Britney Spears Chunks Out Again

April 2nd, 2011
Posted by Skinny Gurl

Britney seems to have packed on the pounds yet again. Here she is in San Francisco a few nights ago. What do you think?

Britney Spears fatties Thunder Thighs

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  1. Lola says:

    OMG! She looks so fat! She can afford to stay thin!!!! Dietitians anywhere…hellooo?!?!

    • thinspired says:

      I don’t think that Britney’s body type CAN go super thin, though.

      As some people have said down below me, she was never very thin, even at her thinnest.

      At least she’s in much better shape physically and mentally than a few years ago!!!

      I think she is in pretty good shape because she dances a lot.

      All this being said, I still think she could stand to lose 5.

    • SaraS says:

      I just think it’s CRAZY people are saying Britney has never been thin. Really? Check out this 30 sec video of her rehearsing a dance routine in 2001 – she’s tiny AND talented:

  2. jessa says:

    chunky monkeyyyyyyyy

  3. Frida says:

    thunder thighs! she obviously binges to deal with her psychological problems…

    • J says:

      If she feels better after eating Ben and Jerry’s I say good for her. She was a complete psycho a couple of years ago, so I can’t blame her for eating her emotions.

      • Megan says:

        Eating your emotions still points to being unstable. She can afford to have discipline and she looks like crap. Put down the junk food Britney Spears

  4. Marathonerrr says:

    She has, but if she’s *otherwise* healthy then I think she can be excused! I’d rather see her fat and happy and on the straight and narrow than thin and on thin ice…….

  5. Marathonerrr says:

    P.S. Great to see you back!

  6. annabelle says:

    True, but she also looks quite toned.

  7. shayla says:

    Oh PUHLEASE!. She’s not a MODEL. So I don’t expect her to be narrow. She does a lot. what singer is TINY ? I can’t think of any who looks like freja beha for example. She’s doin a lot better than christina now that’s chunking OUT! I’m glad her hair looks better! If anything 15 pounds would do.

    • Chloe says:

      taylor swift!

      • michelle says:

        Miranda Lambert looked great with 2 of her albums! Gotta love those country girls. Lol. And I wouldn’t mind seeing a singer that looks like a model-they always look so graceful to me.

        • Lise says:

          Well it is different for Taylor and Miranda because they have different body types than Britney. I think that it is good that Britney is doing much better, but she could drop about 10 to 15 pounds to look beach ready, but on the other hand who says she has to? I think that she is very pretty and if she doesn’t feel the need to be toned then why should she be?

          • michelle says:

            I’m not saying that’s how she should look-just saying I wouldn’t mind seeing it. If britney just toned and tightened her curves I wouldn’t have any complaint on her figure (maybe I’m biased cause I’m
            kinda curvy in build? Lol) was just stating my body type preference when it comes to singers.

  8. Ally says:

    how much do you think she weighs?

  9. Charlie says:

    Even for a singer that’s pretty chunky. And CMON if you’re that chunky at least don’t try to squeeze yourself into an outfit that is designed with a skinny girl in mind.
    They’re so desperate to make the statement that ‘SHES BACK’ – ie she has to be exactly the same as she was before, so making her wear the same types of clothes as before, pretending that she’s actually just as sexy as before, when she actually just pulling off the overweight-trampy look that is more than just a bit nauseating to look at.

    I actually blame the people who set up her stage act more than her – those chunky shoes and one piece body suits make her more resemble a pig than a sex siren. She needs to completely change her image to suit her body, more flowy dresses and to cover up a lot more, then she’d at least look sexy to the people who like the curvy look instead of looking like a retard.

    • M. says:

      Amen Charlie! Its not like it her fault they put her in those unforgiving bodysuits D: I highly doubt she herself chooses her outfits!

      • Megan says:

        She can though, she has the power behind her to say no. It’s like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson squeezing into that kind of outfit. It looks so bad and tacky. They are too thick and too old to wear that stuff. I’m all for being older, I’m not for letting yourself go and then saying I love my curves by sausaging themselves in bad outfits when it’s cleary just insecurity

  10. miw says:

    But on a WOW note – SG can you do a post on Candace Swanepoel? She is looking super skinny lately. :)

    AND YAY new post! Xoxo

    • Charlie says:

      Yer great idea, Candace Swanepoel looks PERFECT. Perfect perfect legs :D

      • Chloe says:

        So glad to see these comments! i just sent an email to Skinny Gurl last night requesting a post on Candace Swanepoel!

    • Lo says:

      I think Candace looks absolutely perfect. What do you think her weight is now?

      • Charlie says:

        I used a BMI calculator and reckon she’s around 100 lbs (she’s 5’9″). That’s assuming she has a BMI of 15

        • Irene says:

          She’s still pretty muscular… if she was at a BMI of 15, wouldn’t that make her more boney than skinny?

          • Charlie says:

            I’m pretty muscular and I have a BMI of 15…

          • Charlie says:

            I think BMI has a lot to do with body shape as well as how skinny people are which is why it’s pretty crap as a health/image measurement. If someone has a very slight build, they would be a lot less skinny than someone who had the same BMI but a naturally wider bone structure

        • Chloe says:

          The MOST amazing thing is how much thicker she looks at the VS Fashion Show just not too long ago. Something is definitely up with that girl… :D

  11. jessa says:

    Definitely agree on Candace Swanepoel!

  12. M. says:

    You mean Candice (; she’s so hot in italien vogue she looked like barbie, I was really surprised when i grabbed my Vogue in Milan and she was on the cover! She made it from Victorias Secret to Vogue. I love her body, such a perfect SKINNY hourglass figure! and a perfect gap, because he hips are quite wide (in a positive way!)

  13. Honey says:

    Nothing for ages & then this…who gives a crap about Britney? She’s been fat for ages, this is old news.
    I used to love your site & getting my thinspo fix. You fell off Skinny Gurl.

    • Skinny Gurl says:

      LoBos / Lottie / Honey / Tallie / AnnieBella / Lo / HTBCvie8 / Louise / Tia and all the other names you’ve commented with:

      Good riddance – you’ve been nothing but a pain in the ass. You never acted like you “liked the site” – every comment you ever made was negative. So don’t hang around & throw a wobbly, mate, just bog off and go eat some shortbread. Plenty of other sites out there to make you happy!

      [Sorry, everyone, my British slang is a bit weak!]

    • Anonymouse says:

      Hey Honey – I kind of agree with your comment and find the reaction to it to be a tad over-the-top. On one hand Skinny Gurl doesn’t owe her audience anything – and on the other, the hazzard of an open comment system is that people can express differing opinions. It’s quite a clique they’ve got going here, which is a pity, since getting snarky in response to criticism tends to give the impression one is insecure (regardless of whether that is true or not).

      Yes, Brit-Brit being chunky and poorly dressed for her shape is hardly news. I think it’s always a gamble when someone comes to fame in their teens – You never quite know what kind of figure they’ll end up with.

      To her credit, she looks *relatively* muscular. I don’t think she’ll ever be slim (let alone skinny) again. I do wish she’d learn to dress for her body better. She’s not one of these people who gains weight and curves – only weight. Something that gave her the illusion of curves, and less of a “sparkley barrel” look would be refreshing.

  14. Rose says:

    Ahhh majorly agree on Candice! She’s defnintely replaced Miranda as my number 1 thinspo
    And also have to agree with going against the Britney hating. I don’t expect her to be tiny and even when I look at pics of when she first started out she was never exactly ‘skinny’, slim and healthy yes but never a skinny gossip standard. Can’t help but defend my previous teen idol ahaha :$

    • Chloe says:

      Gotta LOVE candice at the moment. I used to like chanel because she is THE skinniest (and probably still is), but the fact that she doesn’t require any effort at all to maintain that body of hers is just so annoying! lol!

