Candice Swanepoel’s Amazing Transformation

April 25th, 2011
Posted by Skinny Gurl

The ‘net’s been all abuzz about Candice Swanepoel’s weight loss. I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about, so I did a little historical research before coming to any conclusions. But my conclusion is that she definitely lost weight – and, in my opinion, she looks better than ever! I’m posting a gallery below… first there are a few pictures of her in 2009 and 2010 – then new pictures of her from a few weeks ago.  It looks like most of the weight loss has just been over the past couple of months – and, while she’s never been my favorite among the VS girls, I think she looks great.

I’m estimating about a 15lb weight loss.

Thanks for the inspiration, Candice – nice work!


What do you gurls think? And how do you think she did it?


Candice Swanepoel fashion Thinspo

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230 Responses

  1. LittleMissLovelyBones says:

    She looks great! Especially her thighs. I am loving on the space between her legs. <3

    • gam says:

      Loving the new look too, though still curvy in a way. That gap really makes the look.

      • gemma says:

        But then, everyone who is thin will have that gap when you bend over like that though. The key is to have that gap when you’re standing upright + feet together. I think she’s normal in my book. But then, my perception on skinniness is kinda on the extreme end.

        • michelle says:

          True-she has her butt stuck out in all the pics. oh well. :) still nice to see her looking so good! I wouldn’t complain about having her job. Lol.

    • Alice says:

      the gap looks AMAZING! thinspo

  2. Shygirl says:

    Fucking amazing!!! Yay for a new post xxx

  3. Shygirl says:

    My post got deleted :( I think she’s absolutely stunning

  4. shayla says:

    She looked good before but even better now!! I love the picture of her in the white dress! Sidebar….can she help the other model to her left not alessandra…..I forgot her name! Wow! And she used to be so popular lol anyways she needs to lose abt 20 pounds!

    • cassandra says:

      Adriana Lima, and yes.. I feel like she has definitely gained some weight.

    • Lex says:

      yea, too bad Adriana had a baby. after that, your rib cage actually expands and never goes back (my size 0 mother told me that – she used to be 00 before me :( ) Adriana is going to look massive next to tinier models from now on.

  5. michelle says:

    Simply lovely! To be that skinny and still have good muscle definition is next to physical perfection to me!!
    So good tp have u back SG!! Hope everything has been ok. :) starting a new diet today and really needed this thinspo-was the best thing to which I could wake up (I check this site b4 I get out of bed)

    • Shygirl says:

      What diet are you doing?

      • michelle says:

        I looked up some info on the Warrior Diet and I’m doing my own version of it-having a 100 calorie protein shake in the early morning (I get up at 5), then having a small vegetable based meal at about 4 (after I workout), then having another 100 calorie shake before bed (bout 10 pm). Hoping this works-according to everything I’ve read it should, I have some social events in the near future and need to get off the last of this stubborn ‘freshman 15′

        • shygirl says:

          Sounds like a good plan sweetness, let us know how it goes :)

          • michelle says:

            Haha well it turned into 2 meals but I’m bout to have a vicious workout session to kill all the calories-gonna work out with a lot more intensity than normal

          • michelle says:

            So following the warrior diet according to the website did NOT work for me. I have been too ingrained to not eat b4 I go to bed and when I tried having my meal in the middle of the day I ended up with more calories than I usually eat in a day. It may work for some and that’s great but I’ll probably only revert to it when I know I’ll be at a dinner party where I won’t be able to completely avoid fat. Back to keeping the cals at about 1200 and plenty of working out. :) oh well.

  6. Cátia says:

    awesome!!! :D
    I wish I can look like her! So jealous

  7. Charlie says:

    She is the absolute perfect example of a healthy skinny goddess. I’d love to know what she eats/how much exercise she does :)

    • model824 says:

      I’d love to know that too!! does anyone here know how’s her diet? yo know sometimes they post it on the internet, however I have not found it…

  8. Lo says:

    She’s perfection. Love you skinny gurl!! Glad to see you back <3

  9. Gina says:

    She looks so much better without that mess around her hips!

  10. web says:

    she looks amazing, really lovely, im deffinatly saveing the last couple of pics, into my thinspo file :)

  11. Fili says:

    She looks so perfect! She´s a skinny hourglass/pear shape which is my favourite body shape. She totally rocks it

    • shygirl says:

      I’m hoping once i’m done losing weight (if that ever happens!) that I will be a skinny hourglass :) right now im lookin a little pear shaped. I agree she totally rocks it!

      • model824 says:

        hey shygirl! I’m a pear shape too, struggling with my hips and tighs! soo annoying! I have some trouble with my mid section too… anyway, I hope to look like her too when I loose the weight I want! :) as you said, perfect hourglass!

        • shygirl says:

          model824, are you a model hun? i find being a pear i’m heavier in weight than most people expect be to be which i think is because we carry the weight in the lower half and up top im so tiny… do u find the same?

          • model824 says:

            no shygirl, I’m not a model, that’s just the name I use here to motivate myself to keep skinny like a model… too short to be one, 5’4

          • michelle says:

            I hear ya! I’m 5’4!

          • model824 says:

            really? any other shorite here? how much do you think we should weigh? I’m 116-118 lbs now, want to get down to 100lbs, what do you think?

          • shygirl says:

            im 5’5- 5’6 so im pretty short too. right now im 125 as ive put on some weight but i feel good at 120, best at 110… fingers crossed i get back there

          • skinnybananas says:

            I’m barely under 5 feet ): I currently weigh around 98 because I gained during winter break and can’t seem to get it off again. My goal’s 85 lbs.

          • Ballerina says:

            I’m almost 5’7 now and weigh 138lbs right now :( my doctor says that muscles weigh more than fat and that I’m quiet muscular because of the dancing. but that doesn’t make it easier to go stand on the scale and see that weight appearing there :(

          • Alice says:

            i would do anything to just grow a bit taller! Im 5’6 :( im 120 and i need to get downn to 100 ASAP!

