About Me

[UPDATE: Please read this important statement about my views on self-harm.]

I am a bi-coastal American. I was an editorial and print model while in school, and now I work in the fashion industry.

I’ve long been interested in celebrity gossip, particularly what is up with their bodies, weight, and diet. I think it fascinates me because I love cooking and I love good food, but at the same time, I prefer the skinny aesthetic.  I take personal pride in keeping myself thin (since people keep asking: I’m about 5’7″ and usually aim for 100 lbs).  It’s hard and takes a lot of self-discipline (which I’m sometimes good at.) But it’s even more of a struggle for all the celebs who have to do it out in the spotlight – it’s a tough job to stay looking good for the rest of us!  Besides, many of us need the thinspiration!  😉

So, that is what inspired me to start Skinny Gossip.  I hope you enjoy it.