she’s fine the way she is. That said you have a right to your opinion and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  93. Molly

    I am always skinny as long as I remember – I have very small boobs but never had fat on my body… but older I get I see my new “friends” – fat rolls here and there on my body. Oh god. How discusting look they are… My dad is obese and I always had fear I would be like him if I am not careful enough… Overweight/Obese should never be OKAY just because its not healthy. Period. It’s not beautiful, its UNHEALTHY. I still fit size small clothes and size 2/3/5 pants. but this fat roll around waist is just not pretty view at all. My friends and relatives (they are overweight or obese) think I am “skinny” – 5’5″ and 120-125lbs. It’s not SKINNY! I know they will never understand…. I’m glad I found this website coz lots of people here understands what I am trying to say. 🙂

  94. thisgirl

    I hate the “Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today she weighs 23% less.” crap. You wants some more stats? Here goes: Twenty years ago the average American weighed twenty pounds less than the average American today does. Oh and, according to the CDC, the average American woman is about 5’4″, weighs 164.7 pounds, and has a waist circumference of 37 inches. I have been that big and it was not good for me, health-wise, so I decided to start losing weight. I’m not as thin as I want to be yet, but I’m making progress. I wasn’t big boned, I was FAT. It didn’t feel or look good and even though my health wasn’t exactly bad (my blood work and check-ups were always fine except for needing to lose weight), I was constantly being told how it would eventually turn to bad health. And I knew it was true too because my grandmother and mother had/have health issues solely because of weight. WE ARE GETTING TOO FAT! Please stop telling everyone it’s okay.

    1. Violette

      It makes sense that 20 years ago a model weighed 8% less than an average woman. If, for example, an average woman weighed 125, well, take away 8%. But now, if the average is 160, of course a model couldn’t be just 8% less weight. If the average woman is bigger, the percentage to be small would be larger. So, you get the 23%.

      The figures really just show the models are the same and the average American is bigger.

  95. Tabitha

    I agree with the idea that fat people do not want to be fat, it is not attractive to be fat and we should not encourage people to be remain fat. I am fat, wish I wasn’t, try sometimes to stop being fat, lose forty pounds at a time and then gain it back. You are absolutely right, no one wants to be this way, and lots of us are trying not to be but it’s harder than you can possibly imagine, it’s not as simple as just eat less, you fat pig. Just as with people who have anorexia, sometimes being fat is a psychological problem, one which we fat girls deal with as best we can.

    I do applaud you for being honest and I think you should keep up the honesty. I’m sure most of us fat girls secretly agree with you and are religious followers of your site. I commend what you are trying to do, with the exception of your insults and derogatory comments. While we may recognize that we are unattractive and gross, does it really need to be said by you over and over again? What is the point? Do you honestly think we don’t know it? Do you feel better about yourself having told us how disgusting you think we are? I know I pretend it makes me feel better to say how disgusting and unnatural skinny girls are. It doesn’t actually make me feel better though.

    The real reason the fatties keep telling the world that big is beautiful is because we don’t want to have to keep hating ourselves as much as we do. It would be nice if all the skinnies and all the fatties could get together in a room and just be kind to one another. No one needs to be put down. We know we’re fat and some of us are doing our best not to be fat. You wouldn’t realize it but we are. Instead of tearing each other down, why don’t we as women build one another up? Keep posting your helpful skinny tips, maybe I’ll learn something from them but nothing is gained by your vitriol. I really even doubt you honestly feel better afterwards.

    There is too much that divides us. Bodies don’t have to be part of that. It’s all just flesh and bone and blood. Help if you can, but stop the destruction.

    1. Zigana

      I’m currently in that heavyweight category myself, and I hate every second of it. I remember what it’s like to be skinny. I remember looking at a coworker who told me she weighed 185 and being aghast and wondering how she could let herself go like that and why she didn’t care about how she looked. Then within 5 years I was like that …. and worse! And it’s taken me another 5 to unwind the mental crap and just do the honest hard work it takes to change what I don’t like.

      You skinny girls are spot on in terms of in-your-face agressive proactive action. You aren’t carrying around a literal load of BS and whining over “but I’m big boned!” or the 90 other excuses we use to stay in a place that makes us unhappy. You take personal responsibility for your bodies. You own them. It’s true, you are very outspoken…. but you know what? You’re not taking and crap from anyone and you’re doing what feels right to you.