  12. Bryony says:

    Candice is such a much-needed inspiration for me. I am desperate to lose all this flab!
    How much should you eat to drop 20 pounds in a month?
    I was thinking about cycling calories, but keeping the weekly intake the same.

    • Christa says:

      A month to lose 20 pounds seems kind of extreme to me. But I’m not a weight-loss pro like most of the girls on this site. I would only aim to lose 2-3 pounds a week with healthy weight loss. With that, you can lose the twenty pounds in two months, which isn’t that much more time?

      And, I don’t know, I’m really thinking about eating raw vegetables and fruits mainly and drinking a lot of water. That should do it.

    • Chloe says:

      dropping weight is easier than you think. 20 pounds in a month may be too much though!

      the best way is to eat 3 small meals and if you’re hungry between meals, allow yourself to have any amount of fruit you want.

      it was what got me from 53 to 41kg in 2.5 months. that was 2 years ago! definitely worth it, girls :)

      • Maria says:

        wow! in 2.5 months? what would a typical day look like for you then, with food and exercise? and did you allow yorself sweets or alcohol on the weekend?
        I would love to drop 15 pounds for summer!
        Maria <3

        • kindaskinny says:

          yes please share a typial day chloe! i always look out for your comments, always so helpful, thanks

  13. Tessy says:

    Normally I’m all for super skinny, she looked prettier and healthier a little bit heavier.

    • michelle says:

      Hey Tessy! I remember a few posts back u were telling us about all the weight u lost? How is that still going?
      (If I have the wrong person forgive me. Lol)

      • Tessy says:

        Hey Michelle! I’m so sorry this post is like years late, there’s so many comments on this post I get so confused! We’re all so desperate for skinny gossip that we really devour the posts!

        I’m still loosing (yay!), albeit very slowly, I’m only 8 pounds from my GW which will take me ages but is a LOT less than the 30 I’ve lost so far so I think I can do it!I’m not so good at a steady calories anymore, I seem to binge and starve a lot now which I hate, I wanna get it under control. Have you ever found yourself doing that?

        How’s your food situation going? Do you find yourself dealing with temptation much?

  14. Alice says:

    Her upper half was always amazing, now her bottom half matches! Ultimate thinspo, that girl is incredible! I can’t believe that people (on other sites) are saying that she is too skinny, she still has great curves and doesn’t have that kind of tired and hungry looking face that some very skinny models have. She puts Adriana to shame.

    • Chloe says:

      i agree. i don’t know if it’s that hideous black thing they’re making her wear, but she looks horrible here.

  15. jessa says:

    she looks helllllla good

  16. Frida says:

    @tessy, I totally agree with you!

    • Chloe says:

      at first, I thought that she looked better with more curves too. but after thinking about it, it’s because she’s in a bikini and in heels. everyone looks good in a swim suit even when they’re curvier. however, if you were to crop off her feet (since her heels are elongating them) and fit her in some denim shorts, you’ll go ugh at her thick thighs.

  17. lucie says:

    Absolutely beautiful :) she is so stunning! And looks much better for losing a little bit!

  18. Frida says:

    ps: skinnygurl, could you please do a model profile and thinspo on frida gustavsson? she is my absolute fave

  19. Jane says:

    I actually heard that VS is making her gain the weight back because the company thinks she’s too skinny or something…check it out:

    • M. says:

      Bs. They let Chanel Iman do shootings and runway and everything even at her tiniest so well, that won’t happen. And even if, it wouldn’t hurt her. I mean, she made it on the cover of vogue so she can just ditch VS and still not be unemployed :D

      • Jane says:

        Lol it just goes to show that being thin and beautiful will get you far no matter who you’re working for XD

        • model824 says:

          That is so true!! although you have to be committed all the time and work hard for it… but totally worth it! how do you keep motivated every day? I just get out of track very often… any tips?

          • Jane says:

            Personally speaking, I think the best motivator is jealousy. One of my best friends is tall, pretty, and super-duper skinny. I mean, people tell me I’m really thin, but I swear I look like Godzilla next to her! Having someone as your real-life thinspo just makes it seem even more possible, you know?

          • Chloe says:

            get awesome tiny clothes and imagine yourself in them :)

      • am says:

        I agree. I never understand why VS even hired Chanel Iman, she definitely doesn’t fit into the ‘curvy’ image they look for. Candice, on the other hand, having lost weight, still looks curvy. It’s just in her body shape, I guess. And she is really lucky. Cuz I’m a pear shape too and I wonder how she loses the weight + retain muscle tone without bulking up

        Then again, I’m a lot shorter than her …

        • model824 says:

          thanks for the tip, I do have a friend who’s super skinny and tiny, she’s a bit shorter than me but I can use her as real life motivation, I mean if others can do it then you can do it, right?

          Do any of you have any tips on what exercise to do and not bulk up? I bulk up pretty easy…

      • naomie says:

        I think the difference between Chanel and Candice is that Chanel has always been just as skinny. Her body weight/look has never changed, and whether people choose to believe it or not, the girl is naturally skinny.

        Candice went from normal curvy to skinny curvy and it was very obvious probabbly cos it happened in a short amount of time, so am guessing lots of fasts and liquid foods.

        I doubt that Chanel’s body even has the extra space to add weight, the girl is a stick, and no diet in the world can keep you as consistently thin as Chanel without you going mad.

  20. abbey says:

    She looks sooo much better. and a lot better than the pic i just found… grossss!!!!!

  21. teabird says:

    What do you all reckon her BMI is? I want to aim to look like her!

    • M. says:

      We’re about the same height and my body looks similar except that I have really narrow boyish hips :( My bmi is 15.5 right now so i guess her is around 15? . Muscle is quite heavy!

