Barbara Palvin Has Gained Weight

Barbara Palvin Has Gained Weight

December 31st, 2011
Posted by Skinny Gurl

First of all I’ve never really been into Barbara Palvin. I think she has a pretty face, but I don’t get the fascination – her look is very ordinary and commercial to me. And, I’ve never thought her body to be great: she’s short and curvy, which is obviously not my thing.

On the recent post about Lindsay Lohan looking fat in Playboy, commenter Irene asked if I’d maybe do a post about Barbara’s weight gain. So, I did a little research and whoa – Irene is right, Barbara has definitely packed on the pounds!

Let’s have a look.

First, here’s a set of pictures from the past couple of years. [Click the pic to view the set.]

OK, not awesome thinspo or anything, but still an OK body for a mainstream fashion model.

Now, let’s take a look at another set, these much more recent:  [Click the pic to view the set.]

Wow, I see a big difference – I’m guessing she put on at least 10-15 lbs over the last couple months.. and based on a few of those recent pictures, I’d say I’m being generous!

I think she’s been doing a little too much of this:


... i look sooooo like fat!

Barbara Palvin on her own Twitter

Looks like Barbara’s busted! What do you gurls think?

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145 Responses

  1. Bella says:

    Wow, i really can’t believe the difference! She still has a slight xylophone though, so maybe she’s just naturally thin on top.

  2. Abbey says:


  3. Dani says:

    And have you seen the ones from Victoria’s secret photoshoot?

  4. I don’t get why this girl even gets the quality of work she does. She just seems so beneath it. She’s pretty, sure, but pretty in that kinda-average-hometown-cheerleader sort of way.. not a fashion-model way.

    But anyway, I think 10-15 is conservative – looks like it could even be +20 lbs.

    • Monkey Form says:

      Haha. I’d love to be where you are if the average cheerleaders look like her. I’d probably go lesbian for Barbara Palvin.

      • I work in/around the modeling and entertainment business. So yeah, she is very average-everyday-pretty compared to what I see every day.

        • Monkey Form says:

          Really? I’ve thought the majority of super models that get hired today have pretty ugly faces. With Barbara being a pleasant exception. To each their own I guess.

  5. xXzapxfireXx says:

    Wow. She has gained alot. She is pretty but that’s quite chubby for a “supermodel”. Why haven’t they let her go yet?

    • Ally says:

      That’s exactly what I was going to ask! Don’t model agencies freak out when one of their model gain like 5 pounds!?
      How is she STILL getting jobs imo??

      • First of all you can be sure her agency is giving her shit for it. But I think she can get away with it (a little) for the same reason she can get away with being shorter – the agency wants/needs someone who fits that market. The agency might have no one else to send to castings for “curvy / commercial / average-accessible-pancake-eating-girl-next-door” for clients who are in the mid- or mass-market, and maybe for business reasons the agency is interested in more of that kind of work (it’s IMG i think, so god knows why?). But nonetheless, at the very least, I bet they’re on her pretty hard lately (measuring tape in hand!) and urging her to get control over the situation. And she should probably listen up, because if her current agency drops her, it’s not as if she would have her choice of other top agencies, because most of them wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot roll of monkey-bread.

  6. amb says:

    She is actually still quite young, so I’m not amazed that she suddenly put on weight: you know that period of puberty when you could eat anything and not gain an ounce followed by a sudden weight gain period. So in a way, I’m not surprised.

    I think she is pretty in an asymmetrical way: one of her eyebrows is much higher than the other, and I guess unconventional looks are popular in modelling. And she is lucky that her face looks slim despite her weight gain: at least she can continue some magazine shots.

    My bet is that Victoria Secret is gonna snap her up anytime soon. Curvy and pretty, you know the type.

    • Fili says:

      I think she´s already working for VS?
      As to the puberty weight gain theory; I think you´re right, she surely didn´t gain that much on purpose – but on the other hand, if she doesn´t have the discipline to stay skinny, she is in the wrong line of work.

  7. Lola says:

    She gained about 15 pounds, I think….

    Skinny gurl, I think it would be great if you could post your meal plan after holydays – now that would be an inspiration…
    I also think that you had an excellent idea with the forums, can’t wait to get there…


  8. Beth says:

    Ugh, I am so glad the holidays are finally over. They were fun, but I feel like I’ve embarked on the Palvin transformation myself. And that is not a good feeling, because she is certainly reverse-thinspo. Time to get back to our tiniest. I am fasting today and tomorrow to get things started, join me if you feel up to it.

  9. Heather says:

    yeah, nothing about her says “high fashion”. she is adorable and cute, yes, but there isnt anything fierce or aloof about her. Her thighs aren’t really thunderthighs, but just curvy. More department store catalog or product commercial ad. I can see her in a sundress for a downy fabric softener commercial! that wasn’t an insult, btw. I just think high fashion models need a certain something to make them really stand out, and Barbra just has the girl next door vibe.

