Why don’t you allow commenting any more?

Because after the great Kate Upton debacle of 2012, things got very scary and weird. But the Skinny Gossip forums are where established members can discuss articles and connect with each other in a more private and sane environment.

Also: if you’re a repeatedly a jerk, I will permanently ban you from the site.

Is this a pro-ana site?

Absolutely not. This is a pro-skinny site. We do not, have not, and will not condone any kind of self-harm. (Spend some time browsing our community if you don’t believe us – many people have been banned for glorifying that kind of behavior.) Also, PLEASE READ THIS. People who have illnesses of any kind shouldn’t be here – they should be seeking professional help and working to get well.

I believe strongly in the opposite philosophy – that it’s possible to be skinny and healthy.

You should do a post about whoever. She’s lost/gained weight/I saw her eating pizza/not eating.

Suggestions are welcome – post them to the forums – but keep them out of the other articles.

Can I write a guest post?

Maybe – post your suggestions / submissions to the forum.

Can I send you pictures of me?

It’s probably better, safer, and smarter to share them on the forum (where they’ll be seen by verified members only.)

I’m an insider with a hot tip.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing – email me! If you want me to give you credit, be sure to tell me how you want to be identified.

You keep telling me to email you. How is such a thing possible?

If you can decipher this: skinnygossip at gmail d0t com, you can get in touch.