      There are some seriously good things in the forums. Quotes like: “Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard… pick your hard.” Or the reminder from the starving tips of the day that a cookie is just an inanimate object. It can’t jump up and bite you.

      You all take personal responsibility for what you aspire to be, and for what you are.

      I think there is a lot of power in that.

      So since hanging with you guys, I’m down 5 lbs. I have about 78 more to go, but I’m just going to keep working on it like you do every day. (this brings me to a total of 17 lbs gone)

      I feel at home here. It really is ok to be the skinny chick and look better than most everyone you know. You guys love your skinny and are proud of it. I feel excited. I can’t wait to see 115 again. I’ve got this skirt in the closet I’ve been hanging on to….. long and lean and elegant….. I can’t wait to hear “you look like a model!” again.

      I can’t help getting older. But I can do something about being fat.

      1. Violette

        I agree. I was very happy to be skinny a year and a half ago. I got thin by eating healthy but not overeating. I have always been an emotional eater, so this was a real victory.
        However, I had a surgery, not serious, about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t exercise for 6 weeks and got depressed. After a year I put on 30 lbs. I’ve lost 6 now.
        Where I live right now everyone is fat. They used to give me angry looks and some said I was too thin. It was hard to take. But I hope to take it again!!!

        1. Zigana

          I am also totally surrounded by overweight people. I’m pretty sure I don’t have one single healthy weight friend…. with the exception of my kids who look like beanpoles. Very tall beanpoles. They are gorgeous. But I digress. I meant to say, I am going to get one massive amount of “you need to eat!” and “you’re too skinny!” from all sides once they start noticing the weight loss. My plan is to basically keep a food diary so I have written backup that I do eat, and (this is a bit cagey but I’m relentless)… wait until someone is around to see me eat a normal sized meal. See? Look. Me eating food, just like I always did.

          Then count my calories around that. It’s going to take some planning, but I honesty believe that not one person in my circle is going to support this when I drop below what they have come to believe is “normal”. (in my crowd a 12 is slender! OY! and I’m the one wearing it!) Someone is going to freak out and want me to see a doctor when my BMI gets down to the low end of healthy, because to them, I’ll look like a unhealthily thin compared to …..well…..to them.

          Ah well……. I’m going to lay the groundwork to prove I’m not starving myself. Then I will bounce around them in circles to show I’m not faint with hunger and I’m vibrant and feeling good.

      2. Rosie PRICE

        I really appreciate the way you worded your statements.
        A lot of what I find here is so negative and yet, a big wake up call slap in the face for someone like me who is in a similar situation.

  96. Stardust

    When I saw this article at first I was appalled at the statistics and quite alarmed. The Marilyn Monroe look of the 60s was considered beautiful, but quite a few celebrities today look half starved and hardly any of them have curves, it seems. Then again, compared to the hugely obese “average” sized woman, that isn’t much of a surprise. After all, an itty bitty ant looks very small and skinny beside an SUV, right 😉

    I’m 5 foot 9 and 139lbs. I spent my whole life being skinny, well beyond the Not-in-the-slightest-bit-healthy range. Now I’m healthier (ish) and getting in shape. I ballooned to 155lbs but started working out and eating better. Going Paleo helped enormously. Yet people tell me I’m fat and should be 125lbs. Welcome to Hollywood 🙁

    Sure I might not look like a twig, but I sure don’t look like a whale either. The average American is a size 14 and I’m somewhere between a 6 and an 8. I also have annoyingly long legs too which means I can hide the weight from anybody looking, but I can’t hide the weight from my scales. And trying to buy a pair of jeans is a bitch. Apparently tall people, with long legs, have to have thighs like twigs. Nope, not me. I have fat thighs, get over it.

    I would much rather look at skinny models over fat ones any day. Sure they don’t all look like me (thank god) but isn’t it the point to INSPIRE me, and show me what I’m aiming for? Having a fat chick in a dress and a “this could be you” advertisement beside it makes me want to hurl. Fat rolls are not pretty on anyone, no matter how cute the top you’ve squeezed yourself into.

