Eva Longoria Carrying A Wendy’s Drink and Bag – Did She Eat It?

A few days ago Eva Longoria was pictured carrying a bag and drink from Wendy’s.  Even though we don’t actually see her eating, I am almost certain that she probably ate the contents of that bag.  I’m sure if asked she would say it was a salad or something similar but I don’t think she can hide her sandwich and french fries from us.  If she really wanted a salad there are thousands of other places to go in LA. It is nice to see that even celebrities give into their cravings.  I’m sure Eva is a little embarrassed to have her picture taken with a bag of Wendy’s – her secret is out : )

Eva Longoria visiting Wendy's

Eva’s arms and legs look thin from the side pictures, but if you take a closer look at some of the other shots, her arms and thighs don’t look so good.  I’m also curious to see what she looks like in her mid-section under that dress – outfits can be very deceiving.

How do you think Eva is doing?  Maintaining the same weight, losing weight or gaining weight?

Eva Longoria visiting Wendy's

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Eva Longoria visiting Wendy's

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25 thoughts on “Eva Longoria Carrying A Wendy’s Drink and Bag – Did She Eat It?

  1. Fili

    I saw a picture of her on the set of Desperate Hosewives where she was wearing a very tight shiny top, and believe me, her midsection looked really fat and like she was about to pop out of that glitter top… She doesn´t even have a waist anymore, her midriff is a flabby square.

  2. Prettyskeleton

    yeah she definitely ate the wendy’s ..i saw pics of her on another site on the set of Desperate house wives. She’s gained like 10 pounds or something like that. she should definitely lay off the wendy’s

  3. want2bnvied

    i highly doubt it she ate it. she looks fabulous here, so she may have been getting something for tony and then a diet coke for herself?

  4. Anya

    she is getting kinda chubby.. she used to be toned and thin, but I guess it’s hard to stay that way at her age and especially her height (she’s like 5’0 I think).

  5. Marijam

    The dress (?) looks like a towel, yes she is older and short and will have a hard time managing a low weight, but she could at least tone her mid-section. I saw some other pictures too, even my mum has a better mid-section than her…

  6. Kona

    You are all being ridiculas. Too short? since when is their a height standard for women? In modeling, yes of cource but woman of all sizes can be beautiful. If you saw her on the street you would think she is drop dead gorgeous, because she is. Anyone would be lucky to look like her by that age. She works hard to keep that amazing figure. You can deny it but if she was “too short” or “too fat” or too old, then she wouldnt be as sucessful of an actress as she is today… Obviously her 6’2 hubby doesent think shes too short! LOL

  7. Haylen

    That dress is shapless and unflattering. Has anyone seen the documentary Super Skinny Me? Two women Journalists diet and excercise in a race to be a size 00.

  8. Goldengirl

    bc, too short for what? changing light bulbs???

    Anyway I think she looks good but I dont like her hair that length, it looks better long. Weight wise I think she looks the same as always.

  9. Fili

    Can all the Eva-Fans please go somewhere else?
    She definitely gained a lot, I can see that.
    She used to be one of the women I admired and envied when I was like 180 pounds – I think that says a lot about the people who try to defend her! She´s become a piggy and that´s the truth.
    But @ Goldengirl – there is no optimal height for a woman, and even short girls can look skinny & sexy. unfortunately, Eva is none of them.
    @ Haylen – yes, I´ve seen it! But I found it rather un-thinspiring because the makers of the documentary obviously wanted to point out how unhealthy and against-nature it is to be/ want to achieve size zero.

  10. Goldengirl

    sorry i guess i just dont see the weight gain?? not trying to argue but i just dont see it in these pictures at least, is she fatter on desperate houswives er something? i havent been watching it & i heard the show has gone really down hill :/

  11. Fili

    I didn´t hear the downhill rumors :) so I can´t argue on THAT…
    But as you see in the firt comment (mine) I´ve seen some really unflattering on-set candids of Eva which rally shocked me.
    These pics, I have to admit, don´t reveal anything… her towel-like dress is hiding everything. Well, she´s clever, our Eva…

  12. thin lizzie

    she just looks healthy, which equals eating very regularly. She’s not thin though, just healthy looking.

  13. bc

    She didn’t get where is today on her looks or talent. That’s clear.

    She just fucked and sucked-off all of the right producers.

  14. chloe

    hey didn’t she have to gain weight for desperate housewives a few years back… maybe she hasn’t had to take it off yet.

  15. kristen

    Gabi on DH always looks hot I love this actress she has some sort of beauty about her she is so much diff. then all of the other girls on DH . also love susan on there! you have to be very skinny on there you have to be perfect or you would prob.. be fired! no turning back you must be perfect on that show!

  16. Kristin

    She’s not as small as she was on Desperate Houewives and that dress is AWFUL. But I think lately she’s been maintaining and her hair looks great at least.

  17. kristen

    She looks good! Not fat! maybe a little weight but She tones really good when Shes` on DH! My fave show and who cares She eats` wendys some people do that ocasionaly!


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