      • Val says:

        You’re so lucky, my BMI is still at 17.2, trying to bring it down.1 BMI point is equal to only half a pound, or 1/4 of an inch

      • Sue says:

        I guess we have the same “boyish hips” which is OK since my guy likes them :) I keep my BMI under 14 and I thnk that Candice’s is probably about 15-16 but she hsa lost lots in her thighs and all over too. I think she looks amazing now especially compared to Adriana whose waist looks twice as wide as Candice’s

        • M. says:

          woooow under 14??? AMAZING! mind me asking what kind of exercise and foodintake you follow?

          I’m stuck at over 15 because I simply eat too much :/ I always try to compensate my binges with exercise :(

          • Sue says:

            I guess I’ve been doing this for so long that anything different would seem so strange to me. I keep my total cals to 1000 on sedintary days which don’t happen often, about 1600 on my usual busy days, and up to 2000 when we’re doing more strenuous things all day like hiking. I keep my fat intake low (no saturated fats). My diet is mostly fruits, vegies and whey protein shakes. I do blend in a little olive oil to get some necessary healthy fats. My guy and I exercise together most days Mon-Sat and take Sun off. We usually spend about two hours which includes an hour plus of pretty intense resistance training and the rest is whatever aerobics we feel like. I keep my body fat percentage very low and if it was what is considered “normal and healty” my BMI would be about 15 too.

        • M. says:

          woa Sue , your my new role model haha. I suck so much for being like this! Whenever I’m stressed I binge on crap, though I don’t even have a taste for it anymore. Do you never have sugar or carb cravings? How can i get rid of them? :( sorry to keep asking but you seem to know a lot about nutrition! Could you also tell me what a sedentary day would look like foodwise for you? and what about a normal day?

          THANK YOU LOADS in advance!!!

          • Chloe says:

            fruitfruitfruit! it’ll help with cravings instantly. soon you’ll find that you can do with less fruit too :)

          • Frida says:

            @Sue, could you please help me? I have a body fat percentage of 13% bou I don’t have my period..! do you have yours? can you give me some advice? thankss kisses

          • Sue says:

            On a sedintary day I usually have 4 protien shakes 125 cals each with a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil in the first and third. That makes about 600 calories. Then I make up the last 400 cals with what ever I feel like of fruits and veggies. Fruit on these days always tastes better than veggies so I kind of don’t get to the veggies much. But like I said sedentary days aren’t frequent really cause I always have stuff to do around the house or in my yard and garden even even on my exercise day. On a normel day, exercising and all I have 6 shakes… 150 cal shakes with a scant 1/2 tbsp of olive oil in four of them totalling 1100 cals and make up the other 500 cals in fruits and veggies. Definitely including lots more veggies on these days when I can have 1600 cals. Fruits like Chloe says take care of a sweet craving. I just don’t get them very often though, but if I do I just remember what it takes to stay as thin I am now and it goes away. Or my guy will remind me that what ever I don’t gain, I don’t ever have to lose.

            For stress try meditation. A few minutes does amazing things to reduce stress… really.

            Frida, I have to admit it but as unhealthy as I know it is, my weight and even more keeping my body fat extremely low not just to be as thin as I want but very lean and defined too has always been more important to me and my periods have been infrequent and light if they happen at all. I don’t know what to say. It’s a choice I made for myself even though it might not be a good one. Be careful, please.

          • Frida says:

            thank you for replying, @Sue. yeah… I was expecting that answer, but of you don’t mind me asking, you body fat percentage is way lower than mine, right? With 13% I shoul be menstruated, right? kissess

  22. tina says:

    omg she looks awesome! Good to have you back skinny Gurl:)

  23. Lara says:

    She looks superb! She also makes Adriana look like a tank, I wonder if Adriana feels like shit standing next to her.. I would!

    • gigi says:

      my thought exactly:) and i kinda think it shows on adriana’s face. if you look at more pics, she just has this uncomfortable expression standing next to candice and a.a.

  24. M. says:

    Just wondering – do you know any good online shop or sth that also sells to europe and is not that expensive? I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit me AND don’t make me look akward. I have the tiniest boyish frame and I’m losing weight right now so no hips no boobs no ass! Its so hard to look that tomboyish :( The clothes I usually buy are designer and really expensive, but they’re so bad quality I swear they’re all washed out, ripping up at random places, just I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR D: & I’m broooke!

    anyone having the same problem? Where do you buy your stuff? I started to buy from the childrens section form H&M but thats no permanent solution as I’m 5’9.5!

    • Deanelle says:

      I tend to have the same problem finding clothes! I shop at H&M also and Forever 21. I’m 5’9″. How much do you weight? What are your measurments?

      • M. says:

        My weight fluctuates around 103 lbs. Like I said my frame is super boyish , I’m 75cm – 59cm – 78cm. No waist *sob* what about you?

        • Sue says:

          M.. WOW! You’re amazing. You are soooo thin! What do you mean you have “no waist”? You have a teeny waist… :)

          • M. says:

            aww thank you ): unfortunatly I can rarely see it as my tummy tends to be bloated for no reason most of the days … my digestion seems to be slow and bad ): I drink laxative tea to help that … though its not good I know D:

            I just meant no waist compared to what they say about models bing 90-60-90 cm thats a third less on the waist that means houglass! for me it would have to be 52 to be an hour glass … no way I can EVER achieve that … I’m at 60 now wow I gain, I’m such a loser … btw thank you for your example Day Sue! I’m not sure if I can do it because I crave solid food for my mind to be satisfied and leave me alone :( I envy you for your man beacking you up, because I have noone :(

      • M. says:

        have to throw in that I still want to lose some more :O its still not what I want to be like! So less eating, M should not stand for Miss Piggy D:

        • Deanelle says:

          Oh my gosh that’s great! How did you get there? What is your secret? :) I’m about 112 and need to drop!! I’m 31-22-25 I sound like Miss Piggy to you! Hehe

          • M. says:

            I shouldn’t give any food advice because I eat waaaay too much and way too much crap :( I exercise a lot these days , this week 6 out of 7 days :O

        • Charlie says:

          Hi M, do you eat yogurt? Yogurt is brilliant at getting rid of bloating because it super-powers digestion. Also if you’re on the pill try getting a lower-oestrogen pill, or even going for no pill at all and using the monthly cycle method (that’s what I’ve been doing for ages because I can’t stand the extra water weight and bloating from the pill).