    Skinny is good. Skinny is fantastic actually. And if being fat was as attractive as those with Fat Pride would have us believe, Elle McPherson would be considered a monster and any time you don’t see arm fat flapping in the breeze we’d all be shuddering in horror and pointing to the curve of the bone squealing “eeew”. Since that’s NOT the world we live in, I think it’s safe to say fat people aren’t models for a reason.

    Cos fat isn’t fabulous. Ever.


  97. Flounder

    I stumbled upon this website from a Facebook link and I’ve read a few articles here by now. I’d kind of like to mention that I often admire skinny girls as being pretty even though I’m not one. I’m not fat, either, though. I’m in that in-between window that I haven’t actually seen mentioned anywhere. I was wondering, how do skinny girls perceive the girls who aren’t fat but aren’t skinny either, just have curves? Are we also disgustingly fat?

    I think that the most beautiful women are those who love their bodies, be they fat or skinny. Not to say that I think being fat is good, because it’s not. There are some people who literally can’t help being fat, but I’m sure they are few and far between. If a girl or woman hates her body, it’s hard to see her as beautiful simply. If she loves herself as she is, even if she hopes to work on changing it, then she is undoubtedly beautiful.

    While I agree that promoting obesity and being overweight and out-of-shape is not what America needs, I can’t say I agree with some of the unnecessarily harsh comments. My own opinion is that until someone does something to lose it, everyone should respect others. Poor excuses about weight might be the trigger to lose respect. I just think that the world would be a nicer place to live in if we could all just be a little nicer to everyone, even the people we don’t like.

    Just my own two cents which aren’t actually worth anything. 😉

  98. Angie J

    I love how the food biz is trying to make pudgy the new norm, Keep eating our burgers, dairy! More fat for everyone. No. Its unhealthy and disgusting. Yet whenever someone makes an observation such as this they are accused for condoning anorexia. Give me a break, people who buy this fat acceptance crap are stupid and need to learn to think for themselves.

  99. Natalie

    Okay, I ABSOLUTELY agree with everything you have to say!! I’m weigh 101 lbs. and I HATE when fat girls try to tell me I need to gain weight. Sorry fatass, but atleast I work out! Sorry I have great genes…EW only in America do you see girls this fat. It is NOT normal, go look at the rest of the world!

  100. Amy B

    I am 41, 5’9″ and I currently weigh 119 lbs. I have never been classified as overweight, but last year at this time I was a good 20 lbs heavier, and totally disgusted with myself. I work hard, watch the calories, excercise, etc. And yet, I’m told by many of my friends and co-workers that I’m “too skinny”. When did it become OK to comment negatively on weight loss?? If I walked around calling heavier people “fatty”, telling them to run a lap, I would be crucified! We all need to be happy with our bodies, and frankly, I LIKE being able to walk into Nordstrom and by my jeans in a size 2! And I don’t care what anyone says, skinny (within reason) is healthier than fat.

  101. Cristina

    While I agree with some of the points that yes, society is becoming more accepting of plus sizes the fact is people are getting physically taller and larger through the decades and apparently model sizes have not accommodated this. Someone who is 160cm tall and 45kg back then and 180cm tall and only 55kg for fashion standards is quite extreme.

    Some of the problem also lies in what is perceived as too much weight/not enough in the media which confuses a lot of the public.

    and yes, I find it very annoying when people keep telling me I’m too thin and that I need to eat more. I’m very normal thank you very much!

  102. JWharton

    As a fatty trying to become trim and healthy I have to say that I have enjoyed this post and most of the comments. I am no longer at my unhealthiest weight but I have a long way to go and I am working hard at it. Two years ago I might have seen this post and gone on a rampage against it, defending the article and what it was trying to accomplish. I used to surround myself with other fatties, feeling like I had a group around me that understood who I was. It eventually just became a crutch.

    After being a bridesmaid in a wedding and looking like a big blue blob in a tent of a dress, I felt ashamed. I also felt sorry for my friend who had to have me in her pictures looking like this. I hated what I saw and immediately began a change. That was 6 months ago. When I began my process my fatty friends didn’t understand and eventually started making fun of me, saying hurtful things and criticized me for turning into what “society expects us all to be”.This is what these articles have created, a group of unhealthy (both physically and mentally) people trying to convince themselves its ok to be heavy and unhealthy.