  10. Fili says:

    A pretty face, and that´s it. Nothing about her body is fashion-model like (Especialy not those thighs !!!)
    She was pretty skinny at the beginning of her career, now she´s just plain and boring, body-wise.
    I read that she´s not as tall as many other models, only about 172 cm. Such a waste of potential- she could be a great thinspo for shorter girls who can´t relate to tall fashion models.

  11. Barbara has definitely put on a significant amount of weight (especially on her bottom half) – natural pear shape obviously! But a VS model who is great inspiration at the moment is Rosie H-W who has definitely lost some weight recently. I posted about it on my blog, check the candids for yourself:

  12. Rebecca says:

    There is nothing wrong with the way she looks.

  13. Brittney says:

    I think that you’re absolutely shallow and have nothing better to do with your life other than pick girls apart who are already in an industry where they probably pick her apart enough. She was skinnier before, yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s not skinny now. Her body actually looks healthy now. And to say the first picture is not “thinspo” is just an insult. You are giving girls the wrong impression on what they should think of their bodies.

  14. anon says:

    wow, everyone here is terrible. she is like 10 pounds heavier than superthin models and everyone’s calling her a cow. beauty may be subjective but barbara is gorgeous and doesn’t deserve this scrutiny from a bunch of self-hating bitches.

    • Fili says:

      If we hated ourselves, we obviously weren´t in the position to judge her looks. Maybe some of the criticism was really harsh (I wouldn´t call her fat, gross, etc)

  15. Kurt says:

    She looks much healthier in the last photo.

  16. Somebody says:

    The only one I agree with is the anon above me.
    And you, Skinny Gurl, as a real bitch you put here the worst photos of her. actually, the most recent photo of her from the runway is this:
    And look at her face, calling this ,,just a girl next door” is really bitchy:
    You know that she is really naturally pretty. And you can’t get over that she is succesful even though she’s shorter and a lil’ bit curvy. I think it’s amazing she’s different, why should all the models be the same? I don’t get it. But you know what? Her body is perfect, and she IS skinny. I don’t know what is a perfect body for you guys, but I’m sure it’s not healthy.

    • AnonNy says:

      If you are who I think you are: since your life is mostly about worshipping her fat ass on your pathetic Tumblr blogs, I understand why you’re upset.

    • Abbey says:

      ugh leave

    • Dani says:

      In both photos:
      a) Still looks fat.
      b) Still looks ordinary.

      You can’t compare her with models like Abbey Lee Kershaw … whose beauty is unique and stands out of the ordinary.

      She IS fat by fashion standards. Sorry, that’s the reality… get over it.

      • nodeerskulls says:

        I think the ordinary thing is quite subjective, and depends what you see every day. Abbey Lee Shaw looks more ordinary to me than Barbara because I see similar faces each day where I live. Barbara’s face however always stood up to me as something different.
        But, as I said, it depends on the fenotype you are used to seeing.

        • Lillian says:

          I agree that whether a face is unique or not depends on what you see every day. However, in this industry, most models do not have a so-called “standard” face like Barbara does. Her face is pretty and cute, but there isn’t a particular feature that stands out on its own. In this defense, her face is just another pretty face.
          By the way, its “phenotype”.

  17. Ariel says:

    I love this site. Never a better place to go for a good chuckle at the expense of the board-thin shallows. Keep the lols coming.

  18. Final Form says:

    Both sides really are right. By fashion model standards and expectations, she is “fat.” Now whether this is is a good or bad thing… Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    Honestly, the reason I like Barbara is because she’s a little fuller. She’s got some curves, and she looks sexy, and healthy.
    I think it’s a good sign for the fashion industry that she is able to get jobs, despite her not being rail-thin. It’s progression toward having more variety in size, and more support for girls out there who feel insecure because they aren’t skinny enough.
    It’s great that this site exists for girls who all think that being super skinny is attractive, because I can’t imagine the harm it would do for normal sized girls all over the web to see you calling a girl Barbara’s size a cow.

  19. beka. says:

    [edited to remove violence. don't be stupid. - SG]

    Oh my! She now doesn’t look anorexic and malnourished. Show any guy photos of these catwalk models and they say they wouldn’t want them.
    Even by fashion standards, she’s not fat. Yes she gained some weight in her thighs, but she is still probably a size 2 at max.

    most of your saying she’s fat are probably size 4s! OH MY! a size 4! goshhhhhhh..

  20. Woman says:

    Why does anyone hold themselves and others to impossible standards like this? What about loving yourself for who you are and thinking you are good enough? I understand being healthy, but judging others for how they look isn’t beneficial for anyone.