  15. Tessy says:

    I just wish she’d put on some damned pants if she doesn’t want to get in shape. It’s not even because she’s not ‘skinny’,Beyonce can get away with outfits like that, because she’s worked hard on toning her curves. Britney just doesn’t care about getting into shape, which is fine if it’s her choice, just pleeease don’t make us look at it!

  16. marz says:

    Britney’s definitely seen better days. Just because she’s “healthier” now mentally doesn’t mean she can’t afford a dietician. She has the muscular dancing legs you see on a lot of backup dancers/singers these days– but what makes her look fat is the almost nonexistant waist and those god-awful arms!
    I think skinnygurl calls them “Mommy Arms?” And I’ve never thought that showing your ass cheeks was any kind of way to show off your body, no matter what your weight….

  17. Marathonerrr says:

    Yesss, I emailed you some pics regarding Candice, such a change!

  18. Christa says:

    I… agree with this. But I feel uncomfortable criticizing other people’s bodies. It’s ok to have high standards for ourselves. However, it’s not ethically right to put pressure on celebrities to measure up to our own standards. They have feelings. And honestly, a grown woman shouldn’t have to mold her body into our vision of beauty to be a success. Especially a singer. It’s not like she’s even a model.. Sorry. Obviously, you can post whatever you want. I just thought I’d express that opinion. I’m not trying to cause conflict. :/

    • Chloe says:

      Then that just defeats the purpose of this ENTIRE site :D

      • Christa says:

        well, a lot of the time, she posts pictures of thin models. I like seeing beautiful, thin women who are into fashion & then reading everyone’s comments about their eating habits… We live in such a sexist society. I don’t think we should cut down other women. It just puts more restrictions on our gender as a whole. It’s like how when a woman calls another woman a “slut,” she is basically saying it’s alright for men to judge her based on the decisions she makes concerning her own body… really, only the individual has the right to impose standards on themselves… that’s kind of why we have the right to make ourselves skinnier than most people. because it’s our bodies and our decision.

        I hope some of that made sense.

        • Tessy says:

          Christa, what you’re saying makes total sense to me, I wish now I hadn’t let my bitchy side get the better of me in my earlier comment! Saying she’s fat doesn’t make me any thinner, I think it’s best to find inspiration in skinny women and their eating habits as well, because that will actually get results!

        • Beans says:

          Exactly! I agree with you wholeheartedly, Christa. I’ll try to encourage myself more, rather than putting down other women, which is pointless.

        • Charlie says:

          But there wouldn’t be much point to or validation for the effort it takes to be skinny if we didn’t compare ourselves to the norm

          • tina says:

            i agree with charlie…and it’s not like britney really cares if she did she would have at least tried to hide the fat.

        • Cat says:

          Christa, I think you make a really good point. I have no problem looking at Britney’s body as a reverse-thinspo, but as far as running her down because she’s not choosing to conform to my idea of what’s attractive, it’s better to accept that she has the right to be the way she is.

          I don’t think you’re defeating the purpose of this site, we’re here to look at women and comment and share opinions, and also to talk about our diets to motivate and help each other out. You’re expressing a very well thought out and charitable view and I think that fits just fine with this site. So many of our comments are conflicts of opinion, if we all thought the same it’d be a bit boring.

    • Lara says:

      Call me f*ked up or whatever, but actually that sort of super-critical commentary/critique is SUPER motivating for me. I know it’s weird and quite cruel but… I don’t know. It just really works for me.

  19. Gabby says:

    I do love Britney but she has certainly been sporting the thunder thigh look for quite a while now. It’s a shame as she has a pretty face.
    Also I understand where Christa is coming from with regard to criticising other people’s bodies but to be honest a lot of these actresses and singers these days use their bodies as a way of marketing themselves and if they don’t want people to comment on their appearance they should stop flaunting it and constantly talking about what they eat and all that bullshit.

    PS This is my first post and I absolutely love this website. So refreshing to read honest opinions for once rather than reading comments from other websites which talk about how “healthy” someone is when they’re overweight!

    • Samira says:

      “This is my first post and I absolutely love this website. So refreshing to read honest opinions for once rather than reading comments from other websites which talk about how “healthy” someone is when they’re overweight!”

      AGREED. I’ve been lurking here for a while, and finally got the courage to post — but you beat me to it :p I mean, I’m not skinny by a long shot (BMI of around 19; in my defence, having meningitis fucked with my metabolism) but I don’t go around SELLING MYSELF based on my thunder thighs!

  20. patrycjas says:

    and have you seen Paris Hilton lately? she became quite chubby & still gettin bigger

  21. michelle says:

    Kinda funny to see these pics on here now considering just this morning I was watching a 1999 video of her at a concert and she wasn’t skinny but really had some abs going on
    Upon seeing this my calories got cut in half for the day-maybe not cause of her but because its so encouraging to see SG back! We’ve missed you!

  22. Susan says:

    Britney has never really been skinny. She’s always had a somewhat athletic frame. Nothing wrong with that, but she definitely doesn’t have a body that inspires awe in my mind.

    She does look well fed though in these pics. As others have mentioned, she should get a different stylist because these one piece outfits are sooooooo unflattering on her stout frame.

  23. Lin says:

    Yeah, I think the “Slave 4 U” period was about her thinnest, and she still wasn’t thin by anyone’s definition- she was just “tighter.”

    I guess part of it is probably her body type, but with that body type she should be working extra hard, not slacking off.

    • M. says:

      I read that she used to be bulimic around that time? idk. Maybe she’s just the type of girl that has to work SUPER SUPER hard to maintain a certain weight. I’m similar too if i have NOTHING to do exept losing weight I can do it, but as soon as something comes up like stress or emotions FAREWELL DIET D: and she had like a shitload going on with her kids and ex husband and the media … still britney, please put on some pants. And I disagree with beyonce looking good in those bathing suity kind of stage outfits. It may be muscle but its also thunder thighs and a look I just don’t like. idk.

      Question girls: how can I make my body leaner in like 2 weeks? I built up too much muscle for my taste ): now I don’t know what kind of exercise and food regimen I should follow … I have a shooting coming up and I look like i could kick somebodys ass ): I mean it looks good but well it doesn’t work for me … but I cant simply NOT work out and starve because I need my head for studying ): so i work at least 500 off … gah

      • Susan says:

        I tend to put on muscle in my thighs quickly if I eat enough and I exercise intensely. I’ve found that eating more frequent, smaller meals (100 -250 cals) combined with pilates type exercises along with many of the exercise routines advocated by Tracy Anderson with high reps and low weights/body weight always make my legs look slimmer. I do this one regularly and it’s helped me stay slim, but firm (not bulky) looking. Here’s one routine to try:

        If I do other weight bearing exercises like running or even cycling, my legs get bigger. For me I think part of this is due to the increased intensity of the workouts (which makes me more hungry).

        Also, I tend to do best weight wise by carb cycling through out the week. I eat more carbs on the days when I do more intense routines and fewer carbs on the days when I am less active. I think my high carb days are 150-175g net carbs and my low carb days are 50g – 75g net carbs. That’s just me.

        Good luck!

        • Charlie says:

          I eat small meals (around 200 calories each) very frequently as well and it works exceptionally well for me, most likely because it keeps your metabolism revved all day and you never feel lethargic after eating tons.

          Eating like this has really screwed up my relationship atm, my bf thinks I’m anorexic just because I don’t eat full sized meals. It seems to be impossible for me to win – guys want skinny girls but they also want them to eat tons…ffs!!!

          • Susan says:

            I know what you mean. It’s really frustrating when loved ones push food on you or criticize your choice to eat less than what most people eat. Portions and even plate sizes are monstrous! Most of us don’t need as much food as we take in.

