Ashlee Simpson at Neil Lane’s Bridal Collection Debut

Yesterday, Ashlee Simpon attended Neil Lane’s Bridal Collection debut at Drai’s in Hollywood.  Ashlee looked stunning in the long black dress that she was wearing – very stunning!

Ashlee Simpson at Neil Lane's Bridal Collection Debut

I think Ashlee looks amazing – so skinny too!  You can really tell how skinny she is by her arms and her face.  I wish we could see her legs, but I’m assuming they are just as skinny as the rest of her.

There is something about Ashless’s face that looks different to me, almost as if she had some work done on her face recently.  I wouldn’t put it past her, but I don’t know for sure and haven’t read any where that she did.

I’m curious what the relationship between Ashlee and her old sister Jessica is like.  I wonder if they eat around eat other, talk about diets, etc?  I bet Jessica feels like a fat pig around Ashlee though – LOL.

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22 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson at Neil Lane’s Bridal Collection Debut

  1. JayKi

    I agree that something looks different about her face. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had more work done considering her nose job. From the side shot you can really see how thin she is.

  2. kiss

    OME – body’s awesome, but that FACE! why would she go and have more work done? She’s not even thirty! I can’t imagine what this is going to look like ten years down the road!

    1. kiss

      -calming breath-
      okay, ignoring the face – picture 5 & 7 are really amazing. looks like she’s trying to be everything her sister is not! with the new dark hair and dark skin, especially.

    1. kiss

      :{ i liked the red hair and pale skin. it made her so different. but she’s a new person in every way now. ashlee 3.0!

      1. cassandra

        It wasnt so much the red hair I hated about her.. just hated the fact that it was always greasy looking. Im liking the dark haired and showered look!

  3. cass

    She looks great!!
    I loovee her hair – mine used to be that long, but it NEVER looked that good!
    And her body is pretty great.
    As for surgery – before I even read Skinny Gurl’s posts I wondered, just looking at the pics. But I can’t tell what actually makes her look different – has she had another nose job or something?? Or her chin changed somehow??
    I decided that her eyes look kinda different, but again I don’t know how. So maybe it could just be a combination of skinnier + new colour hair + darker eyebrows + sexy make-up equaling a new-look Ash. I dunno though. But I do think the make-up itself makes her look a bit different to usual!
    As for diet talk with her and Jess, I bet they used to be really competitive. And Ashlee now says to Jess she doesn’t care what size she is, it’s just cuz she’s a busy mum that she’s lost the weight, blah blah. And when Jess complains that she’s overweight, I bet Ashlee would support her in weight-loss efforts, but kinda sabotage her as well, pretending that she looks good and all, because in the end they’re just gonna be really competitive.
    Or maybe I’m just cynical =)

  4. Kat

    Jess and Ashlee are a classic example of would you rather be really think with a so so face or really pretty with a so so body. My husband and I argue over what is better. I would much rather be thin over anything (assuming that I did not look like an absolute troll!). For example, when people talk about how ugly Tori Spelling or Sarah Jessica Parker are, all I think is “So what, look how tiny they are!”. Ashlee’s body is amazing but, Jess has the prettier face. She looked great as Daisy Duke and right after the movie I remember her saying that she was going to keep up with the workouts because she loved the way she looks. Obviously, she went in another direction. She was on Oprah awhile ago (looking really chunky) and said she was a size 4. Personally, I think that was lie. She was bigger than that. And, I think you are right. I bet Ashlee tells Jes she looks great so that she stays fat. Ashlee needs to have SOMETHING over Jessica!

    1. D.K. Lindon

      Gun to my head, I’d have to say I’d rather have a better face and a so-so body, because you can work on getting thinner. If your face is underwhelming, there’s really nothing you can do shy of plastic surgery. That being said, I like Ashlee’s face – it’s angular and not super-feminine, but I think that’s very attractive in its own way.

      Honestly, I feel kind of bad making fun of Jessica Simpson – she looks like a mess right now, but she’s also been an emotional mess for a while. At this point, I’m just hoping those trips to the gym are helping. 🙂

  5. Selena

    Oh my gosh, Ash is that really you?

    I love how slender Ashley looks in her black dress and how pronounced her back bones are! She’s never looked so beautiful!

  6. becky

    She looks lovely. I’m not sure I like her hair though. I mean, it looks great on her, but not many could pull it off.

  7. Talia

    Ashlee looks so amazing! Her sister has a lot to compete with. I hope ashlee keeps up with whatever diet she’s on because she looks super skinny. Btw I love the dress!

  8. ChloeS

    I was really surprised when I saw these pics! I don’t think I have ever seen her looking this good. She looks really gorgeous, and I absolutely love her hair like that, thats how mine kind of looks except not quite as long and a bit lighter.
    her back and arms look so yum yum and I actually really like the dress, too.

  9. cici13

    AMAZING! Anyone who is a mom knows it takes hard work to get their body in shape dealing with all the crappy hormones and stress/lack of sleep but WOW- she is my inspiration to lose those last few pounds… No food is better than looking that good!!!

  10. nicole

    All of you people that think her hair looks great must have been smoking something really powerful because she still looks like the biggest rag-a-muffin ever! Her and jessica should just disappear and leave america just a little bit prettier


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