  21. Lucy says:

    she’s a cheeseburger away from landing a tacky K-Mart catalogue deal. Hope she can get it together, she looks great in the earlier editorials

  22. Alex says:

    For goodness sake let’s not begin the new year with lovers of the fuller, ‘healthier’ (which is the more palatable word for ‘heftier’) figure giving us lovers of the fairy-like, slender body grief on our own turf. Come now, there are plenty of people who will agree that Palvin looks great and has sex appeal. She is not thin, and thin is what this site is about, it’s what we find beautiful and inspiring. You wouldn’t post on a gay men’s forum that they all ought to be turned on by breasts, and trying to convince us to be ashamed of not adoring Plavin’s new extra padding is just as ridiculous.
    She’s still cute, good for her. But looking at her makes me unbelievably eager to lose my holiday pudge and get back to my wispy, bony self.
    On that note, has anyone ever tried a whole body cleanse? I usually just diet/fast to lose weight but whole foods 365 total body cleanse offers a kick start – fiber pills and a natural laxative along with a pill to help your liver get the toxins out of your system. Since it’s all natural and healthy I feel it’s just the thing to supplement my usual weight loss efforts, reviews say you lose about 5lbs as a matter of course by virtue of all that crap (no pun intended) being cleansed out of your body, and additional poundage is easier to shed.

    • Stick.figure says:

      I kinda like her face. She could do much better if only she left the burgers where they are and instead went for a run.. Just in my opinion..

    • Aly says:

      No real nutritionist would recommend a cleanse diet. They’re bullshit, sorry.

      • Alex says:

        I know, I know. It was a momentary and ridiculous temptation to get a head start on dropping weight. Cleanses just clean your insides out – we have to get rid of what’s on the outside the hard way.
        I’ve just embarked on my usual ‘oops I gained 5lbs’ fast. Being 5’3″ means that 85lbs is about right but damn hard to maintain since gaining weight as a shorty is easy as pie (even one little bite of it, haha). One day off track and there’s three lbs to show for it. Two or three and you’re looking at thighs threatening to draw closer. Ugh, wish me luck on a hardcore week of water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
        Seriously though, do taller girls find it as hard to stick to a low weight or is there more wiggle room?

        • Lola says:

          I find it hard to mantain my weight, too, and I am only 102 ponds and about your height:(

          What’s your diet plan?

          • Alex says:

            Sadly to maintain a ridiculously small frame one has to eat ridiculously little.
            Weekdays I eat nothing or as little as humanely possible. On Saturday and Sunday I enjoy myself but try not to overindulge.
            Oh, and I am a vegetarian.

    • nodeerskulls says:

      Imho I wouldn’t trust anything that requires pills and calls itself a “cleanse” if I were you, but that’s just my opinion.

      You can make yourself natural laxatives at home from medicinal plants; also, some plants have purgative and cleansing properties in themselves. If you’d like, I could give you some info on them, different teas and everything.

      Oh, also, a good colon cleaning method is a puree made of chinese potatoes and plain yoghurt. Works wonders, my doctor recommended it to me – if it works on her middle aged self, it works on your bodies too.

  23. amanda says:

    I adore her. I’m very skinny, not by choice, and I hate seeing my ribs and hipbones and collarbones in the mirror, which I get that people on this site will probably have a hard time understanding, but it’s the truth. I wish I had her body. Some people just prefer that. I’m very interested in the fashion business so I’m glad she’s there because there isn’t much versitality, so for those of us who really aren’t into bones, we get to have bodies to swoon over as well. And to those saying she’s too ordinary-looking, it’s all just a matter of taste. People like her. Get over it.

  24. Amanda says:

    What’s wrong with her body? I don’t see anything wrong with it. She looks perfectly fine.

  25. violet says:

    I don’t even really like Barbara, I mean she is not my favourite but I have no problem with her. She may be the most unique model in the world! You know why? It’s because she’s not as skinny (which I also find nice sometimes) as most models and she’s not even tall enough for most runways, but she’s success is all in her outstanding face… It’s not a typical model face, not that special, however her beauty can be seen by everyone, not like most model’s beauty. That’s only beautiful for the real high fashion obsessed snobs.

  26. Ren says:

    Her face is still pretty, but those new lingerie shots are horrible. Not fat, but not my ideal.

  27. [...] than this is unhealthy and it’s truly sad how a woman of this nature is being called “thick“. with a woman posing in lingerie and looking great in it and being called fat, what is the [...]

  28. Stick.figure says:


    could you possibly do an entry about Allyson Ertel? She is with elite in NYC and one of my favourite skinnies!

    Thanks :)
    And by the way: I’m in love with this site. Great work! xx

      • AnnaLeah Rose says:

        It’s kind of sad though, Julia’s not skinny by choice (well, that’s what she’s said, anyways). She has Crohn’s. Her blog: Read the answer to the second bolded paragraph. Poor (though somewhat lucky, but yet not) thing . . .