    While I don’t promote being horrible to one another, sometimes the harsh truth and some tough love is needed. Most of my skinny friends have been much more supportive and helpful then my fatty friends and that speaks volumes to me. Fat Pride is hurting so many and making them blind to the truth.In the last 6 months I have lost just over 55 pounds. I have a lot more left to go but I am happy and getting healthier by the minute. Tough words were needed a long the way but it motivates me. I may not end up a size 2 but if I can get to the best weight for my height, with a great BMI and a healthy looking body then I will be very happy. I will have accomplished my goals and I will be showing my young daughters what real confidence and health is about.

    While your post may seem harsh to many, THANK YOU for saying what you feel and what most people think when they read articles like this or see another fatty walk by. Nothing is wrong with embracing our bodies but we should all be striving for our best health and our best bodies possible! Thanks again!

    1. Lauren

      I totally agree! Its funny how fatties will defend this article but people who are actually healthy or at least want to be healthy see that this is just lazy people trying to justify themselves.

      I came across this website after it was attacked a few weeks ago. It was called “pro-anorexia” and so I came here to see what it was all about. I have been on it almost everyday for a couple weeks reading articles and comments and it is anything but.

      Fatties will put down skinny people because they are jealous and too lazy to workout. They will put down this site or put articles in magazines saying being fat is how the world should be. I personally think it’s ridiculous. They need to get off their fat asses, put down the pizza, and go running or something. Thanks for the article!

  103. Martha

    Surprisingly, I actually agree with most of what she is saying here. The fashion models have always been the same. America is just getting fatter, no doubt about it. I, myself, am overweight, and can honestly say that big can be beautiful…sometimes. It depends on a variety of factors. However, I don’t think people should advertise “fat pride” because it will cause young, overweight girls to think that it is okay to be overweight. IT’S NOT! I wish I was slimmer almost all of the time, for crying out loud. I am never going to look at a plus size model and say that I would be okay looking like that. No. I would be okay with being at a healthy weight and size. Model-size not so much. Stretch marks, double chins, rolls, thunder thighs, cellulite, and cankles are not beautiful. Yes, models sometimes make young girls insecure, but it’s only because we need to get off the couch and exercise and eat healthy. It’s not that damn hard. But that’s the problem with America: we’re lazy.

  104. Mariel

    I hate these statistics, they’re practically lies – OK, so the average model 20 years ago weighed 8% less than the average woman, and now weighs 23% less. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the models are getting crazy smaller. According to gallup.com statistics (http://www.gallup.com/poll/150947/Self-Reported-Weight-Nearly-Pounds-1990.aspx), the average woman today weighs 18 pounds more than the average woman 20 years ago. You do the math, and you realize that the average model has only lost about 7 pounds. Way to display the statistics to prove their point. When it comes to comparisons, I want cold hard facts, NOT percentages and statistics. According to the gallup.com article, the average woman in 1991 reportedly weighed 142 pounds – making the average model 130.6 pounds (if these statistics are correct), and in 2011, the average woman reportedly weighed 160 pounds, making the average model weight 123.2 pounds, which hardly seems unhealthy.

    I think that as long as someone eats properly and exercises (not necessarily killing yourself at the gym, but living an active lifestyle), and they are healthy, it shouldn’t matter what size or weight they are. As long as they are healthy. We should strive for healthy, not skinny OR fat.

    1. Zigana

      So here’s a good bit of news. One of my wonderful family members and I were laying around on the bed yesterday morning sort of lounging on each other and sharing rubs and cuddles in pj’s. Normal for us. We chat while doing this. So…. in the conversation, one of them is rubbing my back and bottom and she says to me…..hey…….all that hula hooping is making your butt shrink and it’s firmer! Yay! The scale hasn’t moved in the proper direction in two days so this was nice.

      I just want to put it out there that I think skinny is gorgeous. Just flat out gorgeous. And Amy B, you really just also kinda made my day. I’m 41 and 5’8″, and I’m aiming for a little below your weight range because that’s where I used to actually be, and where my 20 year old daughter is. I had to give myself a forehead slap when I read that you’re in a 2 and I could end up there too. For reals. Duh. My own daughter is a 2. We’re the same height. Our bone structure is very similar except in the ribcage.(she got blessed with a sleek tiny ribcage. I got a barrel with boobs. Think Bettie Page and you’re about on track.) I think I mentally trapped myself in the box of “I will never really truly be that small because I was an 8 before.” I now realize my own mental processes and prejudices were holding me back. I thought of myself as “big girl like in that picture up there”. (shudder) It’s time to reframe that assumption.

