Emma Watson could shed a few

July 27th, 2008
Posted by Skinny Gurl

Here is beautiful Emma Watson at the Cartier International Polo Tournament.  She is such a beautiful girl but she would look amazing if she lost about 10-15 pounds.  She is only 5’6″ so she isn’t blessed with much height to help her look skinny.  She’ll end up like Hayden Panettiere if she doesn’t watch out!

Emma Watson

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  1. Gina says:

    Emma Watson is probably not even 120 lbs. and you think she’s on the heavy side? She looks like a perfectly healthy girl! Can you imagine how she would feel if she read what you wrote about her? Words like yours are potentially dangerous for young girls to hear- how would you have liked to hear something like that about yourself when you were a teen?

  2. Jenny says:

    To the above comment; well said! I think she’s got a lovely figure, she’s not stick thin like all the models, she’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with her, she looks a good weight for her height! She’s clearly doing something right in her diet, because she has a great figure and looks very healthy. You’re not putting a good message across when you say she needs to lose weight when she blatantly doesn’t!!!

  3. amanda says:

    she has a verryy slim figure
    if she lost any more she’de be too thin
    are you crazy if thats fat, then whats skinny to you??
    and for the record hayden panetire is also at perfect weight

    • Barbie says:

      hayden is definetley chunky so im not sure what you think is “normal” … lord help us if everyone thinks like you we will be a very fat society (oh wait we already are smh)

  4. lynn says:

    this site is ridiculous;/ lose 10-15 lbs??!?!? wtf are you on crack? you MUST be some sort of a model to even say anything…

  5. Mia says:

    whoever made this site needs to delete it. You are a bad influence. Emma watson is definitely NOT heavy!!! im sure anyone would love to look like her. I dont know who you are, but u need to stop this crazy BS.

  6. Melissa says:

    If all of you have such a huge problem with what is said on this site, WHY ARE YOU READING IT? If you don’t agree with the views that are expressed here, then go read other “healthier” websites. The website is called “skinny gossip” so obviously its going to be a little controversial seeing as how everyone in today’s society thinks that someone who is a size 14 is a healthy weight. The point is, if you don’t like what is said on this site, you don’t have to read it because no one else wants to hear you bitching about it. The creator of this site has the right to say whatever the hell they want without having to worry about backlash from people that have no business reading it to begin with if you don’t like it.

    • chloe says:

      nobody thinks size 14 is a healthy size – it’s the average size.

      size 10 is perfectly healthy though, many skinny people i know usually wear 8-10 and if they got any thinner they would begin to look ugly.

      size 6 is NOT the only skinny, or size 0 or whatever it is in america. size 8, 10, and even some 12s are perfectly fine too.

      and i bet that emma watson is 8 maybe a 10 on a fat day.

      and we are reading this trying to think what the hell possessed people to actually listen to this BS.

    • Catherine says:

      no, that’s a complete load. If you write controversial things then you have to expect controversy. Especially with an issue like a teenage girl’s weight. She looks PERFECTLY FINE. If ANYONE thinks she is anything even close to fat then I have to ask what the world is coming to.

  7. Elle says:

    Look, I’m all for looking skinny and being skinny but i still don’t think it gives us the right to be superior and call others heavier than ourselves fat. I’m 5’9 and weigh 106 pounds but you don’t see or hear me calling others fat.

  8. Rory says:

    If Emma lost 15 pounds she’s be 99 pounds,
    Giving her bmi of 15.6 which is seriously underweight,
    She’s not even in the healthy catagory at the moment.

    • Isabel says:

      Oh wow. O_O I was 99 lbs a few weeks ago.. but i got lazy. XD NEED TO EXERCISE MORE! :P
      Yea, thats REALLY underweight!

    • Sharanya Thanabalan says:

      Actually her real bmi is 18 to 18.6 which is healthy. She should not lose anymore weight or else she will end up like a stick. She is 5’6 and weighs between 50 to 52kg.

  9. Katrina says:

    Emma Watson is beautiful.

  10. Lauren says:

    Emma definitely has potential to loose some weight, but she’s really starting to discover her own style now and is coming into her own. As for you not liking her attitude, I’ve been accused of being a snob and a brat before now, and all it is is that I’m British and have been brought up by a British family. and I feel the same is true for Emma. She’s just well-bred and suffers unfair criticism for it.

    • Samiii says:

      That is not necessarily because your British… there are other reasons that people might call other people snobs…

  11. sunna says:

    Emma is so beautiful. i would give away almost anything to have her body AND if she became any thinner than she would look ugly.