        • Dani says:

          Yeah but do you believe her?? I mean there’s a lot of people with Crohns and they are not as skinny as her. Also Crohns HAS a treatment… Is the same excuse I make. I am (really) lactose intolerant, so any time I go to a friend’s house and they offer me high calorie food, I put that as an apology for not eating.. However I know there’s a pill that will make me able to eat whatever I want. I just dont want to be healed :)

          • michelle says:

            3 people in my family have Crohn’s…not all the ‘treatments’ work. Its not a pretty disease. My dad goes from solid, religiously lifting weights muscled to skinny and bounces back and forth a bit. Just saying.
            I am loving my new reason not to eat a lot of things tho-im boycotting the commercial meat industry bc of the inhumane treatment. I’m not vegan bc I do eat eggs (from our barn) and I do hunt (instant,pain free end), but for the most part I am having to live almost vegan. :)

          • Dani says:

            Also… it turns out that Julia is a vegan. If she’d wanted to gain some weight she probably wouldn’t be eaten just fruits and vegetables… so the whole “I’m Chrons” “I’m vegan” thing sounds to me as a bunch of excuses

  29. Vaska says:

    I am fashion model, 19yrs, model for 4 yrs. I heard of the site from another model at my agnecy, so I know a lot of us are here! :)

    I must be honest, I think Barbara is a bit fat also, but I only mean it for ‘fashion model’, not for normal person!!! Also this is about her body, not soul! we are not criticize her as a person, just I would say, for me: ‘that is not kind of body I would want’ (my agency either!! :o )

    Also I would like to say to I agree w/ Fili & Abbey. I love this site and SkinnyGurl and to keep coming here because of the high standards and harsh critique. It maybe does not work to everyone, but for me, it works, helps me do good.

    LUV TO SKINNYGURL and all you ! keep it going, X.O.!

    • Alena says:

      Vaska you say it perfect!! It is why I love the site also, it is such a competitive business and if I only hear good things, it’s easy to be happy and lazy… and if I am lazy, harder working girls will out-do me at the next go-see!

      I worked with Barbara on shows, she is very nice, pretty face and eyes. But some of the girls do look down on her, bc she is a bit out of place, shorter & a bit softer.

      Anyone who says she has not gained weight has no eyes! Even Barbara said on Twitter she thought she looked fat in the VS shoots, sorry I will not disagree! Imagine how fat she looked before they Photoshopp!

  30. Tessy says:

    I like her body. It’s what I’d consider healthy slim, which is what I’m inspired by. Mostly because I find any skinnier than that isn’t really practical for my life, I cant maintain that kind of skinny without ending up in a binge/starve situation.

    Everyone who’s freaking out needs to calm down. No ones calling YOU fat. It’s just some harmless thinspo.
    That said, words like fat and gross are not appropriate for this girl. She’s just not super thin.

    Everyone grow up.

  31. Amanda says:

    What do you people get from tearing apart and criticizing other people’s flaws? That is something I am forever baffled by. You can always improve yourself without attacking anyone else. I don’t see the point. It’s just so spiteful and hypocritical because you have flaws too. And how would you feel if a group of people start to criticize you and point out all your flaws especially when you did nothing wrong?

  32. Sasha says:

    So true, I admit that she is pretty, but in this second pic, her boobs look massive and in the first one, her midsection gives off the impression that she’s been tucking into the doughnuts.

  33. aelie says:

    She gained a lot of weight. I wouldn’t say that it looks bad, it just doesn’t look as good and it’s not what other people on this site (me included) like. I’m just wondering, what do most of you guys think the perfect BMI is? I want to loose weight so badly, buy my parents are always watching and I get so tiered and I have exams…any tips? I have a huge problem with my thighs…and the last 5-10 pounds. I’m like 5″5.5 and weigh from 103-106ish :(

    • paris says:

      Aelie you are not heavy at all! Right now I’m like your height and 102 pounds and trust me those last ten pounds are hard to lose for a reason. I got down to 94 pounds and was blacking out on a daily basis, freezing cold, dizzy, and my boyfriend and I fought a lot because I was always cranky. it was a mess. I know that’s only my personal experience, but I think 98 pounds is as skinny as one can go at our height without going mad. Unfortunately :(

    • aelie says:

      True, it sucks…but do you think I could get to 100 and be healthy? Like how many calories would I eat? I can never find balance its like either 200 or 900 ):

      • paris says:

        To lose weight to that size I usually ate about 700 calories a day (mostly from egg whites/chicken protein, greek yogurt, and raw vegetables) and ran about 2 miles 4 days a week. To stay at 100 I’d eat about 800-900 and exercise twice a week at least with abs every day.

        • Valerie says:

          Thanks so much for your advice girls! I always read that if you eat less than 1200 calories, your metabolism slows down so i was always scared to eat just 700 calories. But if it works for you, then I shall see if it works for me:)

        • aelie says:

          Thanks so much! I think I’ll start with the whole weight loss thing once exams are over. Just I don’t have that much time for exercise so I guess I’ll just eat less.

  34. Fili says:

    Just because we´re judging hard doesn´t mean we´re bitter nasty bitches.
    If I met her, or someone else ho doesn´t apply to my personal beauty standards, in real life, I would still be kind and friendly. I have to admit that I definitely would think “Wow, she used to look better”, but I would keep that to myself, as it´s just me judging her looks, not her personality.
    But on this site, I find a communitiy of people (mostly) thinking the same way as I do, so here I feel like I can share my thoughts on her looks without everyone being like “Oh she´s such a shallow b*tch”.
    This isn´t about being immature, self-hating or anything, it´s about the only place in the internet, where you are allowed to speak your mind without being called mean or superficial.

  35. Cait says:

    Firstly, this site is brilliant. This is my first post so sorry if it’s not quite right.