            A trick that works to keep people from questioning how much you’re eating is to eat on smaller plates than the rest of your friends/family. I’ve found it makes it look like I am eating more than if I used a standard sized 10″ plate. You can also use a bowl (about the volume of your balled fist) for certain foods and heap the food into the bowl. It really works.

            Your bf probably cares about your well being. I think that’s why most loved ones question our low cal consumption. Some peeps are catty, but most just want to give us everything we need, including enough to eat.

          • Charlie says:

            Thanks for those tips Susan! I’ll definitely use them, and you’re also totally right that most people don’t need anywhere near the amount of food they eat. Especially since so much of it is crap or semi-healthy stuff like buckets of pasta. Most skinny people I know actually eat larger quantities of healthy food than ‘normal’ people and are ill much less frequently because they’re so much more aware of what they’re doing to themselves.

            My bf is actually making me see a doctor, so hopefully once he’s been reassured that I’m fine he should calm down at least a bit.

        • M. says:

          thank you (:

          the only problem is that I’m broke and have to eat meals with my family :( idk how to do the 200 cal thingi than :( maybe I’ll pretend I’m busy and beg them to let me take it with me? hm :(

          this sucks. i need money :( especially healthy foods are so expensive :(

        • M. says:

          also do you know any cardio workout then that I coukd do and still stay lean? I’m the same when it comes to jogging and cycling! Maybe walking but I alreay walk everywhere and it takes up so much time :(

          • Charlie says:

            Hi M, try rowing for a cardio workout which is PERFECT for not building muscle like running does and burning more calories than walking, as long as you make sure you set it on a light resistance. It works out your whole body so burns calories a lot faster than walking and it’ll give you slightly more muscle tone everywhere instead of actually building muscles in your legs. Just make sure the resistance is set so that you can row comfortably for however long you want without your muscles starting to ache.

            Another bonus is that you can see how many calories you’re burning :)
            The only downside is that cheap rowing machines cost around 60 if you’re not part of a gym.

            I also find that dancing works very well, although I go to all-night dance parties so end up dancing for about 6-8 hours straight which imo is the best way to burn tons of calories and get super-skinny legs :)

          • Susan says:

            Great ideas!

            I love dancing because it’s so much fun!

      • Megan says:

        I have the same problem. It’s so annoying and I had to adapt my lifestyle to get thin without an eating disorder (was bulimic for 15 years- 26 now) What works best for me, and it’s super super easy, are protein bars. They have the nutrients of a meal, don’t stretch out your stomach and you are supposed to drink water when you eat them. They are between 20-32 grams of protein and I have them in lieu of “real” food. It helps with my mental issue with food and its low in carbs and fat as well. Then I balance it out with an hour of work out daily (cardio, light weights, pilates, yoga)followed by stretching and massaging my muscles. It helps lessen the bulky muscle in the thighs. Hope that helps.

  24. Belle says:

    hey SG,

    have you seen abbey lee kershaw lately? she was getting super skinny for awhile, but now she looks odd. i can’t tell whether she’s lost or gained weight, but she looks weirdly muscular. would like to hear your thoughts!

    • Ballerina says:

      I think she lost even more and now her body isn’t totally in proportion anymore… Her shoulders and hips look even smaller and her head bigger…
      But I still LOVE her :-)

  25. Prongs says:

    I just rolled upon this site and am sooo glad I did. This was the reverse thinspo fix I needed to get my mind right. Ugh. Her body has gone off.

  26. Vinneve says:

    She’s definitely NOT 100lb, that is way too light for the looks of it. I’d say around 132lb probably, she could do with losing a bit more. Even loosing 5lb would be good enough.

    • Charlie says:

      Yer definitely, I also don’t see what they gain out of lying about her weight, everyone can see how much she overflows.

  27. Jane says:

    Honestly, I think it’s a matter of being way too fucking old to be doing this type of thing. There’s comes an age when you just gotta keep the pants on and put the stripper pole away…and yeah, having your thighs muffin out of your leotard doesn’t help either…

  28. tor says:

    britney was never super thin but at least she was better than this. even though she is toned she still looks so bulky and wide. not very appealing.

  29. Ang says:

    Oh please! She looks good, she is not even close to fat!

  30. Sprmcandy says:

    Filthy & Nasty.

  31. Georgia says:

    Skinnygurl, can you please post another “Starving Tip of the Day”? I miss them! X x

  32. Ellie says:

    I saw this posted on skinnyvscurvy and every commentee said how “great” she looked and how “fit and toned she was”. She has struggled with bulimia least thats what she says. So I think she looks alright but she has the money and resources to get fit and in shape. If I had her money would be getting a personal trainer. Also that costume on her is awful what was she thinking :o

  33. carlyy says:

    she doesn’t look good in my opinion, but given her age and circumstances, i’d say she looks pretty good. but she needs to wear more flattering clothing! my goodness. another singer to post on would be kesha..she’s gained a lot of weight recently!

    • M. says:

      kesha looks aaaaaaaawful! like id you see those bikini pics with the huge grandma pantys? OMG I was like … EEW KESHA! and keshas really got no excuse, shes young and LOADED so why is she out of shape like that? all flabby … and shes always singing about hotpants xD not anymore, dear kesha!

    • M. says:

      kesha looks aaaaaaaawful! like did you see those bikini pics with the huge grandma pantys? OMG I was like … EEW KESHA! and keshas really got no excuse, shes young and LOADED so why is she out of shape like that? all flabby … and shes always singing about hotpants xD not anymore, dear kesha!

      • cchhh says:

        Haha eww I saw those photos. Kesha was a looking a MESS! Since she has so much money she should buy a nutritinist, a personal trainer, and hire someone to tell her what NOT to wear like that bikini of hers anymore. They need to put her on that show with Joan Rivers, I’m sure Joan would set her straight.

  34. M. says:

    oops double post effin browser ):

  35. Charlie says:

    For a bit more extreme anti-thinspo (or ultra-thinspo?) here’s some pictures of Nicki Minaj:

    Although I think it’s more of a freakshow than thinspo…

  36. Fili says:

    I think Britney has the same body type like Lady Gaga – both aren´t that tall and tend to be a bit on the chubby side – but Gaga looked kinda OK in the born this way video, IMO. So it´s definitely not just her body type. Maybe she is just lazy, maybe it´s her metabolism, we will never know.
    I agree on the Candice Swanepoel request, she looks amazing right now! I´m a skinny hourglass, too, but not as skinny as she is, so she´s definitely my favourite thinspo right now.

    • CHloe says:

      So lucky of you! I’d kill to be a skinny hourglass. i’m a rectangle.
      LOVEEE Candice’s figure. she’s the best VS model in my opinion.

  37. Jayann says:

    EW. Do you see that back fat!? Her ass looks like it could eat me whole. Thunder thighssss. Just bulgy and unattractive. Putting this picture on my fridge so I don’t have the urge to stuff my face.

  38. lala says:

    hey guys i just tried to do th emilk diet and lost 6 lbs in 2 days…(i needed to loose the spring break belly) the bad news is that the diet is supposed to be 8 days long but i couldnt do it because i woke up this morning so weak i couldnt stand! Definatley would not reccomend it!

    • tina says:

      wow 6 ibs is really good. did you just drink milk? and how many glasses per day did you drink?

      • lala says:

        the firt day you drink 6 cups of milk. The second day u dronk 4 cups and 2 fruits. the third day u drink 3 cups, 1 fruit and however much cheeses you want. the 4th day u drink 2 cups, i piece if meat and 2 fruits. the fith day is 6 glasses of milk. the 7th day is fast. the 8th day is 2 cups of milk, 1 egg, i piece of meat, and cheese.

  39. aelie says:

    ew. thats the only way i can describe this.