          I’ve got the same clothes and boyishness problem as well :( I’m 5’8″ and 96 lbs and my hips are narrower than my rib cage, and I’m sitting here in new trousers that are 2 sizes too big for me and pretty scrunched around the waist where I’ve drawn them in with a belt :(
          We should definitely save up some money and go to Japan because I’ve heard that they LOVE skinny girls over there and they also have incredible clothes :)

          • M. says:

            AHAHAH CHARLIE that just made me laugh thank you! I just horribly binged and felt pretty crappy you made my day! I’m the same here omg I tried to leave the house this morning but I looked so rediculous in my jeans that I took off my tie-boots again and changed them for the only pair of skinny jeans I have that fit me anymore, so tragic! I LOVE JAPANESE FASHION! asia <3

            no I'm not on the pill i don't have a bf and I don't have my period ): and yoghurt doesn#t work for me I eat it every day ):

          • Charlie says:

            Hahah! M I’m so pleased to know that there are other people as well who only have one pair of trousers that actually fit them, I’ve got to be so strict with myself to not just wear this pair all the time because I think people started to wonder whether I owned only one pair of trousers.

            One of my friends has a Portuguese uncle who lives in the middle of nowhere on a hill in Portugal, and apparently it’s fashionable there for men to have really tight trousers, so he sits in a hot bath with his trousers on to make them shrink to fit him perfectly (and weirdly). I don’t recommend that though, I think just washing and drying them on the hottest setting possible is a much better idea, although it might damage some fabrics. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m gonna try this next time.

          • M. says:

            hahaha yeah and the shitty part is that those jeans are ripped too … so I must look like I’m a incredibly poor girl with one pair of ripped trousers that she wears all the time … omg hahah

            jup the bathtub part I heard that too from people being teenagers in the 70ies … they would put their pants on wet for them to be as skintight as possible … nasty thought ugh would never do it!!

  25. Perf3ction says:

    Wow! She’s lost a ton! I think she looks better now though… Maybe she got the word that you have to be SKINNY to be a model! Lol. Well, there are those plus size models.. but those are just pointless to me..

  26. Rainbow says:

    Wow. Her legs. I want them.

    I have a question, in your opinion what would be your ideal weight for someone quite tall ~ 5’11?

    Because you guys are saying Candice’s is estimated ~15 and what I though was ideal for me was higher.

    • M. says:

      somewhere around 110 lbs? all depends on your frame! :3 What I’m suggesting would give you an bmi of 15.4. But I really think its impossible to tell without seeing you, because you just have to commit to becoming skinny and eventually at some point you’ll feel good no matter if thats above or below that number. Good luck!

      • kindaskinny says:

        im the same height as you and quite a narrow frame, my goal is around 53/54 kg, which is about 115 to 120 ish. thats for a bmi of roughly 16. But like M says it does depend on your fram. i kinda go by looks, if i get too bony looking i calm it down a bit, i prefer lookin skinny and toned.

  27. Kate says:

    looks more like lipo to me, since she hasn’t lost much chest or hips. good thinspo though.

  28. michelle says:

    I sure hope adrenaline rush burns calories…I’ve eaten crap and chugged carbs during disaster relief efforts here in the southern US. Last night I was going into shock (was awake since b4 the first storms hit wednesday b4 dawn) and people kept saying how ‘u have to have food to keep going’ and being stupid soooo it has not been good calorie wise. Maybe all the movement burnt it off?
    Am I being totally shallow for thinking like this when I have just being hauling supplies via atv through what looks like a literal hell? Is my obsession with being skinny too worrisome? I’m sorry I’m just blabbering on but I guess maybe coming on here is just a way to feel ‘normal’ for a few minutes.
    Have a skinny day!

    • Christa says:

      which state are you in? A lot of my cousins live in AL and I’ve been worried about them w/ all the tornadoes. But luckily, it didn’t hit them. I don’t watch television either so idk what is happening usually.

      • michelle says:

        I’m in AL. We don’t watch tv either. Nice to know other people don’t as well-feel dumb cause I don’t know who half the celebs r. Its crazy down here. Cadaver dogs brought in tonight and its pretty much lock down so I can’t get in tomorrow.

        • Christa says:

          That’s so scary :(

          My town got his by a tornado once. They are the worst.

          Ok, I’m going to stop talking about non-diet-related things. sorry.

          • michelle says:

            Gotta agree with ya. Sooo…in how’s the skinniness going? Lol

          • Christa says:

            not very well. :/ I just gained a pound for no apparent reason.

            I just bought green tea “Mega-T” supplements for the first time because of it. Anyone know if they work? Are they dangerous at all?

          • michelle says:

            @christa- if they r those largish green pills, then I know what u r talking about but warning-they will turn your urine like neon colored. Lol. I cannot keep many pills down, much less vitamins or dietary supplements, so I just drink a ton of green tea cause the warm liquid seems to stop hunger pains.

  29. ripedbanana says:

    i really love how she looks now. her thighs are freaking amazing now. anyway, can someone tell me if the baby food diet really works?! PLEASE

  30. wendy says:

    @ ripedbanana: yes, it does. best of luck trying it, f you decide to go for it ;)

    candice looks amazing! maybe she will too become one of my favourites along with alessandra…

    on a sidenote, i took some weight, almost 3 kgs, and i feel like such a pig for letting myself do sth like that… don’t you hate it when sth like that happens?… i was silly and that’s what one gets for being silly ;/

    • michelle says:

      Oh man do I understand!! :’( its sad when we gain. I had lost but it didn’t stay off cause I went nutty over some stuff in my personal life and I quit working out.
      So now its back to dedication to getting off the freshman 15.