    I find this SO motivating. I’m 19 and was always a super skinny teenager without trying until I hit 17 and before I noticed in two years I packed on nearly 20 pounds and lost my thigh gap! :( I’m back down to 122 (lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks!) so I have 10 more to lose. I’ve been eating super low cal (500-700 a day), just raw foods, maybe one slice of bread and HEAPS of sugar free jelly. I’m 5’8″ so getting to 112 would be a DREAM.

    My issue is I have really bulky calves, my thighs are actually okay. Any tips for slimming down things ladies? The weight just keeps coming off everywhere else but not my horrid calves! Thanks girls!


    • Alice says:

      Are you me? I’m 5’8″, 119 lb (aiming for 105) and have huuuuuge calves. My thighs are okayish, it’s just my calves! UGH.

      I was at 114 but put on a lot of weight over the holidays because my parents think I’m too skinny. I now look like a lard :( Do you want to be skinny buddies?

  36. anon says:

    She’s actually always been quite big – the first set of pictures predominantly show her in good angles or in skirts and clothing that cuts off her legs at a smaller point (past her thigh) Stylists always hide the widest part of her thigh when she’s fitted. Also you can tell in some of the first set of photos that her legs have been slimmed down. She has put on weight, but a lot less than everyone thinks, because she has ALWAYS had big thighs/ass.

    IMG have her as a curvier model, she does appeal to some brands and I do think if VS thought she was too fat, they wouldn’t have used her.

    I do think she needs to tone up though. Would make her less “round” looking. Her bottom half doesn’t match her slim upper half.

    • Cristina says:

      I have the same problem as her. I’m 97 lbs and almost 5’5 – so definitely not model thin, but considering my age and my job, it’s ok i guess – but while my upper body is scary even to me sometimes (ribs and backbone and hip bones are very very visible), my lower body tends to be curvier. My calves are skinny minnie and so are my lower thighs but my upper thighs tend to curve. I know I will never have that straight leg look, not even my bone structure permits it (the sides of my hips jute out almost as much as the hip bones), but toning my legs works miracles. I have a good gap and when wearing skirts or shorts or whatever covers the top of my thighs my legs look acceptably small. Unfortunately, some of us are not genetically blessed enough to be proportionate, so we have to improvise. I have always wished to have a different shape :(

  37. emm says:

    you must be fuckin crazy ? this is fat!? it isn’t super skinny, how should she look like? a bunch of walking bones ?

  38. Lia says:

    I just don’t really understand how barbara palvin is a model, I mean yes, she has a very pretty face but short and curvy is not what you look for in a model, and now that she’s gained some weight i think her career will suffer a hell of a lot.

  39. Mayra says:

    I think she looks sexy, the curvier kind that boys are attracted to. When I’m with a boy, I prefer not to be too bony – which I’m sure would freak out most guys. Some girls even look BETTER with curves… I, however, am not one – remaining flat-chested & only my stomach and thighs get fat, the proportions are so wrong!

    I like super-skinny for myself, I appreciate that stylish look on other girls, and the feeling that comes with achieving it myself. Exercising reduces my anxiety levels, I don’t have to waste money with so much cooking, or waste time with so many dishes. I can get out and live my life!! I’m not someone who “enjoys” eating. I mean food can taste good, but to me it’s purely fuel to keep going, and mostly just an inconvenience, or a way to fill silences in social situations. That said I am still 4kg heavier than I should be (so hard to drop that final little bit, right?)

    When you’re skinny, it’s easier to look classy & stylish. You can wear baggy clothes, and multiple-layers without looking like a big beefy Yak. I love that this site allows like-minded girls to praise being skinny. The name of the site makes it’s objective perfectly clear.

  40. kay says:

    It really scares me that you all think she’s “fat”, even by model standards. I’m 5’2″ and 97 lbs. the last time I weighed myself and now I feel huge.

  41. MissSkinny_mini says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the photos. She does look ‘big’, by fashion standards. I think she could easily lose the weight.

  42. LH says:

    Hi. I hope someone replies. I am 5’2 and a couple of months ago I started to feel terrible about myself (@ 113 lbs) it really shows because I am not the tallest. I decided to make a change and by mid September I was down to 91 lbs. best I have ever felt in my life. People were noticing and the holidays were coming so I just sort of let myself go. I can’t stop bingeing everyday and unfortunately I am back up to 115 lbs in 3 short months :( I dont know what’s wrong with me and I never feel confident anymore. I am seriously stressing my self out. I never have the motivation to exercise and always have the motivation to eat less but I never follow through. Can anyone be my buddy? Help me? Or even just some advise? Please. Thank you

    • Alex says:

      Ha, I just commented about this on a super old post.
      I’m with you, you can be MY buddy – I’m already deflating from the holidays. The important thing is to stop the bleeding once you realize it’s gone on too long. For me, this is easiest to do when I’m going to bed after yet another day of bad behavior – I think, “Goodness Alex, seriously this needs to stop you’ve gained weight and you know this isn’t who you are. It was fun but now it’s time to stop being disgusting and get back to looking hot.” When I wake up the next morning, I am totally determined to fast for the day and then the next week or however long it takes me I just keep reminding myself that my pants are feeling way too tight and I need to keep working on slimming down. I recommend a week or two of fasting days with very low calorie days mixed in so you don’t pass out/die. For example, after the holidays I fasted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and ate a salad (no dressing) and an apple on Thursday. Fasted Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then on Tuesday had a nibble of chocolate and a bowl of chicken broth with some soy and red pepper flakes in it. Here I am, and I’ll be going to bed with thoughts of how I overindulged in December and still have a little ways to go.
      Good luck!