  40. Olivia says:

    Hi there, I’m new to the site but am loving how it works! Def agree, Candice is such great thinspo at the moment. She got so skinny so quick. I would love to know how… That milk diet sounds interesting, I might give it a go

  41. Kayleigh says:

    Guh-ross! I love the gossipy side of this website, btw. Sure, this is mean but some girls just like to gossip. If you believe in karma and abide by the golden rule, then, by all means, participate in the way that makes you happy! More power to you. For me, reverse thinspo works.

    Also, I heard she might be pregnant. Rumor, but a decent excuse.

    • Charlie says:

      True, if she is preggers then she’s allowed to be a bit heavier – recently the fact that Victoria Beckham has been pregnant for a while and still skinny has been REALLY irritating me. There’s a massive difference between the effect which limiting our own calorie intake has on us and what limiting calorie intake has on a poor growing kid. She complains about how the media is going to be focusing tons of attention on how skinny she is during pregnancy and how fast she’d lose any weight afterwards – FFS the selfish bitch!

    • Charlie says:

      Plus I also heard that gossip is a top de-stresser for women and makes us live longer, so more please :)

  42. Gabster says:

    She does look really toned. But a little too much for my liking.
    and i mean,she isn’t as young as she usd to be, and her body stands as proof. That being said, if you know that, WHY WEAR SUCH ATTIRE IN PUBLIC, especially when youre shaking it around the stage! :P haha. Oh well. Rather her WITH hair and a few extra pounds,than bald with crazyness problems!

  43. allie says:

    I think that she shouldn’t be going on stage with something THAT showy. She’s had like 2 kids. She obviously doesn’t have the same body that she had.

  44. Elena says:

    Spears remind me of myself. It sucks!

    • sophie says:

      don’t worry elena! it’s a very common body type and it’s really tough to be skinny on it. don’t be so hard on yourself! if you keep a positive state of mind and keep working at your goals and don’t give up, you’ll get there. remember: 1 lb per week = 52 lbs per year! :)

  45. Carly says:

    Urgggg!!!!!!!! she looks gross!! I hope i don’t look like that if i aver have two kids!

  46. Alice says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s fat, but she is certainly bigger than she used to be.

    Don’t forget, she’s getting old. Older women can’t look too thin without being too gross.

  47. CHloe says:

    How have you guys been doing??

    I’ve been trying to distract myself from munching lately, and I find that going to the library every day helps a ton. I jog in the morn, get to the library, and when I get back it’s time for a nice bath and bed.

  48. cchhh says:

    I admit I have always liked Britney since I grew up with her, in her “Oops I did it Again” phase, but she is looking a HOOOOTMESSSSSS in these pictures. I mean come on, she should of known not to wear this outfit when performing… how could she not notice that Camel Toe in the mirror!! I still wish the best of luck to Britney, but at the same time I just cant get over her wearing this on stage!

  49. Kyla says:

    o dear Britney! Tuck that in – I would take my millions and retire to Louisiana! lol

    P.S. slight new obsession with warmer weather we’ve been having: cucumber/mint/lemon water. try different combos or just stick some in the filter of a brita pitcher-yum, esp. since the cucumber is a cool crunch at the end and super filling!

    • Charlie says:

      That sounds nice, thanks!
      Reminds me that cucumber dipped in tzatziki is great, tzatziki is a light dip made from yogurt, garlic, pepper, lemon juice, parsley, mint and salt. And it’s luffly

    • tinna says:

      thanks for the tip i ate it today for lunch with a spoon of yogurt:)

  50. Megan says:

    GAH!! I just recently found this site and while I love it, Britney Spears is def reverse thinspo but also, she kinda tramps the site up. Not a fan of her at all. I love all the model pics and dieting advice. Please, I’m begging. don’t turn into a skinnyvscurvy site. Tired of celebrities, I prefer the models and their tiny bodies.

    • Chloe says:

      don’t worry even if there aren’t model pics, everyone seems to be on par with their comments on Britney. on skinnyvscurvy or theskinnywebsite, everyone would probably go ‘Go Britney!’ ‘She looks toned!’ and at anyone who calls Candice’s recent weight loss beautiful, there will be 10 replies on how that person needs some help.

      love my skinnygossip buddies.

      • Megan says:

        Yeah me too. I’m so happy to find a place that actually enjoys the thin aesthetic for real and isn’t bashing on it. I had a moment where I was trying to be accepting of more main stream “healthy” look and I was very very miserable. Bring on the size 0′s!!! LOL

  51. Shygirl says:

    I think realistically she’s probably not that chunky but I wouldn’t want to look like that, if that makes sense?!
    Ps I took my measurements the other day. I feel like I’m quite large but my measurements are similar to some top models out there. I’m probably only 4cms bigger in the waist than most model stats I’ve seen, but in the hips I’m probably 10cm bigger :( and bust is similar to most models too. Is it my hips making me feel fat do u think? I exercise quite vigorously but nothing seems to change it :(

  52. Carol says:

    was she ever thin?

  53. Christa says:

    Ok, so I’m really angry and need some help. I’m quite chunky, so try not to judge. I’m 125.6 lbs. at 5’6″, but yesterday I was 124.6 lbs. I don’t know why I gained a pound in a day- especially since I didn’t eat a lot of calories the day before! My total intake yesterday was 649 calories. I don’t know what the hell happened. I should have lost on that! I don’t think my metabolism is fucked up because I vary my intake throughout the week from 300-900 calories and I exercise. So far, this plan has been working and I’ve been steadily losing weight. So I don’t know why I would suddenly gain a pound… oh, also. I always weight myself in the morning while wearing nothing. So that isn’t it.


    • Charlie says:

      Hey Christa,

      Don’t worry you haven’t gained any weight, everyone’s weight can fluctuate on a daily basis by quite large amounts due to water retention which can be caused by changes in hormones or how much caffeine or salt you had yesterday.

      If you ate about 600 cal yesterday there is NO WAY you will have gained actual weight, and will definitely have lost it as your BMR (base metabolic rate) is higher than this.

      How much water retention we have is mainly due to where we are in our monthly cycle, just hormone crap really.

      I know it still sucks not to see a decrease on the scales after all that hard work though!

    • Chloe says:

      no worries! you definitely didn’t gain any actual weight. fats don’t just form/appear, especially when you’re on a low-calorie diet. at most, if your metabolism is really low, you’ll simply plateau. (which you can easily overcome by exercising and doing weights to raise your BMR.) it’s probably a variation with water weight. e.g. you shouldn’t have LOST so much before – what you saw on the scale was water weight being lost. then today, when the water weight comes back, you see it as a weight gain.

      water weight is a variation you must accept. e.g. you may find yourself being even 2lbs lighter the day after you had a good run, but the day after that, the 2lbs may come back. it doesn’t mean you gained!

    • Sabrina Bella says:

      Don’t worry about it! Its probably water weight, or maybe your getting you period soon or something… I usually gain a pound or two when my time of month comes around :(
      But seriously, you didn’t gain any weight from 649 calories… BUT it is proven helpful to binge over 1,200 calories a day but under 1,500 every few weeks or so to give you digestive system a kick start and get your metabolism to work up again.

  54. Lauren says:

    She is a fat ass! This is supposed to be a pro-skinny site people! if you like fat “real body” girls, go to a site that promotes that stuff. She looks like an ugly fat ass. The end.

  55. Georgina says:

    please please please help me! I am desperate! I’m 5′ 9.5″ and 119 lbs. I need to lose weight & get skinny in 3 weeks for a model agency(as I already once said), but i just can’t. my mom always makes something and she cooks really really really amazing. she makes everything… and sometimes i resist but the next day you can see me eat like a pig. i’m so sad. i feel like i’m not able to control myself and i always think about food. i mean- ALL THE TIME. and i can’t even study or do anything if i don’t eat. but what is the worst thing- i’m not even hungry. i just want to eat because i enjoy it. i guess i love food so much. but i don’t know. urrggh it’s so stupid. i want to be a model and i want to be skinny more than anything- so why i can’t manage that? i constantlu have good and bad days… it’s like a circle and i can’t get out of it. please help me! and i can’t tell my mom to stop cooking because she is already worried about me and food stuff…i just want to cry, i’m hopeless.