  31. skia says:

    she looks wonderful. i love how her body curves.

  32. model824 says:

    hey girls, my sister’s getting married and I have a reception next friday, I want to loose as much weight as I can, how much can you loose in 5 days?

    • ripedbanana says:

      exercise thrice a day. morning (before you eat anything), afternoon, and at night. and eat baby food :D

    • ripedbanana says:

      but i don’t know how much weight you’ll lose but im pretty sure you will lose quite a bit. drink lots of water to stay hydrated

      • model824 says:

        thanks, I’ll let you know how it went next week! …I just hope to be strong enough to resist temptation. I’m checking this site daily, even if there’s nothing new, and it means re-reading all your posts and comments, it helps me stay motivated! :)

        @Chloe: you’re such an inspiration, I love all your tips, and losing that in 2.5 months is amazing, just wondering, what’s your height?

  33. Gabster says:

    She looks soo hott! I love it! I dont have that pear shapped body, i have the hour glass, and yet it so hard to get that space between my legs. I got it once but my doctor told me i had to gain weight. So i gained 12 pounds but im devastated! I have a photoshoot the 17 and i NEED to lose 5lbs by then. At leats. That gives me a little more than two weeks. I have no idea where to start as i’ve been stuck in the weight-loss battle for a a while. Help please? All the advice/diets/anything you can tell me gurls! Something kinda easy to stick with and super effective. Also any work outs that are great for the tummy and inner tighs?
    Thanks a bunch skinny girls! Stay thin! ;)

    • LittleMissLovelyBones says:

      Lately, whenever I want to snack, I eat raw mushrooms. Not only is there absolutely NO way for me to find a way to make them taste good, they’re actually pretty filling as well. I can usually squeak by lunchtime with only a mushroom and a glass of water, it kills my appetite so well. It’s healthy, it’s icky (you should probably find your most hated health food for maximum effect, though), and I lost a couple pounds doing just that. It was the starving tip of the day a while back. It really works! On top of that, exercise. I always go by the rule “do a sit up for every bite you take”. That way, I absolutely work off everything, but it makes me stop and think about how much I’m eating. More eating means a longer workout period, and less doing fun things. I’m not very strict about it, though. I’m so bad. T.T

    • Chloe says:

      @maria @kindaskinny
      a typical day for me now is actually 1500kcal. however when i was losing weight 2 years ago, it’s usually
      B: 2 pieces of bread with jam/peanut butter (thinly spread)
      S: fruit
      L: rice, veggies, steamed egg/fish
      S: fruit
      D: rice, veggies, fish/chicken
      S: 1/2 cup of milk or piece of fruit
      i would exercise roughly 3-5 times a week, 30 minutes of jogging each time. sometimes i would go for a swim – front crawl, 30min.

      as you can see it’s rather reasonable! the weight just came off!
      the key is to eat slowly, drink lots of water, and eat only when hungry. the other key is to EAT when hungry, not wait till you’re so hungry you’ll end up binging on treats.

      i did get cravings at times but i realized that once i bit into an apple, my cravings for chocolate/chips etc would just disappear. i realized that all my cravings were actually hunger/thirst! it’s so amazing. try it yourself :D

      @Gabster, just don’t starve yourself. eat small healthy meals and snack on a slice of fruit or two each time you’re hungry. go for a jog 3-5 times a week and SLEEP well, no more late nights!

      • Maria says:

        Thank you so much chloe:) that was really helpful! It’s actually pretty similar to what I’ve been trying out lately, and I’ve lost about 3 kg in a month.. so, slower than you.. But thats probably because I’ve eaten sweets and stuff at the weekend.. From now on I will think of you, and eat fruits instead :P haha.
        Love Maria<3

        • Gabster says:

          Maria! Are you kidding me! Thats AMAZING! Dont stop woth the sweets though. You deserve a sweet when youre doing such a great job! I wanna loose that much in a friggin month! Lol
          great job!

      • Gabster says:

        Yeah! That sounds genious!!!!! Because although i greatly appreciate the mushroom diet, i dont think that i would be abe to follow it because although i hate mushrooms, i would be hungry to the extreme unhealthy point and that would lead me to binge and then i would feel obligated to purge it up sense i just love food so much. I hate what it does to me though! :/ but Chloe,thats awesome! I looove it! I’m going to start tomorow as ive already had some oatmeal and toast with jam this morning. Thanks a bunch!
        Btw, do you have a super fast metabolism? Because that seems to change the outcomes of the things you eat.

        • Chloe says:

          nope i don’t have a super fast metabolism! i’m definitely not one of those who eats a lot but doesn’t get fat.

          anyway, the bottom line is to simply eat small healthy meals and snack only on fruit. that just does the trick well for me. will certainly lose at least 1kg/2lbs a week if not more doing that.

        • Chloe says:

          start now by the way! there’s no ‘new beginning’ tomorrow. just start whenever. going out to all readers out there. be healthy and get your ideal weight NOW :D hahahah.

      • Bryony says:

        This is great advice! I’m estimating about 800 calories a day?

        Will you lose more faster on 500?

        • Gabster says:

          Your body defenetly NEEDS more than 500 calories a day. I like around 1000 a day :)

          • Ballerina says:

            @Bryony: don’t eat less than 1000cal a day! if you do eat less and you’ve reached your goal weight and start to eat more cals a day, your body will be like ‘finaly, more food!’ and it will conserve a lot more fat and cals than it would normally do…
            @all the beautiful skinnys: I have a performance the 28th and the 29th and I want to lose at least 6lbs/3kgs. do you guys have more tips than the ones previously mentioned by chloe (thanks for that btw ;-) ) ? the problem is that I have to eat at least 3 meals a day because I got to have enough energy to keep me going all day in school, doing my homework and dancing at the evening…

  34. aelie says:

    Im not gonna lie, I personally think that she doesn’t even look feminine anymore. She used to be the perfect weight, she was my role model but now she’s just too skinny.