      • Abbey says:

        wait, you fasted for four days straight? how?! i would pass out for sure

      • LH says:

        Gosh, thanks that takes strength I admire you. I will try my best. It’s also a little difficult because I still live at home :/ pretty inspiring though. If you can do it so can I!

      • Ally says:

        Hi, I know your comment wasn’t for me but I’m curious. How much weight did you loose by fasting on all those days?
        And I’m kinda worried because I’ve heard that people that strongly restrict calories gain really easily back all the weight that they lost or even more when they start eating properly again. Is that true? Or is the idea that you ALWAYS maintain that kind of diet?

  43. Shygirl says:

    She would look better if she toned up a little I think…. She’s still cute though.

    Unrelated, I have gained about 5/6kg roughly 10lbs and I cant seem to shake of the kgs! I feel so bad about myself. I’d like to be back to my normal weight (and hopefully less) so I’m on the HcG diet. I did it a little while back and lost like 4kg in a week. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I think
    I can see a little change so far (been on it about a week but had a BAD weekend with food!) anyway, would be interested in anyone elses tips, pointers, suggestions, or stories on HcG!

    • Abbey says:

      I’ve heard about the HcG diet! I thought it only worked for overweight people so I never pursued it…. Please let us know how it goes :)

      • Shygirl says:

        Will do! I know jwoww from jersey shore did it, and although she was chunky by “our” standards she probably wasn’t overweight. I imagine the diet alone will make any person shed a few kgs, only 500cals a day… I’ll keep u posted!

  44. Lucky says:

    I read an old post on here about Chia Seeds, does any one use them and do they realy keep you feeing full for longer? Also keep up energy through the day? I ordered some which should be here tomorow and am gonna give the ago but they seem very unherd of for something so healthy with so many benafits. I couldn’t get them from anywere where i live, I asked in all the health and whole food shops and one guy told me he had never heard of them and looked at me like i was stupid.They seem very promising though so i can’t wait to give them a go. But would definately love to hear from someone who uses them!

  45. skinflint says:

    Wow. Lots of people trying to save Barbara (someone make sure there’s a large lifering to hand, just in case…) Heated discussion – I feel energised! It’s going to take a long time to get down to business, though, if we’ve to spend half of the replies justifying loving skinnies in the first place ;)

  46. anna says:

    I have a question for you girls:
    I have 1.63 m and 47-48kg…am i skinny at this weight? i want my old weight back-45kg…
    10 month ago i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and now my measure. are 90/64/84…48hips.
    I don’t see myself as skinny anymore,what do you think?

    • Fili says:

      You´re definitely slim, but not exactly skinny. (I´m sorry and I didn´t mean to offend you but you were asking for a honest answer, so here it is). Now to the good part: It´s not far from 47 to 45, so I wish you the best, you can make it!
      I´m a mom too (my boy is 15 moths old) so I understand it´s hard to be as skinny as you were before, same here… the stress, no time to workout, metabolism changes… but as I just said, you´re not that far from your goal weight. Good luck!

      • Vivienne says:

        Hi Fili,

        I find your tips very usefull. I’m planning to become a mum as well. Did you have any problems conceiving because of your low weight? I’m 5’10” and 125 lbs. I would like to lose some more weight but I’m afraid that this could lead to problems in getting pregnant. I would appreciate if you give your your point of view on this matter.

        • Fili says:

          I didn´t have any problems; neither becoming pregnant (tbh, the pregnancy wasn´t even planned, I found out when I was already 6 months), nor during that time – no drastic weight gain, mood changes or feeling sick in the morning.)
          Honestly, I think it´s because I ignored all the “eating for 2″ stuff my parents and relatives told me – I only gained like 6 Kg (= 12 lbs)
          Eating healthier & a bit more than usual- yes. But for two? No way.

          I don´t know if gaining weight does help you to raise possibility to become pregnant, I´m sorry.

          Most important is that you DO gain some weight during pregnancy (don´t give a F*** about the whole “eating for two”-stuff, it´s complete bs. But about 8 to 12 lbs is necessary!)

          Think about this: Like 50% of Victoria´s Secret models have children (Alessandra, Miranda, Heidi, Adriana, etc.), and even skinny celebs like Victoria Beckham or Rachel Zoe; also Natalie Portman became pregnant during filming “the black swan”, where she was really skinny. They all were skinny before and after pregnancy!

          Losing the weight after birth is not a big deal if you didn´t gain that much in the first place.
          So, good luck, you can have your own family PLUS a good body.