    • M. says:

      I’m the same, I can relate 100% … what may help you is make yourself comfortable with your intake of food, by setting rules that make sense. If your mom cooks that well – enjoy it!!!!! Exercise before you have the meal and then sit down eat slowly and enjoy it! I disagree with all the hate against food. If you really sit down eat slowly and taste every bite you won’t chug it down en masse. Portion control ;)

    • Chloe says:

      - have healtheir options or cook in healthier methods (say it’s good for your heart health etc.)
      - enjoy what your mum cooks but in smaller portions
      - just work out more :) get fitter, skinnier, yet still enjoy your food.

    • lala says:

      omg im the same way! every day i start out wanting to have a good day…but once 4:00 hits i start to binge!

    • Sasha says:

      Ok, I’m not sure where to ask this question…but I too need to loose weight for modeling agencies. Could some models reply back to this thread about their diets for getting ready for the shows/tips?? I tend to gain muscle if I work out too much (even if I run too much), so I’m sticking to power yoga everyday for toning up. I am also doing the warrior diet thing…like not eating all day and then eating a small meal (HEALTHY low carb) at night.

      Other tips?? Like what do your agencies tell you to eat/how to take care of yourself?


    • Veronica says:

      Think about how sad and disappointed you are with yourself after binging and write it down. Read it EVERY time you want to gorge. No one wants to be depressed, so don’t let yourself be. Let your past failures be your motivation.

  56. Brooke says:

    Georgina, I don’t know if this will help but it does for me:
    Remember, it’s just food.

    There’s no emotion about food – you just realize what it’s there for… it’s just there to keep you going, nourish your cells, hair, etc. So you just eat the minimum amount you HAVE to and that’s it. No drama, no thought. It’s just food. Nothing more. It’s not worth any emotion; most of it is poison anyway. ;o)

  57. tinna says:

    Georgina, there is so much more to life then food. Food is just there to keep you alive and you need to eat a healthy amount of it. Just eat six small meals a day and count your calories. I’m also like you i love food…but there is othere things in life that i like better then food and inm order to do those things i need give up some food. And if your 18 just get your own apartment find a job, go to parties, do modeling, hang out with your friends…there is so much more to life then just food!

    • Megan says:

      I saw a quote once that said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”
      just remember that quote when you sit down to eat and you realize that food really is just food nothing more

      • Rosie PRICE says:

        I agree. I always have to remind myself that, ‘food is fuel, nothing more, nothing less.’
        We pump our gas and take only what we need, sometimes less because that’s all we can afford lol.
        When your tank is full you stop. You don’t just sit there pumping gas all day and letting your tank overflow, you’re wasting money. But in the case of food consumption, you’re adding fat.

  58. Georgina says:

    thank you girls, you’re wonderful <3
    i feel better now; if i panic, i won't do anything good, but sometimes it's not easy… we all know that :]
    thank you again! xxxx

  59. Frida says:

    Hi girls! I have asked for help before but I don’t really no what to do…. my family is very upset because a haven’t had my period since july 2010. My weight is 50kg, I am 5’9 and i am very happy with my figure, but if I don’t get my period soon they will make gain weight!!!!!! please help me, does anyone have advice??

    • Coffee_girl says:

      I guess you could try to include more fats in your diet if you want your period back. Some healthy fats like a bit of olive oil to your salad etc. I’m not an expert but I guess lack of period indicates that your body is not ok with your weight/body fat level.
      Stay healthy

  60. tinna says:

    Frida, i heard somewhere that taking pregnancy pills regulates your period even if you’re underweight. I’m not sure though, do some more research on that.

  61. Fili says:

    @ Frida: I´m the same height and weight as you, and I´m really comfortable with it, too. Don´t let others sabotage that.
    I´d say pregnancy pills would be the best idea, they helped me when I had the same problem as you.
    But even more important – you need to tell them that your period is NOT their business, nor is your weight. I actually thought you were kidding when I first read this! They should respect your privacy a little more.

  62. Frida says:

    thank you @tina!
    @fili, thank you too! This pill thing is just difficult because I still life home… I am 17, that why they don’t respect my privacy, I know that me being a minor is no excuse, thank you sooo much for your support!

    • gigi says:

      Frida, I’m the same height and when I was 17 I had the same problem. I don’t know exactly how much I weighed but it must have been around 47 kg and I didn’t have period for an ENTIRE YEAR.
      I only had it back when after that time gained some, up till 54kg but I felt horribly fat .

      • Sophie says:

        ladies, if you’re not having your period it most likely means that your body fat % is too low. you need around 15% body fat to menstruate.

        • ChloeS says:

          I agree. Being skinny is great but not at the cost of your health. You do realise that you can LOSE your period and the ability to have children if you are underweight?
          At least go to the doctor and see if there is anything you can do to get it back. You might only have to gain maybe a kg or 2, which at the end of the day is not a big price to pay for your health and fertility.

  63. naomie says:

    I wish SG would resume regular posting, its been months without posting on an actual model! No Vlada, no Abbey-Lee, nothing!

  64. M. says:

    gals how do you estimate calories in home cooked food? ):

    • Fili says:

      If you cook your meals yourself, just count the calories of all the ingredients you used for preparing each meal. There are some really helpful sites on the internet!
      If it´s the food your parents or roommates cook, act like you´re interested into the recipe to get the ingredients and amounts they´re used (not to forget the preparation of the food – fried food has of course more calories than cooked) and then count, or try to guess the calorie content.

      • M. says:

        its homecooked food from my granny or friends … I try to watch them cook it to estimate the calorie content but its really hard and its not easy to not become obsessive D: I swear my brain is all numbers when i eat and it ruins it for me because I think if you eat, you should enjoy it.

        • michelle says:

          U could try counting bites I guess? I’ve had to do that because of my being a ‘good ol’ southern gal’ here in the US. Lol. My grandmother owned a restaurant and every other thing was fried.
          It can be so hard when the people you love also love to cook for you. I know I love to cook for my family and friends so have a reputation for hosting alot-i just fail to tell them that what they are eating is vegan/whole grain/half artificial sweetener. Lol. The tables get turned and we all end up eating lower calorie. Sorry I’m rambling.

      • Ashley says:

        When I get home cooked food I just very small portions. You have no idea how much sugar or salt or whatever they are putting into it. i’m obsessive.. so when my mom cooks I tell her I’ll help and I write down what shes putting in it. Then I get onto my iphone and look up the estimated calorie count for everything…

        Again though, if you can’t do that I would ask them to let you just make your own food.. or eat small amounts.

  65. lala says:

    alright i know i hav easked this before, but does anyone want a skinny buddy? i have had a few, but none seem to commit. Also, i am a little ovewr 5’8, what would be a skinny weight for my height?

  66. tina says:

    lala, i’ll be your skinny buddy, i need to lose like 8 pounds. I’m your height and i’m 113ib now…I think 105-108ib is a skinny weight:)

    • LittleMissLovelyBones says:

      I would kill to be 113 right now. 140 at 5’2″ is TERRIBLE. And my boyfriend can’t understand why I want to lose weight. X~X

      • ProAna says:

        Alright, 140 is a little on the heavy side. But! Its not like your obese. Ew. I weighed 130 lbs about 5 months ago. i didnt look that bad, Then I got anorexia. Now, I weigh 110. I did weigh 105 but my parents started to flip cuz i was so skinny. Not too happy. But if you try, you will lose weight.(:

  67. Glad to have you back, been a while since you posted anything.. I’ve faithfully kept an eye open, although nothing and then finally! (= YAY! Just wish it was about a model… well time will come i am sure! xoxo Nath

  68. cchhh says:

    Can anyone post my a link to the new pictures of Abbey Lee that someone was talking about earlier in this post, or another post, where she is looking even skinnier now. I will really appreciate it :) !!