  35. M. says:

    wow anyone else stunned by the mass of comments and new members? Its hard to even find the answers to the things you postet yourself hahahah

    • am says:

      Yes I am. The number of comments for each post hits over 100 these days. I once saw a forum for this skinnygurl website in a comment in some post but I couldn’t find it now. It’d be good to set up a forum and link it though, otherwise it’s just us ‘junking’ up the whole thread.

      Now implying that the ocmments are ‘junk’, but that all this amazing advice should go somewhere so that we can easily refer to it.

      Anyone know where the forum is?

      • skinnybananas says:

        I’m surprised by all the new comments too; gets a bit confusing also since we can reply to earlier comments now.

        And @am, here’s the link to the forum:

        • michelle says:

          Maybe I’m just dumb but I can’t figure out how to work the forum. Lol. Help this technology challenged chick!

          • skinnybananas says:

            I think you have to request permission to join the forum. I’m not sure how that will work now though, since the administrators of it have been pretty mia…

          • michelle says:

            I have permission like a password and all but just technologically challenged. Lol.

      • Cat says:

        That’s a good idea! I usually spend ages reading through to find good tips/discussions about diet and food. Not so interested in the comments on model’s bodies (although the thinspo is great)! x

    • Charlie says:

      Hahah yes it’s crazy, probably a load more people searching for skinny tips now that we have to strip off outside. This is the best diet site on the internet imo.

  36. Anya says:

    I still think Ale looks better ;)

  37. Betty says:

    gosh tried to start the milk diet and i felt so bad and made me throw up at the 2nd day :/ i don’t think it’s healthy at all

    • model824 says:

      hey Betty! how’s that diet? I haven’t heard of it… not that I plan on doing it, I don’t like milk that much, but I like to know about popular diets…

      • Betty says:

        it’s an 8 days diet that make you lose around 11lbs (they say). On the first day you just drink 6 glasses of water, the second 4 + 2 fruits etc (i deleted the page cause i don’t want to do that never again!) but you can easily find the infos on the internet. Anyway i don’t recommend it at all!

  38. Siva says:

    I just stumbled across the video on youtube about models and their eating habits. It’s hilarious, especially what the girl says in the last couple seconds of the video.

    • LittleMissLovelyBones says:

      Interesting. I always like to see what models eat and drink on a daily basis. Apparently tons of sandwiches and coffee…

    • Bunny says:

      That’s hilarious! I’m new to this site, but I just wanted to tell all you girls how much help you have been the last week :) thanks for all the great tips and diets ladies!

  39. Siva says:

    not really related to the current conversation per se, but i thought you guys would enjoy it.

  40. teabird says:

    Since I’m 5’2,” I would have to weigh roughly 81-83 pounds to look like her. That seems impossible :(

    • skinnybananas says:

      For some reason, I always thought you were taller!

      • teabird says:

        I wish!
        I feel like I could reach the low 80s, but it would be nearly impossible to maintain for a long period of time…

        • skinnybananas says:

          I feel like I could too, since I’m even shorter than you, but I’m scared it’ll alarm my parents. I don’t think you’d have to go that low though to look really skinny if you exercised a lot though, but I guess it depends on your body type. I wish I had the motivation to work out more

          • teabird says:

            You’re totally right. I do need to work out more. I just don’t have the motivation at all. Plus, it’s getting SUPER hot where I live, so I need to join a gym or something. Ugh. I’m lazy :P

          • skinnybananas says:

            haha! I’m in exactly the same position; no motivation, hot weather, lazyness. I kind of just have too try not to eat that much lol

          • Naomie says:

            Nice to have you back after so long, all the old posters seem to have disappeared along with SG. Sigh.

  41. michelle says:

    Ugh…will someone please remind me how beneficial my green tea with lemon is right now????
    I’m being dramatic but I’m manning a coworkers desk for an hour (of course the most boring hour during our shift) and she leaves all kind of crap open on her desk when I am gonna be here a while.
    Does anyone else have people who sabotage their efforts regularly?
    Btw: I’m being good-i came armed with plenty to drink this time.

    • teabird says:

      If you don’t like green tea, don’t make yourself drink it! There are plenty of other wonderful teas out there. Ginger is my current favorite. If you mix it with green you can’t even taste the slight bitterness of the green tea.

      There’s also some licorice teas that taste just like sweets…but without calories. ;)

      • michelle says:

        Lol. I love green tea-thats not the issue. My problem is the stuff she has left sitting out AGAIN! Oh well. :) least when she comes back my steamed veggie plate comes back with her.

  42. kindaskinny says:

    ugh, i know i can lose the kilos i need to lose but lately i find im reaching for food the whole time! what do you all think of or say or do to stop yourself from eating the crap thats sittin in front of you? i just cant seem to say no

    • michelle says:

      Been facing that all day! So I didn’t eat after 2 and stayed out of the house (my binge place) and then when I came home at about 8:15 I cooked all my food for tomorrow except dinner and I’m telling u-the smell of spicy foods cooking and measuring and adding all those calories and then putting it all in containers and then and then…u get my drift? It was like after handling, smelling, and counting, it was like I had already eaten. This is soooo gonna be my new way of dealing with the problem.
      I hope that helps! They say the sense of taste and smell are closely related.
      Currently watching a movie and riding a stationary bike to burn off all my munchies from today. Good luck!

    • Bryony says:

      Ask yourself these questions
      1. Do I NEED to eat this?
      2. What is more important? Health and confidence, or junk food?
      3. It takes a few seconds to eat food. It takes weeks,even months to lose weight.

      And also,see food in calories and nutritional content. But do not COMPLETELY deprive yourself. Allow yourself 2 treats per week.

