Abbey Lee Kershaw – Is Baby Food Her Skinny Secret?

The latest diet fad is the Baby Food Diet.  Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are supposedly on the diet, in hopes to lose weight quickly using what the diet’s creator, Tracy Anderson, claims is a “liquid cleanse”.

Well, it appears that the Baby Food Diet has hit the high fashion runways – with supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw apparently its latest follower.

Abbey Lee will be pictured in a gossip publication this week slurping down a pouch of Ella’s broccoli pear + peas baby food while walking the streets of New York, and now rumors are flying that she’s on the diet too.  If anyone knows a thing or two about dieting and how to lose weight, we know it’s Abbey Lee, who recently slimmed down to super skinny status, and this season is getting more work than ever as an obvious result.

But the real question is – does it really work?

A diet consisting of baby food is loaded with fruits and vegetables in their pure states, free of additives – and it ensures that you are consuming all necessary vitamins and minerals.  If we are feeding our babies baby food to ensure that they received all of their necessary nutrition to grow and be healthy, than it is probably safe to say that the Baby Food Diet is a win-win.  Plus, what perfect way to control your portions. Low cal + good nutrition = skinny success.

To me, it makes complete sense to eat baby food if you want to stay skinny while getting all of your nutritional values from one single, small source.  And it’s fairly inexpensive too.

I’m curious though – does Abbey Lee eat baby food for every meal? Do any of you know? Also, do we know of any other models doing this?

[Note on the pictures: I was sent these by a reader. I do not know the magazine they’ll run in, and Google says it’s nowhere yet. But I’m not a thief – and as soon as I find out the source, I will give credit where it’s due.]

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24 thoughts on “Abbey Lee Kershaw – Is Baby Food Her Skinny Secret?

  1. Victoria N

    My friend saw Karolina Kurkova stocking up on baby food in Nyc. Although it was most likely for her new baby, her trainer is Tracy Anderson.

  2. Mal

    Funny you should mention this diet – I have just watched an episode of “Supersize vs Superskinny”, where a girl tested it on herself. She managed to lose 2 lbs in less than a week – not too shabby! Apparently, you can have one normal meal a day and replace the other two with baby food (one jar per meal). There’s nothing special about baby food, it’s just the fact that a jar is normally around 80 kcals.

    1. Ballerina

      I really like supersize vs superskinny! you totally want to watch out and don’t eat to much because you see all these really fat people but on the other hand you don’t want to overdo it because you see all these anorexic people… love it! it really keepes me going when I have a bad day 🙂

  3. Chloe

    baby food would have the nutrients but wouldn’t be filling. not worth the calories. i would rather have 50kcal of apple slices that fill be up! nutrients can always come in tablets (and in the right amount too). baby food will be lower in some nutrients and higher in others because they are manufactured for babies. baby food are also usually higher in fat content. a big NO for me, at least!

    jennifer aniston scoffed at those claims that she’s on a baby food diet, saying that the last time she had baby food was when she was a baby. lol. i believe her.

  4. CC

    I’m almost convinced to buy some baby food. And it’s a fantastic idea but I imagine this diet to be pretty costly.

    By the way, this new layout looks magnificent. The twitter idea is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to follow you!

  5. Mandylinda

    gosh I so adore the new look! great job 🙂
    I’m not so sure about baby food that I’m afraid it’s too complex kind of food. I can’t really explain it, but i rather eat the veggies itself than those in the jar…and I need to chew 😀
    by the way, I’m officially vegetarian now and it feels great and I’m proud of it as I don’t take part in killing animals…

  6. Pasco

    Abbie Lee is from my town. Growing up she had bulimia… Wonder if she’s throwing up her baby food to stay thin

  7. Abbey

    Like everyone else, LOVE the new layout (: And just saying, but Abbey Lee looks a little shabby in these pics… I guess they all do without the makeup and everything though…

  8. Av

    I love ‘models off duty’ photos. The baby food idea isnt bad but I would want to look like a shabby mum (pretend) if I was buying it. Im stuck at 63kg so I would give it a go just to lose weight quick 🙁
    Abby gives me skinny body envy…

  9. D.K. Lindon

    Eh, I’m pretty skeptical about the baby food diet. Not that I doubt that it works – it’s all fruits and vegetables in small portion sizes. It’s just that I imagine you could accomplish the same thing by grabbing an apple or a handful of carrot sticks, and save a lot on cost.

    But hey, Abbey Lee looks amazing, so who am I to judge?

  10. Skinny Gurl

    Thank you all for the compliments on the new layout! I really appreciate it : )

    @ Alyssa – thanks for the source info!

    The baby food diet interests me, but I don’t know how yummy it would be. I’m thinking of trying it out for a few days when I get back from vacation in mid-July. Does anyone want to try it with me and we can document our experience?

    1. cass

      Are you still giving it a go? If you let me know dates, I’ll try it with you, baby food for two meals and something else for the third, or something like that?
      I’d love to see how it works out! =)

  11. Minnie

    I think that next time I go to the grocery store I will be buying some baby food.

    It wouldn’t hurt to try it out for a couple of weeks.

  12. noel

    its an acquired taste but lately I’ve been eating organic brown rice cereal baby food for breakfast. its in a box and is only 50 cals a serving and is very filling for some odd reason. its great if u like to have your most filling meal at breakfast. i have it with some soy or almond milk and fruit or some nuts on the side. with my green tea it makes a nice meal=]. anyway its very similar to cream of rice cereal and is a great low cal replacement for oatmeal. the taste can be a little off putting at times but i like the texture and i always feel satisfied on few cals when i eat it.

  13. Aileen

    I don’t know if I could do this diet ! After having children and buying baby food I can say it is costly and I always ended up making homemade baby food ( I’m a freak about no preservatives and additives anyway),but . . . if portion control is your problem (and you can get past the texture and taste) go for it and good luck !

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