      So We’ll see. Things are looking sleeker. I saw the first hint of that line down the center of my stomach last night that indicates ab muscles. 20 years of belly dancing and Joyce Vedral has given me core. We need to release it into the wild.

      “What this takes is not motivation. You are already motivated if you’re reading this. What this takes is daily work and a calorie deficit.”

      I have no idea which of you wonderful skinny women wrote this, but it’s genius. I read it multiple times every day as I’m tracking calories.

  105. Katarina Satorolva

    I can honestly say that I used to look like the girls in those photos. At 5’9 and 172lbs, I was most definitely NOT happy with my appearance. It wasn’t curves, it was fat rolls and back boobs. As of now I’m down to around 140lbs (I know, still gross, but its only benn 3 months) and my goal weight is 120lbs by September. Its no wonder why our society has such a problem wih overweight women. When women look in the magazines and see that these people are models, they dont feel obligated to try to improve their looks and health. I know because thats what I used to do to make myself feel better. Fat is in no way healthy.

  106. SeeJaneSkinny

    It bugs me to no end when my chubbier friends or sisters are all indulging & stuffing their faces & they say to me “You owe it to yourself to have a treat.” No fatty, I owe it to myself to keep going!

  107. Ursula

    WOW…I am so shocked. Not at the article, though.

    I just happened to stumble across this site while writing a paper for my world issues class, (don’t know how I got here) But I really wish I wouldn’t have.
    First of all, I am 5’8 and have been (in my eyes) cursed with an incredibly fast metabolism, no matter what I eat I cannot gain weight and have been 115 on the scale for a long while. Basically, I am a skinny girl just like all of you. I have come to terms with it and don’t mind it anymore… and am actually quite proud 🙂

    But I am shocked at how vicious you all are. I have read plenty of interviews with models and seen plenty of models to know anorexia is avid within there world, The article is just trying to show some facts, and make people aware!
    I know you all think this is offensive, but what do you think overweight girls have to see everyday in vogue and cosmo and elle magazines?
    WHat if overweight people started running all the magazines and only would include fat people in the pictures? Would you all not be outraged? because that is how it works now, you rarely see one “curvy” girl in a magazine.

  108. Louise

    wow, i agree, those pics are just wrong and nasty. since when is it ok to promote being unhealthy and that’s what the “average” woman is, unhealthy.
    i’m a size 0 and to be honest, i don’t work that hard to maintain it, i move and eat HEALTHY but i do eat, 3 meals a day too. my health matters and it’s important to me that i get all of the vitamins i need.
    i however, do not consume empty calories.
    why is society trying to push acceptance of something so healthy just because the majority is doing it? fat is unhealthy, enough said

  109. Alex

    Wow I am so happy I found this site!! I absolutely hate fat pride and in a society where fat people make up a huge percentage of the population and due to obesity related diseases are such a burden you would think its obvious its not something to be proud of >< I also hate the double standard in the West that its perfectly ok to express your concerns and oppinion when someone loses weight but its not ok to do the same when they put it on. I have lost around 8kgs since highschool (was 58kg then at 166cm, ew, and am 50kg now) and an old friend who used to be thin and gorgeous at school but is pretty chubby now had the nerve to message my mum on facebook to say that im too skinny in my photos and shes worried. So ridiculous perhaps I should have been concerned when she gained??

  110. Jill

    This culture (american) is a joke. The fact that fat pride exists is like there saying there is an alcoholics pride. It would be absurd. Again, it’s just full of idiots who are hypocritical and think they are standing up/being righteous about something, when they are being hateful, disgusting, lazy sheep, who think it’s wrong to be skinny.

  111. Dw33b

    My sister is an OT and gets to deal with the results of people who thought being morbidly obese was cool.
    Can you say “diabetic amputations”?
    Fat kills a LOT more people indirectly, slowly, and miserably than the few crazies (crazy doesn’t respond to weight changes) who die of anorexia.
    The defenders of obesity are fools and are their own punishment. The answer to them is to post the destructive consequences of over-eating. Being round and jolly in your thirties easily turns into being immobile and exhausted a few years later.
    Put down the fork!


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