  43. ripedbanana says:

    i haven’t eaten any solid food for for 3 days because I’m really sick. And i’m really sick because I’ve been starving myself. don’t get too hard on yourself guys cuz i regret not eating at all. now, as much as I WANT TO EAT, i can’t. my stomach hurts whenever i eat and i end up puking everything out. the good thing is..i don’t have to go to school for the rest of the week :) but this is horrible i swear. PLEASE EAT IF YOU WORK OUT A LOT.

  44. izzy says:

    umm so i posted a comment before, but apparently it got deleted :) lol . no worries! i love candice i think she looks beautiful at any weight!

  45. Betty says:

    girls how much do you change your daily calories intake to keep losing weight?

    • Chloe says:

      i personally find that i won’t plateau with the same lowered calorie intake over 2.5 months, so if you’re talking about caloric cycling, i don’t think it’s required if you’re not losing weight for too long.

  46. Frida says:

    @Charlie, I am portuguese and men do not wear very tight jeans around here… that’s strange..

  47. tinna says:

    sorry this is totally unrelated but i’ve been binging on food after school…is it gonna make me gain weight eventhough i never eat more than 1000 calories by the end of the day?

    • michelle says:

      More than likely not. In fact-thats what I was doing at my skinniest. I know that is my binge time so plan your calories around it. Don’t eat or have a low cal protein shake until school let’s out, have a big meal, and then workout.
      No worries-if u aren’t exceeding 1,000 calories a day, you should be fine. :) good luck.

      • tinna says:

        thanks girl..i usually eat an apple at like around 10 though, but i workout everyday:)

        • michelle says:

          An apple won’t cause u to gain weight-better to eat 80 calories in an apple than one cookie cause its a better nutritional trade off. :) I’ve fallen in love with 100 calorie protein shakes made with coffee instead of milk recently cause it replaced my mocha habit (bad me. Lol) and shaves off over 300 calories from that saturday morning tradition.

          • Ballerina says:

            an apple is only 52 cals I thought…

          • Charlie says:

            Depends on the size of the apple, I’ve seen apples the size of my face…
            I prefer getting the smallest apples I can find because once I start eating them I can’t stop!

          • Irene says:

            I count apples as 80-130 small to large. Bananas 90 to 130 small to large. Super paranoid about counting haha… not all fruits are low cal!!

          • Charlie says:

            Wow I had no idea that apples were so high…I’ve been counting them as around 30 calories per apple for the last 10 years!

            I guess cos they’re deceptive because even though they’re lower in calories per gram than bananas, they’re denser (I think) and so heavier, giving you more calories for less food.


          • Betty says:

            an average apple (like golden ones) is 86 kcal!

          • michelle says:

            I count them as 80 because I use a thing that cores them and slices them and then I peel them so I kinda trick myself. Lol. I’m like Charlie-i go for the small ones because I’m always scared I’m under estimating the calories.
            Btw: I have been doing 5 meals a day that are under 200 calories-working wonders! This way I KNOW I’m meeting my goal and I’m always munching so no one suspects a thing.

          • Irene says:

            How much cardio do you do on 1000cal/daily? I have no problems with restricting. Problem is I think I overwork myself. 600cal intake -500 cardio -working all day = I’m so dizzy by the time I get home my body just wants to eat to compensate. I think my net calories is still ok but I really want to get this under control. 800cal seems like a good goal for me… 1000 just seems like a lot now haha.

  48. SkinnyMILF says:

    Wow, what a difference!! She looks Amazing!! And her thighs don’t even touch!! {Jealous}

  49. M. says:

    YOU shouldn’t be on here anymore :D

    cmmon I don’t know anything about you but if you’re not supporting the lifestyle the people on here have chosen for themselves then turn off your computer and do sth. productive. You’re just causing fights. go eat a burger or sth.

    • Ellie says:

      totally support M. on this one. meaty won’t help me either! duh the name of this site is SKINNYgossip haha

    • Brittany says:

      “go eat a burger” – how creative. She doesn’t really have to support the lifestyle in order to comment. I’ve modeled a bit, so I am very familiar with this lifestyle, but I have nothing against others who don’t.

  50. Bryony says:

    I have such a huge binging problem. How do I stop???

  51. Chloe says:

    haha okay i’ve given up on this site. doubt i’ll be back till 3 months later or something. while i typed in the url i thought, “i bet it’s still candice.” and sure enough, it is.

    bye fellow skinnies, may you all reach your goal weight! <3

  52. Juci says:

    I don’t know. Her crotch area looks flat and weird to me. :/ She looks better in 2010 than in 2011. In 2011 she is just too skinny. The look also makes her head too big… GROSS!

    I was never into the whole “there should be air between your legs” look. Women should have curvy, meaty thighs, not bones and muscles.

    • Irene says:

      “Curvy, meaty thighs” bleghhhh… then you can have mine. Thigh gaps are sexy, meaty anything is not. :(

      • Sara says:

        omg i totally agree with you Irene. Ive always hateddddddddddd my thighs. It seems like i’ll never reach the thigh gap :’(

        • Kae says:

          I have a gap, but it’s not like hers! I wish I had her legs! I work out and restrict, and it still never looks this good.

        • Kristi says:

          All you have to do to get her thighs is under eat, strength train, and run —to get a gap that size you must have a little atrophy, but unless you continue to act like you are building muscles (your body will actually be eating it’s own muscles if you keep your calories low enough) then you won’t get the reduction in the right spot. Fat must go, then, it has to start eating that muscle.
          Take it from someone with a real serious problem, but I’ve got that gap.

          Now her Waist-Hip ratio —that is a gift from god, you gotta have the frame for that one.

    • Violette says:

      That’s funny!!! I’ve never heard of anybody WANTing meaty thighs. Hers certainly are thick and clumsy looking.

      • Kae says:

        You sound jealous and bitter. Just sayin’.

        Candice Swaenepoel is NOT meaty, thick or clumsy…and saying that her legs are is the stupidest piece of BS I’ve ever heard. Her legs are incredibly small and toned. I for one wish that I looked half as good.