  12. Abbey says:

    Ha! Some people on this site are so full of it. If you’re saying, “She’s sooooo healthy! I would looovee to have her body! Blah, blah, blahhhh!”, then your probably fat, ugly, or both, and are jealous of Emma Watson. I mean, hey, she’s pretty, but she could afford to lose some of that arm, tummy, or thigh fat. I know everyone has the right to voicing their own opinion, but, as I’ve said before, this site is called “Skinny Gossip”. So, if your all about people being “healthy” and at the “perfect weight”, then why are you on a thinspiration website? That is hypocritical in itself.

    • chloe says:

      the website name gives no indication for being extremely bitter and rude about others who look fine and are comfortable with what size they are.

      skinnygossip could mean speaking about who’s skinny and who looks good, not calling everything that eats more than air fat. there IS a difference.

      don’t be so rude.

  13. paige says:

    love the wbsite! i lost a lot of weight doing this.. my friends think that im skinny! well not as skinny as i want to !! LOL but yeah it does work!

  14. Daniella says:

    look, in all seriousness it wouldn’t be unhealthy for her to shed a few pounds. she is quite obviously NOT 100lbs. at 5’6 and from looking at the picture i’d say she’s closer to 130-145. just look at her arms and legs. sure she’s healthy but it wouldn’t be unhealthy of her to lose 10lbs. that’d be more ideal for her height anyway.

  15. naomie says:

    To begin with, any one who wants emma’s body is def “bigR” and def stands to lose 10-15 too. Look, losing 10-15lbs will not kill the girl. Emma is not slim, she is chubby and looks to be getting chubbier. Losing that w8 will def be easier for her at this age than if she were older. It would be easier to manage too. I’m 5’8 and 125lbs, 27 of which does not belong to me, so am already working on shedding it. Feel free to rant on all you want. Lst time I checked, this site is called “skinnygossip” not big is beautiful. I’m sure all you whiners are fat chicks looking for tips on here. Cant get my head around “big” chicks on a skinny website, criticising skinny chicks who criticise “big” chics.

    • Lily says:

      If you guys are allowed to have the opinion of her weight, then why arent you letting her have an opinion on her own size. Obviously, we can she is beautiful and she looks healthy. Beauty is not suffering with diets and not eating. That is a person trying too hard to look good and impress others. She has something better – she looks after herself and lets people see her true self which God gave her. I dont think the people who are defending her on this site are “ugly” or “fat” to be defending her (as previously said). They can just recognise that she is actually smart enough to not copy every other dumb woman in Hollywood who makes themselves suffer for a bit of fame. Emma gets fame for being herself. Thank you

      Stop judging her

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  17. Classmate13 says:

    Uhm, Emma is not 5’6. She is 5’3-5’4 at most. Plus remember that the camera always puts on a few more pounds. I’m her classmate and honestly she looks tiny. If she loses 10-15, there will be nothing there.

  18. Jenni says:

    For anyone playing the “If you don’t like this site, why are you on it?” card, I stumbled across this site on accident and everyone has the right to say they doin’t agree with what is being said. I agree that this is unbelievable and, like most people on here, I think it’s rediculous that you can suggest that Emma should lose any weight – Have you seen her?? She’s gorgeous just the way she is. People just don’t seem to understand that skinnier does NOT equal healthier or more beautiful <3

  19. Katie says:

    Wow, seriously? What is WRONG with these people? She is perfect.

    • Irene says:

      She’s “filled out” even more since this pic was taken. She’s not fat by any means but she could look sooooooo much better. Definitely fell off my ‘like’ radar.

  20. Ellie says:

    she could definitely lose some. she’s kind of doughy in comparison to being really skinny.

  21. violette says:

    She’s pretty but would be healthier if she lost a little weight, I think. I am a firm believer in calorie restriction for health and longevity. Just my opinion. I like a skinny look also. Don’t be fooled by the parameters set up by the obesity epidemic. And, no, nobody is saying she’s obese. Read carefully. The problem is we’re being lied to by the food industry into thinking overweight is healthy. They don’t want us to eat less. Bad for business!

  22. Railey says:

    I agree with the author – that is, if we’re talking about body proportions. As for health, you cannot conclude on anything just by how a person looks outside.

  23. Sharanya Thanabalan says:

    Emma previously weighed about 120 pounds and she is now between 110 to 115 pounds and she stands 5’6 tall. She is never skinny.

  24. S says:

    People, chill! You don’t become anorexic just for being underweight (pretty sure the poor malnourished children in Asia and Africa don’t have ED’s…). Also, if SG thinks Emma would look better with 10 lbs less, good. That’s her opinion. Don’t insult her for that.

  25. Lena says:

    i’m 55 kg atm (for 168 cm) because i gained a lot of weight while i was in the hospital with broken leg (i had to eat the hospital food for a while and when i got out i was having no exercises) and i look more skinny than her right now..she’s at least like 57-58 kg (i think it’s like 130 pound? i don’t know so much the pound system)
    if she lost weight she would be even more pretty!!

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