Anabela Belikova & Lula Makaganchuck in the May Issue of Russian Vogue

The latest issue of Russian Vogue featured the very skinny and lovely Anabela Belikova on the cover.  In the editorial, photographed by Tom Munro, she was joined by Lula Makaganchuck.

Anabela Belikova & Lula Makaganchuck - Vogue Russia - May 2010

The editorial was styled by Simon Robins, Fashion Director of Vogue Russia, and featured designers Bottega Venta, Rodarte and Emilio Pucci, among others.

I wasn’t familiar with Lula so I did a little research on her.  It looks like she hasn’t been in the business very long and/or hasn’t done very much work.  Her portfolio is mostly print work, however she has walked a few fashion shows these past years.  I’ll do a model profile of her in the next few days.  What do you think so far?

I think Anabela and Lula look lovely together – looking at two super skinny girls always makes my day!

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18 thoughts on “Anabela Belikova & Lula Makaganchuck in the May Issue of Russian Vogue

  1. tay

    I love these pictures!
    I am so glad i found your site. i really need some thinspiration to help me not overeat. i weight 155 pounds at 5’6. people always think i weigh less than 155, but my stomach is not flat and my thighs are big. I feel disgusting! I work out on my exercise bike for an hour each day, and I do pilates online. My goal is to lose like 45 pounds.

  2. holly

    These are lovely. I wish one could pull off the cat eyes look in real life!
    Anyway, I’m brand new and trying to slim down for the summer like most of the female population! Here’s my stats:
    Name: Holly
    Age: 18
    height: 5’6/168 cm
    hw: 126. ew! I hate myself for getting that big last year.
    lw/cw: 103
    gw: 90
    I have a very petite frame, so I know this is realistic for me. I’ve never been anorexic or anything like that because it’s an unattractive illness and has never had any draw for me. I seemed to have plateaued right above one hundred and am finding it really hard to lose the lat ten lbs. Any advice? ;]

  3. lona

    will you post more of people other then models? Im a petite woman so it is hard for me to look at that as inspiration, its pretty de motivating actually…

  4. Skylar

    Holy crap look at that waist on the cover! It’s like almost non-existent.

    I feel you tay, I’m also 5’6″ and I’m around 145. The weird thing is my collar bones stick out and under certain lights I can see my sternum (xylophone I suppose). But my lower body is just gross. So far biking and aerobic dance classes just made my thighs huge and muscular, totally not the look I’m going for. Does anyone know if running slims you down? I’m looking to get rid of my thunder thighs.

    1. M

      Running will slim you down, but it’s rough on your joints, the reason I don’t do it anymore. Def try elipticals, especially backward, it does great things. Do this to SUPER TONE THIGHS: stand against a wall, back flat, legs bent at 90 degrees. Fold hands over chest. You may only be able to do this 30 seconds at a time, but keep doing it and challenge yourself to do it longer each time. You WILL feel results in about a week and a half.


  5. Mandylinda

    I love her waist 🙂 thanks for the thinspo
    I gained I eat everything and a lot of it last week so I’m back to 108…. ahh… can’t believe it. gaining 5lbs in one week? I’m not gonna eat from now on. Good thing that food is disgusting to me now 😀 how about you?

  6. Anya

    I love the clothing in these photos and the models’ super-thin faces.. my face has always been my biggest problem area.

  7. Chloe

    it’s not a sternum but the 2nd to 4th rib. as i mentioned somewhere on this site, a sternum has no corrugations. anyway, just call it a xylophone. it’s just imagery 🙂 i too get skinny on top very easily but never have skinny legs 🙁 i had to get down to 86lbs to have my legs skinny, but by then, my upper body was far too bony for my liking. running does help a little.

  8. cass

    Hey Tay and Holly!
    Thanks so much for these pics, SG. They are gorgeous! I love their make-up as well – it accentuates their cheekbones and pretty eyes =)
    I like the pretty collarbone pictures =)
    And the angular faces.
    No favourite pics though, I loved them all =)

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  10. Kristin

    I am 5’5 1/2″ and 145lbs…I’ve been losing weight lately though (i was even heavier before, UGH) and plan to lose a lot more. This site is such a wonderful inspiration to me, I love looking for fat on celebs and admiring the perfection of the models. My lowest weight was 100lbs…I want to get back there again! I’m 26 years old.


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