  69. Egle says:

    I love your blog. I have just found it:)

  70. Georgina says:

    I’ve started this one meal per day thing (or Warrior Diet) and it’s awesome! i don’t think about food all the time, actually i don’t think about it at all. My one meal is at the evening and i really enjoy it because i can eat whatever i want ( but i still try to stick with low calorie food, because i will lose weight faster, of course…) and the best thing is that although you don’t eat nothing all day you have more energy! ( but you can have small snacks- like handful of peanuts, or soups, or some fruit)…
    yet there is a bad side. i can’t do this on Saturdays and Sundays because that’s the time when i have lunch with my family and when we spend some quality time together… but then i just stick to the old method- counting calories ;) i’m so happy, i have a feeling that i’m on the right way :D

    • Sophie says:

      i’ve also done this and find it works really well! but it’s hard to keep to on the weekends when a lot of social activities revolved around meeting for meals. and with this diet it’s all about keeping up the routine of not eating during the day. i’ve had a hard time sticking to this diet more than 2 weeks because of the weekends. but i’m going to give it another try and be better on the weekends and see what happens! usually my weight stays about the same the first week and then in the second week the pounds start coming off.

    • M. says:

      moooore info or a link this sounds so good (: because I can#t imagine concentrating during the day without my carb load D: *fatty*

      • sophie says:

        M. i also need my carbs to function so i know what you mean! when i’m following this diet i don’t eat breakfast – if i do, i’m usually VERY hungry by lunch time. so in the morning just coffee. then for lunch something small – like a nonfat yogurt (90 cals) and at some point a granola/cereal bar of some sort (150 cals). that usually holds me over during the day. then i have a normal, healthy meal for dinner – vegetables, rice, meat, wine, whatever. this has worked pretty well for me. BUT i do admit that it’s hard to keep your resolve when you have cravings during the day. i try to just have a coffee or a diet soda when that happens. i’ve also thought about having a larger lunch and then just having a very light dinner (salad?). metabolically i can’t imagine that it would be any different from eating the large meal at dinner – and that way you won’t have problems concentrating during the afternoon. and if you’re hungry/have cravings at night you can just go to bed or watch tv.

        • Georgina says:

          I also have coffee in the morning, i found if i have breakfast a im very hungry by lunch time, too. then at 4 pm i have my big meal- lunch. i would have it at 6, 7 pm, but my family will notice that something isn’t right xD but usually i dont have to eat anything for dinner… if i have to, i eat a handful of peanuts or just drink tea and water like crazy ( which is better than peanuts :D )

        • Turnaround says:

          Hahaha this is me exactly!! Although my mum doesn’t let me have coffee without something to eat with it, but for lunch I usually just have an apple or something.. to balance it out.
          I kept up this routine when I was at school but now I’ve finished for the holidays it’s much more difficult to keep it up because my mum expects me to eat lunch with her and all that. I don’t want to worry her though :(

  71. Aleksandra says:

    I have a big fat problem !!!
    I don’t know why but in the evening i get veeeeeeeery hungry and start to eat like a pig …. the strange thing is that I’m not hungry at all in the morning and till the afternoon !!
    I’m not even think about food ! But in the evening i just cant think about anything else… that’s why i cant loose my extra- kilos !!!
    what can i do??? help…

    • Katie says:

      Ohmygosh i can totally relate!! Today i didnt eat until i came home and ate this HUGE piece of cake with full fat ice cream, a sandwich, cream soup, AND noodles.
      I cannot believe how fat i am. Like fatter than anyone else on here.. Im about 153 pounds (i know:( at 5′ 8″ 1/2
      I am literally gaining every time i try to lose:( :,(

  72. M. says:

    thank you! i guess I could do it if I worked or sth but its waaay harder if you usually have to do really hard studying or super paying attention at school D:

    mhrm I REALLY want to find a routine that DOESNT make me feel bad. I usually have an apple for breakfast because the thought of binging in the morning scares me and makes me feel like the whole day might as well turn into a binge fest :( but then I can’t really do anything until lunch caus Im thinking about food, then if I had lunch I overdo it because I’m so hungry and then afterwards I can’t focus because I feel guilty … I really suck! But I just came back from a 15 hour shooting I’m so tired I won’t even depack my luggage right now I’ll just hang around and then sleep- I hate and love those days at the same time. But I really didn’t move today all i did was getting my hair and make up done and then shooting, make up shooting, 6 times V__V I burned NOTHING buuut I ate every few hours screw me. I become all dizzy now because of the upcoming heat … hope you’re all okay. thx for caring xoxo

    • Georgina says:

      i’m also studying and i know exactly what are you talking about! but just try to eat one meal, believe me. i was also sceptic, but i tried it and it works well for me, of course i don’t know if it’s going to work for you too, but it’s worth trying :) you are even not hungry :)
      how is your modeling? in which agency you are? :]

  73. M. says:

    I tried it today but already failed before lunch. Omg I’m such a loser. I’m a freelance model right now and deciding between a few interested agencys. Its a bit hard I’m not confident in my looks because I’m not that typical nordish cheek-bony small-nosed blonde but a girl from transilvania that looks really edgy and weird. I’m really not pretty hahaha. I actually get booked for looking kind of weird. Thats so not a compliment though :( I wish i was more pretty D:

    • Georgina says:

      hahaha i’m not confident, too :( they had also told me at first place that i don’t have that cheek-bony look, but later they told me they have big plans for me. :/ weird. i don’t know what to do. i am going in May on a ‘meeting’ with agency, so i have to control myself ( and i was really good until now- i ate a pancake and a sandwiche!!! and i wanted, i wasn’t even hungry i just wanted to eat it. oh gosh i hate myself at those moments. i just tell myself- oh screw everything, i’m tired of it, and after i eat it i hate myself… there’s no point. and tomorrow is Easter, i’m going to have breakfast AND luch with my family, and you can just imagine what kind of meal… maybe i’m going to lie that i can’t eat because i don’t feel good…

      • M. says:

        Oww poor us! I just called and said I will be there at lunch and thats it i had an apple and will ride my bike for 20 km or sth so I’ll burn lunch or lets say part of it I guess it’ll be a feast and I have no selfcontrol ): *hugs* good luck!

  74. Sheba says:

    Hey skinny, lovely ladies!

    First time poster and a reader for the past few weeks.

    I just wanted to say “hello” and introduce myself a little.

    First, I wanted to thank Skinny Gurl for this website. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock and are an inspiration to me with your discipline to maintaining your lovely thin frame.

    With regards to the original Brittany post, she is looking plump, but she never was a swizzle stick.

    My new thinspo is Alexa Chung. Being half-asian, like myself, she’s been my recent inspiration to lose these pesky pounds.

    I have a willowy torso but “healthy” hips.

    I used to blame my Anglo-Germanic genes to my wide hips. However, I know now that with the right amount of discipline, I can lose the thunder thighs.

    As of today, I’ve lost 3 lbs since I started my calorie restricted/thinspo rich diet a week and a half ago. I’m currently at 122 lbs and I’m 5’6″. My goal weight is 110, but that could always change. Who knows, I may want to go smaller! :-)

    I will keep you lovely ladies updated on my progress as well as my breakdowns.

    Keep strong!

  75. Sheba says:

    Hey skinny goddesses!

    Got a question for you all.