          PS:I was 178 cm & 49 Kg before, 60 Kg during, and now 50 Kg after all that. It was totally worth it!, I don´t look different than before, even my measurements are the same.

          • anna says:

            Wow Fili…you looking good momma!soo skinny after a baby, congrats!
            Thx for your onest answer,i apreciate.:*
            My entire life i dream to have 43kg…it looks perfect for me at 1.63m, but i had only 45kg for about 5 years and i got use to that. Then i put 30 kg in pregnancy:(( because of all treatments to mentain the baby(was a major risk to lose him)plus i can’t stop eating:(. You were lucky to put only 10 kg:).
            Now i’m fighting with the last 2,3 kg and is so hard.As you say…no time for workout,lot of stress…i have the feeling that i never lose this 2,3 kg:((
            I found this site recently and i’m inlove with it! Pls post more often!The tips,the girls…everything is awsome.Thx again!

          • Vivienne says:

            Thank you so much Fili. I really appreciate sharing your story with us. Wow!!!You’re the same height as me but much skinnier. How do you manage to mantain such a low weight? Have you always been that skinny? Ever had problems with your period because of your weight? I’m really determined to lose some more pounds! Thank you for inspiring me!

  47. SB says:

    I understand that this is probably a little off topic, but since this is the most recent post..

    I have a bit of fat under my chin, I’ve had this since I was a child. But I can’t seem to lose it, even when I’ve lost so much weight. Is there no way to solve this problem?

    And I agree that Barbara is not really a fashion model. She’s beautiful yes, but there’s nothing outstanding about her.

  48. leigh says:

    hey skinny girl could you do an example of what you eat on an average day. maybe like an example for a weekday and a weekend. like how many calories you consume and what type of foods you eat. oh and what workouts you do. i would be sooooooooo grateful! love you and your site xo

  49. Kay says:

    I think she is really beautiful even now.
    I don’t think she is ordinary at all and it’s positive to see a model not so tall for me since I’m just 5’4”. Probably if she was thinner, she would me perfect, for me. I totally fall in love with her and her body in the 2009 shoot!

    Anyway I’m trying to lose weight as many of you girls and I’m finding this site so inspirational and interesting!
    Do you know why she is not posting anymore?
    I do need her help. and yours, of course.
    I’m 5′ 4 for 103 lbs. How much should I weight for you?

  50. Kay says:

    I think she is really beautiful even now.
    I don’t think she is ordinary at all and it’s positive to see a model not so tall for me since I’m just 5’4”. Probably if she was thinner, she would me perfect, for me. I totally fall in love with her and her body in the 2009 shoot!

    Anyway I’m trying to lose weight as many of you girls and I’m finding this site so inspirational and interesting!
    Do you know why she is not posting anymore?
    I do need her help. and yours, of course.
    I’m 5′ 4 for 103 lbs. How much should I weight for you?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  51. Jannet says:

    hi i want an honest opinion… i am 5 ft 6 and 1/4 and i weigh about 104 lbs, would you guys consider this skinny or should i lose more weight to become like 100?

    • paris says:

      I’m about 5’5.5 and about 101-102 pounds, and personally, I’d definitely say you are skinny, but if you’re anything like me (which I assume you are because you’re on this site) you probably do want to lose 4-5 pounds. The only thing is, you won’t see much change until the very end of that weight-loss, so don’t be too worried if you lose weight and say are like, 101. Your bmi is 16.7 which is pretty low. :)

  52. delli says:

    As I’ve said earlier in th Lindsay post, even Barbara Palvin thought she looked fat in those VS pictures. She said it on Twitter. (Someone told her she looked sexy in those VS pics and Barbara said she didn’t like them because she looked fat in them.)

  53. michelle says:

    Hey! Has anyone had success in using a hula hoop for a better stomach? I’ve read around online that its great but we on here do have a diFferent take on ‘great’. I don’t want to EVER have big muscley abs. I am petite and want the tiny, tight look. Any suggestions? Crunches and reverse crunches tend to bulk my abs.

  54. Mellie says:

    Barbara is fairly young, and probably just went through that time in puberty where girl’s bodies just start to store more weight. Give her time, she’ll lose it. I’m worried though about mentioning her on this site, due to the fact that on Twitter, she’s expressed unhappiness with her body before (when she was much thinner).

  55. katie says:

    I think she looks absolutely wonderful and not fat at all. It’s finally nice to see someone in the fashion world that is curvier than most stick thin models. In no means is she fat or curvy, but compared to other grossly skinny models, she is considered ‘curvy’.

    • Ally says:

      disagree!! It’s a model’s job to be stick-thin. People don’t read fashion magazines to see a bunch of tubbies strutting around… >.<

      • luvbeingskinny:) says:

        I agree too – she’s way too chubby! Her hips, bottom and thighs are REVOLTING :( Her lower half is terrible! I never want to look like this!!!