    • Katie says:

      I totally agree with you. She looks good in 2009 and 2010, but not anymore.

    • Bree says:

      Sweetie, There is no such thing as ‘TOO’ skinny. (; xx

    • foreverdark says:

      Really? Since when is “meaty” a word use to describe something good? Plus, to me, she is curvy, but still thin at the same time, which many people hope to be.

  53. Mishka says:

    Love her 2011 photos :) She looks amazing and has a nice gap between her thighs!

  54. Ali says:

    Candice is my absolute favorite!! She is beautiful.
    Also Barabara Palvin and Emily Didonato are my new favorite runway models!

  55. kindaskinny says:

    hey can anyone help me out with this:
    got a gym membership the other week and i use it for roughly 1hr 30mins – 2hrs around 4 or 5 times a week. what machines would you suggest i focus on that wont bulk me up but just make me more lean. and not the treadmill please cause i do some running three days a week too, somethin different in the gym!!

    • Kay says:

      Do the stair climber, as long as you don’t eat too much it will just burn calories, and this way you can’t bulk up.

  56. Sammy says:

    I have a question about restriction. I’ve recently gained like five pounds, and for someone who’s five three, five pounds are a lot. I’ve started going back to the gym everyday and I’m restricting food to about 1000 calories a day- so lots if fruits, veggies, whole grains. The problem is a) I haven’t seen any changes yet and b) I have the most terrible stomach aches. My mom just thinks I need to eat more, but I really can’t. Any suggestions from other skinnies?

    • Coffee_girl says:

      Well, try to vary your food. I don’t react well when I eat too much of whole grain bread. Try white bread for a change.

      • LittleMissLovelyBones says:

        But white bread is so terrible for you, I think she’d be better off just sticking with the whole grains, but just eating less of them. Well, if not less, at least lower calorie.
        I recently found a bread that’s only 40 cal per slice, AND is whole grain. That pretty much cut my calorie consumption in half, since sandwiches are all I can cook. I lost a couple pounds just by switching my brand of bread. 8D

        • Charlie says:

          Actually the difference between white and whole bread is minimal, the only two things that whole bread is significantly higher in is selenium and manganese (you can see the stats here (just make sure that you’ve set both measurements to 100g):

          White bread is actually higher in iron and almost just as high in protein. And it tastes waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better :D

      • Cat says:

        Many people are sensitive to gluten despite not being completely intolerant of it. Personally I wouldn’t go near bread. Get your carbs from chickpeas and lentils, and see if that changes anything. Same goes for dairy, for me, a glass of milk = stomach ache, bloat, gas. Not fun.

        And, surprisingly, many people find the same with soy. So, I guess the moral of the story is eliminate, observe, re-introduce, identify the problem foods.

        • Cat says:

          Oh, and chew. Lots. Properly. When eating whole grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes, there is a lot more fibre to get through. So it’s more important (and very beneficial for a myriad of reasons) to chew your food very very well. A few obvious benefits are better digestion (should help your problems) and feeling fuller after less food.

        • Seven says:

          Yes! Anti-inflammatory dieting is a great way to feel good and be healthy. Often when people eliminate the things that they are sensitive/allergic, they lose weight :)

    • Violette says:

      I’m limiting my fruit and grains. I just have fruit at night for desert. It’s so easy to overdo fruit and the sugar in it can cause cravings. It does for me at least. I guess it depends on your nutRitional type. I’m a protein type.

      • Charlie says:

        Protein is fantastic, it fills you up AND gives you toned and skinny limbs (protein takes more calories to digest and having a better muscle structure increases metabolism. I wish I could eat more protein but I’m addicted to bread.

    • Brooke says:

      Your body might not be used to all that fiber. If you have a lot of fiber without enough water, it can really mess with your system. I would suggest reading the book “Clean” and following their cleanse. It eliminates “problem” foods that many people have issues with, such as gluten, dairy, soy, etc. You can add those foods back one by one after three weeks and truly find out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll probable also lose a ton of weight and feel really good! Best of luck! <3

      • wendy says:

        thanks for sharing, i had heard about this book before but only got it after i saw this comment (don’t ask… i get this random moments). ok, my point is: what a great book!!!! thanks brooke :)

  57. Vicci says:

    Aah! Some of you girls are so supportive and thinspirational. I’ve gained soooo much weight and hope to lose it asap! I recently got a new job that’s fairly physical. So that’s about 4hrs of good exercise there. I’ve also been trying some Tracy Anderson workouts to work on toning up. I’ve only lost 1lb in the last week (which is better than nothing but still.. Erugh.) I’d love a skinny buddy to email or something for a little extra encouragement. Anyone interested? ♡

  58. hunnybunches says:

    i would love to be your skinny buddy!

  59. Giorgia says:

    Love candice wondering how she did this great transformation…….today i’m really trying hard to keep on starving but it’s really hard work….can’t get concentrated on anything else and i need to study for my exams…..i need a lot of motivation….any suggestions?i’m relying on my cigarettes after all……….

  60. Min says:

    i like this site.
    in japan,skinny girls are everywhere.
    even when they are in pregnant….

  61. her stomach is so thinspirational so woman and sexy as every girl should try to reach :D some of this girls are my thinspiration

  62. lily says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE candice’s body. to me, this is female perfection <3

  63. kristen says:

    Love Candance on Vs runway shows! all these girls` are so beautiful and Skinny! of course! They should have there own reailty Show but there prob. to busy for that!

  64. cathy says:

    She does the blood type diet and trains with Justin Gelband.

  65. Aria says:

    I just found this website today. I’m new to this whole restricting thing but I found this website so helpful and motivational so I just wanna say THANK YOU to all you guys and good luck with your weight loss :x

  66. Stephie says:

    Like lily said, she’s perfect, LOVE her body!!! Btw, love your site <3, thank you so much!

  67. Ashley says:

    I think Candice looks great all around. She didn’t look bad before, but she clearly toned up and cut down a lot on her intake.

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