    I am newly married a smart, loving guy. Unfortunately, he is not supportive of my newly adopted, thin minded lifestyle. He noticed my diet and said “I can’t survive on crackers, celery and almond milk” and that he fears I’m developing an eating disorder. What can you guys suggest I do since he seems to be monitoring my food intake more?

    I’m an athlete, so I already exercise alot, but do you guys recommend just exercising to compensate for the inevitable increase in my caloric intake?

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! :-D

    Oh, I just a little rant I had to share with you all. Maybe some of you can relate.

    My guy lusts after skinny girls all the time, yet the moment I try to change for the better, he throws in the ED flag. He says I’m just built to have “strong” legs and that I’ll never have the thin legs I long to have. I am really shocked by his reaction. He loves my model friends and raves about how beautiful they are, but doesn’t want me to aspire to attain their figures. My older sister was a runway model (and still has the body I wish I had), so I know I have the genetic makeup for skinniness. Why is he so down on me getting thin?

    Ladies, is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me?

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Sheba, I can totally sympathise with your position because my eating habits have almost broken me and my boyfriend up twice! Yet I’ve been with him for two years and he’s mentioned many times how he’s not attracted to bigger girls, which has always kept me focused on what I’m eating. I’m sure the reason our boys act like this is because they care loads about us so they worry far too much because there’s too much stigma on how ‘dangerous’ being thin is, just because a few people who have serious problems take it way too far.

      Maybe you could get him to exercise with you so that he can see that you’re more than fit and healthy? Or see a nutritionist and get her approval that your diet is healthy? Or tell your bloke he’s being paranoid and that he should stop being such a girl, hehe :) I did the latter and me and my bf managed to come to a compromise.

    • M. says:

      I agree. Go to the doctor get a full health check and then show him scientific proof, that will probably calm him down!

  76. Betty says:

    wow i really want to start the warrior diet!! but before i want to do the milk diet, it would be awesome to lose 10 lbs in 8 days!! right now i’m just undecided cause i have a lot to study and i am so stressed and when i’m starving i can’t focus! anyone has made it for all the 8 days??

    • Georgina says:

      well i actually lost 1 kg in 3 days, i wasn’t even sure if that’s impossible, i thought my eyes were lying :D but i couldn’t make it for 8 days because i had to have lunch with family, it was easter, blah blah… but i’m going for a trip for 5 days so i’m planning to lose some weight. this diet is awesome! good luck dear ;)

    • michelle says:

      What is the Warrior diet?? :)

  77. lucie says:

    Lovely ladies I need some help!

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately :( Im studying at the moment so I’m on the go all day and there is little time for eating (excellent!) but when I get home at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon I am so so tired and feel starrrrvvving, my discipline just does not stand a chance and I often find myself filling up on unhealthy food :( and then dinner time rolls around and I am still expected by my family to eat dinner on top of all that!
    I was wondering if you girls had any suggestions of ways to make it through those dangerous couple of hours until the evening? I’m feeling very lost :( and I’m so worried this is going to sabotage any hope I have of getting skinny!

    Sorry to be a pain and bother you all with my problems, but I trust you girls, you all seem to have such amazing weights it’s so inspiring :) keep up the good work!

    • Rose says:

      Maybe the night before you should prepare a huge salad/bowl of fruit so as soon as you come in go straight for those and a diet soda or tea or something so that your tummy is filled and you have more energy. Remind yourself that eating junk will only make you feel more drained and also will make you gain if you go overboard, whilst eating your fruit/veggies, and that should help you stop there. Once youve eaten have a plan of something you need to do, maybe take a bath or shower or go for a walk if youre not too tired, or call someone so you cant stuff your face, just anything to keep you occupied until dinner time…
      Hope that helps? :) x

    • M. says:

      how bout having some fruit before you get home and then jusz grab your stuff and head to the gym (:

      • lucie says:

        Thanks so much girls! Im usually not very organised but Im just going to have to try harder and commit haha so my fridge is now full of grapes, strawberries and carrots in preparation for this afternoon! I’m going to try and eat a few of them when I get home so I have enough energy to go to the gym and do some serious calorie destruction!

      • lizzy says:

        why do you care, honestly? it’s actually kinda funny i’m seriously laughing sooo hard right now!

    • marz says:

      try going vegan– clear your kitchen of meat milk, cheese, butter, eggs. I went a step further and ditched bread and anything that’s over-processed (no bars, smoothies, etc). It’s basically a raw food diet. You actually feel great on it. If you do this, then in the event that you DO binge when you get home it’ll just be almonds, fruit, or vegetables.
      And if anyone tries to geton you that you don’t eat enough, you can show them your stocked fridge that’s most likey waaaayyy healthier than theirs.

      • annie says:

        If you find yourself filling up on junkfood, then maybe don’t buy junkfood or keep it in the house. If its not there, then you can’t eat it!

    • Italian princess says:

      Hi, I know people say don’t eat soda but sometimes it can help. Only diet and no calories of course. I lost 30kg in 3 months. I would have Starbucks skinny latte for lunch with a diet coke and salad with prawns/ chicken everyday. But when I felt really hungry I would just keep drinking the soda until I was so full I didn’t feel hungry anymore ( water’ll probably be better though) it may blow you up a little but it’s only momentarily it’s zero calories so you won’t gain weight! I hope this helps! Xoxo

  78. Sophie says:

    I’m 17 and I was really thin as a child but now I’m huge :( I’m 5′ 7″ and about 150 lbs. I don’t want to be super scary skinny – just enough so that I don’t feel like a whale all the time. I’ve researched a lot of diets but I can never find the motivation or the willpower to stick with them. I dance alot and am very active so excercise isn’t the problem, I just can’t stop eating! I would really appreciate any advice or help!

    • marz says:

      I’m 5’7″ too! :) I was 145 a year ago and then got pregnant… and while I gained the lower recommended weight, they put me on Zoloft because I was having so many panic attacks (because they kept trying to get me to eat!!!). And of course, the Zoloft made me gain another 15-20 lbs in just 5 weeks. I’ve already lost 35lbs in 5 months (should have been quicker, but there was death in the family and constant monitoring).
      Anyways, if you wanna be weight loss “buddies” I’m all in :) As much as I love looking at these thin thin women and want to be them, it doesn’t run in my family. I once got down to 135 and all my bones stuck out (wtf? 135 seemed kinda high). I guess I have a lot of muscle or something…

    • sophie says:

      hey Sophie!
      i totally know what you mean by saying you just can’t stop eating and willpower really is an issue. however, i’ve found that it’s really only the first 3 days or so of a new diet that are plagued by cravings. after that, they usually go away and your body adjusts to its new diet. so, if you start a diet, just keep in mind that it will be uncomfortable for only 3 days and that’s all you have to get through! also, if you slip up, don’t be hard on yourself. nobody’s perfect!

    • LittleMissLovelyBones says:

      I really have a problem with this too. Lately I’ve taken to eating raw mushrooms every time I want to snack (they are my most HATED food ever), and I have completely stopped wanting to eat after that. Occasionally I’ll chug a diet soda, which also helps. The bubbles really full you up. :P

      • Sophie says:

        Thank you everyone so much! Marz, I would love to be weight loss buddies! And thanks for the tips Sophie and littlemslovely bones :)

      • Gisette says:

        You should opt for drinking a little carton of a protien shake instead–they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, 150 or so calories, and are really good and have as much liquid as a can of coke. Coke’s crap for your body to boot.

        Read Skinny Bitch. It’s my thinspo bible.