      • Sarah O. says:

        Do you really think this girl is tubby though? I mean, those thighs look pretty thin to me. It’s almost as though some of us have different vision than others. I’m sure in different lighting in different clothes she might look way less flattering. I’m just saying in that particular photo, she looks average to alender.

  56. agatha says:

    I agree with katie. I think she looks great and yes, she is curvier than other models (in the second picture) but her shape is perfect with healthy weight too. i think thats why she is a pefect model. If other models put on some weight their shape became deformed and ugly. and thats why they keep on loosing weight and become extremely skinny.

  57. Abi says:

    One word: puberty! It got me pretty hard, like – I got fat almost overnight, and it was REALLY hard to shift. Maybe alcohol, too. shes 18 now.

  58. Tristyn says:

    I think she looks gorgeous with or without the weight. No where near being a fatty!

  59. Tinkerbell says:

    maybe a little… but it sorta seems to me that she’s just pear shaped. All the recent ones show he legs completely bare. Her top half seems about the same.

  60. Aimee says:

    She’s not fat! She has a lovely figure and looks a million times better than most of the stick thin models you see today!! She has a beautiful figure and I personally think she looks better in the second set of photographs. Anyone who would call that ‘fat’ is crazy.

  61. Grace says:

    I absolutely adore her, and I just think this proves that you dont have to be a skeleton to be succesful, shes beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with her size anyway, she has an incredible body, theres no need to be nasty.

  62. Emma says:

    I think this article is absolutely ridiculous. Is that what you call short and curvy? She has an amazing body and is far from being fat or not skinny. Now I don’t even care for defending her, I just think you should realize that your opinion of what thin is is distorted.

  63. Debbie says:

    Sorry, but she has gotten fat. Sad. Super skinny is a much better look for every woman–especially models. She will not be working for long if she does not lose the weight.

  64. Sofia says:

    You should do a post on Lily Cole’s weight gain! Can anyone say THUNDER THIGHS?

  65. Elizabeth says:

    I have two guesses as to why she’s gotten away with this:
    1) She’s hit a late stage in puberty and inherited some hips, legs, and a tummy. She probably needs to work harder than she used to to keep off the inches since her biology seems to be working against her.

    2) (more likely) Her agency recognized her rather commercial appearance and decided to run with it. Which means they’re going to try to appeal to a wider audience, i.e. men. She’ll be a star among guys that like generic, fertility-goddess looking women.

    Either way, her high fashion days are seriously numbered if she doesn’t get her old body back.

  66. Hollie says:

    Right, when you say you ‘can’t get past her thighs and belly’ … what belly? It’s flat. Totally flat. So it doesn’t dip inwards? A belly is something that goes outwards, you’re delusional! But I agree with the thighs comment, hers are too big for a model.

  67. Mimi says:

    I think you guys are disgusting people who have no morals. Barbara IS a fashion model and she has already made a name for herself so obviously she’s doing something right. Posts like this are hurtful and not needed. What do you think you’re doing by posting something commenting on how fat you think Barbara is? I would hate to have her see this and develop something along the lines of an eating disorder! Think before you do something so degrading to her. I’m very disappointed and will NEVER view this blog positively again.

  68. antoniaaa says:

    All of the weight she gained DEFINITELY went toward the upper thighs, and you can so tell

  69. Nadine says:

    Okay…she was 15 when she began modeling. At that age, girls are still maturing and growing up. All she did was grow as girls are supposed to! She’s what 18, 19 now? And she’s gorgeous either way. She’s one of my favorite models.

  70. Rose says:

    She looks more like a commercial model now than a fashion model, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she looks really good even with her most recent wight gain. What would make her look fabulous is if she started hitting the gym and convert some of that extra weight to muscle. She would still look healthy, but slimmer and more tone.

  71. Another Guy says:

    She doesn’t even look like the same animal. Maybe she had a kid (or ate one), because that will ruin – every time – a perfectly nice body. Anywho, not all guys like the girls to be pack’n the pounds – especially the gay ones (unless of course you’re a hag – and then it’s sort of mandatory).

  72. Michelle says:

    I think she looks great…ehh but she does need to tone her thighs up just a bit…Can we say Jello?

  73. Katie says:

    I agree, she’s pretty, but she is too fat to be a model.

  74. Kati says:

    Looks like shes put on a couple.

  75. thinnly says:

    Honestly, She doesn’t deserve the jobs and recognition she’s been given. Yeah she’s pretty, but thats it. Her upper body is fit, for the most part, but down to her waist, hips, and thighs, it’s just a huge, floppy mess. If she lost a couple pounds, 15+, I would respect her SO much more. Because then she would actually look somewhat appealing.

  76. Jill says:

    lol at everyone getting angry for the moderator having an OPINION. Bitches if she said she was too “skinny” in daily life, you’d all agree/not cause a stir, wouldn’t you? You’re all quick to jump on the “ew she’s too skinny” bandwagon, but the moment someone says “too fat” you get pissed off as fuck. Fuck off, it’s called opinions and we have them. We aren’t insecure because we want to maintain a thinner look, we have our own likes/dislikes. Fuck this culture is full of idiots and wanna-be righteous sheep. >:( /endrant

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