Emma Watson Stuffing Her Face at Juniors In NYC

Emma Watson was spotted leaving Juniors in NYC a few days ago.  Juniors is known for their fabulous cheesecake and desserts so there is no doubt in my mind that Emma was stuffing her face.  She should not be stuffing her face, but rather she should be on the treadmill.  She still needs to lose those 5-8lbs that I suggested! 


I wish she would learn how to dress.  Add a little makeup, put on a nice pair of heels. 


Ugh… What a snot.  She is really starting to annoy me. 


13 thoughts on “Emma Watson Stuffing Her Face at Juniors In NYC

  1. Eloise White

    You’re a real perv, telling others to lose ‘5-8lbs’ like all they have to do is just sneeze and voila! the weight will be gone, you know? Society’s dealing with food disorders mainly because of people like you. And what are YOUR stats, may I ask? A midget that’s 300 lbs? Yeah, I thought so.

    1. Skinny Gurl

      Eloise White – You say “society’s dealing with food disorders mainly because of people like me” – get the facts right – society needs to deal with the fact that over 50% of the population is overweight or obese causing numerous illnesses that eventually lead to death. How many people die each year from illnesses caused from being overweight? And how many people die each year from an eating disorder? Do your research and you’ll be surprised by the number and facts!

      And BTW I’m much skinnier than Emma!

      1. devon

        well shes not overweight, so why is it any of your business how much she weighs? its people like you that cause girls that are already skinny to have eating disorders. emma’s no where near over weight, so i dont get why you’re bitching.

  2. Eloise White

    Mmhmm, so you say, sure you’re much skinnier than Watson. Yeah true, America’s dealing with both ends of the extreme scale, but thats only because of portion control. But saying they’re ‘bad girls’ only because they eat? We want America to be HEALTHY, not emaciated or obese.

    1. Jenn

      I agree that it’s better to be healthy than super skinny, but I just have to ask why you’re on this site in the first place? Skinny Gurl runs this site specifically for those with a certain view of beauty, so why are YOU judging that? She isn’t posting her opinions on the celebrities’ Twitter pages is she? She’s discussing and gossiping amongst friends, nothing more.

  3. AnnaC

    Would you freak out if I asked you how much you weighed, SkinnyGurl? Just wondering. Someone moron was just telling me that most people on sites like this were really just fatties. I almost broke all Ten Commandments on them. Anyway, about Emma…I love Emma watson, but in these photos, she does look a little baked.

  4. Acheramee

    Holy Cow, you’re judgmental. So your idea of beauty is pencil thin? She looks healthy and there’s nothing against pigging out every once in a while. Be content with you’re weight (I know you’re skinny and I admire you for it, just sayin ;)) and let her be happy with hers.

  5. Cat

    While I love Emma Watson, she’s about the same size as me, and goodness knows I need to lose at least 10lbs. So yes, agreed that she’s amazing and agreed that she needs to lay off the sweets!


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