Anna Jagodzinska – Vogue Nippon August 2010

Anna Jagodzinska is featured in the August issue of Vogue Nippon.  The editorial, Soft Machine, was photographed by Hedi Slimane.  Stylist, Mika Mizutani dressed Anna in some lovely black lace outfits – very sexy if I say so myself.

Anna Jagodzinska - Vogue Nippon August 2010

Anna has such a great look.  I always see her in my favorite runway shows, but always forgot to do posts on her.  I love the bone structure in her face – so lovely.  Anna has some great legs too, I wish we could see more of them.

If you’d like to know more about Anna, check out the model profile I did on her back in 2009 : )

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Source: & TFS – “MAGstyle”

12 thoughts on “Anna Jagodzinska – Vogue Nippon August 2010

  1. cassandra

    I think she’s a total ringer for Kate Moss too! Maybe a more conventionally pretty, younger version.

    1. Skinny Gurl

      @ Angie – In regards to Natasha, when I said “her thighs are looking a little big” – I meant they are looking big compared to how they looked in the past… meaning they were skinnier before. And if you recall in my other post I always rave about Natasha’s tiny legs. In regards to Anna, saying “Anna has some great legs too” – great legs doesn’t imply that they have to be stick thin… I never said they were skinny, just that I thought she had great legs. They’d be even greater if they were thinner, but that is another story.

      I’m not trying to get into details, but I think you’ve taken my words and misconstrued them. Biased… I’m just stating the facts how I see them.

      1. Charlie

        I think her legs look a bit chunky compared to most models, I think she’d look better a bit less big and a bit more toned, although I’ve had big legs from too much exercise before so it’s not always as easy done as said.

  2. cass

    She has fantastic arms – well noticed in #7!
    But these shots are fantastic – not the best of her body, but they’re actually beautiful shots.


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