Anne Hathaway in January’s Vogue

Here is the lovely Anne Hathaway in the upcoming January issue of Vogue.  She looks great and like she might have even lost a few pounds.  I doubt these pictures are an honest depiction of her weight, because I bet they have been Photoshopped a lot.  I wish we could see the before and after, then we could really tell if Anne has been a good girl!


Yummy collarbone!  But….


where is her xylophone???


4 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway in January’s Vogue

  1. Anonymous Bullcock

    Pretty nice neck… The last picture is a damn good photograph, too. She looks really stunning, the light is nice, good tones in skin and sky, etc…

    But yeah, she was thinner and had more definition in her Devil Wears Prada days, and I liked that better.

  2. jjj

    She’s good looking and thin, but I don’t think Anne qualifies as “super skinny”. Whenever she stands next to a guy, she looks average weight.


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