  79. amy says:

    i’m 5’10 and 125 pounds and i got an interview at an agency in two weeks and i need to lose more weight before then. i tend to put all my weight on my stomach and hips. I’m 32inches bust, 25.5 inches waist and 36 inches hips so its especially in the hips i need to lose it. can anyone help me? my family have noticed me getting skinnier because its like i lose weight from everywhere like my arms adn legs before i lose it from my waist and hips but its the waist and hips which tend to be the most important. it’s so hard to stay focused! especially when i get rejected. like yesturday i had another interview and they said i had ‘potential’ but to come back in a few months. so its important i lose as much as possible for this other agency. im having a lot of trouble because my parents are starting to watch what i eat. has anyone got any advice on how to put them off the track? i really need help!xx

  80. Lex says:

    She’s fat AND too old to be dressing like that. Sorry. I’m 5’9 and 97 lbs so I have NO TOLERANCE for this ugh!!

  81. Brittany says:

    She looks absolutely fine. The weight gain is barely noticeable, and she looks healthy and hot.
    Obviously she gets enough exercise, and she’s not small boned. It’s easier for shorter girls to appear chunkier, even when they’re not.

    It’s not my position to judge how she looks anyways. If she’s happy with herself, great! I don’t feel the need to lower her self esteem and boost my own by nitpicking at her body.

    5’9 and 126 pounds here~

  82. Winter_Butterfly says:

    Brittney spears is the classic yo-yo dieter. She looks so huge in the photos! I have lost a total of about 20 pounds and kept it off. So I know it is possible. I am 5’4″ and 125 pounds. I used to be 145 pounds! I want to get to 115 for now. When I was a teen I found it a lot harder to controll what I ate. But one day something just clicked and I lost the weight. It is harder once again with. The whole plateau thing. But I know it is possible.
    Brittney spears needs to just cut out processed foods.

  83. Ashleyl says:

    I find it funny how even she knows that she doesn’t look good anymore. Notice she hasn’t worn anything without panty-hose/tights?

  84. mint says:

    her body looks that way because she seems to be consuming too much calories and at the same time over working out at the gym. BRITNEY ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS COUNT CALORIES, walking and dancing everyday is enough, your body is muscular because thats what men do GYM + EAT A LOT.. Fire your hairstylist please, your hairstyle looks like what every young woman in california wear, BE DIFFERENT change your hair color and most importantly CLEAN EATING, EAT LESS !

  85. Anastasia says:

    She looks like a body builder. Short chunky legs, no waist and a huge neck. Not a good look

  86. lucie says:

    hello lovely skinnies!
    hope that you are all well and staying strong to your skinny goals! we can do it!
    just a quick calorie question…what would you girls consider to be a good calorie intake for a day? I know there is quite a bit of personal difference when it comes to this, some people seem to like to stick to 500-600 calories a day while others feel that 1000 calories a day works for them. I’ve sort of been trying out 1000 calories or a bit under if

  87. lucie says:

    hello lovely skinnies!
    hope that you are all well and staying strong to your skinny goals! we can do it!
    just a quick calorie question…what would you girls consider to be a good calorie intake for a day? I know there is quite a bit of personal difference when it comes to this, some people seem to like to stick to 500-600 calories a day while others feel that 1000 calories a day works for them. I’ve sort of been trying out 1000 calories or a bit under if

  88. lucie says:

    hello lovely skinnies!
    hope that you are all well and staying strong to your skinny goals! we can do it!
    just a quick calorie question…what would you girls consider to be a good calorie intake for a day? I know there is quite a bit of personal difference when it comes to this, some people seem to like to stick to 500-600 calories a day while others feel that 1000 calories a day works for them. But I’m just wondering if when you are figuring out intakes whether you take into account calories burnt at the gym? My friend told me that if your body doesnt receive enough calories it goes into starvation mode and actually starts to store fat which makes it harder to lose weight. She says therefore that for example if you consume 800 calories in a day and work off 800 at the gym then essentially your body hasn’t received anything in that day and will go into starvation mode.
    But I always thought the idea was to work off MORE calories than you eat in order to lose weight!? What do you guys think? Is my friend talking nonsense? Hahaha she made me so confused!

    • Love says:

      You have to take into account the calories you burn just by being alive. You can lie in bed and not move all day and there is still a certain amount of calories you burn. This amount depends on your size, age, height, genetics, etc. Google BMR calculator and there are some sites that help with a guideline.
      So, basically, when you eat 800 cals and burn off 800 at the gym, you’re actually WELL into the negative for the day.
      I’ve also heard that your metabolism significantly lowers when you are low in cals. However, I’ve always lost more weight on a “starvation” diet than a healthy 1,200-1,500 calorie diet. And that’s long term as well. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that “storing fat” story is just a myth or it at least doesn’t make you as fat as being a pig does. Just my thoughts! I’m not a doctor or anything.

      • lucie says:

        Thanks love! Very helpful! Just to double check (lol sorry I can be a bit slow with these things!), basically what you’re saying is that, in theory, if your BMR was 1,300 calories you could eat 1,000 calories and already be in the negative and not do any exercise that day and still lose weight? And then however many calories you burn at the gym would just be extra and increase how far in the negative you were and therefore how much and fast you would lose?
        So going to google my BMR now! Thanks again :) xx

  89. mondelle says:

    why dont you ladies try eating fruits and veggies a nice low calorie cereal like half a cup instead of not eating or trying to not eat very much. half a banana for breakfast or even half a piece of toast with a cup of tea. then eat fruits and veggies for lunch, just cut up some raw peppers and cucumbers follow with a glass of water, snack on an apple again or just steam some brocolli u wont gain a pound eating that, and you will be healhty and not hungry and lose all the weight u want. dinner can just be a piece of chicken and again veggies , if u are hungry before bed half a cup of cereal it probably doesnt even matter what kind , and some skim milk, or eat the cereal dry to save calories, if u crave sugar your best bet is to have some dry cereal, just a palmful its a lot lower in calories than a chocolate bar, try popping some popcorn, get the seeds, put olive oil on it for flavor, u can lower your calories eat healthy and still lose weight without stopping eating. fruits veggies hope this helps u guys

  90. britney so fat now :( she was nice back in the days, :P

  91. Connie says:

    You call this fat??!!! Fat is overweight or obese, and Britney is defo NOT that! She’s just curvy.

    • Gisette says:

      Then go somewhere else. We don’t need “curvy” crusaders like you trolling.

      She looks like a chunky body builder. Stop deluding yourself.

  92. Katrina says:

    She looks disgusting fat…

  93. sabrina says:

    I believe Britney has blood type A and has problems with belly fat due to elevated cortisol, possibly from overdoing the cardio and eating wrong.

  94. Heather says:

    Hi! Brit looks like she is corsetted in to her body suit pretty tight there, and her butt is just spilling out. I dont really have room to talk though… but still. If you are going to be going on stage, either lose the weight and get into shape, or rethink the outfit. Like jeans and a loose top. Something classy. You can be bigger, just cover it up..

    btw: anyone have any tips on losing like a crapton of weight… Im a current fatty (212, 5’5) and im busting my ass to get to skinny range. Im trying to do a 900 calorie diet (yes, I know, I know but fatasses need to start somewhere with calorie restriction) and Im trying to do most of the starving tips of the day, and from the list.
    And… please be nice. I know Im a fatass on a skinny girl site. I want to be skinny again too.

  95. jasmine says:

    It’s one thing to gain weight. But to flaunt it in skintight, glitter-encrusted body suits? Bad decision!

  96. jasmine says:

    If she gained weight, she should be hiding it, not showing it off in skintight body suits!!

  97. Debbie says:

    Gross! She needs to lose 40 pounds. She should be ashamed of all that flab-NOT flaunting it.

  98. Kyrnea says:

    I’ve had it with her, her time is over,she should realize it.
    She was a beauty icon maybe in her best times,she was skinny and gorgeus and that stuff. She is not anymore and she should not try to pretend she still is.
    Just put on the same clothes and dance, like if those extra pounds didn’t exist. No.

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